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Luv me jewels
Luv me lightbulbs
Luv me login jewels
Luv me SaGa missuses
Luv me apolojewels
Luv me monster meat
'ate forging
'ate Death Master
'ate dat creator poofter
'ate rank grinding
'ate paid jewels
'ate waiting for shop resets
Simple as

Double SaGa Frontier 2 Banners straight outta the oven for you lads, get'em while they're hot
Got Gustave and Misty without going fully bankrupt, I'm down to 32K now so the inevitable upcoming GLEX might be a forced skip.
Best of luck to you folks
Posted in ded thread, though mods might delete this one, they hate two threads being up even if one's on page 10.
>Johan on the first pull
Desire sensor working as intended, he's the only one I didn't want. What do I do with this guy? Had his ancient styles since launch
And Johan popped up again. Then an off banner, then Gus, and then finally Misty. With plenty of dead pulls mixed in. 11 pulls total, didn't have to pity. 36k jewels left, I should recover for Christmas.
Took 10 pulls to get Gustave. Down to 416 gems.
How did I even get an uneven number of gems?
>Misty and Johan in 5 multis
Should I keep going?
I also got Johann on the first pull
I had to go to 13/15 before I got Gus but the banner is safely sweeped
Do you really like Gus? Do you fear magic-wielding bosses? If yes, then pull. If no, then stop and consider yourself lucky.
I have the 2 previous Gustave styles but I think I'm stopping here, maybe wait for a rerun
Next month seems like it will hell so better save
Smart choice. Hell begins next month and won't stop for a few months at least.
>offbanner trash
>offbanner trash
>offbanner trash
>offbanner trash
and that's all i got on the way to the pity; and that marks the 15th pity on a row for me. this is just too exhausting. screw everything.
you seem like you could use another offbanner anon
have 6 of my final emperors
You can have the Johans I pulled offbanner version
what makes saga frontier 2 so different from the other titles
You never played it?
It's kinda weird, for starters it's the only story focused games in the series, to the point that 90% of Gustave's side of the story is just cutscenes.
The game's kinda similar to RS2 in that it's a generational game, but unlike RS2 it's fully linear writing wise, you can proceed through scenarios in a non chronological order but the story doesn't change.
Mechanics wise it's also weird because it's a four men party game when the other games use five, then you have other weird stuff like Duel Mode, manual tech learning through command sequences, really weird magic schools (beast or tone), chip economy, it's pretty out there, it also doesn't have BR at all.
It did reintroduce old mechanics like weapon durability though, and also create a lot of new concepts like spell channeling or a prototype of the Role system Scarlet Grace uses.
Got Gustave pretty early but had to hit pity for Misty ugh
Which option should I pick when forging a claw for Misty?
Pick any element, probably dark so Leonid can also use it
it has characters with personality
Besides debuffer Matriarch and healer Final Empress, what else are we getting next month?
Debuffer Matriarch is Valentine matriarch so she won't come out next month.
outside of mystery GLEX/Main story and Femps' banner, December will have the SF1 mystic boys (Ildon, Ciato and Rastaban) and girls (Asellus, Rei, Mesarthim+Golden Lion welfare) double banner.

The boys banner will be alright, Ildon is a strong critical archetype AoE farmer, Ciato is DEX pierce DPS for bossing thanks to heat up stacks and Bloodslay which is really nice for rapiers, he also gets to evade up to six attacks with Mirror Shade, then there's Rastaban, who is a pretty mediocre to bad WIL debuffer for greatswords on paper, but the combination of Bloodslay, HPT and Mystic Power 3 automatically puts him in the "okay to good" tier, the best style in here is Ciato if you need a stronger rapier box, he's just pretty good in general though.

Girls banner is kinda bad, Asellus here isn't all that great, she's just tankier due to HPT and has a 4BP rotation, but her skills suck and if you don't have Pref Asellus for Triple Thrust inherit she's actually pretty mediocre, she's not as RNG based as Mystic Asellus at least.
Rei's pretty bad for a long list of reasons, her passives suck and don't have much sinergy, she's supposed to be a WIL debuffer but sucks at her job compared to pretty much any other WIL debuffer and is only passable if you have her previous two styles since you get any status ailment and some WIL debuffs in the same package, they'll probably change her and give her HPT though, if they do then she's salvageable.
Mesarthim is also mediocre since she's just a meh cold mage with a 5BP minimum party heal, she suffers the most in this banner because Macha will come shortly after her.
Golden Lion's a pretty solid welfare for slash AoE farming, as usual, but nothing beyond that, she's no welfare Rich or GLEX Cotton, but she's free and she's cute so there's that.
>triple thrust
that skill stopped being relevant after 8BP SSS skills even before it was already a garbage skill because why use 8bp SS when you can bring counter SSS and do better burst
ildon is farming borderline god tier after crit tag weapons but still below anya because anya still gives bp flexibility
save until anya macha esper girl and byunei they broken opopop
I got some questions about crafted weapons.
Do events go back to earlier molds like ancient?
Lets say I have a weapon with slash+. If I use an attack that is dual attribute slash + lightning, and enemy took lightning damage since it was weak to lightning, did the slash+ bonus activate?
anything that has slash attribute gets damage bonus. the only thing that matters is you are using any skill with a slash attribute
8BP SS rotates better than 11BP SSS, at that point you'd rather keep using Mystic Asellus for counter fishing since she hits way harder than NY Asellus and GL already has means to boost mitigation so much the HPT reduction from NY Asellus is fairly irrelevant, coupled with Mystic Power 3 RNG Mystic is just better at pushing DPS compared to NY if that's what you want out of Asellus.
As it is NY Asellus is more about competing with Iskandar for the tanky one handed sword frontliner spot, and I guess she is better than him depending on who you ask, I'd rather give NY Asellus' skill 3 to Mystic at this point since Mystic's only issue is being too reliant on RNG for survival and that skill will make her more stable, but that's just me, and we don't know what will happen to that style in GL either.
so it's a game for uggo chasers
>SF1 boys banner would be good for my box/meta
>SF1 girls banner has all chars I like but they're not good

Also, gimme your GLEX Christmas predictions bros.
File: style_320102.png (523 KB, 640x940)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
that watercolor picture of Gustave facing the viewer reminds me of Star Platinum for some reason.
>fighting a literal egg shapeshifting alien.
>Loli Misty looks like Malon
>boss theme is quite stellar.
what else does SF2 have?
File: 1664370693300.png (97 KB, 350x543)
97 KB
Misty doesn't really look like Malon outside of that art, Kobayashi's Misty is fairly different, although it's hard to find any good image of her concept art.
Not like Misty appears much in the original game either, what you've seen in the current event is a faithful recreation of the game's cutscenes for parts of Rich's scenario, and the only times Misty ever appears in the game.
8bp ss is trash in damage output and asellus has garbage damage output the reason to use the 11bp sss is because of the counter
the only major use asellus has seen was that deflect for tanking but that was almost a year ago
generally think like almost every style this year except a few was fucking garbage and that both iskander and asellus are trash but you do you
>I'm going to kill all Wil Knights and incubate this egg on his grave.
That's hot.
That one is actually useful unlike his new version.
scarlet grace and the final fantasy sagas are on sale.
The Final Fantasy Legend can actually blow me.
>inventory limits
No. NO! Never again.
If a boss has 999 of a status resist can you still apply it if you do enough buff/debuff and weapon gems, or is it impossible?
the egg is not an alien. go play the game.
They were gameboy games, you could only do so much at the time and nobody made a handheld RPG before either.
Besides the SNES games had inventory limits too.
I'm not sure how status resistance debuffs work in terms of math but it's not possible at the moment, we don't have any mean to constantly debuff WIL in large amounts and status resistance debuffs are extreme RNG now.
hopefully another sagasca glex banner. better yet, if it's balmaint-themed. imagine: glex shaams, balmaint, sigfrei, and arthur. i would whale for that.
Did they discontinue the free monthly jewels deal in the shop?

I can't find it. That was pretty much the only thing I bought and I guess they expect me to buy other stuff.

I'm not going to.
I think the highest I've ever been able to inflict status was vs around 450 or 500 resistance, and that's with a team meant to nuke enemy WIL and buff my own INT. I don't think 999 is possible.
I can't find the monthly thing either. Must've been one of the things that changed with the shop.
Making Misty eat ALL the eggs!
why are you doing this
yeah it was mentioned in the news, they removed it temporarily because of the price changes. wonder how they'll change it
Shit that sucks.
Are SS weapons with the 60% stone the best? Or are 90% weapons still the best?
>boot up save file of Saga Frontier on Switch
>check over Riki and some of the monsters
>Riki is a Black Dragon
might as well make Thunder into a Thunder Dragon.
File: EGG_.jpg (55 KB, 426x342)
55 KB
>EGG time
Fug, I still need to do 14 more floors of the Pandemonium tower.
Dunno man but seeing Elysed dunk out 200k damage for 6 bp is quite something.
There's a month, don't rush it, most of the Edelritters fights are annoying as hell and the Egg is worse than that.
How the fuck do you even beat the big egg boy? The amount of HP it has is absolutely absurd.
ok, it seems that i am not able to fight the lords, or the tree or the egg, what the fuck happened here? is this another bertrand stage?
Seems so. I have a big array of fully maxed characters, including many from SSS tier and this shit just deletes me while not really losing any HP.
Seems like this is made for 30 turn scrum guard turtle+healing meta with shields and Liam as the only damage dealer.
The treefolk is easy to T1 by now, but the edelritters and the Egg are a pain in the ass, the Tree and Tone Lords are especially stupid.
You can AGI scum the water lord though, I used a basic AGI scumming team with Nusakan and had little issues.
Beast Lord can be beaten with GLEX Cotton provided you have strong attackers, I used Misty for that fight while Cotton tanked and everybody else played support, don't use Liam since Beast lord can do direct LP damage.
Stone Lord can also be turned into a DPS race if you have certain styles, but if he gets too trigger happy with hornet sting it will be painful, Liam is risky here since he can't withstand the direct LP damage, the recent Wil is pretty good for this fight since he tanks well, has good DPS and can also evade.
Fire Lord is mostly just souped up Fire Lord, except now he can also do LP damage with Sunspot Destroyer, so again, Liam comps are kind of a russian roulette, you need WIL buffing and a debuffer so that he doesn't instantly paralyze your team with Meditation+Meteor Shower.
Tone Lord and Tree lord are giving me issues, though I suspect I can beat Tree Lord with GLEX Cotton at least, no clue what to do with Tone Lord though since I don't have Halloween White Rose for super WIL stacking and he just mass confuses my teams on T1/T2 for an instawipe.
Even with a lot of meta styles like Mask, GLEX Therese, the latest Gustave and whatever else there's a lot of RNG, don't feel bad if you can't beat the Egg, it's meant to be really fucking hard.

