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File: 4u.jpg (253 KB, 1080x1192)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
The eternal quest for jewels continues
9 singles in, I get this old Liz style I already had maxed. Not sure how to feel.
YES! Singlebro, I did it again! Singles felt hot for offbanners, not only did I get that Liz dupe but I got a Hawke style I never had before. He has Fired Up III, so I think this is the one from Selma's ancient year one banner.

But none of that matters because I got my #1 SaGa girl's latest style! I lost count of how many singles, but I have 3250 medals on Undine's banner so let's see, divide by 130 medals per pull...25 singles! This feels so fucking good.
Looking at JP's banner history, the next style I want is UDx Silver, followed quickly by a pair of SaGa 3 banners, so now after non-stop banners featuring my favourite characters since late January, I can start to save jewels.
>joker dropping four 200-240k nukes on a row while dodging everything
What an absolute chad
>pull multiple offbanners and have to pity myriam
Thanks game
>siero in exchange shop for no reason
>recent event is part 1
that sounds like another glex rs2 banner. hopefully it's better than these two new trash banners.
Didn't realize we had a Myriam fan around here; good on ya. She's super cute and I was hoping I'd get her on the way to Undine, but no such luck.
Its just me or myriam packs a mean pinch, whenever her followup activates. it seems like the fire version of rouge.
It feels like Myriam is the winner of this summer banner.
File: 1665116320390014.jpg (128 KB, 800x819)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
I got the hag and Riki in 7 pulls, unfortunately the last level of the gold corridor is all about Fatima
They put Siero in there so newfags can use him in the new map event to rack big money, might as well put Dowd though
Eh, she's passable I guess, too much RNG
>8BP roll for maybe six fireballs, or just one lol
>Then roll again for maybe other six fireballs, or just one lol
>All of this with piss poor damage multipliers
She's tanky and that's about it, honestly terrible for this event in particular since you do not want RNG targeting on top of RNG DPS, but she's Minson Myriam so she hella cute.
Riki was so close to being good. If only the debuffs on his 10 BP attack inflicted attack down, not guard down. A permanent defense buff is pretty nice but after that riki doesn't really do anything.
>unfortunately the last level of the gold corridor is all about Fatima
I saw Golden Baums on the first floor and didn't expect it to be a proper dungeon, then came back to see my aurum dungeon team not killing the enemies on floor 5. Is sleep mandatory? I can't even remember who I have that inflicts it.
Reminder if you need aurum for this aurum event, story quests are dropping 1.5 million every day for a while and are quick, easy clears.
I'm not sure if sleep is mandatory right now but it's clearly the intended strategy.
You have two rows of the banner folks, Fatima, Gen and Riki are on the front while Blue, Undine and Myriam are on the back, the front has 300 Stun resistance while the back has 125 Sleep resistance, the back also has an accuracy passive so even if you Agi scum to avoid the attacks from the front you'll still get hit by the AoE that comes from the back.
Ideally you'd have Fatima to sleep lock the back row while you pick out the front one by one starting from Gen since Gen and Fatima can self heal for a lot of HP and also deal a lot of ST damage.
>I can't even remember who I have that inflicts it.
You can't remember because there's hardly anyone who can use Sleep and your best bets are Rei, who can only ST sleep, and the current Fatima.
Your only other "feasible" option right now is Platinum Fatima who can also put a column to sleep, but she's far too weak to even consider.
Also the fight starts with Riki using the Guardian Ring so effectively the enemy has a massive damage reduction for three rounds while also have enourmous firepower as all of those characters have two actions per turn.
>inb4 what about counter fishing?
90% of their attacks are indirect.
Will we get the accessory added to the shop once the event is over?
It should be eventually, as even the Proof of World Tower was added to the accessory exchange. But I wouldn't expect it to be right after the event's over. They just added some equipment to the exchange that're months old with last night's update.
File: rsrsdb.png (71 KB, 1049x590)
71 KB
Slim pickings
Time to dust the OLD GRANDMA!
File: 1669987346314690.jpg (124 KB, 775x760)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Hmmm, I actually forgot about Daddy having mass sleep, I have both of his styles so maybe I can manage with his second one and some RNG since he's made of paper, one stray nuke from Gen and he's probably dead even with Guard Up.
Hopefully the power of waifus compels me, worse comes to worst I'll have to make do with his lolibaba wife stunning the front row.
File: 1681515497510878.png (76 KB, 195x186)
76 KB
Wait, I'm fucking retarded, I have GODstave, who cares about some puny fucking magic user lmao
Really weird how floor 14 of Golden Passage front-loaded the enemies, with the black baums having shitloads of hp, taking me 15 turns to clear the wave and then on wave 2, one golden baum is dead on the first turn already.
>beat the stupid Distorted God boss without Maria
Fuck me.
That was stupid.
>golden passage has been turned into a mini pandetower for meta and grindcucks
>so, no ez jewels if you're not a tryhard
really makes one wonder what goes through the dev's heads. chinese, they had to be.
>new event
>already getting raped on floor 10 with a 113k CP team, imperial guard and multiple layers of d enses
>you don't understand but Gen NEEDS to drop 2k AoEs and fast single target oneshots every other turn while having gorillion HP
>the other two fuckers use indirect attacks so lmao at counters
>there are 5 more floors to go

I can probably do it but I just don't want to waste time at this point. Everything devolved into retarded metacuckoldry where you may only use the correct and approved styles and strat.
It's only every 5 floors that have a boss, so if you can clear floor 10 you should be able to sail up to the final floor no problem. Though floor 14 has some fat fucks like I mentioned here>>1177853, they're not really threatening.
Is this like a GLEX event? I do not remember the Golden Week event being this hard or notable.
I'm on 14 now. Why do those fuckers have millions of HP and why do they use 1.5k+ knockouts every turn?
I don't think I was paying attention to anything before floor 13 and I don't even use "meta" styles, floor 14 went down to my Dojo team even.
I'm admittedly struggling with floor 15 since I refuse to chase Fatima and I don't have any strong party healer to make up for that.
You can confuse the baums, Kami 3 can basically autopilot Floor 14.
Alright I used Kami (black baums were never confused though) and I'm on floor 15 now.
Seems I need AoE sleep here so what can I do? Use grandma Bai? I'd need to grind her stats and skills up and I'm not feeling like it.
Thankfully the accessory is just worthless status resist garbage (they don't work) so it's whatever.
>myriam nukes multiple characters for 3k on turn 1
Yeah ok I'm not wasting my time.
>Seems I need AoE sleep here so what can I do?
Chase Fatima since that floor is tailor made for her.
Grandma is slow as shit and dies immediately, your other option is Orlouge 2 with Skill 3 from Orlouge 1, but he can't T1 sleep and he dies in one hit too so you gotta pray to the RNG.
Otherwise you can turn it into a battle of attrition if you have Robin Polka and/or Thyme, Thyme especially would get major synergy from people like Concert Doll or Riki, the latest Gustave also helps a whole lot in mitigating damage.
I'm trying with Mama (paean of protection) and the new Gustave right now and wiping on turn 3.
This is beyond retarded and those shits have a myriad of fast attacks.
How do you deal with Gen?
>fatima heals for 180k
Alright I managed to turtle to turn 5 but it doesn't fucking matter cause their guard buff doesn't end, they take no fucking damage and heal themselves for retarded amounts.
Your priority is getting rid of the back rows.
Blue is dangerous because he can hit columns for retarded amounts of damage and buff the back rows, Undine can do retarded amounts of ST damage and Myriam can just heal herself and chip away with random fireballs.
Once you get rid of these three the rest isn't particularly dangerous, Riki's just a red herring and only exists to use Guardian's Ring on round 1, Gen is similar to Undine except he heals himself, while Fatima is kinda like Myriam in that he mostly chips away at things and can heal herself, the big threats are Blue, Undine and Gen, once you get rid of even one of these the difficulty drops dramatically, but your team must be rock solid to do so, especially if you can't put the back rows to sleep reliably.
It's pretty tough if you go for a battle of attrition, you really need somebody like Robin Polka or Thyme to weather the storm, Dad takes too much to come online even with Doll as backup.
How do you actually damage them if you're in full turtle mode? They already take no fucking damage.
I don't see how I could do this with my current setup. I have Mirsa but he's not cutting it here as a discount Polka.
Maybe Golden Baum could work?
Floor 15 is fucking nonsense. 7m gold down the drain.
Well, Polka can do quite a lot of damage with Still Blade: Phoenix, Ideally you'd have him and another DPS, like Liam or Shuzer while the rest of the team is full support, like Thyme/Dad, Gustave and Mama 4/ND/Whatever.
Once you stack your own defenses the only people you really have to fear are Undine and Gen, Myriam and Riki will struggle to reach 3 digit damage on a defensive comp with Gustave and somebody who can stack Guard Up.
The issue is that it's still a 6 VS 5 so you need top tier party healing, either that or you chase Fatima, not sure if you can WIL scum.
Since everyone's talking about it, I figured I'd give floor 15 a shot. Easy win on the first try, though I probably got a lot of good rng with Mariah's heals and I wouldn't have won on the first try if I was going in blind, thank you to >>1179234 for the advice on prioritizing targets.
Mask had Great Adventure inherited, Mama had Paean of Peace inherited and Liam had Wind Revolver inherited, standard stuff really. I didn't gear myself in any particular way, this is just my Egg team that I use for almost all hard content with Gustave replacing Narwhal and Mariah replacing Diana.
I killed Gen first, then Blue, then Undine, then the rest mop up like nothing but if you're curious I went Fatima, Riki, Myriam.
Liam loaded all 5 rounds of Wind Revolver then used normal attacks and Full Power Shot whenever it was available.
Mask used Great Adventure and normal attacks, ODing whenever it was available.
Mama spammed Paean of Peace and used Paean of Protection once when Gustave was in red health (600 to 700ish) and Mask didn't have OD available.
Gustave used S3 whenever it was up and normal attacks. Priority on that move in Tiger's Den put him at risk, especially against Riki's blunt damage, but that's where Mariah came in.
Mariah mostly just sat there using normal attacks and used Pure Barrier to shield anyone who was getting down to about 1000 hp or Gustave if he was using S3 that turn and not near full health. I never even used her two Rains of Life, her passive healing and Mask's OD were enough healing (I probably didn't even need to use that one Paean of Protection).
>no father or mariah or polka
I don't really have any big healers. I've got esper girl and that's it I guess.
What sucks is that debuffing or buffing stats doesn't really work so you have to bruteforce.
did this replace exvius? havent played that game in years
No. Closest thing to this is Record Keeper.
replace means we had anything to do with that game dying which we didnt lol
>Remember BE got a massive boost in revenue a couple of months ago with the FF7R banners or something
>Check monthly reports
>It's sub 1M again
But no, this game doesn't have anything to do with FF gachas underperforming as there's no overlap in fanbases.
>used the 1 pull box option thinking it'll automatically reset the boxes
>used up all my tickets
>35m aurum and all tickets down the drain on ONE BOX
>can't even get the new style anymore cause no more tickets are available
yes, sort of. all the floors were turned into world tower-like floors. retarded choice, as usual for the global team.
Anon, you are a silly willy.
Guess they're pulling the Professor and Byunei's banners next for this "Golden Vacation" kind of deal they made for GL, which is good I guess since nobody in there is worth pulling for outside of Liza, more time for people to save up jewels or recover.
Based retard anon finding the light of Elore and redeeming himself
That's exactly what I expected. Kind of a shame because this is the third Byunei style I have to skip in a row (not to mention all her reruns) and I like Lyza and have all her other styles, but I need to recover to 45k before UDx Silver.
>massive gem drought
>SS pull rates have been heavily axed this year
>dogshit banners
There's really not much else they can put for this kind of event chain they're doing unless they make the ND and Labelle banners time travel, which is kind of nonsensical but hey, Sei's banner is from that release period and we got it already so you'll never know.
I'm also looking forward to the pirate banner in GL, but for me it's because that banner's Laura is a critical piece of the puzzle for Iskandar's banner Laura to become a beast.
Like an idiot, I left remembrance to the last day of the month so I'm burning through stage 15 clears of Wyvern and Wuhan. Just now I finally used the new Emelia and she used her S3 three times in the first OD combo I did with her, this is wild.
I can't even bring myself to do that shit. Too bothersome.
It would be fine if I remembered to just do like 1 or 2 a week. Now I'm burning myself out. I set a new personal record for longest combo though, pic related. I should just go bop Wyvern 20 with this squad. Been sticking to stage 10 or 15 clears just because I don't need to think and I have so many to do.
I feel you there, my bow box is so atrocious I could barely do Wuhan 10, the only good style I have is GLEX Therese.
Just do 16 and sleep it off until it becomes easy mode, man. It will build up over time and there isn't even SSS weapons coming so why bother.
Yeah, that's a good point. Wyvern 20 is actually insane, what the fuck.
Same, I only go to 10 for Bow, yet I've beaten 20 with every other weapon for every boss before Wyvern. All I have is GLEX Claudia, the rest is plat trash and year 1 garbage styles. I've never been a bow man in rpgs, and it sucks that none of my faves use bows except that one Monika style I had to skip.
>finally got human male
It only took like a year and thousands of pulls.
File: 1663581041211247.jpg (128 KB, 593x656)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Yep, I was right, Professor and Liza's banner next
never stop believing
Buffs are out for the Professor's banner, some of which are interesting
She gets a large DEX buff and a large self defense boost every turn now, coupled with some needed buffs to her stats.
The main attraction is still her party heal on OD like Dad or Thyme, so if you did miss those two she's actually worth pulling now that she's not made of paper anymore, outside of that though, she's still nothing to write home about, she still hits decently hard on her skill 3 though so she can be a pretty decent cold farmer and cover spots on Final Isle, now she's also a decent support healer for bossing which is what she was unable to do in JP despite having a skill for it, her main issue is that she's still unfocused, she's doesn't have good rotations for farming and enough support for bossing, her other big issue is that unlike Thyme or Dad she has no way to build up OD fast to capitalize on her OD party heals, at least she doesn't die in one hit now.
Honestly not much has changed, she's been given the same kind of passive they gave to mech, so she gets 2B and a medium attack boost for slash attacks and recovers her HP (minimum) and gets a defense boost for cold attacks, oh and her skill 2 now debuffs AGI while her skill 3 is Fast, lmao.
Still useless compared to Zozma or White Rose, poor Leslie is still lagging behind her husband , not enough Steel in her diet.
She's still whacky, but not as lackluster as she was in JP.
She received a sizeable END buff, 61>90%, her INT also went up from 101>118%
They added a large damage reduction to her passive 1, which means 20% less damage iirc.
The other "big" changes are that both skill 1 and skill 2 have additional effects if you use them on OD, skill 1 now gives everyone Guard Up (small, 2 turns) whilel skill 2 gives everyone Guard Down (small, 2 turns), still the main attraction of this Byunei is that Skill 2 is basically a worse Paean of Protection, so a medium mass heal and +2BP to everyone.
>another standard grind
JP Doompost bro...? Are you alright?
Whacky's a good way of putting it, I just read her kit and it got me scratching my head. Damn, Leslie's hot as fuck but an AGI debuffer in current year? I got a skip, I still haven't hit 45k since January.
>no response after a few hours
Well, this feels weird. Got lucky in the new prefecture banner with Empress, Sasha and Elysed in 3 multis.
New Fempress and Nee-san? What do they do?
New empress got cheated because she became the easy way out solution for floor 180 of new spiral. Nothing much changed for her besides granting confusion and death resistance to the party every turn. Her new skill 3 also acts like a weird buff where it grants everyone under full HP one shield but also grants everyone at full HP like 25% chance to deflect?
New Elysed is weird because she has a metric fuckton of acting time decrease debuffs. it sounds useless until someone found out certain bosses to the point boss debuff cleanses last instead of first in their turn. but she is miles better than her last release.
Elysed can double SSS attack with her self buff if overdrive triggers during it while having overdrive buildup.*
She's not bad if you have the style with Trinity Blaster, in OD you can get a C+C+C+S combination which is pretty good Slash damage for an INT spot even though Misty's a thing, she's also tankier than previous Byunei styles (but again, Misty's a thing), the previous stage style can enter an evasive stance, but that's about it.
Her Skill 3 is situationally good though, a free party heal with +2BP is still good regardless of how the rest of the style works, and her dragon festival style could get some use out of it in the future as an emergency button.

