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File: 1679033100595.jpg (1005 KB, 1908x1080)
1005 KB
1005 KB JPG
Ninja hideaway is coming back again edition

No new alt again *and* another reused tour name when it doesn’t even make sense? Zzz
File: its 0ver.png (47 KB, 470x479)
47 KB
>gacha's gone, so they dont feel the need to make as many new characters & cool costumes anymore, just lame colors

Losing it Literally ruined the game.
just.... fuck europe and their anti gamblan laws!
Yellow Shy Guy
Gold Hop Rod
Gold Boo Masks
Those seems to be all the new items in the trailer
There's a new pink kart too that Yukata Peach is driving, probably the commemorative pack. Still, what a fucking letdown. I know this game probably doesn't have THAT long left in it, but even then this is just sad. Guess Dry Dry Ruins at least looks mostly the same in terms of gameplay, although removals of the ruin murals and the Yoshi Sphinx are pretty damn lame.
Another worrying sign is that every tour after Animal has had a reused name, Winter didn’t make sense as a name for the Tokyo/Singapore/Bangkok tour, PPC tour could’ve had a different name, and teasing DDR only to reuse the Ninja Tour name makes no sense
File: 1679033484306.jpg (690 KB, 1936x1080)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
from the trailer we can see that
>shy guy ninja blue, mario happi, jade hop rod and that new kart will be at the shop, happi is too trash to be a discount one so maybe part of the rotation
>peach yukata riding a new unicorn sports coupe, she's at the shop most likely as a spotlight and that kart seems a paywalled item
>new shy guy alt riding a golden hop rod, most likely the ranked rewards
>pink ninja, peach happi, king bob-omb, sakura hop rod, armored ride, dark hop rod, boo masks, secret scroll and fireworks parachute all on rotation
>golden boo masks as gold pass gift
as for the tracks we can see
>ninja hideaway
>dry dry ruins
>wii's rainbow road
>shy guy bazaar
Ninja Shu Guy got a Wii Rainbow Road T buff back in Space and now Wii RR is back with Ninja Guy as a spotlight, seems very likely that Wii RR T will be in ranked the same week as Ninja Guy in the shop
Yeah, that's just the cherry pit on top of the shit sundae. I at least thought this game would last until mid-2024, but this is feeling like bottom of the barrel already. What the hell would they even have to keep up for that long? Not to mention other problems like the spotlight shop being a money sink or Miis taking over the meta with their point boosts. The game has just felt stale this year. I had some decent hopes at the start after Space-Exploration even with their problems, but now I'm not sure what they even want out of this game. This is the closest I've felt to taking a hiatus since mid-2020.

Happi is in the shop. They always feature the two featured drivers in the shop big on the banner and together in the first shot of each tour trailer. They're probably bringing out the kart and a glider to counteract his horrendous value, dumb as that sounds.
Even more, tour after next is almost guaranteed to be Yoshi Tour, another reused name (not as bad since Yoshi Tour is an annual thing), and it’s quite likely that the tour after *that* reuses the Metropolitan name since it’s going to be another Paris/London/Berlin/Amsterdam tour
If Athens Tour somehow manages to reuse a name instead of being called that, that’ll be hilarious
Happi Mario and Ninja Guy are week 1 and 2 spotlights and Yukata Peach will either be a spotlight the whole tour or boosted in shop
I think given their recent trend of having more new courses on ranked, we should expect at least 3 versions of dry dry ruins there, unless they include some random R/T missing, plus 2 from ninja hideaway since it's the ninja tour and a random one from all the other returning ones, my call is shy guy bazaar since we haven't seen that track on ranked in years
File: 1679035833278.png (320 KB, 1052x574)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
and the new suit that looks like another piranha plant one, maybe PPC is coming back already
>2x Dry Dry Ruins (N and R/T)
>2x Ninja Hideaway
>1x Wii Rainbow Road (R or T)
>1 random remaining course
My guess for what’ll be in ranked, but I feel like either Wii RR R or T are guaranteed because Pinja has R and regular Ninja Guy has T
Yoshi’s Island has a piranha plant on it so that would fit, but it might be odd for the Yoshi Tour’s mii suit to be a piranha plant
“Good” ending:
Next update increases number of cups per tour to. 18, Athens debuts in the tour after Metropolitan (like how Bangkok and PPC debuted after all-city tours) and the tour is called Athens Tour
