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File: 1682489615335619.jpg (512 KB, 2340x1080)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Golden Week event ongoing
Orpheus and Oldrin banner
File: 1682683622540283.jpg (408 KB, 2340x1080)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
May event schedule
Raid next week
1 year Anniversary soon
Raid in a days. Wonder what the raid and banner will be.

Hopefully its not a character I care about so I can save my gems for Monica
Will be interesting to see.
Blue Barons Sutherland raid
Ashford C.C. banner

Man, thats such a bait banner, but I want it...
File: cMsvOFZ5xyJ.jpg (507 KB, 1541x712)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
The Sutherland is kinda underwhelming but I guess it may work as a cheap KMF for quick redeployment spam.
I wonder if they could award pilots as part of as raid. It would be interesting if they gave us the original characters like Sapphire when they inevitably do the Bluer Baron Gloucester next.
Is it this game going to die soon like wasn't it announced not too long ago?
Thats Genesic Re;Code,it ended service last month. As far as we know, Lost Stories seems to be going strong. We're a week away from its Anniversary.
Could anyone please post the profile page for the Blue Barons Sutherland?
Its not available yet.

Its not going to be distributed until the raid is over to all Knights (guilds) that met the score requirements of the raid.
It's revenue is going down slowly, might not survive to its 2nd anniversary
These kind of games would survive fine as long as the operation cost doesn't go into the red, unless you are under direct management of big assholes like SE. At least it should live long enough for them to finish R2, then I don't know what they are even going to do with it afterward.
Isn't there a Side Story button that has never been used?

It should cover story for Akito, OZ, etc when they finish R2. They don't have the rights for Resurrection listed yet, though.
>They don't have the rights for Resurrection listed yet, though.
And thats a good thing.
No but I got the stats page
Is Suzuki voicing Orpheus again?
Yeah, they don't really give a shit about VA scandals.
Just a couple days away from Anni, bros. I can't wait to see the new Monica. I skipped the raid banner to save for Anni, though I really wanted Ashford C.C.

