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File: 1664958321155.png (690 KB, 1130x1080)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
Name a game and explain why you dropped it.
Totally not a datamining thread btw
Epic Shit
It was shit
>no gameplay whatsoever
didn't even started playing these shits in the first place
Epic Seven, because they shilled the jabs and I felt like paying money & time to kill people.
I actually want to drop some gachas I'm playing but I dont know how to.
Name them
Finally being able to get out of idol hell
I saved up some money for some real games and never looked back on those f2p grindfests. Kid me must have had way more patience to put up with this crap, too.
Grubble. The grinding required is up there with shitty f2p korean mmos.
My favorite girl getting a rabi edit
I have dropped and picked up again Puzzle and Dragons several times, generally I drop it when I don't have too much time in my life (either because of work or other games I'm playing)/have streak of bad luck and pick it up again when I'm bored. Right now I'm playing it again.

Heavily considering dropping World Flipper, it requires too much grind to max characters and the end game gameplay loop is kind of boring, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I can just auto most of the game and that I have a pretty great account despite not dropping a single cent in the game.
Azur lane and touhou lost word. I also play granblue and fire emblem heroes but I want to keep those two. I would replace AL and TLW with blue archive if I managed to drop them.
Epic Shit because of having to auto hunt 13s for the whole day during hot time instead of just adding a skip feature like every decent gacha
Why do you want to drop them?
What keeps you from dropping them?
If the game doesn't give me at least one free pull everyday I'd drop it.
Dragalia Lost because it died
it's when games become a fucking daily chore, I can't stand repeating the same thing day after day, having to do it or I miss the rewards.
Sometimes I just want to do something else but I constantly feel like I need to sacrifice time from other games to do the daily shit, until I drop it
I drop a lot of games when it dawns on me that I'm not even reading the story or anything and just playing out of habit.
I dunno, I just dont play them so actively anymore, I just do the dailies and dont even progress the story. Especially azur lane has been on "dailies and nothing else" mode for atleast couple of years now. Lost word I play bit more actively but I still dont progress the main story, I just do the event stories.
And its hard to explain why I cant drop them. There's just some primal fear of falling behind in them if I dont do the daily tasks. In both games I also have a ton of resources that would go to waste if I dropped the games. And for azur lane specifically I like collecting the boatgirls so I know if the fan art I see is from AL.
>Castlevania Grimoire of Souls
It wasn't even released for real. I miss it daily.
>Battle Cats
I found it repetitive even for a gacha. I was just not enjoying it anymore
>Saint Seiya Awakening
It took a massive amount of space, and it was either stop playing it or the gacha I still play nowadays (SMT Dx2).
>Contra Returns
Fun game, but doesn't actually feel like Contra gameplay-wise, and I felt there was nothing else for me to do.
>Rockman X Dive
It annoyed me how what should have skins for the units where completely different units. Also, probably the one (1) game where it's user base has directly affected my enjoyment of the game. I wish I had never found out Megamanfags were absolute retards.
> I wish I had never found out Megamanfags were absolute retards
Explain, I was eyeing that game but the fact that it had mandatory pvp for rewards turned me away.
Like others in this thread I drop a game as soon as it stops being fun and starts becoming a chore. I dropped Azur Lane, Priconne and most recently Blue Archive for this reason
I haven't checked if that changed, but when I played there was no form of repository of information for the game besides having to join its "community"-run discord server, which was plague by filthy, retarded, unfunny people, and you -had- to keep a number of posts per time in order to not be kicked.

To paraphrase in case the explanation is confusing: You were literally forced to shitpost non-stop in a discord server if you didn't want to get kicked and banned from the only known place to find information about that game.