Still wouldn't pull though, Leslie is a wandering mine that has 0 use unless you have her previous style to salvage her AND you don't have Zozma/White Rose, Professor falls in the same field in that Dad and Thyme are just better OD healers and slots for support in general, in which case her only worth is being around for gun remembrance, and maybe fill a spot for T1 Cold farming that Mesarthim and other people can already do.
Good to know luckchads are still around
Fempress is super support, she can use Holy Moon twice, has scrum guard and has a strong party buff in her skill 3 which grants a dodge status to everyone for one turn at both full HP and critical HP, she's basically GLEX Femps+.
Elysed is mostly a Lightning Spike OD bot, all she wanna do is use Lightning Spike and apply Order Correction down (Extreme) to bosses and keep them down like that while doing decent lightning damage, she's reverse Time Lord.
Oh and Sasha's skill 3 lets you go ungabunga for 2 rounds since she can decrease BP cost of anything by 10BP while also giving you 30% more damage for those two rounds, sadly she can only use this once per fight.
>has scrum guard
not really. its not conditional so effect is cut by half from 20% to 10% sadly
you still got scrum guard for GLEX female empress but that really doesnt matter much since
File: bugwife.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2340)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>new saga banners are supposedly rs2 and SSG themed
>elysed (lol)
>elisabeth (lmao)
>that hidden dojo bitch (LMAO)
sucks to get monkey paw'd. at least bug wife got an alt. got her too within a single pull.
buffs for the second banner are out but pretty much nothing changed so it's kinda worthless to talk about the,
Coppelia is pretty much exactly the same outside of getting a bit better attack multipliers and a BP discount on skill 3.
Liza's counter is now Fast, thank god for that, now she can be the discount Berva she always wanted to be.
Candy is virtually the same except he buffs the party's WIL (Small) every turn.

The only person worth pulling for is still Liza, though Coppelia does have her uses as farmer if you have Artema Soul coppelia, or really need row cold/pierce I guess? But who does?
The SE Switch digital sale for Golden Week has Scarlet Grace 70% off, thinking of picking it up for 12 bucks. Any differences among the various ports? I'm glad I asked you guys about Minstrel Song Remastered, would've really regretted getting that on the Switch without JP voices.
Similar issue about Minstrel Song, you only get the english dub on console and have to go through hoops to get JP VA, on PC it's merely a matter of swapping one file just like SG.
As for the rest there's no differences.
Damn, getting it on PC it is then. I hope they learn with whatever game with voice acting they do next. Thanks bro.
The new amplifies are kinda neat. I wonder how worth it is to use Cascading Counter+ on Azami these days. I remember being so disappointed by it when her summer style first came out.
>Caring about voice acting
Wow nice to see the impact of your hard work bro! Now I'm just getting my jewels back since these banners aren't catching my eye now (but this new Lyza??? Pure sex, must try some pulls). Keep it safe and single! ;)
I wanted the professor for that OD party heal but I got Byunei instead, can't justify more pulls after 28 singles either.
If you have GLEX Azami Cascading counter+ lets you turn her into a pocket Berva/Liza, both are a bit more efficient in different ways, Berva does way more damage if he's on OD due to his chase, and his loops are more stable (but he also takes damage as he can't evade) while Liza does way more damage without OD and has better upkeep as she regens 2BP instead of 1 on hit.
GLEX Azami still has good damage multipliers for the current state of the game so cascading counter+ ends up being worthwhile, her wrestling style is pretty ass though so she doesn't really compare to either Berva or Liza at all, you can see for yourself how good she is by doing Romancing Alloces, she can erase him in two or three rounds on her own and that's not even a boss where she can hit weaknesses to fully leverage her passives for damage.
Probably not going to happen considering SaGa gets the equivalent of budget as a single drop of juice for breakfast compared to the massive feasts Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest gets.
feels like all i get are offbanners these days bleh
Thanks bro! Good luck going for Lyza, I can't afford to do more than the token single I do on every banner right now in case I get lucky on the first one (nothing yet, but you can't win if you don't play!).
>got Coppelia
What a fucking meme.
I fell for lyza, she is not only a fav of mine, but she looks real good. I wasn't going to pull for her.

Then I saw that gesture women do with their hair, where they move the hair off of their faces and I fell, fell hard.

Went to pity for her. Now at 5k gems, I know but that single detail turned me into a gacha drone. Can you redpill me?
The three random dudes coming out of the sea to harass Coppelia at the start of the event nearly made me spit my drink.
Liza simps for Roufas, don't simp for a simp, even if that simp is a prowrestler who can suplex giant mechs with ease
Show me your joints

I also simp for pizza man
>even if that simp is a prowrestler who can suplex giant mechs with ease
Fug, don't turn me into another case of this poor guy >>1183592
File: 1668122472653401.webm (2.48 MB, 700x392)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB WEBM
That DSC hype makes this a more painful skip than usual, but I'll stay strong fro Cap'n Silver.
File: 1652625441303828.jpg (251 KB, 1000x1000)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
DSC was irrelevant since ages in JP, considering how fast GL is still moving it won't be long until it enters the degenerate super chase meta of current JP.
Don't get me wrong, Liza's good as a damage pusher (for now) and counter fisher but she's not a must pull in any way or shape if you've been keeping up with the game, you'd do better to save for next gen farmers like Laura, or Labelle so that she can save the shitshow that is the Bow category, or GLEX styles.
Next week we'll probably get Scarlet Grace's banners and/or a new main quest chapter, so nothing to look forward to outside of maybe Tsubaki, take your time to save for jewels.
what does tsubaki do
File: 1654503831652062.jpg (226 KB, 1000x1000)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Comes with Scrum Guard and an extra constant spell damage reduction (medium) for the whole party, she's basically Gustave, but for foils and she doesn't need to rotate a skill to give spell damage reduction to the party, the catch is that Gustave has higher damage reduction overall.
She'll be very good for Sigfrei remembrance because of that and the fact that she has Final Letter to instakill things, the only style I'd pull for in those banners since unless the rest receives big changes they're either superfluous or too tricky to use consistently, like Thiago.
Oh I don't mean for meta, I just think Dream Super Combo is cool.
Trying King Sei cancer fights again 'cause it's the last day and there isn't a clear of Series 1 on the planet that didn't use Thyme. No Thyme so I'm utterly fucked, series locked content is my most hated in the game.
If you mean harass as in pick-up, I respect their tastes. Even if they are probably dead.
>DSC was irrelevant
It wouldn't be if it weren't for the fact that you can only use it for round 2.
And while the series 1 victory shall forever remain out of my reach, I just beat the series 3 fight thanks to my #1 babe, Undine! I couldn't beat this fight when it came out even with Liam/Mama/Baum but Undine kept everyone healthy (didn't even need her second rain of life), tanked hits like an absolute champ for a mage and her S3 getting the GLEX buff of added blunt element gave her a great nuke for killing King Sei. This might be the only clear out there that doesn't use Rag Robin, as I couldn't find any on youtube that didn't use him. And my Jo only has her first 2 styles, it was amazing that she was able to put in work. I inherited Sunshower from her recent S style and had her spam that. Luckily, her ancient 2nd style has the Untouchable Beauty passive to keep her at full hp and invincible. The one time she dipped to red hp, I had Undine's second rain of life ready to go, but Jo's passive proc'd, fully healing her and making her deflect all attacks.
The explanation for Swimsuit Byunei's existence in the event was great. Based coomerbro Julian.
0 fear
> realize half anniversary is coming early
> realize that summer will probably be right after
> realize waifus banners after meta banners
1 fear
ill fucking oink oink if i have to if i have to resort to it
5 pulls and I managed to get my sexo Lyza... Lord have mercy
File: 1657827434701188.jpg (209 KB, 850x1200)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
It's actually Dangerous Suplex Combo
3.5 is next month for GL isn't it? Or is it July?
Really can't remember, honestly the only thing I want out of it is two suptix to get my wife's styles, because a Judy GLEX is clearly not happening.
Late June is the full anniversary for global, we had our first event (Christmas lol) in the first week of July. I'm trying to save up for UDx Silver, the two SaGa 3 banners and the anniversary bottomless as the first two bottomless banners we've gotten had almost nothing for me, but this one should have a bunch as the brutal banner onslaught has forced me to skip so much. 2023's been the most merciless, I'm at 39k and trying to hit 45k for the first time since the beginning of January.
hmmm, then they'll probably slap the Prefecture banners in there together with a GLEX banner or two.
I haven't checked the JP release date but going from memory, we're still like half a year faster than the JP timeline, or something like that, so I actually fear more what's going to come after the 3.5 celebrations since at this point they're going to choose between keeping seasonal banners like Halloween on schedule (while making everything past those time travel) or keep up with the accelerated schedule to reach the 1:1 release pace with JP by the end of the year or so, and from the Halloween banners onwards is where you actually want to pull for efficiency since we have Halloween Esper Girl, Saruin, Maria, Edel, the five furries etc.
The pace will probably get pretty hectic compared to the current streaks of favorite pulling.
File: Capture.png (85 KB, 506x382)
85 KB
Is defense boost better or something?
im a jp server player because i joined the SaGa bandwagon years before others. so i have the fun experience of seeing meta in 4.5 and summer right after
guard up does not stack and takes largest value. defense boost can stack with other defense boosts. guard up is still stronger but it is advised to get a balance of frequent mitigation to be honest
>still can't cast it on turn 1
They have one joband keep failing at it.
Keep us posted on half anni, JPbro. It's always nice to see what's coming.
Good day for SaGa fans!
that sounds fake. and yet, emerald beyond could be a sequel/prequel. i imagine they could make it about the great war, or perhaps about the original world of the celestials. man, i can't wait.
>Emerald Beyond/Scarlet Grace duology
Kawazu doesn't do sequels/prequels, iirc the only time in his career he made a sequel to something it was Crystal Bearers and it was an extremely loose sequel that felt more of a reboot
If true, then I'm glad I decided to hold off on Scarlet Grace for a little bit.
File: Spoiler Image (92 KB, 220x220)
92 KB
>second round
nice joke
what are you going to do release some butt buddies like last time-
>Johan and Labelle
I sleep
I pretty much feel like giving up on this game. The massive gem drought combined with nerfed SS rates just leave you with nothing left to do.
You can't even farm high tier stat unlocks since all that shit is monthly limited/event based.
I used to grind new styles constantly but now you can't pull jack shit.
>nerfed SS rates
You're just unlucky, I for one constantly pull multiple offbanners every time I roll
It's not me, this shit started about half a year ago. Before that my SS rates have been consistent. Since then they're consistently shit.
And yeah, offbanner trash all the time.