It's funny in a way since SF2 is really easy and these fights are the complete opposite of what they were in the game, the Edelritters especially were pretty pathetic since they're super easy duel fights that also also have timeout win condition, you'd have more trouble with the Griffin or the Lich in the tower of Laubholz than any of those jobbers.
If you beat the lords before fighting egg do you lose the option to fight him in all forms? Is there a benefit for doing so or not? I haven't touched it yet since I'm still training my units (Barely finished Spiral 150 last night before it closed), and right now I'm training units in various nodes to clean out the shops while I'm doing work.
The DPS race seems interesting but I need to see what he's weak against since most of my stronger styles are M.Arts and Staff.
Looking at the videos it seems I answered my own question. At least I still have those options. I'll have to worry about team comps after I farm enough mats to drown myself in them. On another note, are bronze weapons a meme? I'm not sure how their bonuses (aside from the 3 standard ones) apply to most of the game.
where's a good place to unlock skills and increase their ranks? Or should I just wait for Asura's Training?
>Seems like this is made for 30 turn scrum guard turtle+healing meta with shields and Liam as the only damage dealer.
That's what I've been doing, though all I've tried are Treefolk Romancing and Water Lord. Treefolk dies super fast to Liam, I think he four shots them once he's set up and Water Lord didn't take too much more.
Bronze is a meme, yeah.
Seeker's Path comes around pretty often, just wait for that.

Also, reminder to anyone worried about the Egg and Lord fights: the notice said they will both be added later as permanent events.
i may need to checklist the S units and A units. I sometimes wonder if there are units who aren't available that are S and A units that are seasonals? trying to get Gustave.
>rematch button for hidden dojo
>no next match button
>97 A ranks
>165 S ranks
>526 SS ranks

assuming the database changes to meet JP overtime.
75 of 97 A rank units
89 of 165 S rank units
135 of 526 SS rank units

did you check the character's style EXP and amount of promotion scrolls you have?
lol, just use the faggot combo: liam, redditriarch, mask, aoe heal unit. the remaining unit is up to your choice.
I have Liam and DEX + protection paean reddittriarchs but my only AoE "healers" are Esper Girl and Mirsa. I also have Alkaiser and Goddess for that one time full party heal but that won't cut it.
I don't have FE or the water festival Narwhal's Daughter (only the latest one), no Mask either.
Does the boss remove debuffs?
yes, the usual 30 or 40% cap until it erases its debuffs; it can also break your int and agi buffs at the same cap or so. hp is really needed for the fight, like 2000 or so, so don't bother with it unless you're one of those 24/7 macrogrinders. the event is permanent, so there's no need to hurry. you can wait until the stats hit the 210 cap for an easier time; i did that in the japanese version and managed to defeat the thing without much trouble.if you're desperate you can try paralysis during the beast form, but that requires keeping on check int buffs and wil debuffs, which is just a bother honestly.
why do people call her that? did they undersell her or smth?
sounds retarded but what do we call liam
Bronze is good for farmers of the associated series, and certain specific characters like Sekishusai if you get some super insane luck to have a 110%+ weapon.
His Worship
>just realized I have six of eight Gustaves
>missing "A Conqueror's Anguish" and "A Little too Big"
guess i'll wait for that other event Gustave.
ugh, Red Mage's banner next, fuck that I planned to save for him and now I'll have to skip
What does that dude do? I only care about unique and niche styles now.
Also gonna have to skip, shit sucks my man.
And looking at this dual element SS staff we're gonna be getting, I just realized I should've got the Staff Master stone and not the Axe Master stone. Dammit, it'll probably be at least 2 months before we can get a second 60% damage stone.
WIL debuffer with RNG based HP drain chase.
Flamme/Flammar is unique in that she has Reviver, but that's not all that good.
Friere/Frielei is a weird T2 Slash farmer.
Sounds gay but what does reviver do?
On a side note, should I try to pull the new Eleanor for that 10 turn regeneration?
I take you don't play the games, Reviver is a spell that automatically revives a character if they get KO'd, it's a recurrent spell in the series.
It's not that good because Flamme has to pay LPs for that though.
And don't pull for Eleanor, Soul Hymn is pretty crap in this game and she's middling right now with no future style to fix her.
Thanks my dude. It seems I can finally save gems for some time after pitying the halloween banner.
Does the bonus from forged weapons stack?
egg sama
I fucking kneel
Arsenal pulling its weight as a guaranteed buff dispeller and Mask being an absolute champ eating two Fatal Bites for 4 LP on a Triple Strike. Three down, three to go.
I must've got really lucky on Fire Lord as my standard Liam team sleptwalked through it on the first try without seeing that LP damaging move.
what's the weird part
liam? more like LAME. just like any clear associated with him.
She's weird in the sense that like all lore based styles they put strange handicaps on her, similarly to the current on banner Johan who is permapoisoned since he's from the time of the battle of the citadel when he was dying because of the Scorpion's poison, so much like his last fight in the game he takes constant damage every round.
So her first passive makes her start a battle paralyzed to reference how she encased herself in ice in the southern fortress to seal away the Obsidian Sword, then on round 2 and beyond she can finally pull that S AoE slash with the obsidian sword, which thanks to her passives is actually pretty good, iirc only Souji and Ludwig are better than her.
>you will use ze final empress
>you VILL use ze matriarch
>you absolutely will use ze liam
>else you won't clear content
It's all so tiresome.
You (might) be able to make it work without Liam. Matriarch isn't core yet. Mat is mandatory.
Don't even think about doing the fight without her. She has no substitute and PWR will die too quickly.
*Fempress isn't core yet
Fempress won't be core until next month when she gets her xs heal.

Matriarch will never be challenged on her throne.
>tfw you don't have any final empress styles
They'd be literal fools not to rerun her next month given it's our anni.
Brace for misery in 2 weeks.
Why can't I use FUN styles? Why can't I substitute that slut with the new chad Gustave I pulled?
Why did they overload her with both scrum guard and the perfect shield?
Why can't I substitute Liam with Leonid who also shits damage while being a BP battery?
Why are most support styles hot garbages so we're stuck with redditriarch? Why can't I use my Minstrel instead?
>Why can't I substitute that slut with the new chad Gustave I pulled?
You literally can. Until fempress gets that heal gus just beats her flat out. And after she gets that heal Gus still beats her against magic damage

800 damage magic incoming post scrum and passives
Fempress 180 heal brings it to 620
Gustaves -35% brings it to 520
It only starts winning out at extremely low amounts of incoming damage which requires additional supports besides her to brunch that damage down to 300.
Gus exists to reduce incoming magic damage and he is literally the best unit in the game at doing that.

>Why can't I substitute Liam with Leonid. Because Leonid doesn't do remotely the same damage and the only units that can compete with Liam in Global is Therese who still doesn't do Liam amounts of damage because Liam is stupid.

>Why are most support styles hot garbage
Instead of making them fill out new niches they're designed to fill out unusable niches
eg.; Aries is dogshit in 99% of the content and will continue to be so and can't compete with fempress in the one thing he's good at over a boss fight with mixed damage. Cielmer. Farrah. Soon to be red mage. Etc.