I hate discord so much it's unreal.
File: z.jpg (116 KB, 381x286)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Disgaea RPG.
It's too watered down compared to the main series. I used a macro for the item world because it was a chore, and that's coming from someone who maxed out Etna's stats in Disgaea 5 and D2 . A shame because I like the characters.
File: 1595645069028.gif (3.78 MB, 560x467)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB GIF
Recently came back to E7 because I missed the art style of the game... despite being tired of all the gear hunting. Close to dropping again because I noticed my Captain Rik was getting cleaved too easily and his S3 wasn't stripping... just to find out they completely removed his tanking and self-sustaining abilies in exchange for slight buff to offensive stats and a shittier version of cleanse.
All if his defense and health boosts got replaced with a very minor attack buff... on a unit with already shit attack (who still has shit attack). They literally turned a niche unit for PVE and PVP into unusable garbage that is awful in every game mode.
The only one I've ever truly dropped is Azur Lane. Despite having easily the hottest character designs of any gacha, the gameplay itself was just completely unfun to me, not to mention it was an auto-battler anyway. I don't care for chibi graphics either, so while the girls had incredible art, they weren't exactly great to look at in action. The game's interface was also just very bland and unattractive. I genuinely tried to force myself to like the game for the characters, and I just couldn't.
>Despite having easily the hottest character designs of any gacha
Not even close, Last Origin still blows out of the water any no porn gacha in terms of sexy characters and the story actually makes sense, also the fact it cant stop sucking self insert dick at any given time while still not reaching the point of being annoying.
I played AL like 2 years and i still didnt know what was happening in the story
had fun with it for a time but in the end there's nothing to do unless you're a pvp sperg and the meta was ass when i played. they really should have just added a skip function or something for hunts and labyrinth too maybe.
sandbox is trash. f5 + orange button is stupid and completely souless. game still has a dogshit ui after idk how many years.
like many people i just got really bored after doing whatever the latest story/event was at the time and so eventually i lost momentum with it.
>monster strike
played this one for a bit and had quite a lot of fun, don't really remember why i even quit honestly.
>fgo jp
pretty much the same reason as monster strike it's been so long i don't really remember.
rate % are abysmal
>action taimanin
it became a borefest after a while
When every event is the fucking same thing
File: 1615741629152.png (37 KB, 128x128)
37 KB
>Brave Frontier
Got bored of re-releasing events.
Quit twice. Once before AASBs came out because I didn't want to deal with another tier of powercreep. Second when Labs came out. Too fucking boring. It's dead now lol
Quit twice. First time was because it took up too much space, second was not getting 2 9S or 2B/A2 on the first Nier collab.
>Chain Chronicles
I was really sad that I was too stupid to beat and recruit the hot demons so I quit. I still miss it.
Quit once during Season 1, came back until EoS.
Wow! I got a -Atk +Spd Ike!
Co-op is gay and I missed Golbeza when he first came out
>Drag Lost
It took too long for me to realize the male dragons are furry bara bait. That and I played when the grind was at its worst.
Rage 2 was a shit guild and ruined the game for me. I should have joined Rage 3
The game was too generous and good. It felt like a trap and I wanted to only retain good memories
>Pokemon Masters
Furries started getting meta so I got out
>Nier Rein
Optimal Raid strats are stupid, Arena is luck-based, everything is auto-grind that releases at a trickle
F2P btw
i dunno it's so boring. the waifus are amazing but it's so god damn boring
Need for all those dupes was too annoying, iirc some back to back Fateswakening banners were the final straw

Realized I was no longer excited for rolling new units, gameplay was also starting to feel too easy

>various gook gachas
I come for the cute designs and inevitably leave in disgust at the autistic gear grinds

Events starting feeling too repetitive and I just didn’t have the time for it anymore. I still have it installed though, I played DeSu and I’m not going to caught without the summoning app in a coming apocalypse.
After 2 years Playing, i dropped Mario Kart Tour

- Didnt like the new Battle Update
- They removed the Gambling. You can now buy the Drivers
- less rewards
- hate the shitty fotoshooting "minigame"
- I had Luck and got King Mario in 1 Ten Pull. Too bad i need around 10 High End Level Up Ticket to make him usefull. So you kinda NEED the Gold Pass, alone for the Ressources.