Perhaps that's what happened. The SS rolls are now getting cockblocked by offbanner garbage.
He's right, though. Multiple people have noticed this; you don't see this shit in the jp server. That's how i've amassed more than 200k jewels, because you can actually save there as it's rare to get fucked by the gacha. Global is really run by scumbags.
YOHOHO Pirate banner with Silver and Laura is next
>155 items in present box
>claim all
>4000 jews, 999999 garbage potions, 999999 garbage tickets, 5 gold pieces
the archfiend needs to descend ..
File: 1665115129894019.png (202 KB, 680x492)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Buffs are out, not much has changed (Rip Tirpitz) but it's worth talking about them for a bit
She now has an extra Damage Reduction (Large), which is good since this Silver can't recover HP on her own compared to GLEX Silver, she also gets 1BP back for each attack now and Frost Levin has gone from C to B power, basically she's a slightly worse GLEX Silver in that she does not recover HP with each hit, on the other hand she hits slightly harder than GLEX Silver, has better damage reduction and covers Cold/Electric rather than Fire/Sun
Despite getting better WIL and END, nothing fundamentally changed about pirate mommy, the name of the game is still rolling for multiple BP refunds and stat buffs to spam those costly and powerful SSS/SSSS over and over again, think Pref Ventus but instead of rolling for Buster Lancer you roll for the BP you need to spam Buster Lancer.
The good thing about Laura's buffs is that now it's much more likely for her to get her BP back, skill 2 now has a 50% chance of restoring 4BP on hit (costs 9-12 BP) and Skill 3 has a 37% chance or restoring 6BP (costs 13-16BP), to these you add other two 50% chances to restore +2BP at the beginning of a turn, so VIRTUALLY, Laura can get something crazy like 8-10 BPs back every round ON HER OWN, without accounting for BP batteries like Mariah, Rabbit etc., on top of this she also rolls for pretty decent attack multipliers and has HPT, so she'd get around 70% attack bonus, maybe more since she gets a large STR buff every time she gets one of the rolls.
The thing here is that while this extreme RNG style is ok to great for the moment, her next style GUARANTEES a BP refund on critical hits, coupled with the better chances of another BP refund for her skills, you can see where I'm getting at, you'd want to get this style for future Laura even more now since not only is she an extremely efficient farmer but also a very powerful Critical attacker for bosses.
jesus nothing for tirpitz at all? why do they hate axe niggers so much.
Tirpitz is a plat pool style, those very rarely get changes, much like Spiral styles.
The silver lining is that Axe is such a bad category Tirpitz still ends up being useful for remembrance purposes, he hits moderately hard, has an on demand evasion with two uses and also confuses, which is crucial for Wuhan as the only other person right now who can also disable one of the guards is Ellen.
Guess we're still paying for the Reverse Delta sins in Unlimited, and to a lesser extent Unbridled Frenzy in SG.
I mean yeah even without buffs I was gonna pull for rememberance reasons, but man a few stat changes atleast would be nice.
File: 1663641975186776.jpg (143 KB, 669x947)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
It does suck, especially for me since Henrique is my man, but both Silver and Laura are pretty good so getting Tirpitz along the way isn't too bad, especially considering how hard it will be to fish him out of the plat pool at this point.
The worst thing is unless the mythical axe GLEX happens we won't really see much in terms of axe users for a long while now, like there's going to be Pref Aunus, another Ellen and then a big wall of nothing until Furfur iirc, unless I'm forgetting some Spiral style.
I've got 42k ready for her as I've been saving specifically for this banner, but I've had to pity every style Silver's ever had. Except for her first ever limited style, which I had to skip because it was released immediately after another pity brought me down to zero jewels and I had to wait until last Christmas to grab it off a select ticket.
Good luck bro!
Cute Laura pic, thanks for posting it.
>not a single change for Tirpitz
Bros, why the FUCK does this company hate axes so much? Was Ichi-P's first love killed by an axe murderer or something? At least I'm happy with how my girl Silver turned out, looking forward to her punching even harder than ever before. I sadly had to skip Laura's prefecture style but it'd be cool to pick up this one.
File: 1653333130132641.jpg (146 KB, 1109x1142)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Truth to be told, there's not a lot of "canon" axe users in the series to begin with so it's already slim pickings, iirc the full list of axe users is:
>SaGa 3
Technically Jean/Gian has a split rapier/axe typing
Sea Merchants
Nomads technically, but they're actually split with bows and Nomad F is a bow user in this game
Nora in theory even though she starts with a hammer
Primiera, but she's split with spears
Musol Yanii

So even though Akatsuki is fucking things up by making the few axe users in the game kinda shit there's also a pretty limited roster to work with, and most of these characters aren't popular either, so it's not a big mystery how Axes are losing to GS users, it's also not surprising they pulled out Furfur from the SNES version of RS1 to somehow salvage the category and not make yet another Sif, Ellen or Hawke.
On the other hand there's absolutely bizzare typings such as Laura being stuck with spears for years and recently swapping to GS when in the game she starts out with a dagger and fire magic, so going with what's "canon" and what isn't doesn't really mean much.
>Bros, why the FUCK does this company hate axes so much?
i'm more curious why do they love martial arts so much
a major part of the martial arts roster is composed by monsters/bosses, it might be a reference to the fact that in most of the games physical skills used by non human enemies use martial arts calculations.
File: 1671060671176238.gif (1.08 MB, 279x219)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
>Orlouge on first single
>Laura on seventh single
God, I'm getting like five tirpitz before I have to pity Silver, do I?
So be it.
11 singles in, got an off banner: the first UDx Death (who trolled me 5 times on UDx Mirsa's rerun). Still hunting for my cap'n.
And Laura on the 12th! Back to back with Death there. Fug, I'm in the same (pirate) boat as >>1189326. Good luck buddy.
File: 1664658674231957.jpg (452 KB, 943x700)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
37 pulls in I got Tirpitz
Also got trolled by Mirsa and fucking Silver Emperor
The hunt for the chorogon continues
And there's Tirpitz on the 20th single. Yup, this is every Silver banner ever. Desire sensor out in full force tonight.
32 singles in, I got the only Madeleine style I'm missing. Not sure if she has any decent inheritance. The DEX debuff row attack on S1 seems okay. I'm pretty miffed that Human F and Esper Girl's UDx styles aren't in the pool with the other UDx styles given how many offbanners this banner shits out.
File: 1664020040034771.jpg (331 KB, 1188x778)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Finally, the captain came home at the 95th single, and I got another Tirpitz along the way.
Remember to always pull singles.
Also listen to this while you pull, may the spirit of the Lady Luck bless ye
Congrats bro! I'm sticking to the singles, but getting trolled hard. Just did my 60th single and got the only Death style I'm missing. Where's Cap'n Silver?
lost at sea
Apparently. On the 64th single, I got a second Laura and just now on the 78th, one of Gustaf's styles (never had any of his styles before). I am getting a ton of SS styles, but not the only, singular one I'm pulling for! I'd trade it all for just one Silver!
Singles are a goddamn meme. The pirate shanty is a fucking curse. A third Laura on the 94th pull and another Tirpitz on the 130th. I hope Silver never gets another banner ever again because every single one of them costs me 45k jewels and a ton of pain. The next banner I pull on, I'm going back to ten pulls. Which'll be the two SaGa 3 banners, and if they release those six styles that I want as the next pair of banners, I'm gonna cry.
Everyone has that one character that's simply cursed, for me it's Cordelia, I have none of her styles outside of the very first.
Try most of them. Mirsa's another one who I always have to pity. And because he had a banner with Aldora, I had to go to a double pity for both of them as she's another fave.
Fuck, this has soured my whole evening. Now I have to go clear the event to scrounge up the 600 bloody jewels I need to finish the fucking pity. At least there's no more Silver, so that's one less fave they can make me pity from here on. God fucking damn it all to hell.
File: 1657489174513955.jpg (78 KB, 680x680)
78 KB
Cheer up, I got fucked over too by having my wife Emerald get a GLEX when I was nearly broke, still went bankrupt for her and never got her in the end, neither did I get Onyx as a consolation prize later despite also going broke on that banner without having enough to pity, such is life in Gacha hell.
But we survive, and we rebuild to pity in another banner, believe in the Steel and hope to god they're not pulling the summer banners next because holy shit it will disastrous for me to miss on Labelle and my man Khalid.
>single #149
>useless UDx Claudia dupe
What a fucking joke. That one anon was right, it really does feel like the offbanner rates have been cranked up, they've been more common than featured styles for me for months now.
Court Mage (F) bro...has she gotten that rerun yet? If not, then probably soon with summer.
I'm conflicted, because that would save my ass from FFL3 despair, but I don't wanna see you get screwed in the same way that I'm currently fearing.
File: 1659494003744433.png (1.22 MB, 868x1171)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
She did get a rerun, but I was saving up when she got it and it was the only style I didn't have on the banner so it was a no go.
We all get fucked on way or another anyway, even if the summer banners won't be next I still have to save for the 3.5 bottomless so anything they pull is offlimits for me until then.
My consolation is that Emerald Beyond (heh) will probably really be announced next month and that's more enough.
Damn, sorry to hear you got screwed by the rerun just like I've been screwed by every rerun that's ever had a style I liked (which is a lot). Fuck, I forgot about the anniversary bottomless, I'm gonna be broke for that next month and it's gonna have a lot of good styles I missed. Pain...
Hit and run on this banner with one multi. Nice to get lucky for a change.
i hate you
Waking up to seeing I have less than 1000 jewels really stunk. The long climb back to 45k begins anew yet again. There isn't a single banner I look forward to any more; I dread/fear all of them. Same goes for anniversary, I wish it could be postponed, I can't feel excitement at all.

On a happier note, reminder to all Silverbros that you can now amplify Storm Roar from her summer style! Now she has a 9BP S class full aoe that hits cold and lightning, perfect for waves 1 and 3 of story stage grinding.
Incredible once in a lifetime luck, congrats dude. Though it does hurt to look at this.
I usually avoid the special shop because it's just full of terrible "deals" that cost jewels, but for some reason this event comes with a bunch of free mats in a free one time pack at the top.
>get pity dicked for misty
>johan fucked me nine times
>check others in jp discord to see if they are they can cry with me
>spreadsheetfag got all 3 in his second multi
>other guy got all 3 in his fourth multi
This is the first event in maybe a year that I'm actually grinding, Gold Map drops are finally good and the rewards are also very nice, no wonder Ichi-P dropped over a thousand auto tickets before this, I made something like 200 gold pieces through maps already.
What do I need gold pieces for when I have no styles left to uncap? Gems where?
You always have SS styles to cap, always.
Gorupi is the most valuable currency precisely because you also get jewels out of them
Where can I see a list of past banners in order of JP release? I've been using nao's site but now when I check it, the banner history page only shows up until the start of 2023.
Nevermind, found one.
>The FFL3 banners are right after UDx Silver
Yup, time to shit myself. Now, there's still two sets of double banners global's skipped over, so those coming out could give me a bit of breathing room. But I'm not counting on it. They won't bring the Prefecture banners up either, those are guaranteed to be next month's anniversary banners.
you have to go back
spreadsheet is the closest thing to a release order for JP
>this jp scavenger hunt bullshit in world raid
stuck at 8 out of 10 items
burnt all my tickets for this stupid bottle
kill me
Please sir, have mercy AIEEEEE
>open the game
>no gems
>close the game
many such cases
why are we still here
just to suffer?
so it seems, so it seems
You will own no gems and you will be happy
>over a week without news in jp
>garbage events and banners in both versions
>jewel drought in both versions
doomchads are surely eating well these days...
I'm literally playing a chink husbando gacha named the tale of food at this point.
I'm not even gay and I don't care about husbandos, game's just more engaging.
>expecting jp news when anniversary is next month
lol you must be new here
you will get your saga soul banner and you will be happy
File: 1669441237356021.png (106 KB, 1600x482)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>doomchads are surely eating well these days...
R:U is killing it currently, it's even kind of getting over Tact lately which is frankly impressive, the train isn't stopping anytime soon.
I guess Ichi-P made the right call to go balls deep with the SaGa prefecture collaboration and get all kinds of collaborations, next month though? That's gonna be the actual big deal.
jesus fuck what happened to final fantasy
Zombie IP pretty much, BE got a small boost during the FF7R banners (iirc one month it even came near R:U and Tact in revenue) and then immediately fell back into mediocrity.
Not a surprise however, FF is overwhelmingly aimed at western audiences since ages, Japan didn't take it all that well, we'll see what happens with XVI but I doubt they're gonna turn it around, what with the absolute state of the PS5 in Japan and everything,
Managed a clear on the Series 1 fight which was nice because I usually have to sit them out due to not having the all-important Thyme. Tried several times and the team didn't work until I put GLEX Neidhard on it, what a champ.
And there's Series 2 down thanks to Misty and Macha. I love my bodacious magical babes! Using Macha's inherited Tower spell on turn 7 was clutch, it completely neutered the incoming damage.
And good ol' Liam rounds out the hat trick with relative ease, featuring my #1 gal Undine keeping the party alive through her Rain of Life and INT debuffs.
File: Capture.png (306 KB, 531x268)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Are any of the styles you can receive pieces for from the treasure maps worth attempting to reach 250 pieces for? The only one I already have is Antonius. Pic is my current amount for each