Wonder who they'll pair her with on the banner
Is Monica getting a story chapter or something?
File: Fhwh8gyVQAUIuFi.jpg (151 KB, 1000x563)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
She won the Half-Anniversary poll of "Characters without 4 star versions in the general pool" to get a 4 star, and was planned as the 1st Anniversary unit from it. So she gets an alt when Anni comes on the 17th.
There will be the monthly event story tied to it as well, which is why they reorganized the usual format and switched the event and raid for the month with their timeframes.
File: Fv72asxWwAQCJpj.jpg (1007 KB, 2595x1077)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG
1st anni campaign starts 5/17 to 5/30
>10 free rolls for 10 days
>new Lost Pass for DMM subscribers
>Paid only step gacha where you choose a 4*
>Limited pilot reprint gacha
>Special login bonus and missions
>More attempts for daily quest and stamina 1/2 off
>Excellent rate up for training
>Anniversary story event
>New KMF equipments
>Increase awakening ranks
>New title function
>New dress-up function (You can buy clothes with arena medals)
>Expedition, Challenge and Arena renewal
>Increase player rank limit
>Character story for Monica
>Live2D view mode
>That Kallen
Kallenchads win again. Lost Stories continues to be a Kallen game.
Pretty exciting stuff. I'm a Kallenfag, so more Kallen fanservice is always appreciated.
New stuff all sounds promising.
File: FwJtI5JaQAEdxtq.jpg (503 KB, 2340x1080)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Hold up, what is this? Is this an original KMF? It's called Rei-Kagerou or something
File: FwJx6bjaYAAXQ0L.jpg (458 KB, 2048x945)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Yes, looks like a variation of Shinkirou
It looks like Guren if it Lelouch
This game now has no excuse not to give more original KMF to characters if they're giving Lelouch his own Guren
Additional info
>Limited Lelouch (the shirt one), Zero C.C., Gilford and Luciano (w/ Percival) will be added to the general pool
>the free 10 rolls does not include characters introduced after Part 1.5 Chapter 1, so no twins, Nelis, the new C.C. and probably no Marybell
>the KMFs that will be getting new equipments are
>Shen Hu - Slash Harken (Skill: the energy cannon with the really long chink name)
>Mordred - Blaze Luminous (Skill: Stark Hadron)
>Tristan - Megido Harken (Skill: Hadron Spear)
>Florence - Slash Harken (Skill: Hadron Blaster) (Probably meant to work with her new healer 4*)
>Percival - Missile Shield (Skill: Hadron Cannon)
>Gekka - Handgun (Skill: Handgun)
>Gloucester (Cornelia) - Assault Rifle (No skill)
>Sutherland (Purebloods) - Large Cannon (Skill: Large Cannon)
I'm not seeing any mention of a new MC or Arondight, but they're probably saving those for the stream.
>Gekka - Handgun (Skill: Handgun)
Considering Chiba was a support, I'm still surprised it didn't launch with this for her
One day they will release Massacre Princess with her own original KMF.
Kaguya with Guren/Gekka/Akatsuki variant, please
>Item shop refresh will now be every week instead of month
Very good improvement
At what time we get the new banners?
Should be after their usual maint time 17:00 JST unless it gets extended.
It's kinda bizarre that they have a anniversary livestream after the server goes up though, unless they have fuck load of stuff to announce after everyone already saw all the anniversary updates and goodies in game.
They could be announcing future stuff like next chapter
They could have some event planned for next month like an Oz or Akito thing, and Oz would require VAs for at least Tink and Leon.
File: FwUb6EcaYAMu5CH.jpg (388 KB, 2340x1080)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
Bro they keep posting news before the livestream even starts
File: 1684314877096.jpg (1.61 MB, 2160x3840)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Range Arondight is weird but dam, melee Arondight is busted, 2 block, attack 2 targets and fix damage skill?
File: 1684314714471.png (2.02 MB, 2258x1004)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>That HP, def and melee stat.
Nice "rock".
I guess MC is the freebie busted unit they give out every 6 months. I thought the MC is gonna be knight or queen again so they can have equal melee/ranged stats.
finally non shirtCC melee dps wouldn't be useless for stealth map
nice new melee gawain pilot
>Have to raise protagonists level with all purpose lockets since the game only give you one copy of them unlike the Black Knight version.
Goddam it, guess I will wait for now.
The new kallen looks broken. Kirihara+new euphy on steroids.
Stream is starting btw
>They only announced KR and TW server.
So much for Global server.
They did mentioned an English version in the work
Good, looking forward to it
Anyone has the profile pages for the Zero Kagero and Aroundight?
Is this supposed to be an OP2 for Lost Stories?
Seems so, I wonder if they are going to have a new OP animation to go with it.
I have enough lockets to completely uncap the protagonist, but I'm worried we might get more of their lockets...
I'd wait until the campaign is over if I were you.
Oh looks like they're playing the R2 OP
Yeah, I'm naturally weary

I like the protagonist, so they're always a unit I put on my material priority list alongside Lelouch, Kallen, etc. But if we get more free lockets for them, I don't want to waste generic lockets.
File: M2B7HQ.jpg (990 KB, 1745x877)
990 KB
990 KB JPG
Well, no Kagerou for obvious reason.
File: FwVX2YDWAAApPIG.jpg (180 KB, 1792x828)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
So the gaiden story pretty much confirmed that Monica is Charles' illegitimate daughter?
File: Untitled.jpg (126 KB, 732x734)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Just to confirm
Are they even new servers or just a language switch option? They aren't going to drop 2 new servers out of nowhere without any proper pre registration and information right?
BTW Charles profile in Genesic mentioned that there was a 1st princess before Guinevere that left the imperial family and was disinherited
Oh fuck they already replaced this week challenge. I thought I still had time because the end time is usual Sunday.
Genesic also started this Monica is Charles daughter stuff
I like how I have enough cost reduction to make the new Lelouch cost completely 0 to deploy in the event expedition, even with his new KMF