And the fucking Grind, Holy Shit. Driving the same fucking course to get 2x Partytime and not getting fucked by Blueshell or Lightning. This is your second Part Time job everyday for 2-4 Hours. Fuck this.
King's Raid
No content due MUH season 2
I heard they killed the heroes now
too much gay nigger shit in gbf
lost interest in the story after idk shinjuku
i played until the 3rd eor i think
File: 1665636310598782.png (138 KB, 490x428)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>Chain Chronicle
Constant powercreep.
>Grimms Notes
Insane amount of grind, impossible to beat weapon event except if you camped for the event to start and play nonstop in one sitting.
>Kirara Fantasia
Very limited amount of character on release, buggy.
>Alternative Girls
Lost my account because I couldn't link it to google play.
>Azur Lane
UI update make the game stutters, insane amount of grind.
File: FTnNqsLUcAEfJA2.jpg (378 KB, 1476x2048)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
>Azur Lane
Cute designs, boring as hell game
>Alchemy Stars
Cute designs, took too much time grinding materials to evolve characters. After staring at countless autobattles waiting to finish while I watched YT I had enough. Rates were nice though.
>World Flipper
Horrible rates AND horrible gameplay. Autobattled, collected all the gacha currency I could through the story, rolled for event exclusives I really wanted, did not get a single one, uninstalled 5 seconds after.
>Duel Links
Just too expensive to have fun. Spending $100 easy on every new set to try and pull 3 copies of cards when I could build the whole deck irl for half of that money is just retarded. Plus the game lagged and needed to be closed after playing it for a half hour straight. Takes you out of the fun mindset.
The most jewish gacha I've ever played. Rates are terrible, event rewards are terrible, the feedback I give is never taken into consideration, it's just all "SPEND SPEND SPEND ON THE NEW CHARACTERS, YOU NEED TO BEAT THE TOWER TO GET ALL THE MONTHLY "FREE" ROLL CURRENCY, DON'T MISS OUT"
Uninstalled and is the only one I will never ever consider going back to no matter what even if they give the whole character roster for free despite loving Tevor to death

Kind of feel the same about dropping Arknights to be honest but for now it's fine. I just don't find it interesting anymore. It's just "beat stage, get reward". There's no excitement in the gacha for me, either I get it or I don't but there's no actual emotion in it for me. I don't care if I don't get it. I think that's the worst thing in gacha.
File: 1618458099115.png (1.13 MB, 1587x2094)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>why you dropped it
Mostly comes from spending most of my time on /vg/. Once i stopped visiting them religiously my gacha experience increased dramatically.
>Genshin Impact
Hate artifact RNG and climbing all over the place for paltry primos, also Inazuma's story was dogshit.
>A Hero's Bonds
Runs terribly, not very interesting.
>Another Eden
Don't give a damn about the waifus, game balance is out of whack, Future Mythos sucked.
>Guardian Tales
All the modes are too tiring.
Too many to lists, those gachas lacks interesting big events and/or way too repetitive to endure with daily chores. Even the best gacha in the world becomes daily chores > log off so after a while only those big event matters
Still looking for a gacha that does big events equal to GFL in quality
Too jewish with needing the multiple SSR copies back then

Became too big brain for me. Was way too out of touch with the story too and didn't want to reread it all.

Realized that I didn't actually care about any of the girls enough to save up for them and roll them. So why play the game?

>Action Taimanin
Hated all the vanilla FUUMA stories and lost interest. Gameplay gets stale eventually too.

Dailies way too much effort. As is the grind for all the high end shit. And the characters, besides some exceptions, really aren't interesting enough either.
The continued censorship on top of that? Didn't make me want to return very much.
I didn't know Illusion Connect devs before I started the game and wished I had.

Powercreep units out of hell, adding a new rarity of equipment and units, they added another set of equipment you had to also roll for these new equipment.

Another protagonist upgrade system that basically made the "balanced pvp" go out the window, since now your stats are balanced, but you still get the bonus stats from your class upgrades, so you could go against a Assassin Tier 1 with 500 HP, while you are a Mage Tier 5 with 26,000 HP and could just auto attack him to death since he wouldn't be able to even deal damage to you.