I plan to continue grinding the event regardless but I was wondering if I should sacrifice training characters on 18-20 to complete lower levels super quickly
GLEX Neidhart is pretty good for the current content, he's not gonna fall off too hard either and can give his skill 2/3 to the future Neidhart too.
Meythia is useless
Human M is a good countertank, it also has Grand Adventure which is good inheritance material for his future Halloween style.
White Rose is decent if you don't have her latest style, nothing to write home about though, just a passable plat style.
Strumiknen is good in the sense that Axes are garbage and starved for reps, and his infinitely stacking buffs can make him pretty beastly in a select couple of scenarios, he's notable for being able to ramp himself up to hilarious degrees in Wuhan's remembrance if you can make him soak enough hits.
Coppelia is a passable farmer if you have her limited styles with Artema Soul and Destruction Doll Dance.
Final Emps is a pretty good spear style for a plat, but chances are your spear box is in a good shape anyway since we have lots of spear users, in case you do not and you have other limited styles for Emps he can actually pull his own weight in remembrances and some other farming situations.
Scorn is useless, chances are you already have other staff users who can poison, he can make Red Mage a little more versatile for some remembrance fights though.
The other guy covered things pretty well but I'm just gonna add that Scorn isn't entirely useless, just incredibly niche. I've used him a couple times before to paralyze cheese bosses as you can inherit Fire Rat from Strife and fish for his 1st passive activating on turn 1, netting a larger WIL debuff than pretty much anyone, including the otherwise superior Red mage.
That said, I definitely wouldn't prioritize Scorn. It depends on your box but out of the ones in your pic, I would say Human M and Strumiknen are the ones to shoot for.
>it's the SSG banners next
Thank fucking God, my heart nearly stopped. Now I can keep saving for my boy Arthur and iirc, SSGbro is sitting on literal mountains of jewels so he should be fine. Would love to make my Elysed relevant again, but I'm gonna skip the hell outta these two banners.
I'm kinda worried about the release schedule honestly, so many banners time traveled and from this point onwards there's a lot of banners with stuff I want, Saruin's banner will probably not be that far away from now given GL's pace.
>SSGbro is sitting on literal mountains of jewels
haha... that was in the jp version...
>world raid extended
oh thank god this fucking crab refuses to drop
does tsubaki bring anything if i already have crossdresser jamil
Buffs are out, not a lot changed for Urpina's banner.
General stat buffs all around, she's noticeably faster now that she went from 84 to 100% AGI.
They got rid of the odd/even turn gimmick for skill 2 thankfully, now she has a generic 20% attack bonus and she builds up defense up for five turns, additionally she now gets 1BP back every time she hits a weakness.
Moveset wise, Skill 1 and 2 are now slash/pierce instead of just Slash and skill 3 has been buffed from B to A.
Still wouldn't pull for her honestly, especially if you have her qipao GLEX style, this one doesn't really bring much outside of that 50% chance to chase with an SS, but outside of counter purposes she's not all that great considering what's coming after her, still a solid damage pusher with decent cycling but without inheritance she won't reach her true potential.
Basically nothing changed, minor END/WIL buffs and skill 3 got a meager 1BP discount, still dead in the water, pretty much useless considering GLEX Neidhart is a thing, might have some minor uses for Spiral 160 with his Poison cleanse but that's it
79>99% WIL buff is noteworthy.
Ability 2 has changed into 30% weak attack damage increase and 40% resist damage reduction, Ability 3 is now Fired Up VII, she hits MUCH harder than in JP and can now tank decently well too.
Other than that they applied similar changes to the first style, skill 2 and 3 can now paralyze and skill 3 got a 1BP discount, straight upgrade from her first style pretty much, solid Lightning DPS mage with a heal, still kneels to Rocbouquet but is useful for series limited challenges.

Overall? Wouldn't pull unless it's favorites.
She has better damage mitigation when it comes to magic, and instead of having access to charm she can instakill, she'll be better than Jamil in Sigfrei's remembrance, she can also debuff INT really well, but we still don't know what GL will change about her.
File: 1667462576345096.png (1.54 MB, 877x1077)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Buffs for Tsubaki's banner are out, surprisingly enough the most handsome Marquis got a nearly full rework, let's see
She's exactly the same outside of 56>80% END and minor WIL buffs, not surprisingly since she's already good at what she does.
Some general stat buffs all round.
Skill 2 changed to Great Block Tension
Skill 3 changed to Fired Up VII
Ability 2 and received a 1BP discount, Ability 2 also inflicts defense down.
Nothing to write home about really, she's still a decent ungabunga greatsword user that now can be actually brought to boss battles, but after Laura she really doesn't look all that hot, the noteworthy thing is that Vandalize+ is now 10BP instead of 11, that is good news for some great sword users who'll be able to make good use of it in the future, Hector especially.
>The Most Handsome Marquis
General stat buffs all around, most notable is 73>93% WIL but we're hitting peaks in some places like 118%STR
Skill 1 changed from Vivify VI to Attack damage increases (large effect); [HP not full] Attack damage increases (medium effect), decreases damage taken (medium effect); [Turn begins] Recovers own BP+3 but taking 10% of maximum HP recoil damage (maximum 5 times in a battle)
Skill changed from Great Block Tension to Attack damage increases (extreme effect); [HP not full] Attack damage increases (large effect)
Ability 2 now gives everyone 20% of recoil damage.

Marquis Neutral Evil is considerably different from JP, he doesn't need to gamble on 6BP anymore just to spam Soul Stinger and hurt everyone but himself, now he's a hardy archetype focused on topping himself constantly with Swooping Dragon+.
The damage multipliers are pretty crazy as a result, he should have something like an 80>90% attack multiplier when working at full capacity, there's two problems though
>The 3BP bonus is only for 5 rouns
>He has no shield of his own
This kind of mess up his plans big time because he needs full HP to rotate Swooping Dragon+.
File: 1661807523013053.png (1.52 MB, 900x1079)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Soul Stinger's recoil damage has been lowered to 20% from 30%, but now hurts him too, making it even harder to use his first passive, the lack of a constant damage reduction also doesn't give him much of a leeway in terms of survival, you're really reliant on Swooping Dragon+, and to get that you need actual good support.
There's one point in his favour that most people aren't considering however, that is when Saruin drops, Soul Stinger will get massive bonuses (it's split Pierce/Shadow) and become a hell of a nuke for just 9BP, and Saruin will also help him rotate that better, coupled with Esper Girl just handwaving that recoil damage away, he's actually going to be pretty good DPS in Saruin comps.
Whether he's better than JP or not at the end of the day is a bit arguable, you'll see different opinions all around, that said he's still a very good Ludwig/Kujinshi style DPS, but again, he needs to wait for Saruin.

Overall: Actually not that bad of a banner, better than Urpina's, would probably pull for Tsubaki since she makes remembrance fights less of a pain and is generally a solid defensive support, the marquis is good but will become more reliable in the future and Kumi's not that bad of a spook pull.
Still not pulling with 3.5 next month though, I love the marquis but I don't have the money for him.
The issue with waiting for Saruin that is that Saruin is already doing the damage with his SSSS attack every two turns at max stacks. It can be ran but making 3 supporters carry the entire fight is rough.
>the noteworthy thing is that Vandalize+ is now 10BP instead of 11, that is good news for some great sword users who'll be able to make good use of it in the future, Hector especially.
Yoooo, are we getting the Vandalize amplification tonight?! Silver and Hector are top favourites of mine, been waiting for this for a while now!
Well, Saruin's nuke is Slash/Shadow, not Pierce/Shadow, so there's not really too much of an overlap.
The only pierce/shadow specialists around are pretty much just Darque and Thiago so you can run something like those two, Saruin, E.Girl and some other support like GLEX Rouge or Death 5, that said I still think pure hardy archetypes are not really functional considering what this game's about, but you can make it work with Saruin and two other supporters.
They really should have given him a shield instead of overloading on hardy type multipliers though, this is the only way hardy types can "work" as we saw with Henri, and GL already has GLEX Darque being the suicidal pierce/shadow DPS anyway, and he has a deflect chance too to make up for being suicidal.

Thiago's definitely not bad in a vacuum considering he virtually can slam a dual attribute SSSS every odd turn at 118%STR and 80% damage, he's just unwieldly and kind of a pain to work with, still a lot better than poor Mondo who really doesn't have much use whatsoever outside of maybe poison for Carmine's remembrance in the future.
Also forgot:
Thiago shines in another area, which is boss farming for pierce/shadow since he's the only other style outside of GLEX Darque that can unload a T1 SSSS at full capacity with high enough multipliers, the only other person so far that can do something like this is Misty but Thiago hits even harder than her and GLEX Darque, which puts him on more or less the same level as Silver as being the currently strongest T1 nuker around in a certain category.
So yeah, he's kinda clunky but he's definitely a good style that you can use in multiple fields with good to very good results.
Hardy? But he isn't reliant on his hp being full, he's reliant on it not being full. And thanks to his passive, that's guaranteed for the first five turns, and pretty easy to maintain in longer fights because of Soul Stinger affecting himself now plus bosses are always tossing out some form of chip damage.
Y'know, it just occurred to me: since they time-warped what looks like the entire summer event lineup ahead of time, what are they gonna do for when summer ACTUALLY arrives?
Did one multi on each banner, got me a mondo and tsubaki. ez.
File: 1664044878629192.jpg (68 KB, 765x897)
68 KB
Goddamn, how could I misread it not once but twice? I've been really busy lately and my brain's kinda fried I guess, thanks for pointing out I'm retarded, sorry for the colossal mistake.
Yeah, with that outta the way the marquis is still a pretty great style, especially for a Soul banner, just revert what I said about Swooping Dragon+, the 5 turn limit about BP regen still applies and same goes for my suggestion about Saruin comps.
Also as of the last banners in JP Viktor has been uncucked, so rejoice Viktorbros, wherever you are, Nereid also finally got her first SS after nearly five years and it's surprisingly decent, same goes for Silence.
The team you mentioned has some potential but would advise caution. Global tries to match Japan server's power at times with GLEX and supports recently got a massive powercreep in form of Chinese New Years Maria, Rainfurrest Death and the recent Narwhal Daughter
Well, we're gonna get two banners full of GLEXs, if last year is any indication. As for the rest, idk.
Very nice. I wish I could pull for Urpina and the marquis, but I gotta skip. I'm under 10k and I need to pull 90k out of my ass for the pair of FFL3 banners coming, which is impossible.
No worries bro. I actually thought I was the one misreading, that's why I didn't bring it up sooner.
>Also as of the last banners in JP Viktor has been uncucked, so rejoice Viktorbros, wherever you are, Nereid also finally got her first SS after nearly five years and it's surprisingly decent, same goes for Silence.
Whoa, I thought those three were screwed forever. None of them are faves of mine, but this just goes to show, don't stop believing!
>2 new banners
>you get 2k gems after 5 days
>not even a single multi pull
>that's all
Why are they like this?
skill issue
chinese devs
but hey, there are a lot of jewels on sale!
faggots want more money money money for their low effort garbage like this
even chinese devs are more generous than this retard ball
File: Capture.png (166 KB, 517x173)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>The map drops stopped dropping two days before the quest itself ends
Why the fuck would they do that I just got cucked out of White Rose and Scorn.
I'm not too bummed about Scorn since you guys said he wasn't particularly great, but I was looking forward to having a single target nuke for White Rose. At least I got Human M and Final Emp(and Meythia I guess).
Map events always stop dropping their maps a couple of days before the event ends, it has always been like that since the game launched.
Anyone have any idea what procs Macha's Super Heat Wind? Is there a turn limit or do I have to avoid killing her figurines? I have no idea what to do on romancing difficulty.

It's the latest quest under the attack tab in the sub quests.
Yup, she uses super heat wind on turn six in romancing.
Finished it. Almost did it the first time but I got some seriously fucking terrible RNG on the Marigan fight, he removed my strength debuffs and then dopplegangered Liam twice killing him from full HP.

[My First World] Liam w/ maxed out light rifle and dex improving gear.
[At the Victory Celebration] Final Empress with a 93% STR+ great sword and strength improving gear
[You Are the Hero] Matriach with an SS spear and strength improving gear
[The Sea, My Strength] Mariah w/ maxed out Gae Bulg and strength improving gear
[The Fated Hour Comes] Gustave w/ maxed out Gekkabijin and strength improving gear.