New Kallen basically power creeps Kirihara, so if you use him, I'd recommend getting her while you can.
File: KallenMaxed.png (1.73 MB, 2359x1331)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Kallen still maxed
Also, if you're curious, the new Awakening levels are different for everyone. Kallen here got more defense and offense power, while my next one, the old Zero Lelouch, gets reduction to his relocation timer
So now that Britannian Imperial family is a notable category, enough to get faction challenges, how long until we get Carine, Odysseus and Guinevere?
Odysseus is probably around the wedding episode with Tianzi, other 2 didn't really have any presence in the story so I guess they can drop them whenever they want to pad that month story gacha.
>other 2 didn't really have any presence in the story
Carine was recurring in Oz the Reflection, particularly the Orpheus side.
I feel like I never have enough coins. I do lots of upgrading and I always run low.
>Stage 8 of Extra is an all melee stage
I hate these
Is there any way to get the subscription pass on the DMM player?
I want to get double Expeditions from now on.
How are the character adjustments on Kallen, C.C., Suzaku, and Cornelia that they did? Have they helped those characters?
English version fucking when
Soon >>1193302
Kallen is now a strong queen pretending to be a rook, Suzaku is slightly more powerful (more so as ranged) and gives you more cost, Cornelia has her survivability increased and her cost decreased by 2, and her assault rifle Gloucester increases the ATK and DEF of both equipments up to 70. I'd say C.C. gets the short end of the stick, but that depends on how feel about her shield.
C.C with 15 awaken can have 100% uptime for her shield, but shield as whole is a pretty shit mechanic since stealth is much more useful overall.
>15 awaken
Yeah no. If you're gonna spend that much on awakening you might as well spend it on Kirihara or the other core strategists.
Yeah, unlike 9, a lot of characters 10+ awakenings feel pointless. Halloween Lelouch, one of the absolute best units in the game, gets nothing from it besides 2 points of cost reduction. Which is nice, but you compare it to some, mats would be wasted on him until they become more plentiful.

Meanwhile, characters the original Kallen get a big bump in stats, characters like Zero Lelouch, Jeremiah, Sayoko, Ashford Kallen, etc who rely on rapid redeployment get time reduction which can make a huge difference.
And while time reduction is good on C.C., shes competing with lots of characters who benefit from it more because >>1195024 Stealth is OP and even with one single (limited) unit to remove it now, Orpheus just has stealth 2.0 to get around

Character adjustments are good, its nice to see some get buffed. But stealth needs to be reworked. Its too strong to use and too frustrating to deal with.
File: FrzYbW_akAAeq__.jpg (496 KB, 2340x1080)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
>Kallen now has 2 units that reduces Lelouch sortie costs
>Kaguya has one that reduce Lelouch's cost
>Euphemia has one that reduces Suzaku costs
>Now even Chiba has one for Todoh
>C.C. doesn't reduce Lelouch's cost but the protagonist

What did they mean by this?
Is it a good game? Should I have any hope for it?
File: Spoiler Image (1.01 MB, 1000x1378)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Devs clearly favor Kallen, so it doesn't surprise me they'd be biased towards things for her.

And I'm fine with that
File: FiUkpVkakAAc9LB.jpg (468 KB, 2340x1080)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Its a tower defense style game, so your enjoyment will depend entirely on how much you like those.

Story and characters are great though. Genuinely like them.
Is my girl Nunnally in it?
File: FpY3KIVacAEw1Dp.jpg (512 KB, 2340x1080)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
A lot of characters are in, and not just the pilot versions.

Regular Nunnally is a 2 star
Got a 3 star for Christmas
And theres this 4 star version here

Probably will get a 4 star Princess version once we get to R2, but she is apparently involved in the June event plot from the bit they teased on the stream, so she might get a new unit there.
Some of the already strong 2-3* become even more absurd with level 15 awakening, Senba, Diethard, school Lelouch, pilot suit Asahina, etc.
While it's nice that they are easy to get and max out, I hope they don't ram the difficulty off the rail because of this.
Holy cute, I hope global comes out soon and they don't fuck it up like CR did.
Is Assahina's really that good? I have mine at 9 for Black Knights challenge events.
Haven't used Diethard in a while, but thats only because I have 4 star Sayoko, so she tends to make him unnecessary in most of my team comps.
File: FjwYvpiacAAwM0u.jpg (527 KB, 2340x1080)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
Glad you like it. Heres her Christmas alt.
He has decent stats for a knight type, permanent attack buff for all black knight members as long as he stays on the field, and of course, cost generation. He could hold a lane pretty well with some healing support and Shen Hu to rapidly spamming its skill.
Does she get to interact with Lelouch in this? That was my biggest problem with the show.
They should make a KMF for Charles. Even if its lore stated it was for ceremonial purposes.
It would be better than seeing him in just a Gloucester like this event and the new Expedition.
Nah, just make a dream side chapter where Marianne gets her body back and pilots a 9th gen KMF based on the Ganymede style/colors.
Why not both? Marianne can fight Kallen while Charles fights Lelouch
Orpheus is my new favorite Arena unit
Hes practically made fort it and accels at it, especially in the new map that seems tailor made for him