Cross character events introduces a new "ticket" system so you can't use the ones you saved.

PvP general cancer, it was mandatory if you wanted resources to roll and equipment, bugs that make you invincible or stack damage infinitely, stall comps meta with infinite revives or shields since you could just heal your leader at the end and win if your HP is higher than your opponent.

It was a daily chore, if you wanted to stay on top of your game you had to start PvP grinding whenever they opened the arena.

Every single event after the first year were like 3 reruns and 1 "new" event, this new event usually was a previous event with more "story" and scenes reusing all assets.

I could go on about things that annoy me, but I'll end with these points, base building is a resource drain and they didn't expand it since the first day, then we have the old units getting a "awakening" to balance them for the current meta, at first we got some video clips, new effects and new arts for the character, then they stopped doing that for all the recently awakened units, so either they don't pay the illustrator or they know the game is burning up and are trying to get every last penny from the players.
I just uninstalled epic shit.
RNG was shit so was the game. I might pick up another kusoge or maybe I'll just go back to deresute.
If there's shit other than what I want in banners
like stupid card bullshit
stupid dragon bullshit
stupid furniture bullshit

uncreative events that are just every dumps
slow ui
no good account system
required gacha to progress
any game that requires more than an hour of active play per day

and most importantly ugly girls, forced furry shit, and shit gameplay
I hate furries
I hate males
I hate uggos
and I hate unfun
Game was dying
>Brave Exvius
7*. And locking it behind dupes. That was where I drew the line.
>Epic Shit
Controversy after controversy, bad decision after bad decision, shit no one wanted or asked for and the focus on """""e-sports"""""
>Dissidia OO
Actually dropped early on, mainly because the rates felt like the most ass thing imaginable, couldn't get shit that physically barred me from doing anything of note in the first big event and was basically unable to use characters I liked, might go back to this one day to see if it's any better
Valkyrie Connect. played it cause of collabs, but dropped it because of how insanely tedious the grind is, and how fucking p2w of a game it is.
for azur lane, you don't have to worry bout dropping it. if you were saving and know where you put your cubes you'll probably not gonna miss a single thing
File: twin turbo.jpg (148 KB, 850x1288)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Too expensive, way too grindy, literally unplayable without an emulator to macrofarm
Cool premise but the gameplay was so boring I fell asleep multiple times when playig
>Azur Lane
Gameplay is beyond snooze inducing, fell asleep multiple times when playing
>Artery Gear
Global rushing content far too quickly, required me to sort out my inventory for multiple hours, not a big fan
>Dragalia Lost
Boring grind, unrewarding gacha pool bloated with garbage. Not a single 4* dragon update since day 1
Not a fan of playing the same F2P deck for months before the new F2P deck dropped, dropped 50 dollars for a T0 deck that got banlisted within a month (Sylvans)
>Another Eden
Slow and boring, okayish main story but the grind up there was too fucking boring. Fell asleep multiple times playing it
File: dolls.webm (2.97 MB, 612x1080)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
>gachas without daily free pulls. what's the point of playing a gacha if you can't pull everyday?
>gachas where you're basically saving pulls between collabs because they don't rerun the collabs
>gachas where the progression is too RNG so there are weeks where you've made no progress due to bad RNG
File: don inspection.png (1.3 MB, 900x789)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Girls frontline
Live a poor life, my hardware couldn't keep up, so did i with my phone bill
Fun while it lasted, i hope limbus does me better
Sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean there?
game's one of the most gracious gacha out there. what i meant is that if you do leave the game, you ain't gonna miss much. your mail storage ain't gonna expire (but it do have a limit of 1000), and like i said if you can manage your cube, you can come back into the game whenever you want and still get a UR character on rate up.
>Pokémon Masters
>Dragalia Lost

Not sure what it is with Nintendo-adjacent gachas and the need to be tight-fisted jews with their rolls.

>Destiny Child
File size more massive than the tits.

>half a dozen h-gachas
Google Drive

>Battle Cats
Was sorta fun. Not sure why I quit.