Liam should wind revolver until he reaches 3 LP and then start attacking since Macha's on a six turn timer and will wipe out your party with Super Heat Wind at the end of turn six. Resume wind revolving when she's dead for Marigan.

Fempress should just spam Holy Moon save Imperial Guard for Marigan.

Matriach should spam Paean of Peace, sometimes Paean of Protection if you need a quick heal, I had to use it once against Macha.

Mariah should inherit Acupuncture+ for the Marigan fight. He buffs his strength every turn or two. For the Macha fight she should just attack regularly, use Poseidon Shot+ whenever she nears 20 BP and Pure Barrier party members whenever necessary.

Gustave should inherit Flowing Slash for the Marigan fight afterwards. For Macha Use Steel Dominance whenever it's up while attacking regularly otherwise.
>AI hating Liam
And this is why Kami is superior. Already shoved my Liam meta fund into the Kami fund
File: 1678301932898138.jpg (155 KB, 1198x1000)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Liam's going the way of all OCs anyway, now that everyone and their mother has multiple chases he's not as hot as he used to be, still the best DPS gun style for minmaxing but with the new super support meta and people who can stack chases without LP burn he's definitely not the supreme king of DPS anymore.
I did like him a lot more than Polka and Jo though.
As an FFLfag, the idea of Kami taking centre stage over Liam is very, very exciting! I still have a long way to Halloween to save up for his next style, but the double SaGa 3 banners and Goddess getting another style in the next prefecture collab is making me sweat bullets on a daily basis. I pray anniversary gives lots of jewels.
Which formation did you use with that team? I have all the characters necessary to copy your strat. Congrats btw
File: 1668619154547461.jpg (71 KB, 687x900)
71 KB
Halloween Kami is not the good one, it's actually a kinda bad style, it's the latest top hat style, which will come out when Liam's story will end.
Still goin' for all the Halloween styles, but that's good to know. Hopefully he gets some global buffs on that.
Worst part is Polka had potential. He just got weighted down by the other shitters.
File: 1655215299776644.jpg (3.71 MB, 5430x7244)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB JPG
Young Polka was boring as hell regardless, too laser focus on being a boring siscon and the rest of the cast wasn't interesting enough outside of maybe Valdor, Madeline was barely even a character and bad rehash of Khalid without Khalid's charm as a character.
Old Polka was kinda better in that he was more responsible and less clueless while still being a goofball and was a good foil to Liz being all motherly and mature, but by then Jo was the main character so he didn't really get to shine as much as he could.
Liam felt better despite being actually a fairly bland and generic do-gooder himself, because he was a clueless kid and that lead to a lot of nice interactions with the characters from the games becoming an inspiration to him and helping him grow as a person, something that didn't happen with Polka as all the cast was relentlessly simping for the Lyn Wood family.

Honestly not a big surprise that gay clown dad is a lot more popular than his children to this day.
I mean, have you seen his pre-clown outfit? I almost wished the story was about Undine and Volcano clans fighting instead of this clown fiesta.
File: 1673664993820462.jpg (1.75 MB, 960x1560)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
I actually still regret that the circus theme was so underutilized, after gay clown dad died we only had Igomahl/Oriax doing a bit of honking now and again, Polka and Liz also completely abandoned their theme of acrobats which was a shame since it's a pretty original background and they had a decent visual design to support it.
I also prefer the gay clown dad persona to his bishie dad looks, even if he's largely a Roswaal expie.
i like clowns
>prebanner is Ellen
thank fuck i can skip
I'm surprised they remembered Thomas and Julian exist, it's been...nearly three years since their last styles?
That Sarah's doing things to me too.
File: 1666021788205334.png (275 KB, 640x480)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
These things are always amazingly well done
seems /vt/ is leaking
got him in 2 multis
Didn't that holoslut make some streams for RS3 Remastered/SaGa Frontier?
I remember one of those V-tubers making some long streams for one of the remasters, or maybe it was that dog V-tuber or something, there's too many female SaGa streamers
Korone (the dog) played SaGa Frontier remastered, yeah. Her based boomer dad played the original version and made fun of her whenever she had trouble with it.
>"""""ui""""" improvements in next update's notes
better be readying those 7.0gb bros...
It's hard to keep up with all the people streaming the games, I don't really care about V-Tubers but I saw a good amount of other female streamers who were actual fans of the series and knew their shit, which was refreshing.
The last stream I followed was Nakamura playing through SF Remastered and it was pretty fun, hopefully him and Sugita keep making SaGa videos in the future.
7gb of GEMS? Sign me up!
but dogs can't hold a controller
EoS when? I don't even know why I should log anymore.
They'll just pull the usual monthly jewel bonuses for anniversaries, world towers and weekly 2000/3000 jewels, don't expect much, they'll only splurge for the end of Liam's story.
Good news is none of the prefecture banners are worth pulling for unless heavy reworks happen, the only thing we have to be wary of is the inevitable GLEX, the real hell comes after June.
seven GBs? for the update or the app increase to 7GB?
>nothing on the UDx free pull
>worthless Mask dupe on the soul free pull
But you're telling me I can use this select ticket and finally get Human F's latest style for free?! And if I do the paid pull, I can insta-pity Esper Girl? I didn't expect a chance to just pick them like this, this is wonderful! With this, the only FFL styles I'll be missing are SS Borgin and the recent limited Hana.
Damn, this would've been a great opportunity to finally get UDx Urpina, but I gotta go with faves over meta.
File: 1669276052216459.gif (3.46 MB, 200x200)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB GIF
>Put suptix before the anniversary even starts
>Both pools are super outdated styles
>Get Darius, Skya and Flammar with the free pulls
>No reason to pull for anyone else but maybe Esper Girl since I have most of the good stuff on both bottomless
Weird strategy on the GL team's part, but I'll take it I guess? I would have prefered a GLEX suptix so I could finally get my wife, or you know, not completely archaic pools that are only worth bothering with for collecting skins
>the select pool for the UDx and soul tickets is different from the gacha
>doesn't have Human F or Esper Girl
What a rollercoaster. The UDx pool for the select ticket only has 8 garbage styles that are useless to me...but one of them is Urpina! Rollercoaster indeed, looks like my choice has been made for me.
The SaGa Soul select ticket pool only has Kurt, Narcisse and Avi for me. Guess I'll grab Narcisse to have another bow character 'cause my bow box is atrocious. His plat style is the only one I'm missing from plat hell.
>absolutely nothing from the free pulls
>no gems were given
Many such cases I guess. I don't even know why I open this game anymore.
Oh, and my gal Undine got Jagged Ice+ with this update so she's got a pretty decent cold aoe now. Not sure why we got it, but feels good man.
>mfw 4chan gamers are losing a contest of who has more soul to a dog who cant even hold a controller
What's the best style for the udx banner?
Got Alloces from UDX and Socho and Red Mage from Soul, these guys still useful to train up?
Yup, all three of them are. I use So-cho probably the most, he's good in a bunch of farming set ups.
UDx Urpina is still god tier for inheritance if you have either of the two most recent Urpina styles. UDx Mirsa is the one with Still Blade Light, so if you don't have someone who can heal like that, he's useful for that. UDx Claudia has her best ST nuke, Reverie Trishot, which makes her useful on her own if your bows suck or makes her a great inheritance pick up if you have more recent Claudias. UDx Matriarch's one of the least useful ones, I only use her Shining Glory skill for sun weak Final Island stages.

So it depends on your box.
thank you SaGaBro
From the banner itself:
Really good Axe style, decent support+DPS syle in general, gonna get a BIG boost once Saruin drops, mostly useful for inheritance to his next style since it has Drain Axe.
Versatile heat attacker that comes with his own club forged weapon, decent Heat attacker in general but also very good for general remembrance purposes.
>Human F
Kinda obsolete by now but can still be both decent a farmer and a Boss DPS
>Esper Girl
You'll want this for Telekinesis inheritance to her halloween style
Still passable style all in all, can give Rock Stings to her other styles
Can give Piercing Slash to GLEX Neidhart
Has Scorching Comets, which is decent inheritance material but is otherwise obsolete

The rest is pretty useless, you can argue Saruin can still pull his own weight for farming/Final Isle but there's better stuff by now, Mirsa has Still Light Blade but it's pointless when the next Mirsa rolls for a chase with the same exact healing effect and no delay either.

As for the UDX Suptix, none of the styles are particularly useful by now, but there's maybe a couple who have inheritance stuff to give to current styles
Has Reverie Trishot
X Thrust is still decent
Torrent is still decent
Chilly Wind is decent, we're getting his MinSon ice cream style during the anniversary

The rest is just flex pulls by now, at best you'll want Gustaf for giving Dual Wielding Stance to his upcoming Summer Style, but that style isn't particularly good to begin with and will be fully obsolete once the Fake Gustave banner Gustaf comes out, so only get it if you REALLY like Gustaf
Both Red Mage and Socho are excellent at their own niche.
You're welcome, but I'm not sure I deserve your thanks because I think I completely misread your question. For some reason, I thought you were asking which style is best to choose for the UDx select ticket. You asked about the banner though and sorry, there's way too many good styles in there to recommend one over all. It'd depend on your box once again, sorry.
As much as the inheritances are good, the inheritance everyone in JP uses is really the on-demand 2x usage party shield. He also gets a 1BP shadow attack too on the next style.

The priority is pretty much Esper Girl. Telekinesis and D. Aura or GTFO
So, next MC will be Japan themed and probably a girl judging from the silhouette(?), maybe they're pulling another Toji and Maka.
Block Command is great for Darius 3, but it's on the next style, and that style is a cover tank with no HP regen of his own, so Drain Axe is basically mandatory to make it work at full capacity, especially for remembrance.
Darius 3 is still far away.
shh, don't say the magic word, unless you want to summon the ffschizo
>garbage tickets for an outdated garbage selection
>epic login bonus that gives rematch garbage tickets
>0, nil, cero, jewels
fucking hell, chinks are something.
how many chapters are in the Liam Saga?
13 chapters, we're about halfway through.
Finally, after the most painful skip of my life last summer, Esper Girl and Human F have their latest styles. I just paid for both of them with a gift card I got for Easter, the banner itself was atrocious despite the 10% SS rate, giving me only a useless UDx Elysed dupe in 30 pulls.
Kinda funny how Esper Girl's flavour text makes her sound like a gacha player.
back to check
What's the GLEX like? Finall get an Axe?
Does Vampy still suck?
I've already churned and I've missed multiple styles I'd want so it's too late for me anyways
File: 1670803310610078.png (382 KB, 1000x1200)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>What's the GLEX like? Finall get an Axe?
Too early for GLEX news
>Does Vampy still suck?
That's what vampires usually do, yes.
We need a button that accepts all returning expeditions simultaneously and sends them all back out again with one click. I also want a button that unlocks an entire tier of hidden stats with one click if you have the resources needed for it.
On an unrelated note, are the 7-X-3 stages in Liam's story the best ones to farm for lapis molds? Those ones drop molds for rapiers and greatswords, and the only crit specialists I can think of off the top of my head are Darque and Metal Black.
>return all expeditions at once
would like that since all i do is one expedition per day
>hidden stats with one click
already implemented and all mats for hidden stat colored mats got thrown into one rainbow mat to boot so less retard juggling to boot
Ah. I'll check in next month for the final hoorah
>already implemented and all mats for hidden stat colored mats got thrown into one rainbow mat to boot so less retard juggling to boot
Nice, hope global gets that soon.
Have they removed "forging" on JP yet?
Ha, you wished.
>there are no very hard lapis bow molds

well that sucks
how long is minstrel song?
long enough to bore you to death.
Now that we have speed up functions it's more or less as long as Romancing SaGa 3 I guess, trying to do everything in a MS run can still take a while, an average first run will probably take you around 25-30 hours, subsequent runs will be much faster because you'll know more or less what to expect, so probably around 10-15 hours or so per run depending on how much stuff you wanna do, more for 10FS Saruin.
It's definitely not super fast like SaGa Frontier where you can do 4-6 hours runs easily.
Are the Lapis weapons only for Darq, Illdon and M.Black? I cant think of any other crit unit.
Do they want to go all in on their niche or have weapons for each monster type?
More or less, the upcoming Aunus in one of the 3.5 GL banners is also a critical attacker, he's nothing special though, and he needs his previous style to be good unless major changes to his kit happen.
More notably, the next Laura's the most stacked critical farmer to this day in JP, the next Claudia also switches to a Critical DPS archetype, the next Metal Black is a coin toss chase archetype with no critical support so it's pointless to farm for him, he doesn't really have a future as much as he can help a lot for the Wyvern remembrance currently if you have Tsubame Gaeshi+ and a good Lapis Sword with enough Dragon critical stacks, same for Wuhan to an extent.