>stuck with matriarch
Because they clearly want her to be meta with nobody even remotely coming close to her level.
>Why can't I substitute that slut with the new chad Gustave I pulled?
You can? Gustave's much better than Matriarch for things like the edelritters fights, even though I would use neither.
>the perfect shield
Femps' shield isn't perfect, it only gives you one round of damage immunity IF you don't get crippled by a shutdown stat, in which case the shield deactivates, it's very strong but very situational and the more time passes the more niche it will get.
It also does nothing against direct LP damage, you get hit by something like Fatal Bite/Sunspot/Star Quake and you'll eat shit.
>Why can't I substitute Liam with Leonid who also shits damage while being a BP battery?
Because Leonid's a weird support/self sustain hybrid, not a DPS style, you CAN swap Liam for other people in some cases, take the Egg fights, you can use GLEX Therese or Misty instead of Liam, they'll also be way safer than Liam since you can't stack too many chasers against the Egg due to Star Quake.
>Why are most support styles hot garbages
There's plenty of good support styles though, Mariah for starters, Halloween ND is a must for AGI/WIL scumming the current 7H tower, same with Nusakan.
I don't really understand why you're complaining about the one, single use Matriarch or Liam have in this game, this game is also based on RS3 so it's unthinkable to pretend that the fucking matriarch wouldn't be a core style, let alone one of the OGs, nobody forces you to do the most tryhard shit out there, which is the only thing where """"""meta"""""" matters, even in most Romancing fights you can do pretty much whatever as long as you have a decent box.
>even in most Romancing fights
Has there been a single romancing we haven't gorilla'd with junk units?
I think the literal only one was summer 1's back when everybodies box was shit.
iirc Romancing Silver was giving people trouble since they buffed her so AGI scumming wasn't as effective.
Romancing Eveline was also a similar deal when it released, nowadays she's a chump though, ventus alone smokes her.
I only have her GLEX, is this good enough?
That's literally the only one you need
Roc on floor 195 said no boys allowed, so Liam was benched in favor of the girl squad! It was weird using Fempress as my main damage dealer, but slow and steady won the race on the first try. I've slowed down to just doing two floors per day, so that's it for now.
Gonna go see what Tone Lord's like before I finish for the day.
Tone lord dunks on me
I'll be looking forward to your progress
Yeah, I just tried a couple times and what the fuck is this boss? WIL stacking from GLEX PWR and Mama is helping me dodge the ailments, but triple high damage aoes every turn isn't something I can survive and keep up with with limited aoe healing.
I'm gonna try slotting in the new Gus but only about half of Tone Lord's attacks look like spells so I'm not sure if it'll be enough. Gotta go burn some gold pieces to take him to 50.
Max turtle comp with Gus, Mariah, Mama, PWR and Liam can't even withstand all this bullshit.
So I looked around youtube and first result is an INT nuking comp. I go to check Tone Lord's skill list and to my surprise, it doesn't have Defy Weakness.
Rev up those INT nukers boys.
My Real queen is incapable of nuking int and it bugs the piss out of me
Mine can, but shit like Oscillation and Sonic Blaster are still hitting for quadruple digit damage. I need to lower his AGI too I think. This team is identical to the one I saw on youtube except I use RQ instead of the latest Schirach.
Hmm, not sure if this is gonna be possible without Schirach for that STR/AGI debuffing role compression. To mitigate the damage, you have to somehow get big debuffs on this bastard for STR, AGI and INT all at the same time. Even then the first few rounds would be very rng heavy.
I'm going to try a triple combo of Byunei, Schirach, and Cat/Rabbit at some point. If that doesn't work then I'll be truly out of ideas and will have to look up a strategy
I found the play. It does require debuffing those three stats, but thankfully three separate characters plus Narwhal's omni debuff does the trick. Turns out there was one other clear on youtube and I had the exact styles needed:
Team is shown at the very end, skip to the time code in the title to find the winning run. I replicated it with ease on the first try.

Be warned, it's a long ass (20 min+) fight because the STR/DEX debuffs mean your only sources of damage are Jellyfish and chocoballs. But it's safe as fuck, all his spells did zero damage and his martial arts skills did less than what Mariah heals were giving me. Just normal attack/Acupuncture+ with Mariah (later on she will always whiff it but wait for OD to guarantee it connects; she'll build OD like crazy here), alternate Jellyfish and Trick or Treat Festival with ND, Mama spams PoV, Monika spams Blurry Needles (and uses Floral Flap on OD if she has the BP) and PWR spams chocoballs.
kudos, anon
I'll try slugging it out come this weekend
I had to put egg 10 on hold because the fucker was still paralyzing Rag which instantly ends the fight.
I might have a nonstandard idea for clear if I can solve his ailments but I'm going to safely liam it first.
>do "A Conqueror's Anguish"
>Brownie daydreams of being hitched with a nurse thanks to Valtor (?) due to him talking about ripples in time affecting the tower.
now i want a doctor alt. I know Vampire Lady has one.
File: 82098013_p3_master1200.jpg (472 KB, 768x768)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
Good luck!
File: 1667366118434.jpg (32 KB, 580x351)
32 KB
yeah, I have neither halloween WR not that Monika so I'll put the glorified subwoofer on hold
Fuck this I'm just going to improve the styles I think look cool
I was able to beat Water Lord with a team of ITOKEN, Human F, Real Queen, Esper Girl, and Gustave. I wanted to try different styles and see how they held up without Matriarch/Liam being the crutches in most parties, it's doable, but it will take a little longer than you might expect. Funny part was, I never trained RQ's jawbreaker so it would have been much easier if I did.
Buffs are out, nothing crazy though
Minor INT buffs, WIL went from 82% to 100% though.
Skill 1 now gives very small HP heal
Reviver now costs 5BP
Minor END and WIL buffs.
Damage boosts on passive 1 went from very large to extreme.
Skill 3 is not [Fast] and grants Medium Heat/Defense Up to self.
>Red Mage
Minor AGI/INT/CHA buffs
Passive 1 now gives very small HP on hit on top of the 37% chance of chasing with Energy Steal+

So they all got a bit better at what they do, Flamme can now push Reviver better, Friere has the strongest T2 Slash AoE in the game and Red Mage is a bit tankier.
This still feels like a ploy though because Minstrel Song remastered releases next week and we all know there will very likely be a GLEX or some other time travelling banner like the double MinSon MC banners.
Yep, gonna skip. They're all cool, but I don't care for Flamme and Friere's gimmicks and Red Mage I would probably just use for WIL debuffing, in which case I'm fine with resetting for a turn 1 proc of Scorn's much larger WIL debuff passive.

Fingers crossed for GLEX Aldora, she needs a new, good, not necessarily tied to a holiday style and they seemed to be making a big deal out of her extra story in particular during TGS.
I agree that the sisters are too niche to be worthwhile but you're kind of underselling Red Mage, he's a real good style, basically a reverse Kujinshi in that you have overall more stable tanking, more stable WIL debuffs and a better status repertoire but less reliable/broken self healing, and of course you lack the sheer damage peaks kujinshi can push with good RNG.
It's a very good swiss army knife style, something you can easily slap in several different comps, unlike Kujinshi, honestly I'd totally pull for him since somebody with that survivability, versatility and Dark Wash+ is really inviting, plus he's fucking Red Mage which is mandatory for any Seiken Densetsu fan.
Maybe on a reprint or bottomless. Sounds like a nice spook. Speaking of bottomless, hasn't it been like six months since the last one? How often do they happen over on the JP side?
File: 1655543665296.png (333 KB, 480x480)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Holy fuck a free 10 pull ticket for the new banner?!
bottomless are usually pulled for anniversaries/seasonal events, we're going to get the usual new year Romancing bottomless next month
Of course I got nothing with the free multi ticket
>offbanner mythe trash again
i already have like 200 pieces of that useless fag. screw this game.
do all blonde headed vampires looks the same in every gacha? Vania from Dragalia looks like Vampire Lady.
but do they smell the same?
I got nothing with the ticket of course but I hope they do this with all future soul banners, as they're often filled with a lot of underwhelming styles.
File: comfy.jpg (16 KB, 320x320)
16 KB
>Magia Fight
>Liam in the front, GLEX Doll in the back
>three trainees in the middle
>auto repeating macro
Peak comfy farming. The 20 BP starting, Seeker's Path increased chance to rank up skills/spells and 5x style exp for paying for all those hidden stat unlocks makes this the best event they've ever released, all with a new stat cap.
Used the free ticket expecting something red and got some cold girl so I thought fuck it and BECAME A LUCKCHAD WITH PULL ON THE FUCKING END EOS NEVER EVER AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
I got nothing.
File: 1652959646917.jpg (202 KB, 1300x1300)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Now give me your fucking fatestone
Only thing that's missing are those sweet x3 potions.
I'm glad one of the sagabros here got the grand prize, congrats!
I think I'm ready for the 2.5 anni
Whaling or autism?
My luck is terrible and I always have to pity the styles I want, so I only pull on really good banners
I've got a bit over 50k and I'm massively jelly. Still, I wish you luck.
>they ported glex monika, mikh, coppelia to jp
>but you need to watch ads to get them
I wonder how many ads you need to watch to get one style
Might be better than having to spend 45k jewels because the game gives you every style except the one you want
If this feature also comes to GL, then it's pointless to pull for GLEX in rerun banners?
who knows how it'll work when it comes to gl. it appears you'll have a chance of earning an exchange medal after watching an ad. funny to see how many "glex" things are being ported to the jp version. they ported skins initially, then the jewel roulette, and now they're porting whole units. too much complaints from japmans, maybe? they should begin porting buffs.
Japs have all the rights to complain, GL is simply a better version of game outside of the localization, it's no wonder they're gradually adding every single GL feature to JP, if they didn't it would make them look as if they're using the JP servers as a beta test for GL.
They totally deserve to get the GL buffs too.
File: 1669495100333795.png (3.08 MB, 1220x1800)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
File: skotef.webm (2.72 MB, 626x360)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB WEBM
Don't tempt me with a good time.
damn misty really let herself go after releasing togetic.
where did you find the full illustration? could you post the source?
Perfect, thank you.