>Star Wars: Galaxies
5v5 is a fine format but I do need some titties in there before I’m coerced into spending cash
Quit not because of inherent game mechanics but because its story was soulless, especially when I just got into FGO's LB series.
Too much shit, too much numbers, literally hell.
>Brave Nine/Brown Dust
OK PVE trash PVP and it's a heavily PVP game: every one runs the same team with 1-2 unit difference, Taunt mechanics went rouge for too long, pussy ass 1 line formation aren't punished enough
>Gems of war
Game got stale
Grind spike OP
I cleared the PvP challenges and quit. Already knew from the start the game is heavily p2w
>>gachas where the progression is too RNG so there are weeks where you've made no progress due to bad RNG
now this is a rare specimen. what game was it?
File: 1667144304737.jpg (585 KB, 1170x1680)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
>Name a game
genshin impact. the first and only gacha ive played and i stayed for a while just because i threw a bunch of money in at some point
>explain why you dropped it.
shit game.
>save for a month for pulls
>no luck, didnt pull what you wanted
>save for another month for pity
>get what you wanted
>farm 3 months for good gear
>no good gear
>daily limit on how much you can farm
>predatory as shit, just like any other gacha
>repetitive as fuck
>log in, do the same few tasks again and again and again
it has its redemptive qualities like graphics, fun combos with characters, not a small map that's still in development and will grow further, and one of the best music ive ever heard in any game.
its good untill you reach the "endgame", then you have basically nothing to do other than very boring daily tasks and limited daily farm.
How is the filesize ever a problem???
File: 1667150569623.png (144 KB, 625x370)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
space aint free and people who gaym on $300 chinkphones cant just pull a 512gigs device out of their assess
Crash Fever because it became ridiculous. I don't remember what update exactly that I just said fuck this game and uninstalled it completely
It doesn't have enough Rabi edits.
i think i got filtered by gameplay? or was it dumb? i don't remember. but also writing was moving real slow.
loading times exceeded battle time
>action taimanin
super abrasive ui, grindy, not enough interactions with girls, posing sucked
it's a job.
filtered by gameplay. too much usin my noggin. i still log in to pat heads tho. and i read events on youtube.
>rise of eros
abrasive ui, grindy, sex scenes fully nude only, some other dumb things
giant hair and giant lab coats
holy shit is that from Last Origin?
ah yeah, girls are literally semen demons, i havent seen any gacha going as far as LO does, no porn gacha of course.
Young looking units are have cute skins in contrast.
Became too blatantly cash-grabby with their FOMO garbage
W40K Space Wolf
when they introduced the new currency last year cripling the cards pulling or something i miss the PVP matches
god like action (stylish looking) gameplay but the story is shit and i was just doing daily without anything to look for after Vera-Rozen dropped, i could go back one day though, i'm not thrilled by wattering wave
Pokemon masters EX
I dropped it a few months ago
I got sick of these battles
>raise stats
The music is alright but I can listen to it online
I was lucky to get a few pokemon I liked so it wasn't all bad
And I forgot to say but reading those events was mind numbing
>female character = lets play dress up, eat and/or cook
>male character = let me tell you how much I like "thing"
>oh no team evil is doing evil activity
The main story had some nice character moments but it was not worth it
>you -had- to keep a number of posts per time in order to not be kicked
I'm there right now and you don't have to do anything, but it is full of retards
Even in game, but at least you can turn off the built in chat
I dropped the mario kart gacha
This was before they removed pipes
The game felt too slow, even with that pass, you can't fall off in most tracks
It's too easy
I picked up Nikke and dropped it in 2 days because my phone is old as shit and it lagged so hard it made some battles unwinnable(even on auto with a somewhat overleveled team because apparently damage is tied to FPS).

It was my first gacha, I kinda enjoyed it otherwise, having something on my phone to fiddle with when I'm bored is neat. Rec me some gacha? I'm a coomer so cute girls and lewd content are big selling points for me.
File: I sleep.png (379 KB, 1114x842)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
FGO like two years ago. I like the characters and the story way more than the current gacha games I play now but I never recovered from saving more than 1000USD worth of free SQ and NOT pulling my waifu when she came out. The existence of pity/spark systems and overall just better visuals basically pulled me away from it.

