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File: 1682902236239542.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB PNG
Monster Musume TD
~I'm stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean with monster girls who adore me~

and Studio Kumasan games including:
Mist Train Girls
Flower Knight Girl
Twinkle Star Knights (Currently opened for pre-reg and rolling)
File: 1676368418150103.png (3.24 MB, 1920x1080)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, June, 26 2023, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start
・New Monsters girl(s) to be added
>Fire Giant - Badagi
>Flesh Golem - Ranke
・Various Bug Fixes
Fire giant sound like she'd be a strong monmusu. Also hoping we get Hindu myth monmusu in the future.
I really miss OP1. OP2 isn't bad, but it's just not as catchy and enjoyable to sing.
File: Silva_idle.gif (908 KB, 183x150)
908 KB
908 KB GIF
I am patiently waiting for summer Silva.
oh, thought there was one more day on the event. guess i'll read it on the rerun in half a year.
File: 1661891969777120.jpg (525 KB, 1920x1080)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
>Season 1 OP
>Season 2 OP
>Season 3 OP

>Specials/Filler Season
>TD (PVs)openings = Spin-offs

This is my own autism, I know the second one was never used in game I list it as 2 because it features Selen as she should be included in the first since she is one of the main girls and it has a whole new set of vocals. I am assuming she wasn't one of the mains in the original drafts but the PV was already done??? (to me) third opening is what you are talking about? It's because of the weird cut. They should have left in the break after "let's go"
Yes, OP3 then is the one I mean, and I do feel that weird cut is a good portion of the reason I don't enjoy it as much.
Shirocolle player here. I started the game yesterday and spammed gem refreshes to max out the collab units on ex2(harpy and crab girl). Rolled only 1 3star in 70 rolls on the collab banner (miradora), got summer atheel. Apparently I should have bought a random gem account instead since they start with a ton of gems compared to my starter 30. I'll see how it goes I guess.
Probably would’ve been better to download the google play version and rerolled before linking. The duplicate bonuses for Pallios and Aqua aren’t super significant and you could have just waited for the next inevitable TDMatsuri where they’ll be made available again to farm them fully. Too late now though. The game has extremely few limiteds at least. Summer’s coming up soon, so there’s that to look forward to at least.

Also, a random account that log ins daily would probably have a substantial amount saved, yeah. The devs give out gems every time the game ranks high on DMM and there’s probably been like a spark’s worth of gems already.
I really like her, but all those collabs and anni limiteds killed any desire to roll on normal banners. Maybe i will snap and roll anyway, i dont know.
I browsed some rmt account sites and found some weird ones. This doesn't look legit at all, does it.


It's a starter with a ton of legendaries, a pile of gems but somehow player rank 50? Is it some hacked apk account
While buying accounts is always extremely sketchy, having 20+ legendaries isn’t impossible as the game frequently gives out free rolls through logins and events. The more questionable part is the 240k gems, but assuming it hasn’t rolled normally at all outside of limiteds it tracks with that one hyper hoarder we had who also hit like 200k gems.
Event summary

>MC is being carried off through the woods by an unknown kidnapper monmusu
>coming to, he recognizes the girl carrying him as somebody who broke into his room suddenly and assaulted him
>wanting to be put down and asking where he’s being taken, the girl who calls MC spouse says a dark and quiet place with iron bars which MC thinks prison
>she also finally introduces herself, Ranke, the Flesh Golem while also noting both translations of Fresh and Flesh and asking him a question between the two as he struggles to get free
>she takes out a small bag which the smell of causes the MC to heat up and his heartbeat to raise excitedly
>Muramura pollen which is an aphrodisiac she intends to use for their wedding night
>however it seems to have worn off near immediately
>wondering why it isn’t working, she tries force feeding the pollen, but is knocked out of the park by Airen and Misrena
>Vivi witnessed the initial assault/kidnapping so she got them to help
>wondering what to do with the perpetrator, Ranke gets up and claims memory loss
>apparently due to being a flesh golem, her memory is quite poor and she loses it quite easily, calling herself cute and pitiful while she is at it
>Airen and Misrena don’t buy this, but Vivi accepts the explanation and tells them to calm down as Airen fumes
>anyways, it seems the pollen Ranke had got blown all over when Airen punched her
>MC is concerned, but apparently it only affects human males and it didn’t even work on him
>but what about male poachers who might go homo?
>male poachers show up shouting monkey noises and sensing MC’s shota peach ass
>fending then off, Airen chastises Ranke for endangering Mc’s ass with mob ojis, but Misrena was interested
>Ranke continues to play dumb, but Vivi asks why did she kidnap MC and she seriously responds
>one day in the ruins she found a book detailing how to make golems
>you need 90% clay and 90% materials
>the math ain’t right, but let’s assume 200% is the limit
>in any case it was difficult, so instead of creating, why not just kidnap?
>loneliness, even for a short time rots the heart, so Ranke will not give up
>MC asks her to not renew her resolve and give up to which she says no
>Vivi says it seems like the problem would be resolved if she had a spouse to spend their time with, MC unfortunately can’t be monopolized
>why not make an MC golem actually
>Misrena is excited at the thought of messing it up
>MC agrees to help as he would rather do this than be kidnapped
>Ranke is excited to go steal the materials as she plans robbery right after kidnapping
>heading to the lava area to requisition materials, it seems the pollen has blown all over here as well
>Ranke says the materials they need are located in that warehouse armory guarded by Badagi
>MC wonders why an armory, do they need weapons?
>it’s for the most important part, the “Magnum”
>as they attempt to acquire it and open up the armory, Badagi shows up taking them for robbers and almost begins attacking
>however Vivi stops her and MC manages to explain the situation as coolly as he can
>while Badagi is placated, MC’s cool shota voice attracted the poachers who can only focus their eyes on him, the supreme shota
>after they are fought off, MC can only wonder why they only seem to aim at him rather than any of the monmusu
>isn’t it just because you’re cute responds Vivi
>Badagi retrieves a weapon in the armory appropriate for the golem
>the new Armstrong sunshine rocket armstrong cannon
>it is a gigantic cannon gun stretching into the sky glowing red-black from the magma thermal radiation
>so shameless
>only the most appropriate thing to represent Mc’s weapon
>Badagi also decides to join their MC golem quest
>heading to the river, they need to mix clay for the golem’s limbs
>Badagi wonders if they need to hurry as poachers are rampant and they may get in the way, but it turns out disgusting man sweat is actually a required material so they actually need them
>MC thinks about how they have to search for poachers, but that is unnecessary as they are attracted to him like flies
>fending them off again, they also successfully acquire the man sweat
>Misrena is enthralled by the stink and Badagi wonders if golems are all like this
>Airen has been sort of embarrassed this entire quest and especially now so she claims she’s different
>however Ranke claims her as a comrade and also brings up the fact if they’re successful, everybody will have their own MC to do whatever they want with
>everybody can’t help but be eager as they head off with MC uneasy
>heading to the forest of darkness for the next material, it is a bug that I can only fathom the proper translation
>Bocchidium Chinchinnabruferum
>quite small, but has a splendid Horn
>Misrena apparently watches them and impressed upon MC that they do exist with a very strong impression for some reason
>nearing their habitat it seems somebody else already got to them
>poachers strangely excited by the insect and it’s form
>it seems a big horn on a small body is exciting to them
>as they wonder what to do, the poachers notice them and fighting begins
>acquiring the penis bug, Ranke mixes it into the clay which is properly finished with fanfare
>they start molding the golem’s body now and everything forms well, but they need to do the face now
>they decide on a puckered kissing face
>now to put it all together
>they don’t know how to put it together
>the parts are drying out
>Airen looks to Vivi for help, but she goes “this isn’t my destiny” on the group
>while the others are panicking Misrena looks on in thought
>MC talking with her brings up the possibility of a required part not mentioned in the book
>something like a spirit to control it mentally
>something like a heart?
>it turns out the book had deteriorated near the end so Ranke could only guess at it
>Airen asks for better details on where to find such a heart, but Ranke claims her memory already forgot
>however, Misrena comes forward and volunteers her own heart

End part 1
File: .png (90 KB, 960x800)
90 KB
>Armstrong sunshine rocket armstrong cannon
Nice, a Gintama reference.
Decided to do 40 rolls for gold keys, but got Badagi on the 3rd ten roll. She's pretty strong though I guess not super unique. Always like units that can solo King Slime though.
File: 1676084328214669.png (1.36 MB, 1280x718)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Yeah I think I'm ready
Anon? /jp/ is your other tab.
Lucky. I want her, but I got the first three only so far.
File: Brazilian Treehopper.jpg (56 KB, 500x333)
56 KB
I decided to look it up and it seems this thing is real and is a meme in Japan. The full proper name is Bocydium tintinnabuliferum or more colloquially the Brazilian Treehopper. Why they look like the way they do I have no idea.
File: 1667951138068659.png (1.13 MB, 1241x528)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Been just trudging it through the game without rolls or anything. Had like 700 dmm points so I picked up the lolimom. Game is pretty comfy so far though I'm 90% sure I'm getting hard-carried by this ridiculously powerful kamehameha
File: gems.jpg (4 KB, 149x37)
4 KB
not sure if you're talking about me or not, but I'm currently at 200k. I think I posted a picture of 180k before. I didn't roll for Yuugen because I didn't want her so badly that I was willing to go down 45k gems.
Fuck, I used to know this when I was in my insect loving phase.
The game isn't very difficult in general, but yeah Miradola is pretty useful, especially for new players. Map gimmicks like bosses who sit at the edge of the screen, enemies who gang up far away and rush you all at once, or even maps that want you to push forward and kill all enemies within a time limit all crumple to her high range.
i want to fuck vivi
jesus christ
banners I rolled on:
Kazune (went to 150 exchange)
Rakion (150)
Mauro (10)
Airen (can't remember, think I rolled to the L ticket bonus reward which was 120 rolls?)
MGQ (all 4 in 150)
Anniversary Rin (30)
Also bought Swimsuit Rin costume for 1200 gems.
Airen is the only screenshot I don't have, so the total possible gems since day 1 is somewhere around 352200 - 385200
File: 1684620199629450.jpg (252 KB, 1280x720)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
I was expecting the Asta costume but I didn't expect a second one and a comfy looking one too.
Got Christmas Miteras. She's cute and seems like she'd be really good because she buffs attack, heals, and generates cost, but her bad range usually keeps her from buffing allies even if they're right next to her, which will get even worse in endgame content that lowers her range. Also the self damage is annoying.
Any advice on what I should be doing with her?
I always use her at start of maps for generating since her attack is AOE.
>Nips on the wiki are being squeamish about Cyclopses again
I wonder why they’re so skittish about single large eyes.
account buying isn't that sketchy as long as the seller has a good reputation and has been selling for a while. successful sellers don't usually scam their buyers and they don't use refund fraud or hacked apks either. instead they just use phone farms, where they pay third worlders pennies to tap through hundreds of phones a day and sell the luckiest accounts.

biggest dangers at that point are being one of the unlucky suckers the seller chooses to exit scam, and getting banned by the devs for swapping the account's ip, but they almost always make exceptions for players who make iaps (which the farmers technically do since they do the shitty dmm missions and use them for more rolls).
With the release of Twinkle Star, the devs are holding an event for all their games. Basically play the other games for bonuses.
File: 1666956271948385.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x630)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Confirmed Suzu is main girl :^)
It seems the collab’s epilogue occurs in the bond stories of Dark Prince and Dark Anna who were gifted out when it ended. It turns out Dark Prince and Dark Anna lived. Also they’re getting married.

>at where Dark Anna and the Dark Prince were left off in the future magical cataclysm, Anna ends up imagining a place she wants to return to
>the temporal flux and the ambient magic/hope actually propel her to the time when she and the dark prince were created
>at that time she is able to prevent the death curse that affects the dark prince and ensure a permanent existence before managing to return to the present
>now they’re just chilling in one of the Prince’s old villas
Damn, I only needed 11-10 more days to get all the pre-roll rewards.
Rin would just mog the others too hard.
How far do I need to play into the other games?
Past the tutorial though it hasn’t precisely defined tutorial for any of the games. It probably is just the handholding part at the start of all gacha games. It’s about 5-10 minutes for Mist Train and entirely skippable for Flower Knight Girls.
Just 3 starred all 10 floors of the Labyrinth.
Floor 10 was really tough. I had to shove a ton of healing up Purin's ass so she could choke the upper left. Then I needed to use tokens to distract the medusa heads so they wouldn't annihilate all my units on their way to the choke point while praying everyone didn't get chain petrified since I don't have Argyro.
Also, it's actually comical how bad the 28 star reward welfare is.