On an unrelated note, this floor 199 all 7 Heroes gauntlet is bustin' my balls. Kzinssie keeps giving me the ol' 99 LP succ on the first wave and his paralysis res is higher on this stage so idk if I can go for the old cheese I used on his human form. And if I did, that strat is committing too much; it might not hold up versus the other six.
There we go, got 'em!
Ended up copying this team from a youtube vid after a number of failed ideas. Long ass fight though, nearly 40 minutes. Had my anus clenched every time Kzinssie used Soulsteal on wave 1, but the rest was child's play.
Hopefully this'll work just as well on floor 200.
Speaking of long ass fights, this team worked so well, I think I might be able to beat Wastelands War with it if I ever have a few spare hours.
File: Misty.jpg (322 KB, 1220x1800)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
got it from google images on a gaming news website
oh, i thought you had found found the illustration in the original artist's page. thank you, regardless.
Robin and Fake Robin styles when?
>set up julia to learn her abilities
>make sure she attacks every turn
>1200 stamina later
>still hasn't learned aqua viper crash

Can you still learn bow skills while casting spells? Or am I just having an extreme run of bad luck?
Once a character is put in a spell stance they can't learn techs, ever, do a couple of manual battles on normal auto
I wish there was an exchange for the different equip forging ore and molds. Or make events have some of the stuff purchasable.
Fug. I almost went the distance with my dodgy agi memes, but Sharpen spelled my doom. Back to the drawing board.
And there we go. Managed to find a team that I had the exact styles from, this one:
Still took a measure of luck to win on the first try, those double Life Steals from Kzinssie each round when Liam only had 1 LP had me shittin' bricks.
Man, this boy is OP and this fight drove that home yet again when he was two-shotting some of the Seven Heroes. Or even one-shotting in Noel's case!
Tower done, now I can get back to fuckin' around with the elemental lords later tonight.
>You can easily slap in several different comps
The only comp he fits in is status comps. Putting this style into literally anything else is a waste of a slot. It's a low damage style with poor loops and virtually one element.
The only point of note is that he's currently the tankiest holder of dark wash+.

Still using the phrase GLEX.
Anyways those styles finally getting ported over may mean we finally get to see amps on Monika's counter. Because holy hell is that thing showing it's age.
They better port the flex roc style
He's one of the very best WIL debuffers in the game and has access to Poison and Confuse, all of which have valuable applications for high difficulty bosses and remembrance fights, you can bring him into the last 10 floors of the current tower and he'll perform very well even if you're not WIL nuking since he has Dark Wash+ doesn't die instantly like Roc or Rouge do.
It's not really low damage either since he has an RNG B chase which makes him perform as good as the currently hardest hitting shadow nukers in terms of damage outside the latest Roc and Death with good RNG, unless your standard is current JP styles in which case it would be a dumb comparison.
>B chase
With our stat caps it should be 55kish on 45 shadow weak? Less on less.
Not bad.

Very few bosses are solely shadow weak and outside of shadow there are many other units with way more damage.
>unless your standard is current JP
It wasn't but since we're on the topic.
Schirach, Roc, Orlouge, Rouge, Saruin, mech banner talon, etc all have a future. This is the only red mage style you're getting for 8 months+ assuming they reveal another one in the coming weeks.

His capability as a jammer isn't under dispute. He's a very VERY good jammer. But saying he can be dropped into a "variety" of comps is my point of contention.
He's got two universal rolls
Jammer and stat nuker.

Putting him anywhere else is a flex pick.
>last 10 floors of tower
He's good in the last 10 floors of tower because he inables his status ailments barring 197-200. If you mean using him in your support team with 1 deeps over Liam that's a full on flex.

I want the style but given we're literally 3 days away from our anni + RS;MS + xmas banners. I'm not that insane.
Not saying he's a must pull or anything, unless you don't have somebody with Dark Wash, just that he's a very solid style with lots of tools that can be easily used for the vast majority of hard content.
Would I bring him to things like Egg 10/Genocide Heart?
Not really, but everything else is fair game, especially since he self tops, any style that self tops reliably instead of relying on external healing is automatically good, especially when they're so hard to kill and can do other things.
File: 1640110215215.jpg (31 KB, 411x310)
31 KB
>Anniversary countdown
i need a vocaroo of this
should i have rolled for wil knights banner before reset? it'll come back in the summoning pool eventually right
Just saw Romancing Saga 2 and 3 are ~$8 each. Seems like a good deal. Are they really long games?
your milage may vary

you can buy physicals on amazon for 40. there are also guides online about tech sparking and seeds for each character that can learn.

here's a guide for Saga Frontier

I finished 2 in around 40 hours
Still playing 3
Also got SSG from a previous sale but I have to say this one didn't clicked on me, it feels like just pure grinding
i wish we got the DS remakes. i feel a bit iffy with the saga final fantasy
Wil will be put in the Romancing pool for bottomless, then he'll be slapped onto some general rerun since he's the only limited style on his banner
SaGa games are never long, even RS2 can be cleared in around 30 hours blind, they're only long if you're a completionist who wants to play through all the main characters' stories or replay to see all the possible variations in terms of quests, the games are made to be replayable so the campaigns can be completed pretty fast, the average Frontier campaign can be cleared in 5 hours or less even,
But yeah, get them while they cost so little.
Also don't read guides, you'll completely ruin the experience, SaGa's best played blind
but what about wanting to spark the best tech? oh and if you do order RS2, always make sure to develop the magic institution first, then the orchard, follow by the university. I don't know what else afterwards. and go for armor when developing.
Thanks for these.
SSG took awhile for it to click. I play it every few months, get stuck and quit again. I do wish another game used that combat though. Very fun and fulfilling when everything works out.
eosposter here
quitting this garbage ass game cuz they released a powercreep saruin so op every style before is trash
you better all do the same because this trash is going to eos at this rate
they even insult us by giving only 30k first day instead of 50k
garbage ass game run by the most pathetic company
we all know you'll keep shitposting in here anyway
Stone Lord made the grave mistake of being weak to blunt, so I just used the team I used on floor 200 earlier. Now to see what Wood Lord, the final elemental lord, is like.
Despite being blunt weak as well, Wood Lord was a huge dick, undoing several teams with 4k Fatal Stabs on PWR each time until I came across this clear:
No Rag Robin so I used my bro Mirsa and no Robingal so I used my fave gal Undine. Those Fatal Stabs landing on everyone but my tank tore the squad apart as you can see, but Liam was able to three shot once he built up his chase stacks and my boy Human M survived til the end. Very happy to get to use a bunch of faves on this squad.
All the elemental lords are dead, but I just remembered I have to do my Death Master runs before the month ends so the Egg will have to wait. Not gonna tryhard for Death Master 20 yet, just gonna do some easy runs of 15 with my good weapons types and 10 with my shit ones to give me some extra monthly income on remembrance.
How'd Death Master go for you guys?
I havent been able to beat any lords, they are quite hard.