Currently playing Genshin and Blue Archhive but I'll most likely ditch Genshin to the sidelines once ZZZ comes out.
Anytime I had a streak of bad rolls I just kinda don't feel like playing anymore.
Spending so much time farming and tending to the game only not to be rewarded feels like a slap to the face.
I am sorry anon, Nikke is one the greediest gacha on the market. Half the roster is bugged, bloated SSR pool and no pity are designs from the last decade. Not to mention the dev has history of rate manipulation and the gooks are accusing them of doing it to Nikke

If you are willing to put in the effort, Last Origin can be played through DDM PC launcher and has EN option. You can also play it on android but you gonna need to put it much more work (VPN, redownload APK)

If not, Azur Lane is a mainstream coomer.
I was thinking of giving Azur Lane a try, since someone else recommended it to me before, so I think I'll start there.
Took too much time. Would still play them otherwise, but I don't want my entire vidya just to be gacha games.
Buy an account if you must, since you will be very far behind and miss out on a lot of collab limited characters. Also Azur Lane designs are very tone down in coom compared to LO. If you like loli, try Blue Archive
if you feel the gameplay is too braindead even for gacha standards (thats my experience during the 2 years i played 5 years ago) you can try LO, there your girls could be owing completely in one map and then getting rekt in the next one so you are never using the exact team for everything, in the hardest content at least.
I dropped GBF when I stopped being a NEET since it is physically impossible to spend 'enough' time grinding in that game.
From the picture posted in this thread at least LO seems to have a bit too much generic cowtits for me, korean mmo style.
Yeah, LO is mostly MILF theme. There are loli too but nothing in between. They are either A cup or Z cup
File: Tier_List.jpg (762 KB, 1000x1476)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
actually there are sizes for everyone, its just the big girls always stand out more, but i understand you
now that looks more reasonable but HOLY SHIT that bottom row is hilarious

when i was reading the min/max strats and realized how much i had fucked up my 2 months of playing, all the censored waifus in the world couldn't compare to my fuck up. *DROPPED
>the number of currency required for a roll is some inane number only meant to obfuscate shit and maximize slatny-eye jew profits
immediate drop
no, I will not roll for 1435 gemeralds
>Game markets itself as having tons of hot anime ass
>It comes out and most of the asses are covered
Plus the Gacha rates are a scam
Uta Macross, the pause button is way too small and missing is unforgiving unlike Starlight Stage
yeah, probably the last one is the furthest they will go at least in the bob department

Digimon, FGO, Blue Archive, Touhou, Blue Archive, Nikke, Pokemon Masters, Azur Lane, Arknights
I dropped them all cause of Gacha. Gacha mechanics inevitably suck the fun out of every game.

>Why keep playing gacha then?
You know why. There's fuck all games on mobile that aren't gacha. They're either shit, short, or just emulation.
Genshit. Artifact drops are like 6 layers of shit that can make everything worthless even for casuals. Also no skip button, idc about the story i just wanna kill things
Is that real?
Dropped Epic Shit because of Konosuba taking too much time, but being better game
>even for casuals
The overworld and most events are toddler's play though, you only need good artifacts for later abyss floors and the occasional battle event where you can choose how many buffs/debuffs come into play for you and the enemy.

I do agree that the story is fucking boring and the lack of a skip button is painful.
I dropped Genshin because the English translation is unbearable ESL gibberish.
I've dropped tons for have shit gameplay (whatever that yoko taro thing was) or being 2 greedy (too many to list).

If I cannot get the cute boy I want without paypigging I will not keep playing. If I can get him I will get invested and paypig. It's that simple.
GFL and AL are the two I've only ever played, and dropped them both in 2019. I can't really say why I dropped them, I just think gacha burns me out fast.
Dropped epic garbage because RTA is fucking awful and there's literally nothing else to do besides that and autistically grind for gear 24/7
Epic Shit!

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