Yeah I forgot to go back and do the extra rolls, so I'm missing out on some of the gem rewards. I hope my chosen 3 star can hard carry for a while so it's easier to save up.
>Also, it's actually comical how bad the 28 star reward welfare is.
I'm surprised they didn't make her as strong as platinum Solais, whom one can get from clearing the 1st level of ToH in Aigis with even 1*.
>coming back where we left off, Misrena is offering up her own heart for the master golem
>she would cease to exist and live on in the new golem, but naturally this is rejected by MC and the other two golems
>it would literally just be Misrena, but in a new body and she would be more than willing to do dirty things in it to other monmusu
>Vivi asks if there is an alternative and she replies a high power magical stone should serve as a core
>she really wanted to “sacrifice” her for the sake of completing the golem, but her desire is denied and she relents in leading them to where they can find a core
>on the way they however find poachers who seem to there for the same reason of powering golems
>while they try to hide, Badagi is too big/voluptuous and combat starts
>Badagi ends up being comforted by Ranke telling her MC likes plump lower bodies
>she thought she could feel his sticky gaze while MC denies the allegations
>MC asks what type of personality the golem will have and Misrena says it depends on the core having strong feelings which will determine the golem’s personality
>everybody starts listing their preferred type
>Misrena wants honest in its desires
>Ranke wants singleminded love towards her
>Airen would like serious and diligent
>Badagi thinks kind, but a bit silly is the best
>while Vivi notes the disjointed ness, Ranke is enlightened at the idea of mixing such different types which would make a fresh and perfect golem
>MC says no, it’s just have an unreasonable personality
>to which Ranke goes “that’s fresh!”
>she ends up extremely excited and is more than pumped to beat up the poachers around
>she proclaims the power of her carnal desires upon victory which MC takes issue with, but Ranke says aren’t money, violence, and lust the 3 main desires of monmusu?
>MC tells her to throw those desires away though she counters that desire is why they’re alive and also why they’re building this golem
>Airen tried to chastise Ranke, but she tells her choice of words is kind of lewd and Airen hopes the master golem doesn’t become like her
>entering a cave, they find a familiar magician already in possession of a core suitable stone saying this is what you guys were looking for, right?
>he has his own plans for it however
>a more move Lucure-tan golem who loves him and only him!
>Vivi assumes this is happening because he’s been reaching his limits as Lucure has rejected him in the hundreds now
>while the magician denies the loss of love, he suddenly gets a strange feeling
>a sudden heart throbbing feeling due to the pollen that was reported to him by the poachers earlier?
>he is now in crisis as his mind tries to balance his love for Lucure and MC
>Ranke calls him disgusting, but he retorts what’s disgusting about being in love which they can’t retort back against
>so let’s just beat him back to his senses now
>taking the core off the fallen magician, they focus their feelings into it as the core is used to create their master golem
>upon its creation, the golem starts growing as it seems to have responded to Badagi’s wish which included giant sized
>it is breaking through the mountain so the protagonists have to retreat outside
>stretching itself and yawning, the golem asks are you the ones who woke him up then asking for food saying it’s sleepy and hungry
>it seems this is Misrena’s honest with its desires part
>the golem says it always has iced coffee and fresh croissants at this time in the morning and Airen wonders if this pickiness is supposed to be the serious part
>the master golem then spots Ranke and asks why she is outside when he didn’t say she could go out in yandere fashion
>it then chastises the group’s clothing and tells them it’s against regulations
>Badagi chooses to knock out the golem at this point
>Ranke says she will train the golem one on one in a dark room with no exit until he’s suitable
>MC asks is there even a prison that big
>Ranke ends up coming to the conclusion instead of trying to make a golem, a one of a kind original fresh MC is best as she hugs MC
>MC says the pollen problem is still an issue, but Vivi and Ranke assure him that his ass is protected
>but some monmusu also aim for my ass
>this causes Ranke to hold an emergency meeting on protecting Mc’s ass which causes her to go into fresh mode as everybody who helped in creating the golem shares their opinions and becomes the MC’s butt guard corps

>skipping to night, MC wakes from his bed with nary a presence, not even any monmusu like Kuromi under his bed
>he ends up exiting his house and heading to the grassy plains where comes upon an unbelievable sight
>Suzu, Rin, and Kuromi collapsed and motionless with Selen at the center
>Selen tells him it’s dangerous and he needs to escape and to not let their sacrifices be in vain as she pushes him away into the darkness
>he wakes up
>Vivi asks if he was having a dream, but MC simply rushes outside

>at the grassy plains
>Kuromi has hay fever while the others talk about recent happenings like the pollen causing the hat fever and the creation of the butt guard corps
>MC arrives and confirms their aliveness as they wonder why he has a pale look
>a delivery person shows up and tells MC he has a package and to stamp here
>he doesn’t have a stamp
>no worries a bit of blood will do as the delivery person pricks his finger
>Vivi just arrived and tries to warn MC, but it already too late
>the paper burns in a bright blue flash and he sees a message from Kokonoha that this is a declaration of war against Gespence
>she was also the delivery person proofing out of her disguise and straight up begins talking to MC saying they will need his power which might in fact reference gacha at the expense of Gespence’s decline
>he doesn’t understand what she’s talking about, but he gets the feeling his dream wasn’t all a dream
Boss Challenge is up to get some extra gems and outfits from beating up red Daioh.
I was not expecting Airen to start spanking the MC with her big goofy robot hands.
File: 1662801855596024.png (1009 KB, 1226x629)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
Game has been pretty good so far. I got some new stuff from the event gacha tickets and they've been really good on deploy bombs. Not finished with story yet since the game doesn't give you a ton of stamina. The ny dullahan doesn't seem to be as good compared to the freebie dark elf sorceror though since I'm lacking the premium gold skill.
This endless challenge is brutal this time around. Furthest I can get is 14. Nobody I own can tank the chest laser. I might try Lulu since I remember an anon told me shields gate damage. Don't think she skills fast enough to make enough shields. Maybe the high orc paladin can live through the blast with her 25% damage reduction? Doubt her shield would be up since it would get depleted by stomps.
File: no_shield_gate.jpg (312 KB, 1136x639)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
ok, I guess shields don't gate damage. died from this. Really wish I had the dullahan on this account. Think I'm just going to drop the defender entirely and try Cliffo or some other dps instead. Spider with the 75% slow and the bird bard that pushes back enemies seems like enough to keep the boss from advancing too far.
Rather than Platina, you want Atheel for redeploy reduction. The strat is to simply alternate 2 tanks and drop down the other one the instant he gibs one with his chest laser. It’s multi hit true damage I think and I saw tics of 20k at level 30. Alternatively, just equip redeploy subskills on the tanks themselves if you don’t have Atheel.
The strat I see the japs going for is opting for no tank at all and just burning him now as fast as they can. Of course that's probably not gonna be an option for most people since it relies on a bunch of collab units.
If you place a tank down in the very bottom right spot when the boss is almost directly below it, both the line and circle aoes will miss the tank. Depending on his exact position when you place the tank, the boss will either face left or right, which will determine what spots are safe for your attackers and supporters.
Oh yeah and if you want the boss to be a bit higher up on the map, you can wait until he's walking right on top of the bottom right spot, and place a tank there. If done correctly, the tank will be so close to him that the red circle aoe will barely overshoot them. Your tank will still have to eat the line aoe though, so I prefer the other strat.
File: bubs.jpg (25 KB, 452x83)
25 KB
He's tankable, just need...
A lot of hp.
So much hp to go through for a tanky boss, though.
File: 1665476847594903.png (1.01 MB, 1258x698)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
I maxed out both the dragonrider and bote bosses. The laser is just cheating.
>It’s multi hit true damage
lol, fuck. I do have Atheel, but I went with the wind djinn instead of a tank. I placed Elrut next to the spider, rakion one position left, and the wind djinn where rakion was positioned. Also moved Alice down closer to the spawn.
This is basically what I ended up doing and made it to 20. Lapis or Summer Teruru would have been nice to have.
This is also a good suggestion, should have tried that with Atheel.
Not sure how much I care about getting to 30 for the 27k * 10 gold though.
File: 1662021370299248.jpg (195 KB, 1280x720)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>Increase team from 10 to 12
>Ability to organize team by attributes
>Sharing battle logs
So they want us to be stuffing every map full of bards and bombs? Alright then.
i only have 2 bards...
that's what I thought at first too, but a lot of maps don't have excess ranged deployment spots. it would be difficult to keep those bards alive on maps with excess deployment spaces since they would likely be far from the healer. This change mostly just raises the value of the fairy lancer and makes it easier to deploy monks if you want to.
>Twinkle Star Knight is getting a client version
This isn't fair, bros.
Is there a difference between a client and running it in a browser?
also this game has a phone app
A what?
The phone app is pretty slow. A client version would allow the best resolution and speed. Browser is second followed by the apps.
File: 1676299121278365.png (2.42 MB, 1920x1080)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
Extra cute title screen
File: 1679005624053540.jpg (294 KB, 1136x640)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Mist Train's title
File: 1664377500570963.jpg (277 KB, 1136x640)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Flower Knight Girls
File: 1665890757967790.jpg (419 KB, 1920x1080)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Are you ready for the upcoming update?
I'm not even sure what they're teasing. youkais or summer? I guess youkai from the looks of it.
Is the twinkle star marketing subskill really just 5% damage and 15 regen? Not doing their best effort to get me to try that.
>decide to try all the other two Kuma games
>twinkle is alright so far
>start mist train right as the Lose loli VN collab rerun was ending, get every unit but the main train loli
My MGO collab luck is still haunting me. Don't punish me for getting them all in only 150, luck-sama.
next event girl has a new weapon type.
is this a capeshit reference?
Very much so, nearly all images they commission is some type of meme or reference
File: 1672806993069364.jpg (290 KB, 1144x1080)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
She's cute bros...
I would definitely this Tsuchinoko
Hell yes
File: 1659220875835895.jpg (87 KB, 480x600)
87 KB
Yes. I'll take it. HaseP knows what's up
The Tsuchinoko is REAL!
extremely cute
wonder how they are going to distinguish ninjas/throwing star weapons from dagger
File: 1668137940032090.png (93 KB, 585x574)
93 KB
Yokai Girls are coming in this update. 18 yokai monmusu will make their debut with this upcoming update.
>18 new characters in one go
what the hell?
Will it be a different gacha to choose from with new Ns and Rs? Guess it's my only hope. And I thought I was safe with 100k gems.
I'm guessing this is a ripoff of the "Imperial unit" gacha from aigis and they will have Cs, Rs, and Es in that pool of 18.
That would be nice. That would be 36 new animations that wouldn't be hard to get. More content than the average H-game.
It's like an expansion pack for a gacha. That's cool.
Want to roll Yokai but seems like bait before Kuma-san collab
Are we getting more collab limiteds?
Every banner is bait, welcome to gacha.
File: magnum.jpg (259 KB, 1141x642)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
The four parts to make an MC golem. Arms, Torso, Legs, and a Magnum Dong.
I find collab girls generally boring, with the animations being mostly with their game's MC, and the other kuma-san games doesn't seem to have many monster girls.
>half of the youkai girls will be sucking MC's dick as soon as the "war" directly starts
pandering to instant loss fetish, I see.
Geez, I guess they’re going to go deep in youkai. What are you guys hoping for? Here’s a site that lists a whole lot of youkai mythology by the way. There’s a lot of crazy old shit.