Will pass on the whole event
File: firefox_gziGBXPtZL.png (397 KB, 1258x419)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
I might be retarded here but didn't we already get the 2.5 anni banners? Are they doing some more time warp faggotry and giving us the liam/anya banner?
And yes all of those banners happened long ago for GL.
>and giving us the liam/anya banner?
Darius' banner came first, so probably not.
A Minstrel Song themed GLEX is more likely, but JP just released a Minson double banner with Aldora, so if we do get a GLEX it will probably have RS1 Monika and Marine, or maybe they'll give us the Minson celebration banners with the eight MCs, it's hard to tell given how erratic the schedule has been since Liam's banner time travelled.
We should have got Darius' banner before the current Red Mage banner too iirc, but it's quite evident they're shilling the Minson remaster as hard as they can on both servers.
>Minstrel Song themed GLEX
Please be Sif!
Also is the game still coming out this week? Can't find it on PSN.
Comes out on the first of december
>Mr. S
Damn, I remember that guy from early Final Fantasy Legends 2 or 3.
Am I the only one here crazy enough to want to play every game in the sequence before playing this one? Also why I still haven't played Fate
File: 1641549228691.png (80 KB, 1000x1146)
80 KB
That's not Sensei, that's one of the new slime NPCs from the SaGa 2 DS remake, like this cutie, Sensei is yellow and lean.
I recognized it was just another of his "species". I just got nostalgia'd hard and named the one named guy from those early games. I miss having a custom party like that or early Final Fantasy. Sure, that hurts the story/lore, but it was fun. Also, the eat-the-meat mechanic was awesome.
Maybe the next game will bring back the classic races, seems people from both sides of the fanbase want a return to that formula lately.
Don't see player created characters ever coming back though but with Kawazu you'll never know.
My guess its most likely going to be aldora, marine and possibly shirach
New Aldora?!
JP has a double Minson banner right now
>Aldora, Mirza and Minstrel
>Saruin, Sherah and Death
Fug, those are both must pulls for me, especially the Mirsa+Aldora one. I only hope it goes better than the Mirsa/Aldora/Minstrel New Year's banner last January where I went to double pity with only pulling Minstrel like 8 times.
This third banner was absolute hell for me, got a lot of copies of Rouge and Hector and had to choose to pity Mariah
>Saruin is OP
Based. Keep coping.
though i give Final Fantasy Saga Collection a try.
when hasn't gl done warp faggotry? that said, there was an sf1 attribute for no reason in that limited shadow sword forgery some weeks ago. so, the next banner could indeed be the one of zozma, and that pair of cucks. they'll maybe time-travel the two minstrel song banners that came with it, as well.
They're my fave gameboy rpgs, have fun!
No wonder it's a monthly thing; leaving my Death Master runs until the last minute and doing them in one day was exhausting. I just went to 15 on everything except axe/rapier/bow (only 10 on those) because that's low enough that any decent team can sleepwalk through it but high enough to still give decent rewards. Maybe next month I'll tryhard and go for 20 on a few of the weapon types I have strong styles for.
Tomorrow I'll face the Egg. Anything in particular I need to know about the fight? Gonna be trying 6 Forms first and working my way up.
Egg is permanent, no need to rush
anybody feeling they might announce a Saga Frontier 2 announcement for April?
My brother in Steel, Minstrel Song Remastered is not even out yet and you're already thinking about another remaster/remake? It's high time for the new mainline if anything.
so Minstrel Saga has separate stories for each characters. who's the shortest and who's the longest?
could a SaGa rep work for smash bros? Fuse woudl have been awesome. his entry would be the IRPO car coming in like Capt. Falcon's and does the signature roundhouse kick pose before the match.
>no fairy nurse alt
please devs?
Not really, it's not like SaGa Frontier, the eight main characters all have their short stories but the overall main scenario is the same.
Technically Albert's personal quest is the lengthiest, but it's really just the first hour of gameplay at best, the others are resolved extremely quickly outside of Gray's quest, if you even bother doing them as you're not forced to either in some cases, only Barbara and Albert have their personal quests as an obligatory event, and Claudia I guess but you can actually skip her stuff entirely even if it's not really something I'd recommend doing.
Sakurai would pick either Asellus or Gustave because they're the most popular characters and people would seethe at more anime swordsmen.
Not like I really want SaGa to be associated with Smash anyway, my picks would be either the Final Emperors/Gerard or Red and Metal Black
Please no, the DQ fanbase had to deal with the smash community and that wasn't pretty.
The 2.5Y countdown's finished, so tonight something must be coming. But what?
File: Spoiler Image (52 KB, 370x400)
52 KB
>But what?
GLEX Mayor
I'm looking at the new Saruin JP's getting and two things about his S2 caught my eye
>Malicious Wave [Use Limit: 3 times per battle]
>After attacking, give yourself: "BP recovery at the end of turn (+1)" (permanent effect during battle).
Does this stack so that he eventually gets 6 BP per turn permanently? That would make sense given his main role is to use a 13 BP SSSS nuke. With the new Minstrel style he'd be getting 7 or 8 per turn, so that's an SSSS nuke every other turn, jeez.
I've also noticed JP styles tend to have surprisingly low stats. The new Mirza has 102% STR but if he was released in global today that'd probably be at least 111%, maybe even 113% or 115%. And that's just for today's standards, who knows what these styles will look like when they finally get here in a year or so from now.
You don't need high stats when you can cycle SSS/SSSS nukes nearly every round, it's the same reason why a lot of modern styles don't focus on stacking several damage passives anymore but instead go for more efficient BP cycling and other gimmicks like chases, evasion states, shields etc.
Pretty good if you started recently! I got a total score of 5800, with 8 of 10 weapon styles completely done while I have difficulty with the short sword and axe styles, only going as far as LV15 for Real Queen and Death Master for S.Sword/Axe (Kujinshi still got LV20'd!) I'm glad I got that school coach Sif and the V.Cross Black when I won them.
>if you started recently!
Uhhh, about that. I'm a day 1 player who's cleared everything except the Goby conquest boss from the first prefecture conquest (fuck those status effects, it'd be so easy to do now) and the permanent Wastelands War. I cleared stage 20 on Kzinssie and Real Queen with everything except axe/bow/rapier (which are flat out impossible with my box), I guess I still have a long way to go.
glex diana, according to a series of posts made in the facebook and twitter pages.
Imagine if it's GLEX Katarina lmao
I could definitely see it. It has to be a Minstrel Song character to coincide with the release day, it's too perfect our 2.5Y anni coincides with it.
JP just took almost all the best candidates from MS to receive a GLEX and considering Diana has never had a decent style, she's an ideal choice for getting a GLEX boost.
>Egg is tanky as fuck and shits out damage, still manageable though
>get Liam to full stacks, time to rip it a new asshole
>Star Quake
Well...shit. Not sure what to do now. It's immune to status so no cheese. Has a new, higher version of defy weaknesses so no debuffing. Can't raise my own AGI as it removes AGI buffs from the party in addition to massively debuffing it. It buff breaks INT too, so it sounds like mages aren't the way to go. And this is just on Egg 6, the easiest one. Didn't expect it to contain six separate battles either.
>Egg 7 has 16 different fights
What the hell? Even if I somehow built a team that worked, I don't think I'd have the physical time to run all the battles. Yeah, definitely waiting for it come back as permanent to clear everything.
forgot to do deathmaster ughhhhhh
Okay, turns out this IS doable. The key is to simply only bring Liam down to 3 LP and pray for as few Star Quakes as possible. It only used Star Quake once this run, which means I get to win.
This was a six form fight, Basic 123/Beast/Tone/Final. Victory has given me hope that I might be able to beat all of the 6 form fights at least.
I should've figured this game failing to understand how countdowns work every single time since launch meant we'd be getting nothing, but I'm still disappointed. December login bonus is shit too, here's hoping they do an overlapping jewel one starting tomorrow.
Managed to slip in a LV20 RQ with this team. I didn't have NewPlat Monika so no Gift Prick but Flammar picked up the slack. GLEX Mikhail, UDX Monika, Festive Selma, Zenon 2, and Flammar.
Nicely done! My rapier team is Monika (have all but her award styles), GLEX Mikhail (don't have any limited SS styles), Clown Dad (don't have his best mage style), Spiral Jamil (don't have any limited styles) and Plat Zenon (don't have any limited styles), so I haven't been able to push very high on any of the rapier bosses.

Here's my second and last Egg of the day. This time it's 123/Beast/Stone/Final and the Stone form is great because it just wastes actions on status ailments I'm immune to thanks to White Rose and Mama.
Thanks! You're doing pretty good with those beast/egg fights, I haven't even touched them yet because I was in a mad rush to prepare and run the DM fights and any left over fights I couldn't 20 in the simulations. A total score of 5850 got my 220K+ of each material for this month. If they could only hand out more damn books... Considering I held off Pandemonium for so long I better work on that.
>glex diana
Yes please
You're welcome and thanks. My 4850 score gave me 151k I think? So that's a big disparity and all the reason more for me to try for 20 on Death Master. If you haven't finished Pandemonium, I'd recommend prioritizing that as we don't know if it'll return in the future while Egg and the lords definitely will.
File: deleted.jpg (161 KB, 672x1160)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
they just posted this and deleted it.
File: 1645552512187.jpg (91 KB, 1440x1080)
91 KB
>SaGa Concert banner
>GLEX Diana, Neidhart and fucking Darque
Wild Rose: D, Fast, ST, 3-2BP+1LP Recover health of a single target
Hundred Lotus
Prayer for Peace:11-8BP Cures all surviving allies from all status effects and recovers all surviving allies HP (Very Small), increases all allies END+WIL (Small)

Energy Recovery 1: End of Turn, recover own BP+1 and recovers own HP(Very Small)
Attribute boost (All): Start of turn, increases all stats (Self) recover own HP (very small)

Gallantry: BP8-6+3LP Grants all surviving Allies Heat Up (Medium effect) and Defense Up(Medium effect)
Swooping Dragon+

Strengthened attack: Attack damage increase (Large), Start of battle; gain 2BP
Solid Defense:Start of turn:Grants oneself damage block(1 time), Grants oneself Defense Up (Medium effect, max 5 time per battle)
Spear Arcana IV:When attacking with spears attack damage increase (Very Large), when landing a weak attack damage increases further (Very Large)


Stab in the back
Fatal Trap: 8-6BP, D power, Pierce+Shadow, All range, Critical Human, Beastman, when attack hits inflict unconsciousness (low chance)
Instant Kill:11-8BP, SSSS power, Pierce+Shadow, ST, Critical Human, Beastman, when attacking the user takes recoil damage (80%)

Evasive Energy 1:When being attacked evades enemy attack (medium)
End of turn, recover 1BP
Surprise Attack: Weak attacks' damage increase (Very Large), when landing a weak attack grant target Defense Down(Small effect, two turns)
Das it mane
Holy shit, Virgil's Blast Beat is a fucking SSSS now
The GLEX Banner is also a bottomless, there's some good previous limited such as GLEX Coppelia and GLEX Red is there.
aaaah shit GLEX Darque is the second coming of Deathbert
Holy shit! Goddess + Virgil and Darq!
2 separate banners!
Funds status: in shambles!
File: 1664179390154.jpg (7 KB, 259x167)
7 KB
Yeah, it's really IK grind again folks, take out your Deaths/Timelords/GLEX Darques and what have you
It's pretty fucking good. Slightly sad that this Vergil doesn't get to have global's version of his A1 but this style exists to shit out T1 so it'd have been an unironic nerf, especially given they buffed Beat Blast this hard and threw in an extra 20% AGI to make absolutely sure it doesn't miss lmao

GLEX Darque is Deathberts father.
The fucking balls on that style
>SSSS power on a unit that casually lands defense down and in a regular fight will keep the boss down 20% forever by turn 2.

For Neidhart I can't remember how that shit worked. Is Defense Up additive with itself or multiplicative.
If it's the former than Neidhart takes 64% less damage from all sources
If it's the latter than Neidhart takes 59% less damage from all sources.
Both are terrific for somebody designed to do damage and not die.