“Bad” ending:
No change to number of cups in a tour, Athens 1+2 debut in Metropolitan and the other tracks in the tour are the 1+2 versions of Paris, London, Berlin and Amsterdam, so we manage to get another reused tour name for Athens
This is the one new thing next tour that isn’t Dry Dry Ruins, I wonder how good it’ll become
it looks the same size as the warrior wagon which is pretty big so for simple hitbox it should be decent, hopefully it covers dry dry ruins and not ninja courses because they are old, have a lot of coverage and only comeback like 2 times a year
Also the kart is called the Taiko Drum Dasher, which is a pretty cool name
File: 1679062460764.jpg (1.35 MB, 3024x3023)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
part of me thinks that the reason why they're recycling previous tours with barely new content is because nintendo is focusing almost exclusively on newer players and their catch up mechanics from now on. veterans now have only the ranked rewards to look forward and rubies keep piling up because unless you're a collector, which I think are probably just a couple of people at this point, you can only buy a couple of things once in a while and stay competitive. those who follow the meta may thing that the game is dying but if you think it from the perspective of a new player, you would be thankful for having those tracks and characters comeback since you weren't playing around early 2021. what really surprises me is how we didn't get a 3.5 anniversary celebration announcement, it's just a generic spring one, maybe they're done with those as well
I heard they removed the gacha from the game, is the game worth playing?
do i need to grind 24/7 or can one just play casually?
File: 167884109387746309.jpg (488 KB, 1079x1742)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
I'm a casual, is there anything worth buying from the ruby shop? I have 520.
I just realised that GBA Luigi Circuit has been finished for ages but after MvL3 didn’t happen there’s no place for it at all in the predicted upcoming schedule, wonder when it’ll show up now
without using a tracker there's no way to tell you what's good for your account but you should save some rubies in case you're lucky to get gold chuck there
Where can I get a tracker?
>MKT Toolbox, an online resource
>Colección MKT, an android app
>MKT Playbook
an ios app
>B&G spreadsheet
File: Mario 2023 - W2D3.png (3.66 MB, 1900x1271)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
>>1143447 (me, last thread)
Mario Tour Wk2 status: 11th
I'm sitting out Week 2. Top 10 opponents have better loadouts; lots of Lv7/Lv8 Metal Mario and DK Jr. on Mario Circuit R/T. The problem with recycling these old courses is that older players have their loadouts maxed, making it hard for newer players to compete in Tier ranked.
I could get a 10k improvement by throwing level tickets onto the 1st 2 races, but it would just get me the same or fewer high end kart cap tickets. And there's a high chance I'd be grinding Tuesday night on the 3rd/4th line, just to get sniped like last week (>>1146080). Also, the Gold 8bit Pipe Frame is not a reward worth chasing.
Next tour looks better, so I'll hold my tickets. Ninja Hideaway is the most fun course in the game. Look forward to using Pinja to fill Ninja Hideaway R/T and Shy Guy Bazaar R/T with giant bananas!
>recycling these old courses
DS Mario Circuit is a new course, what do you mean?
oops my bad
Newer players may have an edge on DS Mario Circuit R/T if they're investing in the newer coinboxers: King Mario and Winter Larry.
Tuxedo Mario is there too, but only one of my opponents is running with him.
I’m worried that Wii DDR might pull a Snow Land and have Ninja Guy (regular) as the only good skill driver and the rest of the drivers are random stuff people aren’t likely to have
According to a youtuber with official info, Shy Guy Ninja is week 1 spotlight, Mario Happi is week 2 and Peach Yukata is the whole tour
And N64 KTB and 3DS Daisy Hills seem to be returning so Thaisy will finally get to see the N, R and T of Daisy Hills
Unless King is a new precedent and not an exception for Mar10 Day, that means no gliders discounted. Ninja Guy is well past his prime now, and while in ranked a lot I wouldn't say Yukata matches some other non-elite drivers we've gotten in recent memory. Happi is a contender for the shittiest driver in the game, and the Jade Hop Rod is hardly anything special.

Taiko Drum Dasher is still a mystery. How do you all think it will turn out? Trying to think of great karts we've gotten in recent memory aside from the Streetle and the Blooper Shuttle.