I’m hoping for the octopus that feeds MC her bath water as soup.
A Baku would be nice, probably my favorite from youkai mythology. Not sure how the scene would go though past the standard
we already have the yukionna, so I don't really care. i'm willing to bet we get a kappa as a common though.
I want a tanuki with giant balls and a tiny futa penis.
File: 1678785567846398.jpg (343 KB, 1920x1080)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, July, 10 2023, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start
・New Monsters girl(s) to be added
>Octopus - Ukisuza
>Tsuchigumo - Yasome
>Zashiki Warashi - Usuko
>Kappa - Silico
>Nekomata - Bunko
>Kamaitachi - Ichi
>Konoha-Tengu - Kyo
>Nurikabe - Chika
>Oni - Hozuki
>Bake Tanuki - Kouta
>Bake Fox - Tsune
>Kawaguma - Io
>Karasu Tengu - Yanagi
>Shiranui - Nui
>Ittan Momen - Shirotae
>Tesso - Chizu
>Sunekosuri - Hagi
>Rokurokubi - Mutsu
>Tsuchinoko - Yano
・Addition features
・Various Bug Fixes
That Kappa is definitely going up shota-kun's ass.
That's all of the youkai that showed up already, isn't it? Basically uses all the popular kind of youkais too, really think Akaname is probably the only name that I know of that isn't there. Umibozu too, but I could see it being hard to turn that one in a girl.
File: Spoiler Image (824 KB, 2004x1002)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
For fun, decided to make this preview.
damn, don't even know what ~1/3rd of those even are.
how else is she going to get his soul orb?
Guess the two scenes for the wall. I have no idea.
That Abarenbow Tengu gegege no kitarou doujin but with a shota.
For the more obscure ones.
Kamaitachi, weasels with wind cutting abilities, usually depicted in trio.
Nurikabe, the WALL.
Kawaguma, river monster. Likes grabbing things from boats.
Shiranui, will-o-the-wisps, but Japanese
Ittan Momen, cloth tsukumogami, like the main girl from Tsugumomo.
Tesso, very angry man rat ghost.
Sunekosuri, shin hugging animals. They just like huddling up against people’s shins.
this was the list of everything I didn't know aside from the kamaitachi, thanks. saw that one in some reincarnation isekai anime.
Is there an indicator anywhere that tells us if we are qualified for the 3k gems for completing the tutorials in the other games? Can't find anything in-game or on the site.
File: chrome_5gO8MQIDL7.png (1.43 MB, 1190x710)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
I'm not obscure!
Think there was a Conan reference in the last part with the mage as well.
File: 1680631875455986.jpg (254 KB, 1024x576)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
They posted a couple of them
When does the boss spam event end?
there should be a date in game. 日 is day 月 is month
50 rolls, got every youkai but the Tsuchigumo. Life is good.
Is there will be another, second banner like this one or i can dump my pity for the last missing girl?
>MC still confused, asks Kokonoha about what she’s doing as well as about Gespenst’s destruction and if it has anything to do with the dream he had
>Kokonoha doesn’t know anything about his dream, but doesn’t have time for a detailed explanation and just tells him to follow
>she takes him to the temple of Enki, Kuromi and the others also followed and when they get there, Nyarutan, Tantaru, and Anse are also here
>Tantaru is aiming for MC’s butt, Nyarutan is apprehending a rogue aiming for MC’s butt, and Anse has foreseen MC’s butt being opened
>well, this is fine as Kokonoha says she is going to open a portal to youkai island and send the group there
>Kuromi misconstrues that as her going to screw MC’s butt open
>Selen tells Kuromi to shut up and asks Kokonoha why
>she needs them to save a monmusu and it will help avoid the destruction of Gespenst
>MC wants more explanation, but Vivi decides to just go along with it
>Kokonoha doesn’t have enough power to bring everybody so she asks them to choose who goes
>everybody wants to so Vivi decides on Rock Paper Scissors
>after an intense scenario full of scheming, deals, and conflict that was skipped over, Tantaru, Nyarutan, and Anse emerge victorious
>Niho shows up and seems to have seen this coming and gives MC the youkai clock which she believes will be useful to him as he leaves for Youkai island
>MC arrives and wonders who he needs to help, however Kokonoha isn’t here
>a girl jumps up and grabs him crying for help and that she’s being bullied while also rubbing her runny nose on MC’s clothes
>it seems she went for him because he had a friendly scent and introduces herself
>her attackers finally arrive
>after fighting them off, she enthusiastically praises MC and also calling him master(Goshujinn) which Vivi notes seems to be in the local as well
>MC asks why they were chasing her
>she says it was just a misunderstanding, but he asks seriously
>she heard about some high quality sake in a mansion so she sneaked in to taste it a bit and before she knew it was all gone
>it also turns out it was for medicinal purposes and a huge bounty was put out on the culprit
>Anse says she should’ve prepared a fake, but it turns out it was a special phantom sake that’s recipe is top secret
>MC was hoping he could try to compensate them, but is now at a loss
>however Tantaru pipes in and hands MC a letter which turns out to have a detailed and easy to follow recipe for it
>MC asks Tantaru where she got this from and she says it was between her buttcheeks for some reason
>well thinking about it, Yano seems to be who Kokonoha wanted them to help, so off to make some sake and compensate the people she stole from so they stop hunting her
File: YokaiFirstPull.png (1.05 MB, 1146x648)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Man, I want to save but I also want these new C's, R's, and E's.
Also got a lucky L off the first pull.
We have no real clue how they’re going to use the youkai banner in the future, but the current one is set to end on the 24th and doesn’t seem to have any sort of part 2 teased. Should be safe, but these girls will likely be permanent with the youkai banner whenever it shows up, so only go for the pity if you really want the last one I suppose.
They are still holding up that fox girl and tease her everywhere. So they may as well do some dirty tricks and add part 2 with her.
>>1225589 (cont)
Snaps. Five 10 pulls and I got all the girls but one E tier girl.
My luck returns, but my funds are drained. I have close to enough for one more 10 but I'm not sure it's worth it over the one E girl, even if she's cute (Bunko).
Might be best for me to wait for a part two to try and get Bunko then.
And of course, the octopus girls first scene is tentacle in the shota pooper.
Glad I'm okay with this.
>while heading to the first ingredient, Kappa’s holy water which presumably kappas should have, they enjoy the scenery of the new landscape
>however somebody grabs MC and pulls him away and pushes him low with MC realizing it’s a Kokonoha has has been secretly following them
>she just wanted to give some advice before he went to meet the kappa, Silico
>she says she loves sumo and will likely agree to a match for the holy water
>don’t avoid it, it’s a guaranteed win
>MC asks where she’s been, but she sidesteps the question
>at this point the others come to look for MC and Kokonoha vanishes with an MC left lying on the ground with the others wondering if he couldn’t get up
>before he can give any sort of explanation, somebody calls out to them loudly from a hill
>majestically introducing herself with blinding backlight effect, she jumps down to them and challenges them to sumo for MC’s shirokodama
>which he accepts immediately
>before the match can officially start, trailing bounty hunters take this opportunity to attack with Silico angry they interrupted
>after the fight, Tantaru approaches Silico and tells her they seem to be the same type, enjoyers of butts
>Silico agrees and Tantaru turns MC around to ask her about his butt which she admires gratefully
>taking this opportunity to ask about the holy water, she tells her that the butts owner needs it and Silico gladly agrees to give some
>MC gets a complicated feeling from this
>mentioning the other ingredients they need, it seems Silico has a lead as she heard a Nekomata traveling entertainer was given one of them
>as they head to the village she was heard to be in, a mysterious presence comprehends they are hunting for ingredients
It's been so long since I rolled.
>120 rolls to get her
Wondering if I should finish and spark the spider. Got 4 of the loli before any of the other two.
>arriving at Nekozuki village, it is a village full of cats and cat lovers
>Vivi tries to flaunt her cuteness and catness to MC
>the cats approach happily and are friendly
>Tantaru wants to give treats, but only has mushroom-shaped licking candies which scare MC
>Bunko the nekomata rushes in telling them not to give lewd candy to the cats
>MC realizes this is who they’re looking for and asks if she could share her salmon rice
>however Bunko says it’s a treat for the cats and becomes hostile at MC for his bewitching looks and mischievous deeds of attempting to rob cats of treats and their hearts
>as they fight, Nyarutan stops it by telling her it’s a misunderstanding while cradling one of the cats
>Bunko recognizes it as the violent boss of the cats and that anyone who can calmly handle them must be trustworthy so she accepts her misunderstanding
>as an apology she offers them a free performance, but MC explains that he’s trying to make sake and needs an ingredient instead
>Bunko needs it for making seeets for the cats though
>Nyarutan however has Gespenst Matatabi whatever that is and offers it in trade to which Bunko agrees upon smelling it
>the final thing they need is the onion which seems to be the fermenting agent and Yano is excited to drink more with MC telling her they’re using it to pay
>Bunko says that onikin is made by oni and only given out to those that they recognize the power of, it’s something only oni and the emperor can freely receive
>Yano is confident MC can break those oni
I'm not sure how I feel about the spider. I took all three L's to 120 and I really like the other two but I'm just not sold on her.
>arriving at the oni village, they continue an MC being mistaken as a host bit which I skipped over when Bunko thought he was one
>Nyarutan says she’ll be his SP while Anse plays BGM for his intro
>Vivi notices the oni village seeming quite desolate and everybody seems drunk
>apparently from one of the oni’s deunken ramblings it can be inferred this is Hozuki’s territory, but she’s not here
>Yano chastises them for their alcoholism which MC questions
>anyways, nothing to do but forcefully rouse them
>upon defeating them, the oni give MC their approval and he becomes their new leader with fanfare
>Yano demands the onikin and they politely hand some over
>the way the oni speak by the way is written in a phonetic way that is completely incomprehensible to my MTL
>MC asks about Hozuki and the oni gives an answer that apparently worries him wondering if she’s okay
>Yano’s eyes are bloodshot and it’s suggested they give her some other alcohol lest she drink their myriad(yaoyorozu/8 million) sake
>Tantaru has something she was planning to force MC to drink while Anse says she has breast milk, but it’s dedicated to MC
>Nyarutan with an actual suggestion points out a suspicious randomly placed bottle
>before MC can stop her, Yano’s already lunged for it and is promptly caught in a rope trap
>a female ninja shows herself amazed it actually worked
>quickly grabbing Yano, she flees back to the lord who placed the bounty while everyone chases after her
most likely there will be another youkai banner, but you can never be certain with gacha games. The youkai banner mirrors a type of summoning in aigis that comes back every 4-6 months. I really can't see why they would make all these commons/rares if that wasn't their intention.
Are you talking about Kokonoha? I really want to roll her too, but she might be the Vivi of the youkai faction.
Well, shurikens seems to be super gimmicky, as is most scout units. atleast they seem to scale pretty well with shamans and bards, for what's it worth.
Man...that bakegitsune is so fucking hot, but I don't care about any of the Ls. Probably just going to skip and hope for a round 2 with better looking Ls. The healer bonus damage aura seems really good but I would never replace Rin.
>>1225595 (cont)
Well, I'm a fool and use my last 3k but I got two Bunkos.
Now I have all the Yokai and I'm totally broke. Worth it.
Some of the best designed youkais are the Rs.
File: link_account.jpg (25 KB, 546x113)
25 KB
Did anyone else have the "account link" achievement unlock for them even though they haven't linked their account to anything? wonder if this is a bug or if my DMM account got compromised somehow. asking here before sending in a bug report to ask the devs.
I got it too.
Really? I thought they were pretty average looking outside of the fox, the Cs look surprisingly nice to me.
Alright, that makes me feel like it's a bug then.. ty for replying.
More people should try to read the update notes.
>people should try to read
Yea, was just going to post this. ctrl f'd アカウント and just found it. thanks for posting it.
How the fuck you kill those electric mutts? They just shit out AOE thunders and wipe everyone out
The thunder aoe is low range, so put your melee unit further away from your ranged.
Alright, for my fellow ASSFUCK enjoyers and the cowards that want to avoid those scenes
Octopus first scene -> tentacle
Kamaitachi(E shuriken girl) first scene -> finger
Kappa first scene -> rimming, second scene -> anal up hers, surprisingly
Tanuki second scene -> futa transform
Arent they being too generous? even a single 10 roll in this gives you more scenes than you'd usually get rolling every release for months. I worry for their financial health. Now to fap myself to death.
>OHKO 120

>Attacks super fast

>Shits out thunder if attacked or attacking

>If attacked they immediately zerg rush

How the fuck do I beat those things
File: chrome_NPybqVwnH7.png (957 KB, 1152x646)
957 KB
957 KB PNG
Time to see if I can get everyone else
File: chrome_FWwb3fBn7y.png (894 KB, 1145x615)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
Immediately after the previous roll
File: chrome_b9gILSup8f.png (886 KB, 1141x592)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
Mission accomplished but now my stash is mostly gone.
Lucky I had to spark because I kept getting the Spider Lady. Got the Nekotamata in the last 3 rolls and sparked Octopus
You're not supposed to break the statues. Avoid hitting them, they make them deal 6? times more damage if you break them.
I failed to get any of the new legends. Go me I guess.
Aside from Poison Slime Rin is there any unit with a skill similar to hers? Like passive aoe damage. Since you know those fuckin spiders are horrendously tanky and slow your attack speed to nothing
That's how my draws went, same order of L girls.
Did you get all the lower rarity girls too? I had to do 6 10 pulls to get them all, luckily.
Nice at least you won't need to worry about dupes for the spider if you're planning on using her.
Sweet. I'm probably missing a few I'll need to check later.
Well shit. Anyone got any tips for the spiders?
God bless you anon
NTA but I just nuke them with fist units.
I assume after the banner/event ends the yokais will be thrown in the general pool meaning it's probably the best time to pick all the current Ls since the pool is quite small.
Atheel, Cretta, Lata, and Ifijar have DoT as well. Attach tokens like Muzzle’s and Amelie’s are not affected by the debuff. Though yeah, if you can find a support Airen, just drop her to nuke the things.
Probably not, this is following the trend of Aigis’s imperial gacha which feature units exclusive to a faction. They become entirely unrollable until it comes around again.
I'm gonna guess those banners aren't that rare to come up again? I think I prefer that way, atleast. Easier to get everything but Ls.
For Aigis they tend to have one or two major events per year with them and have the general banner pop up occasionally, but not too often, so it’s usual for it to be months between Imperial banners. However seasonal banners can have seasonal imperials if they make them. However Monmusu doesn’t have limited seasonal banners so I have no idea how a seasonal youkai alt would be treated. Since they’re just getting introduced and it seems we’re getting a major plot line involving them, youkai activity will likely be high for the near future, but once it’s past it’s a who knows situation for how often they’ll run them.

In general, what one would want to truly watch out for is an equivalent to Aigis’s hero banner or Oshiro’s Hell banner. Special units that are on a completely different league you could say they are the next rarity which also permanently buff classes of units slightly just for having them.
I don't mind the yokai banner from time to time as long as seasonals aren't limited
took me 70 to see an SSR in the yokai banner but at least it was the titty one
they all seem rather disappointing tho performancewise
I'll keep the pennies for rolls I have left for some other time
at least I can safely not regret going all out for yuugen and beam girl, because beam girl is super fun
>Oni girl is just a Rare
EX1 got me to actually use a different team from my usual...
Why is Yano so cute bros
God I just want to hug her and rub her tummy
Updated my Pastebin with my takes on all the youkai. Overall there’s nothing actually too strong, but the lower rarities have some decent units and niches. Two new bards is nice at the very least.
I feel like I've seen Ukissa's skill hit multiple targets but that might be because the targets died?
You’re right now that I test it. She can swap when the original target dies though since her shots have travel time it can only reasonably switch targets once, maybe twice. Bit better for crowd clearing than I thought.
Now that I’m thinking about Ukissa more, I think I misjudged her. She’s much better as just a plain melee blocker with regen and triple attacks. Rather she works great with buffs and water is full of buffs. I think my initial judgement might’ve partially been due to me not having enough milk to level her to 90 as I’ve literally ran out and had to buy more just to try out everybody at 60.
Got Dillio and was wondering if a poison oriented team is possible yet. Anyone made one?
I know this isn't the thread but
>star knight has emergency maintenance
>compensation is 10k currency and a 3* ticket
Kuma-san Love.
I have her at 120 and she clears pretty well by herself thanks to her third hit being an AoE.
Also been playing Star Knight I wish we can go back to having emergency or long maintenance again.
Unfortunately, poison team as it stands is a meme. The main points are there’s no reason to stack poison users and that Dilio herself isn’t a huge payoff for focusing on poison in the first place. Poison itself is highly irrelevant for anything with actual bulk as well. Dilio’s best use is slightly buffing S. Teruru and Yura’s damage as they hit so much poison is guaranteed. It’s just not really something a team reasonably forms from.
An overstatement on my part, two of the Rs have great designs.
Now that I think about it, I don't now why I bothered rolling. I'm so new that it will probably take me over a year to bring even half of the youkai I got to 90/120. May as well have waited for the inevitable rerun with an actually good youkai legend on rate up.
The game is pretty casual, you really don't need to be worrying about rolling meta units or whatever.
You guys test out new units? Would like to hear everyone's opinion on them including the lower rarity ones.
It'll take like 3 months at worst for most of them, but I agree because I've been around long enough to have most of the limited units and they feel too satisfying to replace.
I was hoping I could use the poison chance subskill to have Bunko have a chance at applying it with her mapwide strum. As expected, that didn't work, but she's still cute
How long is this cross-promotion quest thing is going to last? Notice said it might be rerun or might be permanent, but didn't seem like there was a clear ending date, maybe I missed something.
Healer gives your whole team crit (same effect as purple subskill - doesn't stack) which seems nice for the high atkspd dps. Comparable to Lulu with her unique weapon except that it doesn't seem like you need to place her within range to get the crit effect.