Unit isn't immortal but given you're no selling 60% of incoming damage, ignoring 25-30% of a bosses outgoing attacks per turn (excluding egg) it's unspeakably a good style... Once 5 turns pass. Turn 1 he dies just as easily as everybody else.

Anyways I don't know if Diana is good or not. Like obviously an 8-0-8 forever end/wil buff xs heal is pretty alright and this style in general is going to be fucking amazing in Remembrance due to having IK, Para, Stun, Poison. Wild Rose being fast and 2BP means your carry is absolutely not losing his buffs nor his life if he's in danger while also letting her continue her loops without issue up to 2 times. In Tortoise she gets about what? 210 * 3 per turn. + Prayer of Peace every other turn for 630/840 maybe?
Wait a fucking second
She's actually amazing. Holy shit
Yeah, this is a very tasty GLEX banner overall, which makes me furious because this month we're gonna have the fucking concert banners as well, and then there's shit like NY banners too, AND the bottomless.
I was expecting this month to be a bloodbath. I harped about it on every occasion, but buddy, we're in for some lumps.

Anyways I didn't mention this because I don't like talking about other styles when thinking about current ones. But, Diana works in concert with Kylin in the tanky self sustain team in Tortoise and between the two of them status ailments shouldn't be a thing for all but the most insane of bosses (like egg actually)
Due to her spot heal (something Roufas doesn't have) and her Wil buff (something Roufas couldn't contribute to) that thing I talked about multiple times multiple months about needing the missing piece of the puzzle for the self sustain comp where units can be brought purely on their self worth is here.

14 days on Red Mage. Might go back for 'em.
Maybe. It was brought to my attention that you have to actually stick the cane hits for Absorption Magick to trigger during your down time. So your sustain may potentially be way lower than expected. Something for me to think about depending on if there's any more double banners this month.
Yeah, GLEX Diana is a very good package, might actually let people skip Concert Minstrel too if they have other party healers, Prayer of Peace is a really good skill coupled with the rest of her kit, it lets her be a good hybrid of Halloween WR and Concert Minstrel.
I'm down to fucking 18K though and next week there's Emps banner too and I'll have to choose between him and Femps, fuck me, fuck everything.
So, a couple of thoughts on the new GLEX styles:
Neidhart is kinda weird in that as Anon mentioned before he's not tanky from the start like Victoria, but you gotta build Defense Up stacks every round until Round 5, once you do though he's REALLY tanky, almost as tanky as Victoria but with more firepower.
You can also choose to give a stack of Heat Up and Defense up to the entire party, which is not bad at all because it's a permanent buff that is also independent from other things like stat buffs or Guard Up, 3LP is kind of a steep price but it's worth it I guess.
The interesting thing is when we look at inheritance options, and I see two main big things here, both of which come from his UDX [time to risk your life] style.
First is Piercing Slash obviously, a much better use of your 0BP than Skewer since it lets you build up your STR, which in turn makes Swooping Dragon+ hit even harder.
Second is Chivalrous Assault, this gives a Large WIL boost to your whole party which is a really good buff to open boss fights with since it does lower the chance of getting a stray shut down right from the start, which is where you're most vulnerable, kind of a niche choice but it's there.

GLEX Darque is frankly a beast, the previous Darque 2 was already a good style, albeit with a limited niche, this one isn't like that.
Stab in the back lets you build up your DEX, Fatal Trap is Victor's Blade 2.0 BUT IT HAS CRIT ATTRIBUTE HOLY SHIT WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING and the he has that absolutely ridiculous SSSS nuke for 8BP, on top of this he can evade, put anything on a 20% defense down permanently AND he has HPT too.
But wait, there's more, because he can actually pass his nuke to the previous limited style that gets 3BP back on crits so effectively, if you can keep him alive he can just spam an SSSS every other turn now since it's functionally a 5BP SSSS DUAL ATTRIBUTE NUKE WITH DUAL CRITICAL WITH CONSTANT DEX BUFFING HOLY SHIT HOW CAN JOKER EVEN COMPETE
Then we have GLEX Diana, which as mentioned above is a pretty crazy support in that she gets two small heals for herself on top of a full set of small stat ups, and she not just a Fast heal for 2BP but also Prayer of Peace which buffs WIL for the party and cleanses ailments, to this we stack HPT which makes Diana pretty resilient and capable of filling in the role of both WIL buffer and party healer pretty consistently, which is great since rapiers desperately needed somebody who could heal consistently for remembrance fights and both Anya and Hilda are still far away.
The interesting thing about this Diana though is that not only she can be good support, she also has a wide array of status effects she can use from her plat styles, she can IK, poison, stun and paralyze which is really great for both current and future remembrance when we put it in this already awesome support package, not to mention how she is FINALLY fucking usable for the first time after FOUR FUCKING YEARS, hopefully JP bros don't have to wait too long for her.
>1 suptix ticket

Which one should I choose? I'm between Chad King or Chad farming Rich
Isn't rich in the other banner? Don't think you can use suptix for that one
I'm pretty sure we're getting 3 this month. Or at least 2 right? Since if you look in the shop the gold pieces 250 are 2/2. So there's at least 2 coming and I don't doubt there'll be three.
Do I need the previous Virgil if I got the new one?
Burned almost 100k jewels today, cleared the GLEX banner, got a lot of dupes in the reprint banner and I'm not sure on who I should pick
If only I knew Father would return in a bottomless banner I wouldn't have skipped Mask
Not really, if anything you must get this one if you have the previous one since this one can give fireworks to the previous to make him a BP battery monster.
I won't say you NEED him but...

Virgil 1 can inherit Fireworks from Virgil 2 and provide even more BP in theory. Virgil 2 doesn't need Virgil 1.
I also just realized that Diana potentially solves my GLEX Azami problem. (Jo' still only is getting helped by Labelle unless Diana outspeeds the boss, which won't happen in Tortoise but could happen in Phoenix EX on a front slot)
A) She perfectly syncs up with Go for Brokes Loops. (None of that awkward rotation with PWR)
2) She's slow enough that she'll always to after Azami
Anyways I just had a thought that since Darque puts himself at critical HP you could probably take a weapon with 3 42% crit hp stones in it and use Fempress + Mat to guarantee 4 turns.
A shit meme but a meme nonetheless.

I look forward to playing around with it later
hmmm, doesn't Paralyze and similar procs remove shield/defensive stances for the entire round the moment it's active?
Not sure how much Diana can help with that, sure Azami won't risk getting stuffed on the following round, but she's still not safe on the round she uses Go for Broke.
>for the entire round the moment it's active?
Don't think so. Pretty sure the only thing that fucks you up for the rest of the turn is stun, which disables your passives, nukes your mitigation, dunks your defense, and makes you restart ludwig.
I was sure things like Paralysis/Sleep/Petrify also removed the stance effect, we need to check this out, if you're right then it's pretty big news
relatively it'll be easy to check
I guess I can go do it right now.
Forneus Maelstroms on round 3 right?
Yeah, he's scripted to buff himself and then Maelstrom on Round 3 iirc, Evelyn should have a similar script but with Vermilion Sands
File: 8QwaqtU.png (587 KB, 565x1004)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
Yeah defenses are intact. This was turn 3 go for broke immediately cleansed.
I was pretty sure that was how it worked since that was the only way she survived Sigfrei in the tower was PWR somehow not getting outsped by the boss and picking her ass up before the rocks came and did 1400 damage to her.
But my memory is some seriously fucked shit with actions melding together and causing conflation so I had to make sure.
shieeeet this is pretty fucking big, Azami can push crazy damage safely now.
It provides a bit more stability than PWR's fake loops since for one she's not up for a 8-0-8 rotation forever and for two the XS heal pairs with the 2 XS you get for doing going for broke making the entire attack net positive it should be.

The other issue was eventually bleeding out over a longer fight as you took ~200ish damage per cycle which breaks fight math.
It sucks that all of the older limited styles are on the new banners, because I see a large handful that I don't have in the ticket selection list. I have the two I need for both Mirage Step Asellus and Parry Polka but there's a few a still catch my interest. They should have made any limited style that's over a year and a half old platinum at this point.
Is Talon that forgettable?
It's an alright turn 2 farmer to pair with Kriemhild for lightning weakness farming or Final Isle, that's pretty much it.
what do you do with units who have 99 rank or already maxxed out (aside from giving them attribute bonuses or scrolls)? Work on their alternative stylese?
>gameboy games are harder than i though
a worthy challenger.
>skipped Mask because I didn't wanted to take to risk to also having to pity Father
>now you can get Father for free
I think I'm getting Aerodyne Byunei or maybe Summer Final Empress...

For the bottomless pity, I have to decided between Rich or Virgil or Asellus
Power has been out all day, just got online right now.
>21.6k jewels in the mail
I saw Goddess and I'm the local FFLfag so it's finally time to pull for her and Talon! Saw something about a forging festival that displayed six different rainbow weapons, that sounds cool. I have no idea what I should be doing right now other than pulling, gonna read the news and hope you guys all got something good!
I didn't noticed that the rainbow molds are actually permanent and that you can use them in future weapons
>new Mining Maps
I have 32,000 of the old Mining Map IIs, do I just dump those on their designated stage even though there's nothing left to get from that exchange?
I didn't realize there was a time limit and now I need to forge Traitorous Sword and Lava Hammer and the rest before they go away. I think the last time I sat down for a forging session was Pink Tiger's fist, so I don't think I've missed any expirations.
Use them all, you can a shitload of money with Welfare Dowd
True, I've even been training up Dowd because my rapier box sucks THAT much.