Well, the current tour has a driver, kart and glider spotlighted each week as well as having King Mario, so it’s still possible that some of the ninja gliders like Secret Scroll or an Origami Glider are discounted too
Gold King Boo, Fire Rosalina and Cat Rosalina are my only drivers that cover Ninja Hideaway variants, hope I’m not too screwed next tour…
I ended up getting all four of the new 8 bit gliders this tour because I’ve heard that the past 8 bit gliders all turned out very strong, I hope these gliders can help build a stronger foundation for me
I also got the King Boo mii since it was discounted and has a good skill
these threads always feel like just 2 guys talking to eachother, lol
I think there's at most 5 recurring anons here. This thread only has 11 different posters, so the difference is probably the new or returning players asking for advice.
i checked out ages ago. i just lurk nowadays to see if any decent new characters or alts get released.
The good news is that any new driver introduced since the March 2022 Samurai Tour hasn't seen these courses yet. That means buffs for a ton of Mii suits, as well as any other regular character which debuted afterward.
Including: Yoshi Gold Egg, Rosa Volendam, Thai Daisy, Petey Piranha (regular and gold), White Tanooki Mario, Gold Chuck, Knight Luigi, King Mario, Kitsune Luigi, Winter Larry, Astro Toad, and both Shy Guy Explorers.
File: wiki-Ninja Hideaway.png (2.43 MB, 2496x2210)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
Existing featured items on Ninja Hideaway variants.
source: https://www.mariowiki.com/Ninja_Hideaway
But isn’t Ninja Hideaway going to be a low-value buff for anything that gets it because it only appears once per year?
The point is that you most likely WILL have coverage, but you're right.
hey whales you want even MORE rubies?
gotta keep the whales fed I suppose.
File: 1679380339906.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2400)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
I bet the only thing extreme about these challenges will be how unbelievably grindy they will be. Like hit 10,000 opponents with green shells or some bullshit like that.
I've seem some speculating that the Donkey Kong badges could possibly come with the mysterious mobdk track, which may check out if it's based on the original Donkey Kong arcade game. It is odd that we didn't get these with New York Minute.
The only snag is that the gap for mobdk is still at 10 currently, so mobdk doesn’t seem planned to release anytime soon unless the next tour and/or update increases it by a lot
With the recent drought in new alts, do you think there are very many more alts planned for the game or not? There doesn’t seem to be many slots left for non-recolor and non-Mii drivers; and the mysterious slots 48 and 53 are still empty
After doing some digging, it looks 48, 53, 81, 183, 187, 205, 206, 207 and 210 seem to be the only slots remaining for new drivers that aren’t Miis; 223, 224, 242, 255, 256, 277 and 279 seem to also be for new non-Mii drivers, and apparently the IDs aren’t planned to go further than 279
I feel like the game is going to have another major update soon hence the lack of new HE drivers and this will bring a new rotation of battle tracks, tier 100+ and maybe player level 400+ as well. the thing that worries me is that nintendo may take a different approach this time and add a new mechanic to shake things up. level 9 would require at least 12 to 15 tickets which I think it's too much, but what if they introduce a new element like wheels with their own set of level and base points tickets or maybe something even more extreme like messing with the coverage of already existing items to change the value of random shit
People are also suggesting that part of the next version update will increase the number of cups per tour to 18, since future tours, starting from the tour after the presumed Yoshi Tour, seem to be prepped to have 12 tracks per tour rather than 10, will that be a good thing?
>sixteen slots
>several are clearly going to the final three cities
That's absolutely grim.
Also, 95, 96, 100, 101 and 152 are apparently junk slots with no data in them so those are unused, not sure if any of the later IDs are also unused
Makes sense they cut other Pit Crew Toads since there's only one color left from 8, but what's up with 152?
File: Remaining Driver IDs.png (2.53 MB, 2098x1424)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
Made a guide to show off remaining slots for drivers that aren't just Miis or the recolors from 8.
After next tour, we'll be waiting on the following:
>16 new drivers, several possibly recolors
>21 Mii Racing Suits
>six ranked Super rewards

That firmly lines up with around a year of content left, which fits with the leaked tracks too.
I’m not sure, but 152 being unused is what the dataminers have said, and after I’ve spent quite some time reading everything they‘ve done I’d say they’re reliable
Also I don’t think I should say that 279+ won’t happen because that was just second-hand info I couldn’t find the original source for; they could always expand the slots past that
Who's ACTUALLY getting this gold kart from ranked tonight? Shit was impossible.