Tencacle girl is similar to the wind wyvern girl except you can place tentacles to block stuff for you while you charge your class passive. Sadly they do count towards your placeble limits.

Spider girl basically warps around and does 2x damage with backstabs, but ninja's base attack is under 300 maxed. Also slows enemies a lot and can't be targeted by ranged while skill is active.

New scout class attack seems too low to be any use despite having a good class passive. You probably need to buff them a lot with supports to get any mileage. Or wait for p2w subskills with a high amount of flat attack.

As for lower rarities, only some wind seem notable. One gives wind allies attack speed with skill. Another gives 25% evade to wind allies for being on the field. And a 3rd has 75% evade but gimped stats but basically a wind lancer, and ignores defense during skill. The evade doesn't seem stack to 100% with them both.

I pulled for the healer for hypercarry comps.
Tsune is great.
Ah, is that the gimmick? Guess Alice can't participate for once.
The statues would break regardless for me, I just bopped the cats dropping a monk or two on them, while they got sniped from far away by Eylut or Rin or whomever, and I spammed arrows on them with Yuugen
Don't really understand the mechanic that made Cazzo kill herself every 30 seconds but it didn't matter
I kinda wanna do the labyrinth levels but need a tank. Would you guys recommend the high orc epic or some other low rarity stuff. I'm new and don't have much
Diffnilla’s a good tank and works fine for labyrinth. Any Paladin works though, you just want a high block unit for the Minotaurs who automatically blow away anything with less than 3 spare block available. Labyrinth’s main issue is the special restriction challenges, but you can leak for those.
File: 1683956315969943.png (1.57 MB, 1349x688)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Jesus christ I made it
File: 1681016990965997.png (1.4 MB, 998x762)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Cleared it
Congrats, that’s also the stage that wants you to use only R or lower units.
You should be able to use the C bard that didn't exist when this released, and also the extra slot to fit one more tank if one dies, or one more healer, + a free slot which is either the bard, or the fairy
Could only get 29 stars. The final floor is a little wild
File: 1682924850355648.png (1.35 MB, 1336x748)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Had to put flat hp on basically everyone but the bruisers to survive this boss. Yasome can actually solo the low pressure tentacle lanes on her own. Stealth units are fun to use even though her damage isn't fantastic.
File: 1671533431458779.png (1.87 MB, 1332x758)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
N-not even close. Stacking aura on yasome actually took out a shitton of the medusa's health. Absolute garbage without aura flat attack but actually really decent with some support

I should've moved the goblin next to the squad near the end I guess. I'll work on the tablet missions next and 8-8sp and I'm done with almost everything currently accessible.
Good work. It’s a shame or a blessing depending how you see it that this game doesn’t have too much endgame stuff. Past the tablet missions, it’s just seeing how far you can get on infinite boss mode.
>decide to start reading through backlog of character stories/scenes since youkai doubled it
Well that’s fucking kinky.
>highest boss I reached from 1 is 21
>highest from 20 is 26
>highest from 25 is 26
Damn it. I should've used the new extra slots for a tank to at least distract the boss for a few seconds instead of just bards. Also, where's the wind and darkness boosting beast god? Those elements were my main DPS, so might've been able to reach 30. I had to cope with Nidhogg, but it doesn't buff Cliffo.
File: 1687671803083532.jpg (255 KB, 1280x720)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Was the dragon boss available only for one day? Did I miss anything good?
It's over the weekend I think. You had 3 days. I did it day 1 for the first-clear gems
Was only available for the weekend, you missed some crystals, don't remember if the skill was particularly good. There'll be other boss reruns on later weekends, so don't forget about those and you can redo this one the next time they do another set of weekend reruns.
Dang, I feel silly now. Thought I checked bosses on saturday, but apparently not
>Did I miss anything good?
Not really. Just some gems and a bad subskill.
>following the ninja and Yano, the ninja makes a threat towards Yano about humiliating her before turning her in while Yano thinks of her like a pervert out of an erodoujin
>also it’s not she can’t resist, she’s too lazy to as she grabs the ninja’s bottle to drink it
>and is then promptly disappointed by it just being water which causes the ninja to criticize her saying she should be able to tell the difference between booze and medicine
>Yano in a fit of rage and want for sake bites the ninja
>it’s not a hard bite and the ninja wonders if that was really it, but then suddenly loses power and drops Yano who easily slips out of her binds
>MC’s group finally catches up due to this
>Vivi notices the ninja looks drunk and Yano tells her she bit her
>Vivi surmises the obvious that Yano has a special bite that makes people drunk
>MC actually compliments Yano due to this causing her to call herself something grand like Gaia Shiekh Yano I think and MC says that’s a bit too big
>the female ninja stands back up and initiates battle, but she is defeated without incident and they get back to brewing the Myriad Sake
>the instructions says you should have the right tools and make it in a cool place
>asking Yano about anywhere that makes sake, she knows a village famous for it so they head there
>arriving at the village of Shinzo, it is under attack by youkai and it seems the party must rescue the village
>also the bounty hunters are coming in from behind adding to their issues
>successfully saving the village, the villagers are grateful and thank MC, not expecting a business trip handsome boy host to do such a thing for them
>wishing to reward the group, they offer their best sale and are also fine with letting them use their tools to make sake
>everything is going smoothly and the sake has entered the fermentation phase, but it seems the required fermentation time is “hundreds of years”
>they obviously don’t have that sort of time to wait
>however sudden flashback
>Niho entrusted MC with the youkai clock which has the ability to alter the age of things
>not being sure how many hundreds of years, MC tries to start at just a hundred, but Yano jumps the gun saying aged sake is better and sets it to a thousand
>Yano takes a chug and ends up drinking vinegar
>it seems the youkai clock can’t trivially turn back the age of processed things so they start a new batch
>Anse decides to play while they age the next batch as she hears it helps make it more mellow, but her playing causes MC to fuck up
>the third time is thankfully successful, with Yano calling it delicious, but it’s still missing something according to her
>wondering if something is missing, Tantaru says there’s one final ingredient added in the end, Tsuchinoko venom
>it seems it was another note stuck in her butt
>Yano does the honors and the sake is complete
Supposed to be village of Shuzo which autocorrected to Shinzo.

>arriving at the place where the sake was originally stolen, they find Hozuki and Niho waiting
>they’re shikigami
>defeating them, Yano makes a remark about if she could use Shikigami to go buy her sake for her being the lazy drunk she is
>as MC attempts to replace the sake before people come, the ninja/bounty hunters suddenly reveal themselves surrounding them demanding Yano
>MC tries to tell them they made replacement Myriad Sake and says the reward for replacing the sake would be even higher, but the ninja is very doubtful thinking it a fake
>however choosing to trust him, she leaves with the sake
>it seems everything is fine for now though Yano’s bounty hasn’t been canceled yet
>they decide to bring her to Gespenst for the time being and Yano finally passes out from her overall drunkenness
>Kokonoha finally appears thanking them for saving her and picks her up as she instructs the group to follow her so they can return to Gespenst
>heading back to where they originally arrived, Kokonoha teleports them back, but also remarks with Yano being saved ruin has been pushed away, but she shouldn’t let her guard down
>Kokonoha does not transfer herself and is gone when they transport back to Gespenst
>Yano wakes up upon their arrival back calling MC’s introduction to Gespenst a line the first NPC would say and calls for drinking to celebrate bringing booze out of nowhere
>the event ends with a short line about how Logica chastises them for the mess in the temple after the banquet and then held a quiz competition
>no thread for star knight
Of course.
Anyway, we know what's coming after the Yokai event ends?
>no thread for star knight
well technically theres
>and Studio Kumasan games including:
>Mist Train Girls
>Flower Knight Girl
>Twinkle Star Knights (Currently opened for pre-reg and rolling)
but nobody talks about their other games so i never bring it up here lol
DMM games are in a weird spot where there’s a general discussion thread on /jp/, but also a few splinter threads on /vmg/ which all get by on the fact the boards are too slow to push them off. Frankly speaking we could also probably encompass Aigis and Oshiro as well, but they get almost no discussion either.

Twinkle is in its honeymoon phase where it’s the hot new release in the DMM thread, but it will probably simmer down like the rest once everybody playing gets settled. MonmusuTD just does a bit better because TD gameplay is slightly more discussable and the games more humorous, but it’s not like we’re that alive either.

Though since we’re talking about it, are you guys doing well in Twinkle? I personally have the light train rolling and I’m wondering if they’ll suddenly introduce content that will wall it. Alternatively, did your rolls for swimsuits in Aigis go well? Swimsuit Tytto has murdered tower. We’re also very close to swimsuits in MonmusuTD as well so who are you guys hoping to get swimsuits? I’m hoping for Lagos. Nips think the promo art posted a bit earlier indicate Okyu and Nell and they both haven’t really gotten anything since release. Other Ls from early on without skin or alt also include Cliffo, Aqua, and Cretta.
>Though since we’re talking about it, are you guys doing well in Twinkle?
I'm relying on an invested core of Venus + Ruriel + Sharon to do everything. Sharon's barrier can tank a lot, so even if the next boss arbitrarily takes 50% less damage from light or something stupid, I'll probably still be able to clear, just a bit slower.

>We’re also very close to swimsuits in MonmusuTD as well so who are you guys hoping to get swimsuits?
Narcepafne, Ukisusa, and Kuromi are my top picks to get summer alts. I don't know if Epics or below even have a chance, and they probably wouldn't give a youkai an alt so soon, so I guess I have to give up on those two.
Did all 4 EX without killing a single statue... Feelsweakman
File: Mahamut.png (982 KB, 1278x720)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
>are you guys doing well in Twinkle?
I have everyone but the 3 star dark healer girl, the 3 star water speed loli, and the 3 star lighting attack magi-gunner girl.
I have gone hard investing into Mahmut because her EX2 is too damn good (I have it ad level 8 right now.), being able to delay the whole enemy field is great. I even used the recent boss token compensation to buy her accessory since it adds to the the delay when it's fully uncapped. Even farmed hard stage 2 for the armor since it gives pure fire damage (got it at +2).
Plus she's cute.
File: 1663449819662119.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Slowly progressing. Got GOD on all Boss stages but currently unable to get GOD on the last stage on Hard
File: fuckme.png (28 KB, 360x130)
28 KB
I can't seem to pull any real dps (lillia, yuris, meruel). If I didn't hit pity for venus, I'd still be left with fiona, sasha, and ana.
>komainu statues assblasted enough Nips to cause arguments on the wiki about the game being too hard despite being advertised as easy
I really am amazed by the casualness of Japan.
I still don't even know what the statues do.
They nerf the enemy atk. If they are destroyed they scale to one hit kills. Basically don't use AOE hitters and aura damage and you do fine
When destroyed, they triple damage taken by your units and stack multiplicatively, so if you break 3, you take 27x damage. Just one causes any unit using Limit Break to just sudoku.
Jokes on them, I don't even have limit break!
Okyu banner when?
Seems like Fanza has put up a site wide region block.
works on my machine
They seemed to have changed what can be accessed by overseas and dmm games has been removed. Might be a rollout... or could have been a mistake or temporary ban.
The weird part is it's apparently only hitting certain parts of burgerland, not even all of it.
I'm on the east coast and everything is still working fine for me.
Any VPN recommendations for when they inevitably get around to blocking me? The only one I've used is Proton VPN. Their free Japan servers work well enough.
You only really need it to get into games currently and can switch it off afterward so whatever you want really. I guess if you spend you probably want to be more discerning though.
It hit Brazil too
Saw a Russian guy posting about it on Twitter... It's over boys
what in the shit? Well, guess I should be glad I didn't invest much.
I hate Lightning Dogs so much it's unreal
File: 1673979678176820.jpg (481 KB, 1920x1080)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, July, 24 2023, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・Reprint of the 3rd Monster Musume Ranchiki
・Addition of Xcostumes and Costumes
File: 1659401672011812.jpg (241 KB, 1200x675)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
MonMusuTD Vol.5 Summer Stream
July 30th
Shijime's new sprite animation is so damn cute. Also, using her + supports only is pretty fun—though having Lupuche for extra damage is a bit cheating. Shijime's skill doesn't damage the statues (but Lupuche's and Argyuro's do) and she doesn't attack them unless she's moving, so EX4 was still clearable with this team. Had to whip out Slime Rin for EX3 though to heal those passing through the flames and to kill the spiders because they neuter Shijime's damage even with support buffs.
Not much of an update. Good time for people who feel behind of these to catch up.
>new Ranchiki stage