Since most people just stack ranged with only a couple blockers towards the end, he just shreds through. And since the new map has a gimmick that fully refreshes all units and makes your next deployment cost 0, he enables a lot.
File: FwtV_CEaUAEAC9t.jpg (39 KB, 906x243)
39 KB
Looks like you really have to use general lockets to uncap the MC
Since we're not getting lockets for him, I just used my generic ones on him now.
>no 4* from all free rolls
I hate it
I would say to place your bets on the new banner reveal tomorrow, but we already know its Schnee and Ledo

Kinda want them.
File: 1685105129704.jpg (28 KB, 327x575)
28 KB
Marika has a shot since she was a recurring character in Oz
File: FxRrP6aaAAEybWu.jpg (534 KB, 2340x1080)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
I'm really interested to see the range on Schnee since hes a sniper. Since hes a 4 star, I hope they don't hold back on him
So are we just done getting 3 stars outside of event rewards?
File: FxXIqMAakAEsfN0.jpg (149 KB, 1000x563)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
The Tamaki and Ohgi Gurenhs from the Anni event dream are being added
File: 1685434085462.jpg (760 KB, 914x917)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
Pretty good range, would be extremely useful for healers too.
File: FxXNQQxagAEOxdh.png (196 KB, 1016x571)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
I wish Tamaki's was using the grenade launcher instead of just being a recolor. The stats of the one we have now are ranged so they're not very compatible
I regret didn't finish my 100/200 rolls. After reading the limited kmf skill again, I realized it's great. Although the possibility of bride banner holding me back
I'm only pulling on the bride banner if its Kallen.
Does anyone have the profile pages with specs for the 2 new gurens and for the blue barons Sutherland?
No one is going to have both Guren yet, since they're a quest item exchange. At most someone is going to have 1
File: FxcOVqNaMAEKKDY.jpg (322 KB, 2048x945)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
I wonder what the Chapter 4 banner will be. It might be the last Lost Zero chapter since we're almost caught up on Lancelot & Guren content, with all of Akito and Oz having happened offscreen.

Benio doesn't get her first KMF until they leave Japan, but they could just give us her early alongside Savitri. Urabe could also get a 4 star since hes dying during chapter 1 of R2.

Those 3 are really the only ones I can think of.
R2 is going to be hard because there are a ton of new KMF, even with the ones already released

In order of appearance, and keeping Lancelot & Guren in mind
3 pronged Guren has a model so they probably won't skip it
Rolo & Vincent
Guilford & Vincent Commander
Suzaku & Lancelot Conquista
Kallen & Guren Flight-Enabled
Benio & Burai Custom
Todoh & Zangetsu
Asahina and Chiba & Akatsuki Zikisan
C.C. & Akatsuki Zikisan (Confirmed since early CMs)
Lelouch & Shinkiro
Benio & Benihoozuki
Schnee & Vincent Snipe
Ledo & Vincent Blaze
Jeremiah & Sutherland Sieg
Kallen & Guren SEITEN
Suzaku & Lancelot Albion
C.C. & Lancelot Frontier
Gino & Tristan Divider

And thats not factoring in non-pilots. A lot of KMF to drop in they only do them on chapter banners.
Anyone know how to buy gem? I couldnt even buy with jp google account
I can't figure out how to do it on the phone version, so I use the DMM player on computer
can't find gold pass on dmm
The English version.... Give it to us....
Ah, you want to figure that out too. I want to know how I can get one of those passes too.
>a whole week of challenge quest that I can't do because the only ground units I have are 2 cornelias and darlton
Yeah, Imperial Family is honestly a poor choice for a Challenge theme.
My problem is no cost generator so I struggled with middle challenge. Also the good imperial units are either limited or too recent so it doesn't help either
>My problem is no cost generator
I think the Knight Lelouch is? It used to be limited but was added to the general pool during Anniversary
Tennis Cornelia too, but shes limited (And I unfortunately never got her...)

>Also the good imperial units are either limited or too recent
This is definitely going to be an issue. I think the only Rook they have is White Day Lelouch, so thats going to be one issue for most. (I have all Lulus so its not for me, but I don't like the idea of Challenges relying on limited units for a role as crucial as Rook)
Any bets on whose getting the new alts for the Bride event?
I'd love a Kallen with Lelouch, but she did just get the Anniversary event.
Who do you have? If you have Anniversary Lelouch, you can use Zero Kagero's special to stun

I used these guides

Hope they help
>Bride Kallen is real
>And its free
I love this game's Kallen bias
File: Fx_5WZcagAAgUXx.jpg (494 KB, 2340x1080)
494 KB
494 KB JPG

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