I've been ignoring rank past couple of tours due to burn out.
File: 1679461326050.jpg (831 KB, 1080x2400)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
did you get it?
honestly you won't be missing much since it's pretty tiny and has awful coverage
File: because desert.jpg (41 KB, 409x329)
41 KB
its their time to get:


Black and red got T!
File: 1679465570865.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2400)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
wow, the dry dry ruins top shelf is awful, if it wasn't for the yellow suit I would probably have to finally get either cat or chef luigi
I don’t have a DDR driver lmao, wondering if I should get the mii or Peach Yukata; or just tank week 1 and do week 2 instead since I have everything in week 2 covered except for the DDR T kart, which the new discounted spotlight kart has
Buy the Mii, giant banana is superb.
Pokey Mii is triple banana, not giant banana
I would say any of the 2 suits are a good option but giant banana is better even if is at full price at the shop
I’m not very keen on getting a full price mii from the shop though; and I already feel like getting Pinja this tour
The Pokey mii is discounted and newer so I think it’d have good future value over yellow mii too
So is it a very bad sign that they aren’t even acknowledging the 3.5 year anniversary and having a “springtime celebration” instead?
File: 1679493886515.png (1.19 MB, 1590x1205)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
the shop
Had a fun multiplayer challenge run, and I got 3 frenzies including a coin frenzy on Ninja RT at the end, shame it happened there instead of on the ranked cup
I still find it retarded that they dont discount the high chance groups.
Thoughts on the next two “springtime celebration” tours (where is the acknowledgment of 3.5 anni)
Yoshi Tour: Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi Desert alongside Yoshi Valley R/T, one each of the two missing Birdo/Yoshi colors for ranked rewards, who knows if we get a new alt but I’d hope so since Yoshi’s Island should get one
Metropolitan Tour (If number of cups increases): Paris 1-3, London 1-3, Berlin 1-3 and Amsterdam 1-3 rerun; with Paris B and Berlin 1R/T (3R/T saved for later), no non-recolor alt
Metropolitan Tour (No increase in cup amount): Paris 1-2, London 1-2, Amsterdam 1-2, Berlin 1-2; with the debut of Athens 1 and 2 at the same time alongside Paris B and Berlin 1R/T, with a new alt for Athens
Ok, found a source confirming which ID slots are for Miis, which lines up with what I said before (some of the IDs here have been added as Miis already)
I did find one more piece of info after searching the server: 223 and 224 started with unused Mii Cup boosts, but those were removed and 223 and 224 were never added; so those two IDs might also be scrapped, or just unfinished
And then I just found more: apparently 48, 81, 210 and 255 (at least) are confirmed High Ends, 53 still has a placeholder rarity of Normal, and according to this pic posted around the NY Tour, 183, 223, 224 and 242 are all scrapped leaving us with even less slots for new drivers than I thought
It's 2023 and my best driver for Daisy Hills is still regular Daisy.
File: Hippity Hoppity.png (58 KB, 798x122)
58 KB
Nice, easy token grinding!
File: Updated IDs.png (2.97 MB, 2098x1424)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB PNG
Ouch, that would leave just 12 more non-Miis left then unless they expand the IDs again.
I’ve been wanting to get Pinja for a long time and I was waiting to see if he’d be discounted for when Ninja Hideaway returns, unfortunately he’s not; so I’m wondering if he’s still worth it for 150 rubies
man... YELLOW SUIT cucked that POKEY SUIT
File: Mario Feet.png (519 KB, 536x693)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
Isn't it funny how Happi Mario has such fat little feet? Haha, so cute!
What isn't funny is how fuckin useless he is. Happi Peach should've been the Spotlight instead.
File: DAMMIT,D0C.jpg (64 KB, 471x540)
64 KB
Dry Dry Ruins R/T is another RMX Rainbow Road 1R/T situation where the devs forgot to put a 3rd item set somewhere at the end.
They probably wanted another Mario Santa on Snow Land situation where the discounted spotlight is a trash old driver who got a single buff on the most difficult ranked track to cover; except Happi’s track (DDR T) is covered by Gold Chuck and Light Blue Explorer so he isn’t needed unlike the terrible Snow Land topshelf
Cleared token shop already, White Tanooki Mario on Vanilla Lake 1T got them all
When you do this do you always restart the race until you get a giant banana frenzy?
not him but I also cleared the shop and I just used an autoclicker on daisy hills r/t with yellow toad because I don't have other giant banana drivers at high level. you don't have to restart just set it to repeat the race over and over with the same setup
How do you autoclick with giant banana drivers? dont you still need to tap manually when they get the frenzy?