>arriving at the next battleground, Primville greets the MC and asks if he’s been drinking water properly as it’s been hot lately
>asking about the arena, it turns out this is where the dragon girls settle their arguments
>Atheel and Teruru talk about last year’s summer vacation/event and Mauro gets jealous and says MC will go on a big summer adventure with her which is a teaser if I’ve ever seen one
>Difora plans on visiting power spots while Primville makes plans to serve barley tea for the MC which causes Vivi to wonder why old people in the countryside make it so much
>MC asks about his intentions mattering and is advised to prove his worth and battle it out
>MC wins the right to his own schedule and advises the dragon girls to invite him normally as they concede and congratulate him
>Mauro says she won’t lose next time and seems belligerently intent on challenging him until she wins like usual though
>MC’s struggles never end it seems
This is basically the break week between youkai and swimsuits.
Is this event as simple pick the hardest modifiers, get 50 points in every stage, then farm the 4th one to clear the shop?
Yep. The most concerning modifiers besides the straight up stat ones are which elemental restriction you take(pick an element, all others do half damage and take double damage) and no natural DP generation(this also blocks Shaman DP).
borrowed miradora from someone for the new event stage and holy crap shes fun to use against enemies like this
All done in one try. This team is ridic.
You can even see best girl in the back hyper viper beaming the tentacle that was leaking through the rental fairy
Did the two summer girl really need another skill? like come on, they were the top of the crop already. This 4th stage felt a lot simpler than the undead ones, only phoenix feels like a problem with her aoe attacks and fucking 300k worth of hp + being pretty tanky.
No, but yes
A Nip on the wiki did 5 unit clears for each element besides wind and light so decided to attempt it myself and succeeded with wind. Turns out they only make unique NPCs resistant to blowing away. Not immune.
Kek that's hilarious
File: 20230728_164330.png (69 KB, 720x720)
69 KB
Our first L lycanthrope will be Periri it looks like. I wonder if they'll continue the Lycanthrope infinite skill trend.
She might still be E. Considering her weapon, the usual transformation doesn't seem likely.
she could be, but also there wasn't a swimsuit welfare unit during the first summer event.
Looks like we're getting swimsuit Okyu(gunner) and Diffnilla(archer). Also stream in about half a day from this post.
File: 1676152570335327.jpg (243 KB, 1280x720)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, July, 31 2023, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start
・New Monsters girl(s) to be added
>* For details, please see the official live broadcast "Monster Musume TV vol.5 Summer Official Live SP".
・Addition of Costumes
・Various Bug Fixes
File: 1670105716273542.png (3.29 MB, 1920x1080)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG
File: 1683843959037804.png (3.47 MB, 1920x1080)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB PNG
File: 1681682621829379.png (3.45 MB, 1920x1080)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
File: 1663847440185500.png (3.36 MB, 1920x1080)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB PNG
File: 1659434808958014.png (3.35 MB, 1920x1080)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
File: 1659743172152302.png (3.56 MB, 1920x1080)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB PNG
File: 1672613034917529.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1080)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
File: 1671849441875263.png (2.91 MB, 1920x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
File: 1667690542635022.png (3.06 MB, 1920x1080)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB PNG
File: 1659629967193128.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
File: 1684358672906774.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Too lewd
File: 1685753055385695.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
File: 1678352339201112.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
File: 1684683763446960.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB PNG
New Monmusu
File: 1673164966864335.png (3.2 MB, 1920x1080)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
File: 1660067911630857.png (3.21 MB, 1920x1080)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
File: 1685537637592254.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1080)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
I'd have been glad if they stopped here because that would have meant me liking 0/6 of the new characters, except for maybe >>1241866
but then they started bringing out the titties
File: 1685901701404314.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
File: 1670683607740133.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
File: 1675310286915374.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Very nice, thanks for the dump
>goblin king musume
oh no
Is Shota-kun going to fuck a skeleton or are they just going to use >>1241868
new event type where you have to fully max out the character to befriend them? hope the event helps out with this.
It's not an X costume, so thankfully it must mean skeleton boning.
I have a bone to pick with you
holy booba
Wish they didn't put bra


Fly born by and lives in fire. Associated with moths for obvious reasons.

Snake bull basically.

Goblin King

I really wonder when the fuck we’ll get the standard werewolf.

Shadow Elf

We will get a scythe class it looks like.
File: milkies.jpg (43 KB, 853x810)
43 KB
I need her
still waiting for a succubus queen
But there's already a succubus queen.
Got hit with the region lock. Am I done with this game?
Can just VPN if you want to
Depends on if you like the game enough to bother with a VPN. Use any free one, connect with it on and typically you can just turn it off straight away after the DMM login and continue playing any game normally. It’s whether this one additional step is enough to make you quit. Alternatively just download the sfw app version through QooApp or something.
>it’s another summer vacation and Vivi wants MC to be able to relax freely
>which is why this time the police are here as escorts
>sans Teruru since apparently she’s guarding the beach somewhere
>Torse and Kena reassure MC it will be all okay
>as Vivi asks what MC plans to do like swimming or watermelon splitting, they are interrupted by a sudden commotion
>investigating, they find Periri dyed red trying to shoo away other vacationing monmusu off her territory
>the red is apparently watermelon
>anyways Periri has had it with all the noise scaring the fish away and destroying her fishing time
>it seems she can’t be reasoned with once she’s like this so Vivi suggests beating some sense into her
>after beating some sense into her, she finally explains that she had been planning to catch a legendary fish, the Nushi, but her plans fell apart due to vacationers
>she asks MC to aid her in her quest and Vivi says it apparently moves from spot to spot as well so that’s what we’re doing
>use the sfw version
Nah, if I can use a VPN I will dk that. But not losing that. Thanks
>explaining a bit about the Nushi as they travel, in the hotter months, it comes to the seaside to cooldown
>however it is vigilant and flees if it seems noisy
>it won’t come to a noisy place that smells of watermelon of course
>MC tells Periri she’s the one responsible for the smell
>arriving at the next spot which should be nice and quiet, explosions are immediately heard
>the watermelon bombs Periri planted are being exploded by someone
>she was planning to use those for fishing as MC wonders what the hell was she planning
>the culprit is Diffnilla who has been shooting them with arrows
>it seems she heard there was hazardous watermelons, so she decided to practice archery while disposing of them
>she asks MC if he’s like to go swimming with her now that her bow practice is over while Periri is again infuriated at her efforts being ruined
>Periri demands retribution while Diffnilla just treats this as a training spar
>after Diffnilla’s defeat which she doesn’t seem too down about, a new monmusu arrives
>she was expecting a nice vacation spot, but turned up to find the current mess
>she introduces herself, Dragonewt girl, Chifa
>anyways she wants to see the manager as this vacation spot is not what she expected
>as MC wonders how to explain, Anisira, the actual manager, shows up
>Periri takes issue with Anisira’s title of vacation celebrity which apparently makes her in charge of management
>it is an honorable title chosen for grace, dignity, authority, connections, and violence
>addressing Chifa’s complaints, Anisira says she will guide her to a new vacation spot
>Periri says she can focus on the Nushi now at least, but Anisira piped up at her and says she expectes the damage to be compensated for
>Periri rebels
>Anisira takes this as MC being rebellious to his surprise and decides he must be forced to submit and immediately enlists Diffnilla to help
>even Kena realizes we’re the bad guys
>while Anisira is defeated, MC isn’t really sure how to handle the situation besides leaving as it’s quite apparent they’re the ones in the wrong
>before they can leave though, a huge fish is spotted in the sea
>the Nushi
>she has been preparing for this very moment, gather her rod and bait she casts
>it bites
>and promptly yanks the fishing pole out of Periri’s hands and runs off with it
>Periri is pained, but she has a spare rod and runs off for it as MC chases after
>heading to where the Nushi went
>it’s a market area with a shop and stalls
>wondering who owns it, MC is greeted by Okyu
>at Okyu’s Sea House they’re selling shaved ice, grilled squid, and ramen
>Rin’s also here with slime jelly
>seems she really wanted to feed MC her slime so she’s been prototyping jelly here with Okyu’s help
>while MC would normally oblige, they’re in a rush to catch the Nushi so he asks for passage through the shop instead
>Okyu refuses saying MC is the best salesperson on the island while Rin wants him to eat her jelly
>Kena says she’s here to protect MC’s vacation and won’t let him waste it being a clerk which MC finds the timing a bit off considering what has happened so far
>after they beat them, the group rushes through to continue chasing after the Nushi while MC promises to return to actually visit the beach house properly
>continuing the chase, it seems the Nushi has hit a dead end
>Periri is excited and while there are doubts, she believes she can catch it with the help of MC
>a whistle is blown
>Teruru has arrived and she is not happy
>condemning the monmusu who would ransack the beach while happily enjoying their time with MC
>she is terribly disappointed in her juniors
>while they try to explain, Teruru goes no questions asked and that they were definitely enjoying their time with MC
>however this causes Torse and Kena to rebuke her as she happily gloated about her time with MC last summer
>she is cornered as her juniors release their complaints at her
>Periri is angered by their overall noisiness and threatens to crack their skulls as MC tries to restrain her
>Diffnilla is here and asks Vivi something
>when she was asking for help with her training, she got told by Vivi that she wanted a quiet vacation for MC
>Vivi reflects that might’ve been a mistake to want
>Diffnilla again states Vivi went around telling monmusu to be quiet for MC’s sake as Vivi gives an embarrassed laugh as MC struggles with the others
....Not skeleton fucking, wow.
there is not
Damn that's a lot of paid subskill packs in the shop. I kinda wanna get the new years one because it would let me pick Okyu for Limit Break, but it's sorta expensive.
Considering Platina's head never comes off during sex scenes despite being a dullahan, it's not surprising the devs continue the trend of not doing something gruesome. On a related note, why is Peloros a skeleton musume again? Was she just revived from one into a normal girl?
My disappointment is immeasurable.
File: 1670378055708901.jpg (464 KB, 2048x1152)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Fuck the SFW version ruined everything about the game.
>Still no qtp2t monoeyes
Goddomot Japan quit being a little bitch and make some qtclops! Just hire Shake-O or Ray-Kbys if you're worried about them not being that popular!
Did they region block the game? Fucking hell
yes, there's been region blocks rolling out over the past couple weeks
Fuck me, guess i cant play the game anymore.
>new boss summary

>Saura is leading MC to the lava area to help look for Chifa who she’s worried about
>there’s a lot of worrying signs like her saying she’s found a favorite cliff and Bertio having planted a lot of traps around the area lately, but they find her practicing under significant who she calls master
>her training including eating rocks/magma from the lava area
>Saura worries if Chifa will get fat while MC is worried about the eating rocks part initially being in aware they’re perfectly capable of digesting rocks
>it seems they’re heat limit training and pondering about how to evolve to their next form also thinking about eating a legendary magma slime
>well Chifa is fine so that’s that
>suddenly loud tremors are felt/heard
>it’s a giant magma slime

>after defeating it it quickly retreats back into the depths of the magma
>Igni doesn’t want it to get away while Chifa tries to swim after it, but finds herself too sluggish
>she has to be pulled out of the lava, but Igni can’t manage, so everybody ends up having to help pull her out
>all those rocks made her heavy though she doesn’t look any different
>seems it’s time for Igni’s calorie burning course as Chifa is forced into strenuous exercise to burn off all the rocks she ate
>MC questions the need to diet when she isn’t even fat, but Vivi tells him a woman’s heart is complicated
>he also asks how they expect to burn it off when they’re heat resistant which Vivi responds with the placebo effect
I dont get the point of that, do they really care about the 20 or so westerners that play the game?
It’s a site wide block by DMM, which they already had for the G rated part of the site, but are now rolling out to Fanza. Apparently some whale accounts are whitelisted and not blocked, but for anybody else they have to use VPN. Apparently there have been region blocks before and they just went away so it might not be permanent. It also might mean they might have plans for a global counterpart for their site, but that doesn’t seem too great with how shit Nutaku and Johren do.
Hm, well im fucked.
I dont really have a VPN
>MC manages to calm Periri’s rage by saying she needs to save her energy for fishing
>while Periri has been placated, the one shota police collectively come to a conclusion
>they should just take MC from Periri and have their dazzling vacation
>Periri of course does not accept this and Diffnilla decides to join the fishing side as she enjoyed the training and is interested in the Nushi
>the Oneeshota police attempt a police net maneuver, but Periri manages to escape with the MC
>they arrive to another beach continuing their chase for the Nushi while having some discussion
>however they hear voices arguing, one of them being Atheel