Among all of those I'd suggest to focus on Darque, Laura and Claudia.
Darque can be a really good row farmer and great boss nuker with a critical weapon, doubling down on his natural crits is just as valid as giving him a better spread.
Laura's next style is straight up retarded in farming efficiency due to the insane BP gains and native crit spreads to the point you can equally play on either a multi SS crit weapon to give her even more versatility or double down on damage multipliers and make her inherit the SSSS nuke from her recent style for bossing purposes, with the GL buffs she will be able to VIRTUALLY use her SSSS every single turn in fact.
Claudia is Claudia, bows wouldn't even exist if it weren't for her, a good Lapis bow with three SS Critical% make her tremendously effective for a lot of fights, but she's more focused on bossing rather than farming, unless you have her previous MinSon banner style for inheritance, in her case I'd focus mostly on getting multiple weapons with dedicated crit type bonuses rather than giving her a weapon with three different types like you'd do with Laura.
Thanks a lot bro. There is a stage that drops both GS and S.Sword to farm. If only there was a mold/ore swap added to the game. That's a GL change I really want. Maybe even auto-sell/lock settings for crafting too.
spear or gs
Can't believe anniversary is just 2 days away. My nightmare scenario is double GLEX banners with six new GLEXs, strong styles and some of my faves getting some, including the first FFL GLEX.
The double SaGa 3 banners are still hanging over my head, and even if it's the prefecture collab like I suspect it will be, that's still a new Goddess style I gotta fish off of banner plus a Mama/Macha/Roc banner (I like all three of those gals and love to use 'em). No matter what happens, there's gonna be a pair of tempting banners that I can't afford.

Spiral Corridor reset should be weekly, not monthly.
File: 1673339960546304.jpg (89 KB, 1042x674)
89 KB
>6000+jewels per week+login bonuses+roulette
File: 1618675641617.webm (807 KB, 466x478)
807 KB
Since people are discussing the new Lapis weapons I figure now would be a good time to ask some questions. I recently returned to the game after quitting for about year so all the forging stuff is new to me.
Are the available rollable skills the main difference between the different types of non-limited forgeable weapons? I understand the limited time ones are specially designed for characters released around that time(like the knuckles for the recent Silver)
Are well-forged weapons generally superior to fully upgraded SS-ranks with the 15% or 20% holy stones attached? I saw that there is now holy stones you can only have one of that have an absurd 60% damage boost compared to the original 15%s.
Im guessing that weapon strength for non-gimmick characters is SS-rank(60% stone) > perfectly forged weapon > SS-rank(15% stone)
>Are the available rollable skills the main difference between the different types of non-limited forgeable weapons?
Yes, stat wise they're all the same, the weapons follow skill patterns related to their material
>Black Iron
Generic multiplier+Romancing, SF2, Unlimited/Emperors
Generic multiplier+GB SaGa, SF1, Scarlet Grace, Re Universe
OD damage+RS1/SF1/SF2/SSG/Re:U
OD damage+RS2/RS3/Unlimited/Emperors/SSG
Critical damage
Event specific multipliers depending on the weapon, generally suited for whatever's on banner and more, very easy to get 80% multipliers or so but have a more restricted choice in terms of series/gender compared to normal molds
>Are well-forged weapons generally superior to fully upgraded SS-ranks with the 15% or 20% holy stones attached?
Yes, SS uniques are only worthwhile with the limited 60% stones, and even there they're worse than generic S weapons with 90% or so multipliers.
The good thing about 60% stones is that you don't have to waste time rolling for optimal multipliers though, so if you don't wanna roll for 80%+ S forged weapons, stick to SS with 60% stones.
File: 1619625302593.png (1.04 MB, 909x1077)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Thanks for the info. I've made all the limited weapons that have shown up since I started playing again but I havent touched the others. Sounds like I have a fresh new hell to go through.
Only one SS weapon at a time per type being worth using is a bit of a drag
>I like all three of those gals and love to use 'em
Sounds like something a fake fan would say
File: 1675531201937274.png (812 KB, 1018x1216)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
Today is Jeannu day, which means it's also Mama day, say something nice about her and hope they buff her upcoming style to be relevant
File: 6iycu6u9a4071.jpg (1.74 MB, 3024x4032)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
I'm sad I had to skip her Valentine's version and will probably have to skip her Prefecture version. She's beautiful, has a nice personality (I enjoyed all of her cutscenes in RSRS) and is extremely useful. Also, it was cool when she used Shining Glory in the main story to take out that dude who got transformed into an Accursed One or whatever those things were called.
They should make Seeker's Path permanent and just refresh its exchange once a month or something. I'll be out of chars to stat grind soon and I wanna go raise my skills/spells. The Julianus training event's fantastic, but it's almost gone.
not mentioned but they will eventually give out free 90% SS weapons in events for basically nothing. its still not a 90+9% SS weapon like the weapon type boss content but its at least something.
they already gave out
>1 greatsword for egg gustave event
>1 sword, 1 spear, 2 fists and 1 bow for furries event
EoS announcement soon...
Tonight's the night. Well, probably not. I'm assuming global will fumble this countdown like they've done with every other one and have nothing for us tonight at daily reset, but instead all of the 3rd anniversary content will drop tomorrow morning after tonight's maintenance ends.
>Saruin's ancient UDx style is the front and center one for the UDx bottomless
What are the odds we get his super meta style time traveling forward as one of our anniversary banners?
>furries event
the what now
The five divine beasts, aka the five furries, it's the main antagonists of Liam's story, you already saw two so far, Iveris and the lolis that dropped last week, there's still Orlette, Hardy and Razem left.
>see the ani stream
>Polka family timewarped
>feel the urge to play again
>11k gems
Just tuned it, but I called it ages ago.
Miura is still shilling t-shirts? I want a new game ffs
>Stage play for the Polka family
I sleep, 3DPD Jo is pretty cute admittedly
File: 1660444370168375.png (536 KB, 616x448)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
>New game announcement at TGS
Better late than never I guess, also apolojewels inbound
holy balls this update is taking a coons age to download.
File: 1657841263286126.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
Here's your new MC bro.
Have you ever heard of something called the Enigmatic Gale?
File: 1683522726723499.png (3.65 MB, 1920x1080)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
is the fish a character
who knows, I bet the genryuu in the background is, but other than Shirei and the girl who might be Jo's daughter no one really knows.
Kinda interesting to have a minstrel as MC though.
Liam arc ended or cancelled?
File: 1669854706382279.png (2.93 MB, 1920x1080)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
Why would they cancel an entire arc? Especially when Liam's so popular?
His story is over but him and his crew are still around, he's got a cool poncho now
Are those SaGa stage plays popular?
>SSS weapons
>SSS characters
EOS soon...
where the glex at
Some interesting buffs on the Prefecture banners all around, Most notably, Matriarch got major changes, passive 1 got changed to Spear Intrinsic and Paean of Tranquility gives Medium Defense Boost now, this is clearly the new Mama meta style now.
The RS2 stage play was pretty popular, not sure about the RS3 stage play.
GLEX will come later, I suggest you to pull from the bottomless right now, I made BIG bank, lots of good styles there like LNY Macha.
SSS units?
An even stronger Gustave!
they said no plans for SSS yet if you paid attention to nobuo
Yeah, 3.8 gigs, I can't remember the last time we got one this big if ever. Just got on and saw the prefecture collab title screen. Jeez, I'm sweatin' bullets even though I knew this was coming.
Fug, so I'm gonna have to somehow snipe Goddess and go for Mama, all while dodging a pity? Singlebros, pray for me.
>extended maintenance
>sagarbage the stage
>sss weapons (for now)
>liam still alive
>gl anniversary is a joke
i wonder how much worse it can get
Even at its "worst" you'll still be shitposting here anyway, good to see you're still mad
Oh wait, the Goddess banner isn't here yet. Guess I'm going for Mama then. Can't afford to go for the Polka family, not sure how good they are but I missed their previous styles. Can't afford to go for the bottomless either, damn.
>auto clear lower event stage difficulties
>1 tap hidden stat unlock that I was just asking for the other day
>spend tons more of my thousands of near useless tickets at once
Pretty sweet QoLs
New mama's good but I'm on the fence about her, not sure she's really worth it considering how fast the game is going through banners.
Banner's gonna stay up for a whole month so there's no hurry anyway, the bottomless is overall higher value cconsidering just how many styles they crammed in there.
The Lyn Woods got interesting changes here and there and are all decent styles as well, but honestly I'd rather fish for their Robin styles in the bottomless, getting OD chases and counters is nice but none of them are as universally useful as Robin Polka anyway, same thing for the other banner, Macha's good but NLY Macha is just more useful in terms of overall usage
Hmm, lemme see who's in the pool that I'm missing as I already have all of Macha's previous styles.
>the children's day banner
>the valentine's banner
>shuzer/cindy banner
>music time lord/femperor
>crossdresser jamil
>robin family
>stage ellen
>glex Therese
holy fuck, the list just goes on. This bottomless is insane! Normally they're from a six month bracket that's at least six months ago, this has styles that were just here! Fug, even though I have tons of the styles in here already, it has so many ones that I wish I could've gotten on release. Fuck it, I guess I'm skipping all the prefecture banners and spending every jewel I have on this bottomless.
I hope I can survive without Mama, and missing Macha's latest style is gonna sting.
Yep, its' not that the prefecture banners are bad, it's just that good of a bottomless.
LNY Macha, GLEX Silver, Thyme and Robin Polka alone are just a way better use of your jewels than anything in the prefecture banners, then there's GLEX Rouge, GLEX Urpina, GLEX Roufas, the concert styles...the list goes on, it's just that damn good.
Out of the ones you listed, I already have LNY Macha, GLEX Silver (both pities), GLEX Rouge, GLEX Urpina (#1 and #2), GLEX Roufas (god, so many pities...).
But I count around 28 styles in this bottomless that I would be happy to get. Also figured I'd be getting Borgin off a select ticket, but the pool for the select ticket's too old; gonna have to wait until Christmas' select ticket to pick him up. Damn, I don't know who I should pity but I'll wait and see who I pull first! Thanks to Ichi-P's gifts, I can pity once.
>GLEX will come later, I suggest you to pull from the bottomless right now, I made BIG bank, lots of good styles there like LNY Macha.
i am tempted by kzinssie but i already own a decent chunk of the styles there and don't think it's worth it when the other stuff i don't have is shit like balmaint or berva
>Emerald and Onix are in the bottomless pool
GOOD LUCK! I hope you have enough to pity at least one of them.
Holy fuck this bottomless is raping me. Three dead ten pulls in a row on 10% odds, and I had three dead ten pulls on the UDx bottomless. I am pissing away jewels for literally nothing on the best banner of the year, fuck me.
Finally, something on the final pull of round 1. Does Victoria need GLEX Minerva for inheritance? Because I never got her. She looks very tanky with Swooping Dragon+ and her multiple damage reduction passives, so I'm assuming she is still usable for remembrance. The worthless Leslia and Macha dupes stung, reducing what could've been an amazing triple SS pull to a mediocre one.
Any power tierlist or something for global? Coming back again and I don't know if my party is still fine since its from 6+ months ago.
Round 2 brought more depressing dead multis and worthless dupes, but also Bloody Harvest Darque so now my GLEX Darque can finally fully function, and I also got Crossdresser Jamil! Fuck, I still don't know who I'll pity. Rag Robin and Thyme are the two biggest meta picks I'm missing, but Stage Ellen and Borgin are the faves I'm missing.
Sorry bro, I don't keep up much with tierlists so this is the only one I know for global:
Anything helps, and that was the one I wanted since its the one I used a long time ago. Thanks anon!
Round three was my best one on the bottomless yet. Robingal on the free pull (I can finally use Jo again!), M Black's second style, the one with the crit passives (just missing his latest style now), a concert Virgil dupe and New Year's Mesarthim (I now have all her styles)! Just got concert Doll on the free pull of round 4, too.