I’m kinda worried about the 3rd tour of the spring celebration because there are two options for it and both don’t seem appealing
The first possibility is that the tour contains only Paris/London/Berlin/Amsterdam tracks with the only “new” tracks being Paris B and the R/Ts for Berlin 1 and 3; which would be bad since there is no new course and every tour lately has had at least one new course, even the filler ones, and the tour would be guaranteed to reuse the Metropolitan name
The second possibility is that the tour debuts AT (Athens) alongside the other European cities and Paris B, but then there would still be a high chance the tour reuses the Metropolitan name rather than getting the Athens Tour name, and if even the debut of a new city can’t give us a new tour name that’s not good
by using the auto mode, the cpu doesn't take advantage of the full frenzy but you can still get several hits, boomerang drivers are also decent using this method if it's a narrow track, but the real advantage of the autoclicker is not getting burned out because you can leave it working while you're sleeping or doing something else and in like 8 hours you could get 3k to 4k tokens without doing anything.
Studfit/Antilev Rundown live:
I’d like to point out that the reveal trailers for the Mario Tour and the Spike Mii were made private on youtube and deleted from twitter for some reason; and checking in-game, the news post with the Mario Tour and Spike Mii trailers were deleted from the in-game news list as well, why did this happen?
File: 167948426213980950.jpg (483 KB, 1047x1748)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
It's over
Even just one high end ticket can get you much better scores, not to mention you can still grind for points. Just one ticket on king mario and getting everything to their point cap can get you an extra 1k on your overall score.
I got it but I've only started playing the last couple of weeks so I'm still in low tier
I've done a bit of grinding now, just scraping second, and still 2,500 from first.
File: IMG_4284.jpg (200 KB, 1170x1172)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Maintenance time!
I kind of hope something new gets added after maint even if it’s unlikely since nothing significant was added or changed after the version update
File: Ninja 2023 - W1D5.png (3.51 MB, 2200x1105)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB PNG
Mario Tour Wk2 result: 7th. Down to Tier 71.
Ninja Tour Wk1: 1st so far. Suffering for the last 2 months is finally paying off.
Ninja Tour Wk2: Should be competitive with my existing loadout.
They're probably laying the foundations for the next expansion of Levels/Tiers.
It’s gonna be weird when Yoshi’s Island is the big new course for next tour except we’ve already been playing it for a month; just hope the T and R/T are fun
It seems like the currently theorized tour schedule is Yoshi Tour with Yoshi’s Island and Desert > Metropolitan Tour with Athens 1 and 2 > Bowser Tour with GBA BC4 and one of the SNES BCs > Tour with Daisy Circuit
It's going to be even more weird when we don't get again a new driver but gold egg's and kangaroo's return along with another recolored yoshi as the ranked reward for week 1 and an old one for week 2
I'd take a proper Birdo variant at this point.
They highlighted the Birdo recolors in MK8 when Yoshi’s Island was revealed so it seems like either Red or Green Birdo would come with the Yoshi Tour; maybe Yellow or Light-Blue Yoshi and Turbo Yoshi week 1 ranked, and Red or Green Birdo and Turbo Birdo week 2
The following tracks are fairly likely for next tour based on ID gaps:
>Yoshi's Island (a given)
>Yoshi Circuit
>Yoshi Valley
>Yoshi Desert
>Cookie Land
>SNES Choco Island 1
>Vanilla Lake 2
>Boo Lake
>Riverside Park
>Piranha Plant Slide
>Twilight House

Would be both hilarious and painful if the last ranked track outside the new Yoshi additions is Baby Park R.