>it’s the female pirate again trying to dig up the area for buried treasure
>Atheel is trying to tell her there is no treasure and she doesn’t want this place ruined as this is where she had sweet memories with MC
>as the female pirate belligerently believes Atheel is hiding treasure, the fight ends up encompassing the watching group
>the pirates are driven off and Atheel apologizes for her rowdiness
>Periri is amped to go fishing, but Atheel tells them she can’t let them head to the next area
You can just download ProtonVPN for phone and there are probably some free browser VPNs with Japan options.
>it turns out Atheel is a part of the alliance that wants to enjoy their vacation with MC and Rin and Anisira show up as well
>the oneeshota police as well, however there is a schism as this alliance seems exclusive to monmusu who already went on vacation with MC last year
>Okyu shows up calling it greedy
>also the reason she came was to sue Periri
>she also has business plans for soaking MC and using him as an attraction for her restaurant
>Diffnilla ends up asking about the strength of her bow versus Okyu’s super soakers with MC as the target
>MC complains he’ll just have a hole put through him, but Diffnilla remains competitive making a double entendre and Kena also wants to join in with everybody aiming at MC
>MC asks Periri to take him into the water so he can escape
>the alliance at this point readies their attack, but Periri ends up talking about how she wanted to sincerely enjoy Nushi fishing with MC with sweet music playing
>which abruptly cuts out when she mentions MC is meant to be bait as the Nushi likes beautiful boys
>well no matter what there’s going to be a fight
>after Periri’s victory, Atheel and Teruru are still resilient, but before fighting can continue, MC spots the Nushi and Periri dashes off towards and readies her line
>throwing her line, the Nushi bites, but she struggles
>MC attempts to help her pull, ibut the Nushi seems to be pulling away
>shots ring out however as the Nushi is forced to double back after supporting fire from Kena, Torse, and Okyu prevent it from escaping
>Diffnilla finds it the right time to start lobbing the explosive melons further disrupting and corralling the Nushi
>Periri is struggling with all her strength along with MC and they’re both starting to lose their stamina
>however the alliance joins in to help them pull
>besides Anisira who feels fine watching
>it is caught
>the Nushi larger than a mountain is brought to shore
>the fishing trip is a success
>afterward, a barbecue is held with the Nushi meat in full use
>caught with hard effort making it more delicious
>MC is surprised Periri was willing to share, but it seems even she realizes she was being quite troublesome and hope sharing it might make some amends
>she also prepared watermelon as well
>this sparks a competitive atmosphere as the various monmusu plan to test themselves aiming at watermelons
>while MC is worried, Vivi tells him to relax
>as they’re lined up, next to the MC by the way, Vivi decides to ask if they're bombs or fruit
>as MC screams for them to stop, the watermelons are triggered and he is blown away
>as Periri goes oops, MC reflects while floating on the sea thinking maybe this sort of stuff is nice after all
I can't and wont trust Johren with how they treated Mist Train Girls. It took them 1 whole fucking year to announce that they were dropping the game since their last update/maintenance. Fuck them.
Is there an easier way of tricking dmm's dumb ip block other than VPN? Hate how slow the game gets with it
For most DMM games you can just turn off the VPN after you’re logged in and playing. The actual block is with the DMM website, not the game servers though I believe some games occasionally refresh your login though that’s mainly if playing on browser I think.
Oh, alright
Why wont the blue slime motherfucker from the swimsuit stages die it keeps healing them for a bajillion
Tap the watermelon crates when they’re next to them. Alternatively use blow away like Silva, Silico, and Melon.
The phone app still works for me, so I'm guessing you could run bluestacks and just play it from there. The only parts you would be missing are the punishment scenes that they rarely ever put into an event, and you won't see X costume advertisements, but that only matters if you pay. You would still need to VPN to jack off, but you wouldn't need to use it just to play the game.
>still completely unaffected by region locks
Am I a good paypiggie or are they still being rolled out?
I paid and still got locked
This. I think it's a rollout. If you don't get walled means you probably payed a little too much.
I'm f2p and can still use fanza, but I only use the apps and mobile web browsers.
I will try to find one.
That magma slime was pretty rough on MAX. I had Alice, Rin (anni), and Mauro all blasting it with true damage and ran out of time the first attempt. Second try I placed the shaman one placement back so she wouldn't die to the rock blast and added in Elryut for more damage.
Percent damage is the cheese for this boss.
Did you just deploy and withdraw Vile over and over? I thought about doing that but I wound up brute forcing it with regular DPS instead.
Nope,she’s also there just to heal. Amirami got knocked out near the end, but this setup trivially kills the boss by around the 1 minute 30 mark. Rather this killed it faster than when I did it normally with DPS.
Sword Yokai hitting him with fast skills right off his kill range is all it took, the rest was just proper placement of supports or extra damage so they don't die
The only issue was the full healer balls that don't die, and it seems all it took was placing Melon right behind them to push it back as it killed itself
wish I was smart enough to remember the vampire exists.
Reading through the current event right now and I realized the MC has never lost to any monster girl that has challenged him. Kind of want to see him lose at least once.
Are there actually any gachas where the protagonist loses in combat? Since the player is at the helm for like every battle and the story doesn't continue until you win, it seems hard to actually write losing in any gacha.

Also, if you want to see the MC losing/defeated, one could just read H-scenes. Shirotae's scenes were really something.
File: 1676797213674529.jpg (164 KB, 1920x1080)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, August, 14 2023, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start
・New Monsters girl(s) to be added
>Goblin King - Mashuroa >>1241877
>Bishop-fish - Grease
>Gremlin - Nouti
Legeclo main character loses multiple times in the story. I guess the closest we got to this was when he got kidnapped in his sleep and woke up on that island.
Looks like they are rolling out the block for DMM game player users.
File: file.png (26 KB, 302x172)
26 KB
It's ogre boys. The Japs don't want baka gaijins playing their games I don't blame them
The app still works for me.
I don't think this is true since they changed the app from requiring app store updates to updating in game. DMM doesn't want any gaijins though.
File: bichiku_chikubi.jpg (24 KB, 536x97)
24 KB
Bchiku > chikubi = nipples
in case this spat out nonsense from machine translation (i didn't read the translation anon's posts, sorry)
>waking up to light knocking, a new monmusu politely asks MC if she may come in
>she introduces herself and says she came to report a ray of light had descended from the heavens
>the MC is confused
>Grease’s atmosphere completely changes as she says in gratitude for witnessing such a thing she came to offer her prayers to MC and starts worshipping him right on the spot
>Vivi tells her to hold up on the worship for a bit to actually discuss the happenings which causes Grease to profusely apologize as she couldn’t stop herself upon seeing MC’s face
>something has apparently crashed onto the island
>MC asks what monmusu was it this time, but it seems it wasn’t a monmusu
>Grease believes it was a star blessed with happiness for the MC
>anyways off to actually investigate
>coming to the plains where it was thought to land, they find Katina and Lindenhart who came here to see MC
>also with them is their pilot who claims success even if the conversion to a 3-seat plane caused them to crash as they got here safely which Katina takes issue with the safe part
>Nouti/Naughty is introduced and she flew the princesses to the island with her airplane which is apparently technology not of this word
>anyways, the reason they came, is that their mother’s, the empress’s, eyesight is declining and they believe a special abalone from Gespence can help her
>Vivi says Gespence Abalone is a famous delicacy with the name Avaloni
>MC says as long as they get permission from the sea monmusu
>Grease also being here states the abalone are considered her children, but if it’s for MC, they will gladly sacrifice themselves for MC’s acquaintances
>MC objects to her children being eaten which only reinforces Grease’s devotion
>Vivi says she’ll explain as they head to the coast
>Oxy and the other mermaids just run the abalone/avaloni farming operation
>numbers are down though due to local predators being high currently and avaloni were already scarce with low production
>however it seems the goal of the farm wasn’t repopulation, but Grease’s efforts to help local monmusu
>as in the avaloni can be used to make love potions which causes Katina to warn MC he shouldn’t eat or drink anything weird
>coming to the breeding site, they find the pirate captain and some other adventurers illegally poaching the abalone
>Grease says she would’ve given some if they just asked as the others prepare to punish them for their poaching
>however upon being caught, while Grease attempts to discuss with them, the pirate captain runs away causing the rest to follow suit with all their stolen abalone
>there’s only Adam left which Grease prepares to hand over, but the others tell her to let the last abalone stay as they hunt down the stolen abalone
>it seems their bags are torn and a trail of abalone is being left behind so off to chase them we go
>heading into the forest, the trail splits
>Naughty chooses to split off alone as she believes the princesses are safer with the rest
>this also prompts MC to ask the princesses how they got to know her as it seems Vivi doesn’t know too much about gremlins as well
>Katina says it’s a long story so after they’re finished with their current business with the abalone
>as they continue through the forest they encounter n unknown goblin who claims MC as toll as well as calling him mob-Chan
>when asked who she is, she gets angry, but Anisira promptly chastises her as there’s no way MC would know who she is
>Anisira introduces Mashuroa who wants to be called king-chan
>anyways she wants to make MC her pet which he refuses
>bringing up a couple of adventurer slaves addicted to gobbing she prepares her assault as well as ringing along Anisira and Anise as they are technically subordinate to her and she is a pain in the ass later on if they don’t help her
>Grease is appalled at their attempts to make MC a pet though Lindenhart agreed with the notion asking whether dog or cat ears would be better on him
>upon beating defeated, Mashuroa is predictably upset though Anisira and Anise go see you later as if this is extremely usual for them
>Grease offers Mashuroa an accord however and says if she helps them on her quest she can make a love potion which she can use on MC to make him her pet
>MC audibly reacts to this, but the deal is done and Mashuroa and her slaves join the quest
>Katina wonders if they should just confiscate all the abalone from the island though Lindenhart believes she also wants to make and use a love potion on MC
>Mike, Boch, Tama, you’ve done a wonderful job helping guide us goes Grease talking to the found Abalone which are all named
>they will all grow well, become fat, and serve as offerings
>Katina is perturbed at naming something then making them food/offerings, but Grease responds that they’re bred for being food in the first place and them serving their purposes makes her happy as a parent
>Katina notes she was wrong for expecting a human outlook
>Vivi at this points how this abalone trail should be obvious even to the poachers
>it seems it was a trap with the female fighter announcing her ambush as they’ve finally figured it out
>being beaten, she retreats though Grease wanted to talk and make peace with her believing the poachers aren’t evil and that humans and monsters can come to understand each other
>the trail is cold now since there’s no more abalone being leaked so they can only count on Naughty who conveniently shows up to report she found two poachers
Huh, so they made the princesses playable as subskill tokens.
man the goblin king is just fucking adorable

>and starts worshipping him right on the spot
is she doing the soran bushi?
>Naughty leads the group to the two poachers, the female archer and bard who are quarreling as the archer fails to catch an Ame Maneki(the hermit crabs that feed on the abalone as well as cause rain)as the female bard acts like a prissy idol
>as MC plans on how to capture them, he suddenly noticed Grease is missing
>she is talking with the two adventurers and trying to have them make up
>this quickly forces the battle
>after being beaten, the two run away, dropping Bassie, Muffin, and Beaver
>Katina wonders how they come up with the names
>Lindenhart asks if she really wants to know seemingly implying something while Grease goes she just gives them names that fit them
>Katina wonders how Lindenhart already seems to have come to an understanding with Grease
>as MC asks to move away from the name discussion, he suddenly becomes dizzy and passes out
>waking up by the lakeside on Grease’s lap, it seems the heatstroke got to him and he was brought here to cool off
>Mashuroa is being fanned by her two slaves as well
>it seems while they managed to retrieve quite a bit of Abalone, it still isn’t enough and they still need to go after the pirate
>however there’s another issue as Katina and Lindenhart try to explain
>it turns out the poachers are also hunting the Ame Maneki and if they become distributed across the main continent, it could cause wars
Regarding the hermit crabs’ name, I believe it means rain beckoning as Ame means rain and maneki is the same Maneki from Maneki Neko as in the beckoning cat statues you see in Asian places.

Lindenhart is a healer with a 30% stat buff during skill while Katina is a ranged magic attacker that gains multi target during skill and reduces skill cooldown by two seconds upon skill activation. They both take a deployment slot so they’re not really that worth using, but their sub skills also come with +10% HP and +5% attack to the whole squad.

I went 12k gems for some keys, but didn’t get her so I guess I have to wait for an eventual spook. Her Goblin spam memes look funny, but probably not very worthwhile until we start getting some hobgoblins or something.
Yano, please stop
Does the unit their subskill is equipped on need to be deployed on the field for them to be deployable? If so, what happens when that unit dies or retreats?
They do, if the unit dies or anything they immediately retreat too
Into the trash they go.
is there anywhere with all the login banner art
>got buffed massively, but then they release an epic welfare that is almost completely superior
Poor Delboa.