Who has a longer future in the meta, Rag Robin or Thyme? I have sidegrades to them like Mask and GLEX Diana already.
Glad to hear that was actually useful, you're very welcome!
Borgin's banner was the most painful of my RSRS experience, I couldn't quite finish the double pity to grab him and Sharon (I only pulled Arthur) so I took Sharon and had to leave him behind. I will pity Thyme and grab Stage Ellen from a select ticket next Christmas for 3.5Y anniversary, mission accomplished!
Now the only FFL style I'm missing is the recent spooky Hana, who I'll get from a selector either 12 or 18 months from now.
>captcha HAAPP(Y)
you might as well quit and stop posting if you hate it so much since it wont get better
i hope its never but im not delusional about gacha. hopefully they dont go full retard and make it like 30 multi spark like granblue fantasy
Making a new team with so few options is hard- From >>1201638 doc's tierlist, I have only these... but I have 140k jewels. I should just go ahead and spark Rag Robin, but should I have any more character in mind that I need?
Unless rounding out your box for remembrance is a huge priority for you, honestly, you should be good picking up Rag Robin and calling it a day. Let us know what you get from the bottomless, there are a shitton of good styles in there.
Gonna make a long post chain about the styles I would personally recommend with both the bottomless and the pity tickets:
Must get, excellent support and party healer, OD is becoming more and more important so Thyme will stay relevant for long, also helps a great deal in mace remembrance
>Shota Mikhail
Lightning Line is good inheritance for the sole reason that it gives you Shield, overall the style is solid, he's no Ciato but still good
>Loli Monika
Bows suck so she's good enough for you if you care about remembrance, her upcoming pref style is also a bow style though so with possible changes in mind she might not be all that important
>Valentine Matriarch
Mostly useful for Wuhan's remembrance and little else
>GLEX Rouge
Must get, outstanding Dark attacker that doubles as BP battery and healer+shield buffer, gonna get even better with Saruin
>GLEX Silver
Must get, outstanding Light/Fire DPS with shields and incredibly self topping
>GLEX Urpina
THE Urpina style, forget about the latest one, this is the one you want, really good versatility
Really solid support Axe style, doubly more useful for remembrance
Very solid boss style for blunt/cold, being able to get a shield every turn and having that ludicrous self topping on top of mass petrification and other things elevates her among other cold/blunt casters
Excellent Row farmer/Final isle style
>LNY Macha
Has Divine Tree, hard to understate how useful this style is, if not crucial to Macha as a character
Claw Bit ejection makes his probably the best pierce DPS in the game so far, very good bossing style
The best counter unit for blunt to this day, lessened in terms of importance given how Cascading counter+ is a thing, can skip if you have GLEX Azami/the latest Liza, but do not underestimate him
Extremely effective supporter for gun comps, but frail as shit
THE status inflictor, excellent jammer style

New Year's Start is a strong inheritance skill, and she's a strong bruiser archetype still, not a must get but still good
Extremely effective pierce bosser, simply incredibly kit of strong passives and crazy good stuff like Blood Sucker and Mirror Shade, would be a must get if the school banners wouldn't be so close, Selma's probably gonna become the next big thing but even there he'll stay a close second in terms of foil bossing
Pretty much compulsory for GS Wuhan Remembrance, very solid style due to Blood Sucker alone, much like Ciato this is almost a must get
Highly recommended for Carmine's remembrance in the future as it's the only mace style that can inflict poison
Extremely competent style, Airdance Slash is key ihnheritance material for future Noel styles
In light of the recent JP prefecture style, this one is now not super important but Holy Moon is THE inheritance you want for GLEX Femps, which is still one of the top tier styles in the game, must get if anything
Dusk Requiem+OD charging is a pretty strong option, definitive Doll style and good support
THE best sword support styles and still a pretty ridiculous support on par with LNY Macha, must get
Excellent farmer and also good at bossing, Galaxy and Howling Impact are excellent inheritance material, must get
Crazy good T1 row farmer, but also needed for the previous virgil to reach its fullest potential through Fireworks inheritance
Heavenly Melody is still a strong skill
>GLEX Darque
Must get, stupid good foil style for farming, bossing and remembrance
>GLEX Neidhart
Very strong spear style, will be able to give either Gallantry or Swooping Dragon to his future style, must get
>GLEX Diana
Excellent support for Foils but also really good support in general, can easily pull her own even on Egg 10, highly recommended
Great, will be really good for Sigfrei, kinda skippable if you got the latest Tsubaki
To this day one of the best DPS and T1 nukers in the game, good for bossing and crucial for future Misty styles, very highly recommended
Outstanding row nuker and farmer, recommended
>Real Queen
Made obsolete by Silver lately, but still solid
Ridiculous counterfishing style, crucial for Jannie Kujinshi later on due to both Victim Sword and Fatal Steal, will become truly ridiculous once Saruin Drops, must get
>Halloween ND
Somehow lessened in her importance due to her future styles, but still the currently best option for ND, recommended
>Halloween Death
Efficient farmer to this day, can give good stuff to his future styles but not really needed
Good support style for remembrance purposes, not as important lately due to Vampy timetraveling and stealing his Charm niche, the upcoming Katarina will also steal his damage reduction niche, but it's still worthwhile
Has Nocturne, even if you want to argue that she's kinda becoming obsolete you'll want Nocturne for her future style, and she's still plenty competent on her own
Stupid good farmer, Bloody Harvest is an exceptional skill and this is THE farming style you'd want for crits, pierce and dark, highly recommended
>Young Gustave
Notable for having Healing Blade
>The Robin Lyn Woods
They're all ridiculously good, Robin Polka alone makes or break tons of hard content stuff, it's useless to write more than that
Highly efficient heat DPS, but kind of made of paper, can play inheritance back and forth with GLEX Emerald, recommended
Outstanding cover tank, soaks hits like an absolute champ and can really help out in some hard content, especially series limited, recommended
>GLEX Lyza
Not as great as the latest Lyza, but good if you missed her, lots of good inheritance material
>GLEX Doll
Jet Ski Attack is a very good option for Concert doll
>GLEX Roufas
Very good Liam enabler and support in general, highly recommended
Another farmer that will get crazy once Saruin drops
Aqua Constrict is vital to her next style, which is really good, highly recommended if you like her and Sharl
Again, bows pretty much suck so you need all you can get, and this Sarah is the apex Sarah
Useful to give her Skill 2 to the next style
Exceedingly efficient Slash/heat farmer, very highly recommended
Something of a pocket Ciato, Heat Haze is exceedingly powerful, but he gambles too much on dodging, with kind of lackluster DPS currently, still a strong option but beware that he's going to become obsolete soon
Paean of Protection is busted and this is still a really good platform for Mama in general, a must get if you ask me, though I know some will disagree
Flame Barrier alone makes him highly desirable for certain content and Axe remembrance, you'll need this style to make the upcoming Aunus work at full capacity, highly recommended.
Another victim of Silver's rampage, but still a very strong martial artist, any BP battery is good in general, his only flaw is being pretty frail
It's Liam, what do you want me to tell you?
THE club support style, gets absolutely ridiculous when paired with Thyme, still a must get despite his age
>GLEX Therese
If there's anybody out there who competes with Claudia it's this style, just get it, she can pretty much solo the current spiral tower top floor, she's THAT good.

Sweet Hit is very good inheritance material for the current Emilia, but the next Emilia will make this one pretty obsolete, good, but not needed
All in thrust is still one of the most ridiculous nukes in the game, good for both bossing and three stage farming, good inheritance material
Kinda meh style, but she's a platform for efficient Charm on Wuhan Remembrance
Frost Quake is still relevant for farming
>Genryuu (Snow)
Notable for Circulating Hail and still being a decent support for remembrance purposes
>GLEX Claudia
Healing Arrow and Flickering Lantern are both good inheritance material
>GLEX Undine
She has Rain of Life, which is still a good skill to have around for other Undine styles, very good to give to the current Undine
Has Left Fork, might be useful for future Mirza in some contexts
Has Masamune+ for her other styles, Heart of Goddess is also still a decent panic button
>Kami 3
Flames of Judgment alone break Wuhan's remembrance in half, still extremely good farmer
>Pref Ginny
Happy Souvenir is a strong manual option for future Ginny
>Pref Rich
Still a competent farmer
>GLEX Barbara
Power Grab and Dark Wash+ are exceedingly strong options for Barbara, Dark Wash+ is almost mandatory for remembrance purposes and she's the only Spear style that can buff cleanse, very highly recommended especially if you have her latest style
>GLEX Azami
THE Azami you want, good farmer, excellent platform for counter fishing with Cascanding Counter+, you just can't go wrong with this style even if it's starting to feel its age, must get
Still an excellent style for turtle counter strategies, truly comes into its own with his concert style from the bottomless
>Mystic Asellus
Still a strong sword style that can do a ton of stuff, just as worthwhile as the bottomless Asellus style and almost completentary
Has Galaxy, period.
The single best support style your suptix can get, Must get, absolutely
>>1201659 at the end i got those:

- death
- rouge (trials up ahead)
- final emperor (always the one to finish ii)
- ss rastaban (year of change)
- ss macha (spirituals gather)
- ss thyme (im captain!)
- ss diana (rs1/ms) (searching for my brother)
- ss doll (hobby violinist)
- ss jamil (beauty is a sin)
- ss darque (reviving the guild)

Not bad at all, pretty happy with the spark. Now its time to level up those attributes.
Very, very nice haul. Congrats bro!
>new water/dark, earth/fire, fire/water staves to forge
>already have perfect staves for Roc/Macha/Jo from the rainbow molds
Time to figure out who else I should forge staves for. If I can roll triple Female passives on one of the fire ones, I might finally have a solid staff for Esper Girl
>build a 125k CP team
Best I can do is 121k.
Fug, didn't realize this was a thing and never tried to build a high CP team on purpose before. This is the best I got, does anything affect it other than stats and gear?
left: optimized weapons BiS grinding
right: SSS

they actually killed weapon crafting holy shit RIP bozo you wont be missed
god bless
File: neat_cat.jpg (273 KB, 576x576)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Neato. But how do we get these SSS weapons?
3000 SSS materials
where to get them we dont know fully yet so we will find out soon
its not locked behind the weapon type locked teams boss content thankfully
Oh, forget weapons give higher CP? I wish there was a way to see the CP of gear.
>30k gems spent
>only offbanner trash
fuck this game
Yeah, though I think it's not much. That team went from like 121k to 122k after I put gear on them.
This time around, since there's no rush to conquer the conquest stages asap as there's no co-op, I'm gonna google each of the Saga prefecture locations and learn about 'em. First up, Kyoseki Park.
All of my gems but I got the 3 goddesses!
The only thing that could have made this banner better was a new Doll.
File: 1666541953319106.gif (3.1 MB, 498x286)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB GIF
Nice, I'm in the middle of a round 2 on the bottomless but I chose to wait and see what the GLEX will be like.
I don't particularly need anyone in the prefecture banners, Mama would be nice but I'm not fully convinced she's worth it, the bottomless has treated me very nicely so far, and I had to pull for my wife anyway so there's that, my wife>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else.
Which one is the bottomless one/with the best styles?
File: 1676719258544517.jpg (56 KB, 828x823)
56 KB
>all of my gems for offbanner trash
Romancing bottomless, UDX Bottomless isn't that great, SaGa Soul is a bit better, but Romancing has shit you actually want both as a new player and as a veteran.
Conquest now!
Trust the plan!
2 more pulls!
The hopping green dragon is close.
Thank you bro, my Robin reached 1700HP and holy fuck he's busted even with a shitty wep and stats. Hopefully the upcoming weapon thing doesn't kills us, since I wanna come back for real and enjoy the game.
>missed summer silver (is she even needed for GLEX silver/vice versa)
>missed the latest Urpina
Even if I wanted to start again, I'm bricked
Go on without me bros.

Only the mythical axe GLEX or non medicore vampy could save me now.
Oh ok ty, i didnt know what you meant by bottomless but now i know after reading a little bit
GLEX Silver is a more defensive Silver with a different attribute set, there's nothing she'd really want from the latest Silver, the opposite is also true, you don't really get much from GLEX Silver unless you really want that one time shield, which most of the times would fuck up your DPS due to inconsistent attributes.
The latest Urpina is also not particularly good, honestly you'd be better off pulling for Cheongsam Urpina in the bottomless, if you don't have her already that is.
Guess you're new.
Bottomless are anniversary banners that are a giant reprint of previous styles and offer a free 10 pull every three pulls, they're also divided into the banner categories they rerun, Romancing being the more highly sought after due to the sheer number of Romancing styles and their consistent quality, UDX are also very good but the current Bottomless is not that great, SaGa Soul is a very hit or miss category, you have either extremely good styles that completely dominate a specific niche, like Sekishusai, or you have styles that are basically glorified Platinum styles.