Oh, and speaking of the rainbow weapons, how many people can use the dark sword again? I think it was Kzinssie (the intended char), Zozma and...Ludwig maybe? Same question for the fire hammer which I think is just Wil and the fire/dark staff for Red Mage that are expiring soonish.
>the non-pickup styles in Romancing Festivals will be updated with the Romancing Festival exclusive styles that appeared before 12/25/2021
Wait...does this mean I can get stuff like School Sif as an offbanner now so long as the banner says "Romancing Festival" on it?
You got them all, only Wil has any use for that fire hammer though
I think she's in the suptix, school Hector is in it so she must be as well
yes, you can now get fucked by christmas julian instead of mythe or any of those trash plat styles. yay
>what do you do
you play a real saga game. go buy saga scarlet grace. you won't regret it.
I still remember pitying Xmas Monika, the first banner ever. Been a steady stream of pities since then, jeez.

Speaking of pulls, how's the Diana banner? Are they GLEXs? My pierce absolutely sucks, it's always been my worst element (the aforementioned Xmas Monika carried me for quite a while) and it's a pure pierce banner with two rapiers. Monika is the only rapier character I like enough to pull for, so my rapiers are ass (see >>1061547). Don't particular care for anyone on Diana's banner so it would be a purely meta pull, but would they magically be able to destroy level 20 remembrance for me?
I'm going for Goddess+Talon and was planning on pulling on the bottomless regardless.
Aw shit, just caught up on the thread. Okay, so they're GLEX. And Diana seems like the answer to my rapier team prayers. Fuck, I don't have any of Neidhart or Darque's limited styles for inheritance; glad Diana just has plat styles that I already have.
GLEX Darque can work fine as is, there's not a lot he can benefit from his previous styles.
GLEX Neidhart is the same, if you do have his last UDX he gets better, but he's plenty fine as is, I suggest going for them, especially since GLEX Darque makes the current conquest a joke.
That's good news, thanks! Here's hoping I can spare some jewels for it.
Looking at the bottomless pool, there's actually not much I want. It's the last six months of 2022, not the first six months, where I'm missing a bunch of personal must haves. The only ones catching my eye are
[Sinistral of the Sky] Byunei
[To Reclaim Myself] Barthelemey
Wicked Witch
Witch's Daughter
[Fighting For What?] Snowy
And those are all meta picks except for Bune who's a fave. If Google fixes my account issues and lets my transactions go through again, I'll probably just buy Bune. That frees up a pile of jewels to spend on the GLEXs!
Holy fuck the offbanner bullshit begins. Roufas on the first pull of the Goddess banner!
>Are you having fun?
No Virgil, it's been 9 pulls and no Goddess or Talon, just you and that one offbanner on the first pull. At least I got that S Ellen style I thought I'd never have, but now I have every single S and A style out of this new pool with no end to my search for FFL styles in sight.
I'm glad to hear I don't need Virgil's last style for this one, looking forward to seeing what he does.
>another fucking Virgil
>offbanner Narwhal
>offbanner first mage Polka
I feel sick. I'm at 15,000 medals and no Goddess OR Talon! I'm fucked out of the GLEX banner now! This is like last New Year's or two summers ago or one of my other double pities. God fucking dammit, why can't I get a win?
>play Saga collection
>look up monsters
>Kraken, Lich, Tiamat, Lilith
Hhhhmmm........maybe FFL3 could work due to the extended character name boxes.
There we go. 21 pulls for a character everyone thinks is worthless and an easy skip, but one that I love and have fond memories of. I'll pity Goddess and see if my 22k remaining jewels can get me a GLEX. Gonna pray conquest jewels make up the deficit but my Christmas and New Year's dreams died today.
is there a collection of those loading banners when going through menus?
Diana on the third pull. I'm really pressing my luck today, but Darque seems too good to pass on.
>pull 4 was Neidhart
>pull 5 was Neidhart again
>pull 6 was Diana again
The universe is telling me I will need to pity Darque if I continue down this road. Can I get enough jewels for 9 more pulls before the banner ends?
I wish I knew man, the loading screen art is almost always fantastic and there's been a ton of good batches in the past.
guess i'll screen cap like i've done for Echoes of Mana and Dragalia. maybe it's in an artbook? what year was the SaGa festival banner released in Japan?

Which nodes are the IK friendly ones? I just got buttfucked failing to get Darque (still need to scrounge up 6 ten pulls for pity), so I guess I'll use look through my box for other options.
All of them, but they mix up some plants, mechs and undeads in the mix sometimes, most of the stuff is weak to IK though and since they have bloated HP GLEX Darque is the MVP
Fug, I need 7x3000=21k jewels asap. In other words, the 21.6k I got for logging in today. Ah, let's see, the wild tickets thing says it gives 3k, and the conquest reward is 5k, and the first round of 2.5Y anni missions gives 2k but takes a week....
Anyone know a site similar to this one? The Skills page has been broken for me for months, it no longer returns any results no matter what I type it. The Styles and Abilities pages work fine though. I need to be able to search for specific status ailments, my box has gotten too big to keep track of it all.
Is conquest stat cap higher than the last event?
Any idea on what the 2nd round characters will be?
Final Emperor, Time Lord and Wagnas.
What would work better for Diana, a forged S weapon or a SS weapon with a Recovery+ holy stone?
Solid. Emperor and Wagnas have served me well.
Last event advertised "good for up to 2020 hp" and this one says 2040, so yeah, but I imagine that higher cap is for the raid boss node.
Wait, scratch that, it looks like even the most basic mob nodes of the conquest have the highest stat cap yet, because my Orlouge was fully stat capped (no sparkles) on the most recent event, the SaGa Appreciation one, and he's getting slow green sparkles on the latest conquest mob node people are trying to get to 100%.
>Time Lord finally gets a 2nd style
>have to skip because today took all 85k of my jewels from me
Fuckin' hell, he's one of my most used styles too. The rest of December is owari da for me.
What do I do with this new Virgil? He looks to be a one pump chump with a huge shadow/heat row nuke, but that feels really niche. I can't think of any time shadow/heat row farming would be useful. Even on the appreciation event that had formations and weaknesses for every element, all he does is take care of one wave and in that event I could already set up better carries for other element/formation combinations.
He's got this weird BP battery side of his kit with his OD passive and his S2 that wants to help with long fights, but the other parts of his kit like the giant boost on the start of round feel geared for farming, not for bossing.
You splurt your insane SSSS load on row farming nodes or give Fireworks to Virgil 1
Aight, he'll be low priority then. Very cool-looking style though.
There's the JP one but it obviously has none of our Glex's or skills.
The skills page for the global site was down all day for me but it works now. Try a different browser, I remember somebody having this issue and that worked for them.
Recovery don't affect XS heals and she's primarily doing those so~.

Also while she's only going to be normal attacking she is a 20% style so it's not like these are wasted actions.
>Try a different browser, I remember somebody having this issue and that worked for them.
Thanks! Won't show up on firefox on my laptop but shows up just fine on my phone with chrome. Damn, the display really sucks on a phone screen though. Still, I should be able to figure out my full list of single target and aoe IK skills and spells now.
>another ten pull for Darque
Fuck, six more to go. This has been the worst day since the late Aug/early Sep disaster.
I had to pity for Darque too. I still have to make a decision if I want Mirage Step Asellus or not since I have Award Monika, who has her own AOE INT debuff. Is getting MSAsellus redundant in that case? I have her GLEX summer style so I'm torn... And it doesn't help I have a similar quandry of wanting to get Parry Polka for Rag Robin.
Why do you want parry for Rag?
If you have the Monika with Blurry Needles for INT debuffing then you definitely don't need Mirage Step. Monika got me past Tone Lord, she's all the INT debuffing you need. I don't think you need Parry on Rag Robin either, though I don't have Rag Robin. I've seen vids of people using him on high level content and I've never seen them use Parry, it's all about cycling Still Blade Phoenix with his cheap S1 iirc.
With the damage some of these bosses do on Rag alone it gives me this itch on the back on my mind that says "Parry would really help with this", and this is with formations like Rising Phoenix EX. I just beat F130 of the tower, and Noel was doing a little more damage than I thought. Maybe I need a BP battery or something.
Went over all my instakillers and the only person who can do aoe instakill over more than one wave is Albert. So I think until I get Darque, I'll have to use Time Lord for wave 1 and Halloween Death for wave 2. Magia Fight time yet again, it's such a good farming formation. I can't even remember the last time I farmed with Rainbow Rangers.
>check summoning pool on the exchange shop
>it's not just 3 new styles, but a whole row of past styles in the shop 20 days
I'm talking about the Goddess banner SaGa Stage and anniversary banner. too bad i wouldn't be able to get a majority of them, but I did see some SSS tier styles. any idea when Gustave (A Little Too Big) returns?
>another pull for Darque
>Diana #3
That's three Dianas and three Neidharts. Fuckin' hell, goodnight bros.
anybody else getting constant unknown errors and getting booted to title screen
yes, it started to happen when trying to sell equipment.

btw i have one pity and the free exchange, what styles do you recommend?
BP battery helps rag do his loops more efficient but I should note that Virgil flat out isn't going to do it.