Literally in-game, middle left button next to YouTube on the menu in the front page.
And forgot my webm.
it doesn't have the collab splash art and I can't save them
Ah, I think there's a dump of most collab things on the aigis wiki somewhere, but not sure if they have the collab art from the other games.
This is what I wanted for Pteria
Rin asmr got uploaded on animesharing, if anyone wants to listen to it
They really need to release a better way of farming elemental crystals fruits.
These just pile up if you buy out the exchange shops from events.
I meant the cubic ones.
New premium dungeons

>female hunter swears off partying with other adventurers and decides to go solo
>decides to go for capturing a fairy as it apparently pays out well
>ends up meeting Nelly who brightly introduces herself to the hunter whose social reclusiveness allows Nelly to steer the entire conversation as she guides her back to the fairy’s forest
>the hunter is soon entirely surrounded by fairies as they suggest games to get to know each other better like 24 hour tag, goblin game, or Orc+Female Knight
>she tries to refuse but it’s quite apparent they already know she’s a poacher and the fairies have their way with her

>female fighter is glad to have got to Gespenst
>apparently she is searching for the beautiful champion of the underground arena she admires(dungeon 10 martial artist)
>she meets Diffnilla and they each mistake each other for children
>the fighter thinks she can take on a child orc, but is quickly countered by Diffnilla who corrects her by telling her she’s a high orc and that next time she won’t be merciful
>the fighter somehow construes Diffnilla’s intentional miss as her instinctual dodge and attempts to fight Diffnilla yet again
>however some orcs show up, the disgusting type according to Diffnilla
>they’re pent up since only the strong orcs have breeding rights
>Diffnilla decides to leave the fighter to her fate
>explaining the importance of the Raincaller Crabs, it seems the rain they call only draws from what would’ve rained anyways
>meaning if they’re monopolized you certain areas, it won’t rain at all in the surrounding areas
>if they’re spread across the mainland then wars over their possession will be inevitable
>MC wishes they could simply tell the crabs to avoid humans
>Grease says she can do that
>all living beings have a heart and if you make a sincere effort to communicate there is no way your feelings won’t be conveyed
>Grease attempts to demonstrate with a random Rain Crab passing by
>she grabs its claws and asks if it can understand
>no response
>however its claws are moving and Grease seems to be understanding it
>MC asks if she really understands
>yes, “beautiful boys who get wet in the rain are the best! I want to look at their dripping bangs and the water drops hitting their nape”
>you can see their nipples through their white shirt!!
>back to the actual topic, upon the advice to avoid humans, it recommends telling that to the boss of the rain crabs who lives in the underground lake
>getting there they find the rain crabs and find the boss enraged
>apparently it’s angry due to the raised temperature of the lake due to increased volcanic/police? activity
>fighting it off, they aren’t able to communicate the warning and it seems the temperature needs to lower for them to calm down
>the focus changes back to poachers as MC thinks about how to avoid them finding the crab’s habitat and driving them off the island
>there was a poacher hiding behind a rock
>catching up the poacher who seems ready to signal the others, Grease attempts a dialogue while Katina is dismissive of the attempt as evil will be evil
>the poacher is also scummy, but he responds positively when Grease says she will communicate with her body
>while the poacher is enthused and MC is worried, Vivi pops up to say it’s not quite what MC thinks
>it seems the talking through one’s bodies is the through a ramming each other fight kind seemingly indicative of mermaid culture as Grease’s momentum is used for the start of the battle
>the poacher getting up says he feels as he awoke from a bad dream
>it worked, he is repentant and shows respect towards Grease hoping she can shock the rest of his comrades as well to a better state while Lindenhart makes a dirty joke and compares it to getting squeezed out
>the repentant poacher told them where the others were gathered and so they find them at the cape
>Grease hopes for a dialogue, but MC is doubtful
>however Grease tells MC that just speaking isn’t all there is to communicating, if not your words, then with fist and body, sometimes a dialogue can only be held with a true clash of each other’s thoughts
>in order to open a closed mind sometimes you need to stubbornly push push push
>so the attack begins
>upon their defeat, all the female adventurers escape comedically quickly
>all the abalone and Ame Maneki were left behind thankfully
>Grease has picked out the eldest abalone who are prepared for their consumption
>asking the princesses how they plan on going back it seems Naughty came with the intent to stay and study Cazzo
>they have sent a letter through the harpy express back to their Divisions so they’ll come to pick them up in a few days
>in the meanwhile MC can show them around
>MC attempts to invite Mashuroa, but it seems she has new furniture(slaves) to arrange and asks MC if he wants to be furniture which he declines
>Grease plans to host an Avaloni banquet and to then grind up their shells for love medicine
>MC is hesitant, but Grease is happy at the thought of them becoming part of MC’s blood and flesh as she begins chanting and dancing ritualistically as MC looks on worriedly
So what's up with the human banner in the news?

Kinda cool they'd become playable as Shota-kun works out negotiations with the human kingdoms but lame if they are pay only
They’re tokens on the new paid subskills. They’re fairly weak and nips are also disappointed in how they were implemented. This treatment might be intended to be standard since you can also use some of the female adventurers during the event stages, but hopefully they steer away from it.

Most hopeful outcome is for Katina to be corrupted into a monstergirl ala KCross monsterification.
File: chrome_NlF6nrhGez.png (141 KB, 487x151)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
If you mean this it's because they're reprinting Premium Dungeons that they removed some months ago for a limited time
Were these guys raped too?
Butt, of course
Been waiting for the subskills in key dungeon 3 to drop before trying the tower floors and I just got the first one today. It's going to be a long time before I attempt the tower.
I wish we could sell these extra bingo tickets for gold or something.
Didn't they mention angel girls somewhere a long time ago? Wonder when they are going to get around to that.
>first match area they come to Rakion, Waemawa, and Selen arguing
>Rakion advocates tickling torture and restraint
>Waemawa advocates for electroshock treatment
>Selen advocates brute power such as swinging them around and making them dizzy
>asking what the hell theyre arguing about it, it’s the best way to make MC lose weight
>continuing their argument they ask MC to decide to which he says none of them
>this segues to the battle as Rakion declares they’ll try everything
>upon the battle’s end, the three of them each gain understanding of the other’s fetishes which Vivi appreciates as friendship communicated through battle
>MC is not on the same wavelength though that doesn’t stop the three from still wanting to try their plays out on him
>Vivi says MC is likely to become a shy, trembling, and twitchy if this continues so they take their leave

>at the next fight, they come across Lauren discussing materials for something with Kazune and Roie offering their aid
>turns out Lauren wanted to make a bronze statue of MC
>Lauren can turn MC to stone, Kazune will make a mold, and Roie will work on production
>they ask MC to take off his clothes so they can capture every detail
>with a mold, they’ll be able to mass produce and put them all over the island for all the monmusu to appreciate
>MC objects as he doesn’t want his naked visage all over the island and says if he wins this is canceled
>upon their loss they are upset and ask if he’d settle for letting them make dolls which he goes ok, if it’s just a normal doll to
>Franci asks how elaborate the dolls will be and wonders about naughty bits
>Delboa asks if it can have vibrating function
>MC says he said normal doll, but Vivi tells him nobody’s listening as they’re engrossed in discussing whether he wears boxers or briefs
>MC decides he’d be poking a snake’s nest if he interrupted then and they leave
>the next fight is against the night group who want to enjoy an adult night with MC
>Varina’s idea of an adult night is the slimy and messy one while Veratu was intending to hold a banquet(so she’d have good excuse to feed on MC’s blood if she fed him first) while Letia wanted to sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature
>they start arguing due to this and MC tries to remind them they’re supposed to have a battle so they use that to determine their argument
>they’re still at an impasse with Letia calling Veratu’s plan selfish though she rebukes she herself just wants quiet time with MC while Varina is most honest about her desires
>when Vivi asks MC who he would choose after such passionate appealing he states he’ll get in trouble for any choice and he’ll figure out how to enjoy an adult time on his own while ruthlessly thanking them for the invitation
>they are dumbfounded
>Vivi applauds the cool response that made the three silent and awkward as MC takes his leave
guess the anon that wanted loren didnt have to wait all that long for her another banner
File: lv60.jpg (287 KB, 1139x642)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Jesus, Veratu slapped my units out of existence at the end, just barely cleared. I had the ice giant on the blue square most of the time and moved her up at the end. Lance Fairy was on the yellow square.
she took me by surprise too and spent some time trying to deal with her. ultimately i used swimsuit periri with iron body(thanks dungeon reprint) to tank her and borrowed swimsuit okyu to dps veratu down. also punema is still as good as ever for aoe clearing.
>Med finally reran
>also gets second skill
Great, not sure if the second skill is any good but we'll see
I wish every gacha was a milk gacha.
Just maxed out my first beast god (Bikinu). Which one should I upgrade next?
Done. Who next?
Regular or maid?
Started raising characters to attempt the labyrinth and got stuck at floor 6. Commons only challenge is a bit rough. I wonder if I can clear it without any youkai characters.
>Jabberwock and Bandersnatch
Certainly wasn’t expecting that. Black Souls collab a real possibility?
>It is an abnormally peaceful day with no shenanigans of any sort
>suddenly while MC is having his walk, he notices Lulu in a new outfit who is also doing the White Rabbit bit
>chasing after he ends up tripping and falling into a hole
>waking up, he’s in an unknown forest and there no hole to be seen
>however Vivi is here and she apparently jumped in too after he fell into it
>looking around they find Lulu in her normal clothes
>asking her why she’s here, she struggles to actually answer anything including why she’s suddenly not wearing that outfit and her voice sounds different to which she claims it’s a cold
>she tries to leave, but not letting her go she suddenly resorts to violence
>being defeated and Vivi stating she’s quite obviously a fake, she reveals her true form and announces a change of tactics
>that being retreat
>Dippelgangers are rare according to Vivi, since they don’t have any other leads they follow her to investigate the strange other world they’re in
>rushing after her, Vivi tells MC not to bump into a tree
>which then jinxed him to crash
>however into something soft that’s not a tree
>meeting a new monmusu, after apologizing, she introduces herself
>Liddell the Jabberwock
>Vivi doesn’t know of it
>while she didn’t fall into a hole, she’s also been stuck here and wanting to leave this world
>since that’s the case, they ask her to help with catching the doppelganger who seems to know the way out and she agrees
>the word she uses for catching the doppelganger raises MC’s attention and it’s a nuance I don’t know
>Vivi says she has a peculiar manner of speech, but the more the merrier
>investigating a light in the distance they find Rep who is asking a riddle
>black dog, white dog, brown dog, which do you think is quietest?
>there is also a sleeping Lata and 2 Lunamiras, one bringing out tea and the other insisting on wine to welcome MC
>Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and March Hare basically
>as MC asks what happened to everyone, Rep throws out another riddle, when a boy is with a girl he likes, what can he do right away?
>the tea Lunamira says tea while trying to hand some to MC while Lata is still sleeping
>Vivi pushing the story away from this nonsense suggests that maybe one of the Lunamiras is fake and a doppelganger
>they both claim to be fake
>Liddell enjoys the tea and remains unfazed by all this to MC’s surprise
>however this prompts the tea Lunamira to offer more tea and the wine one to offer wine, but at this moment, Vivi notices the wine one’s voice falters and calls her out as the doppelganger
>found out, she untransforms saying she wasn’t able to talk convincingly after her tea was complimented and runs away
>Rep interrupts their attempts to chase with one final riddle
>why isn’t your head and body apart?
>Liddell says something cool and they fight
>knocking out the tea party members, they compliment Liddell’s power and resume their hunt
Weird game crash keeps happening in the same place in labyrinth 7. Guess that's as far as I go.
>tracking the doppelganger, they spot a castle as well as soldiers on guard
>then an unknown monmusu yells out at Liddell and starts trying to capture her
>Vivi doesn’t recognize her monmusu type either
>the monmusu’s telling also alerted the guards
>defeating the soldiers, MC takes this chance for the group to run away, but the new monmusu follows
>finally introducing herself as Liddell’s nemesis, Fontaine, the Bandersnatch
>Liddell really considers her more of a nuisance than a nemesis though
>MC tells her there’s no point to her catching Liddell and Fontaine asks him to explain as it doesn’t seem like he’s lying
>he explains the story up to this point and how they’re in a different world and need to find their way back
>it seems she didn’t realize since she was so focused on Liddell, but she accepts it
>they need to find the doppelganger who seems to be the only one who knows what’s going on
>Fontaine goes “Doppelganger, you mean this?” as she shortly heads into the bushes and quickly brings out the Doppelganger unconscious
>seems she already caught after being annoyed by her transformation light
>upon waking up and being interrogated, she finally starts talking as well as gives her name, Latrell
>she too is trying to escape this world and the exit is apparently located in the castle
>however the Queen there is frightening so she asks for their aid
>it seems Latzel has used the exit before, but the queen is angry right now and guards the castle heavily while executing anybody who trespasses
>it seems her initial plan to get into the castle was to transform into somebody with an invitation
>that being Lulu, however it seemed she already arrived and returned to the original world
>her next plan was to lead the group to the castle and hope to sneak in as they caused chaos
>while Fontaine is angry, MC is forgiving and says to cooperate
>Vivi ends up asking why she wants to leave this world though
>Latzel gives a very monmusu response
>because they’re are no beautiful boys here
>on occasion, this world connects to Gespenst and she spotted MC
>with that she gained the resolve to escape
>MC asks her to guide them to the castle now as everybody looks dumbfounded while Latzel remains oblivious to the reason why
>entering the castle it seems deserted
>which obviously means an ambush as the red queen, Franci, announces herself
>as MC attempts to ask Franci what she’s doing and why she’s here, Latzel corrects him saying she’s the queen of hearts
>Franci is saying she’ll cut off their heads, but then notices MC and remarks to think there was such a handsome boy in this country!
>Vivi suggests MC to see if he can ask for permission to leave to which he tries
>despite being flustered, she manages to refuse and say she’ll have him decorate her quarters
>no choice but to fight
>except it seems her soldiers are endless and whenever she’s defeated, she just gets revitalized as more guards appear
>no choice but to run
>however they only find dead ends upon dead ends
>as Franci catches up it seems they’re at their end, but they notice a mirror
>Liddell strikes it, but it shimmers like water and she tells everybody to go through
>jumping through, they end up in a new different forest
>it’s one familiar to Fontaine and Liddell, the mirror world which they come from
>impulse roll for Jabberwock
>get Bandersnatch
Would be cool.
Bandersnatch's traps seem really nice.
File: 1tr3ua.webm (978 KB, 720x720)
978 KB
Decided to record a Fontaine bind showcase. First is no subskill, top right is 25% attack delay reduction, bottom is High Tension Summer, and bottom right is both. I imagine she permabinds trivially when fully awakened(max duped)

As the guy who does the pastebin evaluations, I honestly felt underwhelmed. I think it’s because CC feels somewhat pointless in this game unless you’re doing a challenge run of some sort. That and there’s already a lot of strong units that have CC incidentally. She’d be godlike in AK or Aigis though. A permastealth unit that can just keep a boss stuck no fuss is amazing. However MonmusuTD’s high difficulty bosses/stages are under a time limit and are usually immobile. I can’t really think of any enemies in this game I would find useful to delay rather than simply kill.
I like them for the passive damage and they can be buffed by shamans.
I really appreciate your pastebin. Have you considered doing short little writeups on notably good or bad subskills? I'd be interested to read your thoughts on them and how you use them. Plus I think it's important that any prospective newbs understand how game changing a few of them are.
File: fuck.jpg (348 KB, 1134x637)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
This one hurt. Swapped the archer fairy out for the unicorn healer on the left side and cleared it next run. I had the lion on the fire square above the carbuncle that I retreated after the other enemies died. I probably should have just killed one with my light team and used my actual good characters, but whatever. Only challenge left is floor 6, but I'm pretty close to being out of milk. Upgraded 7L, 5E, 1R, and 5C to 120 for these floors.
Also bottom left were Summer Atheel and Airen. I was trying to catch it after they both died.
I finally updated my subskill section since you asked and today was free. It’s at the bottom like before. Being better organized it will probably be easier to update going forward as they’re by source now. There was a lot of outdated I had opinions in there.