If you wanna put your jewels to good use, pull shit in the Romancing bottomless until you pick up somebody like Robin Polka or Thyme, I made a lengthy series of posts earlier to point out which styles are good, so refer to them if you have doubts.
Did you get her bro? I had to skip both prefecture banners for the bottomless too, now I only have 15k jewels and I'm worried about my ability to snipe Goddess off the next set of banners coming in round 2.
Nice! Yeah, Rag Robin is ultra based, can carry teams on his back. The best thing is, he comes perfect right outta the box; you don't need to inherit anything onto him despite Polka having a gajillion styles. Hopefully the Fusion Blade or whatever it's called comes back so you can grab a perfect weapon for him, but honestly, he's a tank/healer first and foremost and doesn't even need a weapon.
As a Silver fan who has all her styles, her summer style only has a purpose if you have her Halloween style. Even then, all you need for her is either her GLEX or her recent UDx (which cover two different elements). All of her previous styles are meh now.
And speaking of meh, you totally don't need Urpina's latest style either! It sucks in comparison to her second GLEX style (the china dress one), which is in the bottomless banner with GLEX Silver right now! You can save up jewels all month and hopefully snag 'em both, you're totally fine!
File: 1679869667819548.jpg (41 KB, 300x500)
41 KB
Aye, went straight for the pity, round 2 will be for Onyx, or maybe Thyme if I get her along the way.
Been saving up for the wife all this time.
Nah man,i already have pretty good styles like rag robin and thyme but i didnt know what people were talking about bottomless pools
I just discovered that you can click on the little things that pop up just off the path and they have Saga trivia. Clearing the conquest while researching each node's real life location is taking me a while, but I'm learning so much stuff about Saga. Makes me wish I could visit, I'd really like to see the Kiyomizu Waterfall in person.
Nice, best of luck on round 2! Glad to see you finally getting your golden chance. Been a great day for getting styles we missed.
Paulchads...we finally made it...
>he's a bow style
>he knows Sparrow's Izuna
Fuck yeah, he's gonna fit right in on my bow squad. His first passive makes everyone do more pierce damage too, I'm thinkin' based.
I'll wait and see what the GLEX is before I consider comitting myself again.
I've been waiting for this and am fully prepared to use THAT
>boot up Re:Universe
>be welcomed with a parade
haven't screencapped in awhile.
I'm loving the anniversary loading screens. This Talon one is kino. Goddess is ridiculously gorgeous in another one.
>new ticket exchange
it's mariah isn't it
fuck i want apollo
>11 multi pulls
>already balls deep in pity territory
>no ss other than off banner garbage
Why even give us gems when they made the conscious choice to cockblock styles with off banner shit.
>first 10 pull

Now should I go for Macha (I have her other styles) or go for the bottomless and try for Thyme?
Nvm already got Thyme, had to pity but oh well. Now time to get my gems back
after playing for a bit so far:
> you get the SSS weapon mats by grinding event maps
> you get a free SSS gsword for free
> you can get a free SSS bow for free through a box gacha thing that is only box gacha for the 15 and 20% chests
Oh they hella leaking. We got the premiere OG girl too, one of the first ones before VTubers became mainstream.
Single Pulls Chad is back in town oh yeah I'm done with my pulls now. IT'S GRINDING TIME
it makes them horny
Sounds good so far!
Wow, congrats bro! Was that the first single pull on the banner? I'm still feeling sour about singles after they screwed me on Silver's UDx banner, but I think I'll go back to them when Goddess' banner releases (which should be within a week).
Sora wasn't kidding about playing, no way that's a new account. Been enjoying her Super Mario World stuff lately so this is gonna be a treat.
>going on about how Child Mikhail and summer Riki are cute and how Kzinssie's handsome
File: 1677214832381221.jpg (74 KB, 300x380)
74 KB
>and how Kzinssie's handsome
He's the strongest and coolest hero after all, being relentlessly handsome is but one of his many talents.
>Sora in shock going through the 2019 to 2022 RS3 styles trying to find Charl for her anniversary select ticket and unable to find a single SS style for him
Charlbros...he did eventually get a non-trash SS style, right? She wants him to go with her Muse.
he had one in 11/2022 that was pretty good
Nice. I guess that was just after the cutoff for the selector pool, which seems to run from JP launch until sometime in 2022. And jeez, they get 3 select coins for this? I hope global gets that for our 4th anniversary, will let me pick up a nice chunk of styles I'm going to be missing this month.
God, I've never seen a game with more soul than this one when it comes to the conquest maps. Just battled my way through Yobuko Morning Market and they actually used the waterfront background for the fights to capture the feel of a fishmonger's market. Every node on the map seems to have had its background carefully selected to be the closest thing to its real world equivalent. There's a shitton to see around Karatsu, my progress bar is still only at 65%.
and he has a big cock
Janny pls
File: 1670700008244234.jpg (385 KB, 600x713)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
They put equally soulful SaGa stuff around the entire prefecture, from trains to manholes, ceramics and tons of other merch, making the prefecture events soulful is the least they could do really.
>GBSaga train
It was the 6th actually. I know some anons might feel unreliable towards single pulling so I always recommend doing 10 singles and 1 multi (whichever order you'd like to) since basically you're still doing the same at the end. It's worth a try so you eventually just go by singles and become a luck Chad too. Godspeed
Very nice. If I somehow get super lucky and snipe Goddess with singles, I might go back for Macha/Mama/Roc (I'd be happy with any of them, they all look amazing). Jewels are tight after blowing most of them on the bottomless though. Just got back up to 20k, almost done the conquest. Really hope we get a world tower rerun later this month. A new tower would be cool too, it's been too long since we've had one (I don't really count Golden Passage).
Finally finished my tour Imari and with that, the conquest is cleared. Would love to visit some day, though that's a pipe dream for a poorfag like me.
Which conquest node are you guys grinding? It looks like the stat cap is the same everywhere, as I had Borgin hit zero sparkles on the entrance node, then took him to one of the big boss nodes and he still had zero sparkles, so it's not slightly higher there like it is on standard conquests.
What's the matter with this goddess? I only have her first style and her plat one. Is she broken or something or just a fave pick?
>squeezed two more multis
Yeah fuck this game. They obviously nerfed SS pull rates a year ago or so.
Literally every single banner is pity territory.
I have no idea if she's good or not; I can't even remember what her JP version does. I'm just an FFLfag trying to collect all the styles from those three games plus out of all the characters in them, Goddess is one of my most favourite. Fave pick all the way, but I hope she gets some nice buffs.
Towers always pop up for anniversaries, don't worry.
I'm not grinding any right now, already cleared the shop so I went back to grinding lapis molds, any of the boss nodes are fine I guess.
I used the loli daughters node with Darque and LNY Balmaint to grind super fast, but anything but the Dae Colossus node can be easily T1 depending on what you have
Unless changes happen, Pref Goddess is only really worth picking up for Daybreak, which nullifies all Dark damage for the party and sets up HP regen for two turns at the cost of 1LP and 10BP, other than that she's not particularly noteworthy and you'd only ever pick her up to put Daybreak on other styles.
Chances are they're gonna give her HPT or some similar defensive passives though.
>I used the loli daughters node with Darque and LNY Balmaint to grind super fast
Neat, I picked up Bloody Harvest Darque from the bottomless so I'll give that a shot!
Bros...the single pull meta israel...
Welcome to the SPC club brother, damn does it feel refreshing after so many multis right?
I'm more of a multi pull pity virgin myself.
Most of us start like that, it's up to YOU to make the change brother
wish i had you guys luck, all i get are offbanners and i have to single pull to pity bleh
File: 1671053738312870.gif (1.6 MB, 320x260)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
Man, what a haul this bottomless was
>Halloween Silver
>LNY Macha
>GLEX Urpina
>Wrestling Azami
>Shota Mikhail
>Metal Black 1
>Club Minstrel
>Valentine Mama
>Concert Goddess
>GLEX roufas
>Valentine Hilda
>Stage Black
>Robin Gal
>LNY Balmaint
>GLEX Emerald
I'd keep pulling but by now the diminishing returns are very real, there's not a lot of styles I miss anymore.
Bro, I'm sorry I didn't think of this earlier, but do you still have your select ticket for the Romancing festival styles exchange? Because I'm pretty sure the Matriarch with Paean of Peace is on that list, the [Leading the People] one. That buff is Liam's bread and butter, plus it helps protect your whole squad from status ailments. It's a must for hard content, and I see you only have the first Mama from who you circled there, so I would use that selector to pick her up if I'm not too late and you haven't used it already.
Hell, if you have jewels to spare, it might not be a bad idea to go pull the latest Mama from her prefecture banner and then inherit Paean of Peace onto her, because this new Mama is the only one who can spam that buff every turn forever without needing another character to BP battery for her.
Whoa, very nice! Do you have Rag Robin? That's probably who I'd pity if I were you and you don't already have him.
Damn, now that I have Thyme, I didn't realize he gives overdrive to the party too! What a great lil guy. And since I have him and the latest Emelia, I think I'm moderately prepared for an OD meta. Which sucks, because I have no jewels to spare for the Polka family banner, all of whom would love to get supported by my OD batteries.
>drop 12k last minute on a saga banner in jp
>wiped the banner and got two offbanner styles too
>drop 45k on a saga banner in gl
>nothing, nil, zero stuff
and they say the garbage fake rates are just a myth...
Nah, and honestly I don't really care about him, I already got Thyme anyway so I have a very competent healer and WIL buffer, Rag Robin isn't needed at all.
Fuck sake, I've been stuck on the water dragon of Spiral Floor 110 for months and i was able to get to that point easily. Any suggestions on a team in particular that i should use?
I don't remember that boss having any gimmicks, so any good boss team should breeze through it once your stats are up to snuff. Do you have the usual meta styles like Liam and Mama? Post some of your box if you can.
>the 4.5 anni tickets
>have one left
>have a hard time choosing kujinshi or summer vamp lady to complete the collection
Ichikawa tongues my anus.
Decided to look up the new Julian after Sora-chan was showcasing him on her stream. Damn, my boy got some mad gains at last! I was already gonna pull on that banner because of Ellen, but I really hope I get him along the way when he comes to global. I can't imagine them buffing him with how rock solid he already is, but it'd be pretty sweet.
Unless styles have actual issues buffs are not going to happen all that often now by now since we're getting closer to JP's releases, many styles are left unchanged or with "buffs" in name only, I'm more interested in knowing how they're gonna handle the GL servers past the current 3.5.
The rest of the month will be prefecture banners and a GLEX, but after that there's not enough to fill the gap for Halloween without massive changes, and not enough to fill the gap for the GL 4.0 anniversary which would, supposedly, feature Liam's ending too, we're finally reaching that impasse point where they must choose between putting seasonal banners out of their brackets to fully catch up or radically alter GL's meta and keep it one year behind schedule.
I posted this in a previous thread iir. These guys are normally capable of killing everything on screen, no matter the difficulty, and they're maxed out on all possible fronts. The water dragon on that floor is just a massive sponge that tanks all the damage and then steamrolls the party.
Why are you using those weapons. and most with no stones. Thats probably why your struggling.
I think a cool addition for this game would be ability inheritance. You unlock 1st slot at style level 40 and 2nd at 50.
Would be a bit hard to balance though.
I tried the whole crafting thing but i always get shit weapons. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong there or not.
Well I am not the anon you were speaking to but my opinion is you've hit a wall and the only way would be to do the annoying tedious shit since styles and formations can only carry you so far. Gotta craft some decent weapons for folks and get stones for your armor/gear to reduce damage.
Yeah, the gap between end of June and Halloween is Wild West territory for sure. I think we're gonna see a fair bit of time traveling, maybe even some reruns to fill the gaps. I sure hope they don't bring Halloween early, as I'm gunning for all six of those styles.
This team has like no survivability and uses pretty glass characters. Do you have any tanks or healers you can field? Like the other guy said, get some decent weapons and get some all damage reduction stones on each piece of armor and gear you're bringing.
>/feh/ is leaking
being srs, sounds hilarious and horrendous at the same time
Passive inheritance would be really, really broken, having things like two HPT at once or multiple BP and heals at once in the current degenerate meta would be hellish to balance without massive number bloat, I don't want this to become like the FF gacha.
I can see SSS styles getting one more passive slot, or some other gimmicks like altered default BP regen/starting BP patterns, if that won't become a new meta in general at some point.
The core game mechanics are decently solid but are completely hamstrung by the actual battle and quest format, even if you have a really solid stat sytem and decent core mechanics there's only so much you can expand on or even apply to a standard 3 stage battle format with constant powercreep, things like remembrance, as much as it's hated by some people, ended up actually breathing some life into the game's systems and end up being the only real way to keep the game fresh, I'd say it's better to focus on that kind of content rather than endless powercreep or a constant change of archetypes and meta.
Things like the way Imperial SaGa handled main quests being an actual gauntlet of fights, with nodes and forced party splits would be very interesting, it would also allow them to shake up fights by making you play with parties of two/three/four instead of just five, building up parties that can act both as five men or separate two/three groups, admittedly they already kind of tried with the defunct Robin Cup, but that always felt like they were just throwing shit at a wall and didn't really put in the effort needed to make that idea actually function.
>tfw forgot to do final isle
Dont worry anon I also forgot. Thought it was saturday for some reason.
is there a way to sort out 3 ss equipment?
nvm, found it
File: fuck.png (81 KB, 435x120)
81 KB
thanks Gustave very cool
File: 1665125470926550.png (96 KB, 298x235)
96 KB
Don't sweat it bruh, have fun casting
I'm still learning about it actually, but I guess that stick came out just fine if I do say so myself, haha...
My favorite are the tranny weapons.
>gender undefined
are there any support skills that benefit from being leveled
File: Spoiler Image (1021 KB, 1080x2316)
1021 KB
1021 KB JPG
Holy fuck it's real
Don't do any forging right now!
Gus, what the FUCK did you do?
>massive sponge that tanks all the damage and then steamrolls the party.
That's the usual for most garbage modern bosses, without mentioning "le defy weakness xD." That said, most fall to the same team usually, which is: vs aoe healer, liam-level nuke, team stat buffer, tank, free slot. Post your units if you want a detailed suggestion.
iirc offensive skills that have built in stat buffs/debuffs also scale them with rank, then there's some exceptions to that but I really can't remember what they are
Day of the Steel will come soon, trust the plan
I HATE "forging"
Give us gems you greedy nips.
Was bored so decided to try a couple remembrance fights. Managed to clear Wyvern 20 with greatswords with ease using a maximally tanky team (no one dropped below 75%). I was very disappointed to learn StrumniGOD can't solo Wyvern yet, so I took out my frustration on Wuhan with a hilariously easy stage 20 clear for axes.
File: 1670251970883862.jpg (123 KB, 883x1200)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
GODmiknen is very niche but when he works he works.
Not gonna lie though, I fucking love his design, I seriously hope Tissi will come out soon because she's also another SG favorite of mine.
File: global3rdanniversary.jpg (3.83 MB, 2630x1333)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
i wonder if i should redo this.

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