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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: UR6CAMI.png (657 KB, 1138x640)
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Kind of weird how they stopped doing more Rebirth dresses. I assumed they were the essentially the Ultima Magica dresses for the rest of the girls.
File: 6715675442652.png (707 KB, 755x637)
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707 KB PNG
First for Dragon Sex
Also, Iko apparently likes butt stuff. Which really isn't surprising for a number of reasons, but it is always fun to see each girls' kinks.

And since it got kinda buried in the last thread, the St. Charles girls got it the worst with their Xeno dresses. At least they get these Rebirth dresses, I guess.
too bad about the dog
Ah, new thread I see. Neat, guess I can say it here for those who are in the club : this banner is a good one to roll on, Marianne is a bit more value than Iko, but getting any is a great get.
I got like 5 or 6 UR dresses. None of them were Marianne lmao.
It should be better to wait, Xenos Aka/Ao are in October as well as not-Nanoha collab for Fate Kaori.
Both Marianne and Iko will also be in the Camifest banner featuring Rebirth Hanabi, which was one of the best dress at the time.
Man, they should really bring back that Ken kid. The dude definitely seems like prime NTR villain and they could probably do other things with him compared to Tobio. I think he was only in Reindeer Seira's scene and one of Iroha's tower scenes.
...riiiiight I forgot the sisters dropped right after. Xenos Aka, or the moment all jell broke loose powercreep wise.

To not make this message useless : how much time until Luxuria hits again ?
Her Camifest should be beginning of January.
So it'll be basically Xenos banner, Rebirth Hanabi camifest and Lux camifest back to back
Also you can use this site to see the banners released in Japan, we are exactly a year away from them
We need more scenes like this. I'm sick of vanilla and ntr.
I love the girls being sluts
File: 1643501129155.jpg (95 KB, 1157x772)
95 KB
>playing against huge HP sponge boss
>it's one of these bitches that hit the player with the bubble status and regenerate 10k health per turn
>boss hits Marianne and she gets bubble status
>it's Marianne's turn
>she hits the boss with a normal attack and reflects the bubble status back to it
>mega HP sponge boss dies in 3 turns by tasting its own medicine
Xeno Akisa's dress story was interesting in the beginning when it was the student council interacting, but I got a bit bored part way through.

I thought before that all of the Xeno stories were nightmare scenarios and/or focused on fears, but I think there is also a vague theme that is different for each school.

The St. Charles girls all got broken (usually into slaves) in ways relating to their core traits, the Arihane girls (except Seira) all were about their deepest relationships completely falling apart because of their quirks and circumstances going to dark places (like with Cocoa's family being abusive) and ending with them usually waking up, and so far, the Takeraho girls have it the easiest where they seem to know it is a dream and it seems to play off of their insecurities regarding interpersonal relationships.

Apropos of nothing, but what's the new JP tower scene about? I can tell it is at least vaguely about maids, but I'm wondering if they'll do more of these group scenes.
We can only hope
File: file.png (159 KB, 302x563)
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159 KB PNG
Iroha really is peak sex. I have no idea how the artist did it, really commendable.
I've ways been confused as to whether Iroha is supposed to have big or medium breasts. Without getting into certain scenes that ballon breasts (like Obunaga Seira), characters like Seira, Hanabi, and Eliza are more obviously medium. Iko is another one with kinda wonky consistency, but I assume she is just small rather than flat chested.

Anyway, why is my girl Seira's booty so thick? I've compared everyone, and her in game model has a bigger butt than Kaori supposedly does. I think it is sometimes implied she is slightly pudgy and the Yuki Onna dress does make her look more plump, I guess.
Iroha is most likely medium sized but on the bigger side. Also never had the chance to appreciate Seira's ass since I was hypnotized with Kaori's but looks like I'll have to take a look.
Some outfits definitely show it better, but it is noticeable.

Looking through some of her scenes was actually kinda weird since a lot of them had angles that don't really make it obvious how big her butt is, with those train scenes being one of the exceptions.

I guess that anubis event scene had her thighs be pretty big too.
I wish they used these models for porn. They're so sexy.
I wanna try this game. How new player friendly is it? Is the game pretty jewish with the gacha currency?
>new player friendly
It's relatively ok I guess, like any other gacha. They give new players a good amount of currency in JP but I don't know about english servers. You get most of the currency from events and the tower which is monthly. They also give away a maxed dress for each main event, and yes they have porn scenes if you play the NSFW version.
Are there any new consensual ganbgang scenes since 2021?
I guess there is the harem scene of the train collab.
new JP blog
May be basic, but nice blog update. That Sloth girl is apparently being added soon, but it is a let down she hasn't been given a lot of build up compared to the previous four. I guess that fits her in a way, and at least her weapon is cool. Also, Eliza will probably be the next to get a demon BFF.
Nice, can't wait for her
Yeah, nice to have new playable characters, but it is still slightly weird after having the only the 12 for so long. I guess the devs see the demon girls as bonus characters since they don't even get birthday or bond stories.

At least the girls aren't disposable and incredibly interchangeable like some other games.
more vtuber stuff
File: Well shit.png (11 KB, 209x120)
11 KB
Huh... neat.
what's that?

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