3DS BC, Neo Bowser City, Piranha Plant Slide, RRM, Boo Lake, GBA BCs 1-3, Riverside Park, Airship Fortress, Baby Park, Yoshi Circuit, KD2, Yoshi Valley, Choco Island 1, Vanilla Lake 1, Amsterdam 1-2, Berlin 1-2, London 1-2, Paris 1 and RMX BC are the remaining ID changes from Holiday Tour that link to upcoming tours
Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris link to the tour that should introduce Athens
All the Bowser tracks link to the tour with GBA BC4 and the SNES BC, Koopa Cape and KD2 may be linked to this tour too due to being changed at the same time as the Bowser tracks
RRM and Airship weren’t changed after Holiday so they may not be planned for an upcoming tour
DK Summit was changed but it’s R/T was added that tour so I’m not sure if the change was just to accommodate the R/T
There were also changes for Bangkok 1, Singapore 1-2 and Tokyo 2 and 4, but those may have been for the Winter Tour instead of an upcoming tour
This does leave Piranha Plant Slide, Boo Lake, Riverside Park, Baby Park, Yoshi Circuit, Yoshi Valley, Choco Island 1 and Vanilla Lake 1 for the Yoshi Tour as you said; but PPS and Yoshi Circuit weren’t changed in the Winter Tour while all the others + the Yoshi Desert gap were, which means PPS might not appear, especially since every track from the Mario and Ninja Tours did get changed at the same time during the Space and Winter Tours respectively
>Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris link to the tour that should introduce Athens
I know that it's clearly happening, but still think it's lame how they're already recycling the Metropolis Tour.
Ok hold on, I may have realised something important, the current theory is that Athens 1-2 will debut in a metropolitan with the other Europe cities, and the first time the Athens gap was increased past 15 (5+5+5) was alongside increases to the other Europe cities?
you know how there’s a gap between Paris and Singapore that’s likely to be an unknown city because of the +15 increase to it? After the +15 increase, the next time the gap went up was the Space Tour, where it got +8. Importantly, New York 1-2, Singapore 1-2, Sydney 1-2, and Vancouver 1-2 all got changed during the Space Tour as well, and we know that the changes from after Holiday will be for tours after the GBA BC4 and SNES BC tour, so maybe the 1-2 of this city are planned to debut in an all-city tour with the 1-2s of NY, Singapore, Sydney and Vancouver?
And the gap between LA and New York actually seems to have something like this too, it was also a 15 gap and we know about “mobmd”
This gap went up by +13 in Winter Tour, and +13 is a bigger increase than the first increases to the Athens gap (+9) and Paris/Singapore gap (+8) Winter Tour has increases to Amsterdam 3, Athens gap, Bangkok 1 (and maybe 2, 2 started with a higher ID size than 3) Berlin 1-3, London 3, LA 2-3, Paris 1-3, Paris/Singapore gap, maybe Singapore 3 (gap size 15 in Space but added at size of 16, +1), Sydney 3, Tokyo 1-3 and Vancouver 3. I’m theorizing that the gap increases here are for Athens 3 and one of 1/2, P/S gap 3, and MD 1-3; the +13 suggests that all 3 MDs got increased, +10 to Athens gap suggests Athens 3 getting its increase alongside either 1/2, and +4 to P/S gap suggests only 3 getting increased
If Athens and P/S gap have 1 and 2 debut together, then MD should also debut 1 and 2 together, so I think the increases in Winter Tour are for both an MD 1/2 tour; and a tour where Athens 3, P/S gap 3 and MD 3 all debut
MD Tour:
>Athens 1/2
>Bangkok 1 and 2
>LA 2
>MD 1 and 2
>Paris 1 and 2
>Berlin 1 and 2
>Tokyo 1 and 2
“3” Tour:
>Amsterdam 3
>Athens 3
>Berlin 3
>London 3
>LA 3
>MD 3
>Paris 3
>P/S gap 3
>Singapore 3
>Sydney 3
>Tokyo 3
>Vancouver 3
This isn’t perfect because I have to assume an 18-cup tour with 12 total tracks per tour to fit these in, but the increase to 18 cups was theorized before, and laying it out like this allow every city I think was changed in Winter Tour to fit; Bangkok 3, LA 1, New York 3-4 and Tokyo 4 are left out but they weren’t changed in Space/Winter
Additionally this also has to assume that Athens, MD and Paris/Singapore gap are the last three cities, with the only proof being the initial 15 ID sizes for each of them and MD’s fence objects; but if I’m right then the release order will be Athens > Paris/Singapore gap city > MD, with the first two being in wave 5 of MK8 and MD wave 6
Apologies for that giant wall of text but I got convinced the ID increases to the cities in Space and Winter Tours had to mean something, and the changes coinciding with the ID increases to the gaps that are likely the unknown cities didn’t feel like a coincidence

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