Hold until we see if they've got anymore curveballs.
An update to our observations. I tried Diana a fair bit and there's a few caveats.
She's extremely fast. Much faster than I gave her credit for once turn 4 hits. She's fast enough to outspeed Azami occasionally and thanks to attribute boost she's going to do it more than occasionally unless she's in a speed out spot.
However this also means that she's fast enough to outspeed bosses, which she does on most of the current Lords unless of course you're in Den or Tortoise.
I used her with Jo, which who when placed with Kylin and using her SS staff with 60% is capable of shitting out 220k every otherish turn. If I can get her a rainbow fragment event staff I'm curious as to how high her damage is going to go.

Anyways I think I'll need to manipulate her agility down pretty heavily to use her with Azami, which should be possible as I think with gear we can take her down nearly 24 points which should help secure safety. Maybe. Neidhart ends up being a weirder style for me because you absolutely need [Time to Risk your Life] and I don't have that but without that he's basically just an extremely unkillable damage dealer that can also conveniently and relaxingly take the tank slot with literally no issue with the caveat that he has no taunt. With it he can help the WIL requirements for turn 1 ailments until Diana comes online turn 3 if you're not rocking Kylin alongside her.
I haven't yet found ways to use Darque that aren't hyper cover suicide squad teams but when I back inherited onto the previous Darque he hits very VERY fucking hard when landing crit weak hits.

Banner good
It' weird how "cute" Diana looks in the art while she looks like a gorilla in 3D

No but my phone is getting a lot warmer since the last update
this music fes is fire
>can use azami/Robin Gal as my main attacker now
>redo all the lords like this
>fuck all over tower like this
Diana is awesome

I haven't even gotten into Megami yet despite also immediately pulling for her.
Will Summer Final Empress be important for when the healer Final Empress arrives? I have her GLEX Style
I used one of the tickets to get Father despite not having Mask, maybe I'm going to use the other one for Aerodyne Byunei
No, Summer has Watermelon cut but christmas FE will mostly be inheritance material for GLEX Femps.
Yes, it happened around 5 times last night, typically when I transitioned to one of the new loading screens. I'm on android, bluestacks. No issues so far today, but I'm just getting started.
Saw those posts about Azami and Diana being able to help her earlier, this is fantastic news for an Azami fan like me. So I guess the play now is to ignore her latest style and just use GLEX?
So two selector tickets. I could either get Silver's award style and School Sif to acquire the only styles I'm missing for two of my fave girls, or get both Termite Emp and GLEX Emp for the wombo combo. I think I gotta go with my girls. Bonus that these styles actually give them both useful inherits, this is still the only Silver style with a good single target cold move for her.
Both Silvers are kinda useless by now.
If you want to prioritize styles in terms of gameplay:
>[Band Together] Sarah
She has Healing Arrow and Skyfall which can be useful
>[I want to know more] Cordelia
Anthology and Big Wheels are good for future cordelia syles
>[For Children Everywher] Wil
Present Bomber is good for the latest Wil if you need Blunt+Heat Row farming
>[I'm Ready] Urpina
Skill 3 is decent inheritance material
>[A pledge to you] Shen Du
Can work as AGI scummer if you don't have people like Subier, GLEX Liza or Nusakan
Still a really good T1 farmer, can give her Skill 3 to future Dora
>Glex Minerva
Still solid on her own, can make Victoria better
>[Such a monotonous life] Creator
His Skill 3 is what makes Creator on the other banner a really good farmer
>Glex Mikhail
Still a good ST DPS pierce for rapiers, Quadruple Pierce is good inheritance material
>GLEX Femps
Don't need to elaborate on this, if there's anybody to pick this is your number one priority
>GLEX Emps
Has some good inheritance material
>GLEX Leon
Still a decent farmer, good inheritance material if a future Leon ever comes out
Mask needs Great Adventure from this one to work as well as it can
Apollo 2 benefits from both Masamune+ and Meteor Swarm, future Halloween Apollo benefits from Masamune+
>GLEX Asellus
Can still be a good INT debuffer if you don't have Monika
Probably the second best pick after Femps
>[Do I Stand Out?] Ellen
Beach cocktail+ can be situationally powerful
>GLEX Roufas
Still a very good ST Nuker
Now that Proton Rocket is amplifiable he's a better blunt farmer, there's better though
Can give Punishing Combo to School Red
>Termite Emps
Double Dark Blade, nuff said
>[The True Khamsin]Khalid
Gives Demilune Burst+ to beach Khalid
>[Brass Automaton] Coppelia
Artema Soul, nuff said
Water Festival is still relevant
This is not the comfy IK farming I remember. Mixing in enemies immune to IK in every wave is slowing things down a lot. Are there any big solo enemy weak to IK nodes? I've only seen trash mob groups of 3 to 5 so far.
Enemies are generally mixed resistances as well so I'm going to have to think long and hard about what I take here to easily farm the waves if there's no easy IK node by the time this is over.
I just tried Saruin and Arthur in Magia Fight and no dice, there was one tanky mob that survived turn 1 on each wave (despite there being 5 enemies so their hp shouldn't be too high). Hell, a demonic flying sheep thing on wave 1 survived Infinite Trajectory, its follow up, Destructive Blow and even a fast S power Laser Cannon from trainee Talon with the remembrance gun and I don't think any of those attacks were resisted. The enemy hp is nuts.
Okay, there we go. Ignore my shitty platinum Darque there, he's just present to gain stats in preparation for my eventual pity of his GLEX and to rank up Firecracker.
Wave 1, Arthur uses S3 and Talon's S3 follows and finishes the wave.
Wave 2, STAR MOTHERFUCKIN' CATASTROPHE...kills three of the five mobs. Arthur's S1 and its follow-up kills the 4th mob and somehow the 5th mob is STILL alive, but a regular ol' basic attack from Talon finishes it off. So 1 round for each wave even if they resist IK and I don't have to wait for all five characters to act.
There's some issues though. Talon's fast aoe to finish off wave 1 is mandatory for Arsenal to save BP for Star Catastrophe in wave 2, so unless I want to bring it down to 2 trainees instead of the ideal 3, I'll need to keep swapping out that slot with a fast aoe attacker.
Second...ah, there it is. This whole strat fell to shambles on the second try when the mobs changed. Somehow, one of the five mobs on wave 1 survived Arthur and Talon's onslaught with a smidgeon of hp, making Arsenal use Force Blaster which made wave 2 a wash. Fuck, I don't think there is a way to bring 3 trainees and one round each wave of trash mobs with the insane variety of mooks this event has.
A big solo enemy node unlocks right after this one is finished, so I try some different comps with that that don't rely on aoes.
Does anyone know an email address for global's customer support team? My google account is fucked which means I can't make any transactions anymore and I'm wondering if it's possible to make a new google account and somehow unlink my RSRS game from my old google account and link it to a new one without losing any of my data. I'm really fuckin' scared of pressing a wrong button and deleting my 2.5 year old pre-launch account.
Just got the title screen boot error for the first time today (I'm >>1063053). It happened when I tried to leave the conquest map and go to another menu, in this case it was the sub-quest screen. Probably some bug related to the new update, I've played since launch and never experienced this happening this frequently. Thankfully it doesn't break farming.

Speaking of farming, the big single mob nodes of the conquest appear to be the usual bullshit of having IK-immune enemies mixed in, so it's a total crapshoot whether or not you quickly clear the whole thing with just 2 actions or get walled into waiting several extra turns to chew through their immense hit point totals considering IK chars typically aren't packing the biggest of nukes.
I'm trying to do it with my usual solo enemy clearing team of Liam in the front of Magia Fight and GLEX Doll in the back. They shit out so much damage that I either clear each wave in 1 round or finish off wave 2 early in the second round of that wave.
The bottomless pool is the first half of this year. The selector pool seems to be from launch until just before the period the bottomless pool draws from, I think? Then does it stand to reason the styles in the current bottomless pools will be the ones we'll be able to select with the next batch of selector tickets (coming presumably next June or next December at the latest)?
If that's the case, I will just wait another six or twelve months to get Bune #3 for free instead of paying like 66 bucks or whatever it is.
I've been using my FFL team with Human M&F, Apollo, Creator and Esper (all new units). Just poison everyone with the S Apollo inherit, confuse with Creator and you get ez farming for this new festival. Really comfy
>got two festival saga tickets
>see top tier units
guess i should wait before i pull.

also is there a database of all the enemy sprites? the details are amazing.
>GLvirgins need to spend 45k jewels to get one GLEX style
>meanwhile JPchads can get them for free
It's just not fair...
Got the god roll for Kzinssie's sword. Shame I don't have him. Best I could do for Zozma and Ludwig was 89%, but that's still way better than non-rainbow mats have given me.
Gonna use the sword molds I get from now on for the Bert sword, I got a pretty sweet one for Polka (it's not just for Bertrand!) that has SS SagaRS, SS Male and SS Single Target but it won't do for using his aoe spells.
Tomorrow I'll see about forging Wil's hammer, not that I have him either.
i'm interested in those winter units, but i wouldn't want to waste those free tickets. that christmas monica or summer vampire lady.
Any tips for Kzinssie at floor 150 or is he just a DPS race?
WIL nuke him and paralyze him.
You can also AGI scum him.
And that's six eggs cracked! Specifically, it's the six battles against "The Egg has 6 forms!". Really looking forward to replacing PWR with Diana, but she still needs to be trained on the conquest a lot more.
Does anyone know if the Egg has higher hp with more forms, or does its hp stay the same even on the 10 form fight?
Any pro strat for 199/200? Getting my dick sucked too hard by kzinssie and my tank dies permanently.

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