Congrats, light only full clear of 10 was also one I remembered being very tricky.
Also, maybe you could just try doing floor 7 on browser by the way if it’s consistently crashing.
Nice job. Man, I really hope they let us hide or favorite subskills so I never have to scroll past all the shitty boss ones ever again.
Thanks as well, always check to see your overview but been feeling it out as far as subskills go
are replays saveable? if you put them on share status does it keep them from getting pushed out of your replay limit?
Nope, even if you share them, but once they’re pushed off, they’re pushed off. If you want to preserve your clears, best thing to do is just record them.
Thanks, I only went for the full clear since my light team was pretty strong. They fixed the floor 7 bug the next day, so I was able to progress to the rest of the floors. I was playing on browser, but it kept crashing when the primal beast enraged and turned red; something about a missing asset. Refreshing the page led to the same thing happening, so I don't think the problem was on my end.
The new movement based character seems really bad. Jammed the 2 attack up movement subskills, 4 wind spirits, and 4 bards up her ass and she still only tickled anything that wasn't a trash mob. And her retarded pathfinding combined with her tiny attack range makes her really annoying to use in some maps. Plus enemies love to hang out away from tiles so she can only stare at them.

Spent a ton of resources on this girl and I'm benching her forever now.
If I'm gonna be constantly dragging and dropping something around the screen, it's just gonna be bombs like school Melon because they're so much stronger and easier than use.
I have a friend who really wants to see the MGQ scenes from this game. Anyone got links to them or something please?
There’s a scene player in the comments of the game’s Sadpanda gallery. Though I don’t think it has the slice of life leadups. I think somebody from the monster girl games general on /vg/ might have recorded those if you also want them.
>in the mirror world now, Latzel says she didn’t expect there to be a world in the mirror which is something Vivi didn’t expect her to say
>Liddell makes a 3-butt in the mirror joke
>while they’re not in MC’s world, Liddell knows the way around and a way out apparently
>Fontaine pulls MC by the pants as they go with MC trying to keep them from falling off
>however they seem to get lost and Liddell doesn’t understand why
>Latzel with her doppelganger observation realizes that a tree has deliberately shifting positions as a landmark to lead them in circles
>Fontaine with this knowledge attacks the tree, Urnella and Donee are hiding behind to force them out
>MC asks what they’re doing here, but Donee says she’s Lily and Urnella says her name is Rose
>they seem to recognize Fontaine too and are leading the party away from town to protect it from suspicious people
>they also want MC
>Baranella(bara=rose) and Yuridonee(Yuri=Lily) run off in fear of the unknown person in the party
>while MC is curious as to why they ran, Fontaine is unconcerned
>Liddell suggests taking a break, but the queen is chasing after them and her forces can be heard coming in from behind
>it seems they followed them through the mirror though Liddell is surprised they’re willing to chase that far
>coming to a clearing in the forest they come to an argument revolving around a bed
>Mealus wants the bed for personal use and to sleep with a cute boy
>Pasteno wants to use the bed to help treat injured people
>Varina’s opinion with a bed that big, it should be for multiple people as she gets excited about exhibitionist sex on a bed in an open clearing
>MC suggests just sneaking by them as they’re preoccupied but they quickly notice and want him
>MC attempts to negotiate for passage, but Liddell tells him plainly there’s no point
>Fontaine gets right to the point of blowing them away
>however, it seems Liddell is the greatest cause of fear as she causes them all to run away at the sight of her
>it seems Liddell is greatly feared for some reason though she doesn’t want to talk about it
>Fontaine is also unhelpful when Vivi asks her about it
>Aqua and Elut arrive with soldiers in tow, but apparently they’re the king and queen of this mirror world and they’ve come to subdue Liddell
>Red King Aqua is motivated to take out the Jabberwock while Red Queen Elut is excited at the fame they will receive for doing so as well as potential statues of herself
>the queen of hearts arrives as well and it seems the group is surrounded by soldiers on all sides
>Liddell finally explains why she’s so wanted
>Liddell says there used to be a time where she simply just rampaged and did as she wished and eventually she came to be known as a monster
>she didn’t want MC to know about this arrogant side of her which is why she was reluctant to explain
>MC asks so that’s why Fontaine is after her, but Fontaine says she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions and she hunts Liddell because she’s her prey
>since she wanted to not be seen as a monster anymore she escaped the world in hopes of a new start
>a world where she can live normally and maybe meet a handsome prince riding a white horse, she didn’t want to be left behind so she kept her past hidden
>MC tells her even if the her in the past was a problem, the Liddell they know is a kind and good person
>Latzel also happily comforts her by saying she used MC too and that she’s still willing to backstab them even now if a good opportunity presents itself
>as Liddell thanks MC, Vivi brings attention to the soldiers that have finally closed in
>Queen of Hearts Franci arrives wanting to execute the group but suddenly notices the other attacking group and becomes annoyed by their flashiness
>Red Queen Elut feels the same
>Latzel in her quick thinking morphs into Lunamira to cheerily claim that the red royals were badmouthing the shit out of Franci before she got here
>then into Varina praising Franci as being more dignified and cool, saying she’d be more popular pissing off Elut
>the two groups start fighting and Latzel goes how about that for the power of a doppelganger
>Liddell and Fontaine give disdainful reactions to her surprise
>Vivi and MC are ready to capitalize though
>in the scuffle, the group tries to escape, but the Red King and Queen remember their goal is Liddell and focus their forces on them
>Franci also wants MC for herself and focuses on them as well
>as the group reconsiders their strategy as their escape route is cut off, Liddell says that if she separates they can probably escape as the red group is after her, not them
>MC refuses, but Liddell does a corny recalling of how she and MC met and how they declared their eternal love as she seemingly prepares to leave them
>MC doesn’t recall saying that
>Fontaine says Liddell has flowers in her head, but she’s not going to leave her as she’s her prey
>the two of them make their decision and promise to meet MC again as they head off towards the red army while MC’s group is left to escape
>running, they jump into a glowing mirror and end up somewhere dark and cramped
>Latzel starts breathing heavily noticing a close MC as MC tells her to move away as she’s too close
>Vivi tells MC it’s her turn and to shake her up and down
>this seems to cause her to grow in size and the area is about to burst
>they’re outside
>MC is glad to back home and Vivi tells him to let her go
>MC is happy she’s back to her normal size and Vivi goes what are you talking about as she explains MC was taking a nap in the field with his belly exposed then suddenly grabbed her in his sleep
>MC is confused for a moment then goes into a stupor as he realizes it was all a dream
>then a second Vivi shows up saying she found a spring that looks good for bathing and tells him to come by later
>she is quickly noticed by the original Vivi and the second Vivi goes oops as her watch MC bathing plan has failed as she chose the wrong copy target
>MC recognizes her while Vivi is surprised he knows about doppelgangers as they’re rare seemingly not remembering anything
>as MC says it was because of his dream and gets confused, Latzel tells him not to worry about it
File: 1676512629820992.jpg (197 KB, 1500x500)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Anybody else going to try Team Kumasan's other game?

The gaijin block did a number on this thread. It was already slow but it's now pretty much dead or are people just getting over this game?
Probably not. Also that art looks like AIslop. It's super generic looking and really blurry.
I only care for monster girls.
With that said, the block did hit me hard, as one of the things I liked about this was how casual I could finish every daily shit out, now I need to open up and close a vpn every time and suddenly things feel three times more bothersome. Also, closing the vpn mid game has been often just resulting in a bug after the stage and needing to start it up again, so I need to just keep the vpn up even if the connection is slow.
After being disappointed by the release of Arms Armory (another Fanza game), I am.
I was ripped of during pre-reg rolled the 5 star and made sure I kept instead they gave me a 3. I was already iffy about it since the game ate a couple of my rolls because the game error'd out on me.
I’m going to give it a go because I like Kuromomo’s designs/art.

Also I’ve been unaffected by the block since I pass DMM’s paypig criteria. Actually buying all those premium sub skills has kept me protected I guess.
That is a really bad promo art. Also probably skipping it since the art looks like vtubers, the prereg is INCREDIBLY slow and laggy, and also the gameplay loop is the same as Legend Clover which I'm already playing.
Also not over this game, it's still incredibly good. I posted a bit about clearing abyss, but there isn't much else to talk about. I'm waiting for other succubi/angel monster girls and I guess the next vivi scene coming soon. There should be another livestream for the next anniversary in a few months or so, so I expect the thread will be mostly silent until then.
I wish we could toggle the levels and weapons of our units. I want to try and clear easier maps with weaker units.
DMM Autumn Festival has begun.
Just started this game (MonsterMusumeTD) yesterday - any tips for a newfag?
Don't worry too much about "meta" pick up the girls you like. It's very likely you will still get through most if not all things in the game.
This is a very casual game so play when you want. Enjoy
They hand out vouchers for special quests on the weekends. Only use those on milk quests since they are more efficient by a good amount. Also you should not run the normal milk quests at all, aside from first clear bonuses, since gold quests are more efficient and you can buy milk from the shop. Not really anything else that you need to be wary of like other games.
Buy an account.
Yeah I have no interest in focusing on meta for games like this don't worry. One of the things I was wondering was if there are special banners for this game I should be on the lookout for or banners I should avoid other than the generic one.

Thank you that milk tip sounds good.
We did/do have special banners that consisted of some of the Monster Girl Quest all were obtainable with the exception of two. I forget their names but they were foxes, and a Yokai banner to celebrate the yokai arrivals to the main story. Like any gacha I assume they will make their rounds at some point. So possibly maybe next year for for MGQ. Yokai I can see them reviving it every time a story update comes along.
When I mean not obtainable I meant that you can't unlock them you have to buy them.
Limited banner: MGQ collab
Semi-Limited banners: Aigis/Shiropro collabs, Youkai (these have an entire pool of commons, rares, and epics as well), Anniversary (we got two units on the first anniversary)
All other units get put in the standard pool, which is the vast majority of them. This includes Christmas, New Years, and swimsuit alts.
Just noticed they tacked an extra week onto the event. Wonder what that's about.
Were getting a subjugation continuation which typically make the third week of an event when they happen.
Does this mean I can't level Latzel for another week? Or was there a way around that
Small reminder that they're also giving out a quest pass today for 4 this weekend instead of the usual 3.
Ah that's probably why we have maintenance again today.
>Lulu has come to you because apparently there’s a lookalike of her causing trouble
>seems like Latzel
>white rabbit Lulu appears and crashes into Lulu
>Lulu also wants to wear that outfit while MC calls for Latzel to reveal herself
>which she does from a nearby bush
>while everybody is confused, the white rabbit Lulu runs off lest she be late and they get mad
>MC realizes it’s the Lulu from his dream and chases her, however they encounter many things from his dream in Gespenst
>meeting with Liddell and Fontaine again, they’re happy to see him though it seems the doorway from the mirror realm being shattered caused the worlds to remain connected so mirror residents are flowing in
>including the queen who decided to chase after MC
>beat her and close the door to finish things up
>it turns out WR Lulu was reporting to QoH Franci about MC
>Lulu is worried about being blamed for this and the real Franci also shows up who immediately gets into a prissy fight with herself
>in any case the group has no choice but to battle as they come head to head with each other

The ending usually unlocks when the global clear goal is reached.
Right now is the perfect time to stock up on main quest drops, the 50% drop boost is still going and they've added half stamina on top of it.
File: 600_clear.jpg (260 KB, 1138x643)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Cleared the 600 quest on the second try. I didn't use a helper the first time, and the second time I took Argyuro, the L bard with the mapwide damage. I took out the monks I was using and put the common stealth archer and Suzu in to deal with the griffons. I don't think anything ever got blocked by Atheel in the bottom right corner, so I could probably swap her out for Lentop.
I've gotten too used to Aigis' subjugations lately that I forgot this game needs 30k to get all the rewards instead of 10k. Good thing I noticed now.
Didn't you usually get the 10x tickets as soon as the milestone was cleared? I guess I could be remembering wrong.
I think they give it after noon in Japan, just like weekend milk/gold tickets.
Whoops nevermind. Just logged in and got them now.

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