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New Tarkovlike announced by Bungie
>Marathon is a sci-fi PvP extraction shooter where players will embody cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners.
>Exploring a lost colony on the mysterious planet of Tau Ceti IV, Runners – working solo or as part of three-person crews – will fight for survival, for riches, and for fame.
Interesting aesthetic wasted on FOTM multiplayer format
If you like the aesthetic just play the old marathon games
The og marathon aesthetic is mostly nothing like the trailer though
as a kid that only had a mac at home in the 90's and marathon was the only good available FPS I hate the direction they are taking the series
The art style was so different i didn't even notice the trailer was for Marathon.
>take name of an old, dead franchise
>slap it on something completely different and unrelated
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I can't wait to see this in action! The music and the aesthetic in the trailer are pleasing to my sense. The overall aesthetics will definitely appeal to a good amount of fellas, but the fact that it is a PvPvE Extraction game kills what really sold the old Marathon.

The biggest gain to a playerbase they will be able to acquire are hardcore fans, so long as they haven’t moved on from video games, and the staple of fellas who actually enjoy the competitive scene. This could be the game where Nu-Bungie learns how much goodwill they've destroyed. I will enjoy reading posers crying. Regardless, my expectation of the game is brimming with hype!
Such a weird choice to make it an extraction shooter, it feels like they just cut themselves off from a larger playerbase.
It reminds me of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt, which is a BR game.
VtM and Marathon are IPs that only people older than 30, but BRs and Extraction Shooters are a format only people younger than 25 care about. I don't think it will flop as hard as Bloodhunt did but I'm wondering who this game is even for. Tarkov and Hunt already exist, and how are they going to encourage Destiny fans to swap off that game?
>how are they going to encourage Destiny fans to swap off that game?

Someone posted a breakdown of player #s in D2 and most were in PvE, so I doubt they’ll get that many. They might get the Trials players who hate the cheating.
I have no idea what the fuck an extraction shooter is, but bungie did a great job with halo 1-3. The first year of destiny wasn't bad, but it got stale quick due to heavy PvE focus. If PvP is the core gameplay loop then im pretty optimistic. From some brief skimming, I see that extraction shooters are basically a BR format but you leave the game rather than trying to be the last man standing. What I don't understand though is how does that work? You get a bunch of loot and just leave the game alive? How exactly do you win, or am I thinking about this wrong? I know with BR's its last man alive, but with something like ARK you basically try and ruin people and take their loot while keeping yours and you never really win. Im assuming its somewhere closer to ARK considering this games direction seems to be based on "infamy" so theres not really a "win" but rather a reputation you try and get.

Someone please break this down for me. Am retard.
i think an extraction shooter is basically a loot and shoot. You kill stuff for treasure. If you die you lose the treasure. To claim the treasure you need to get back to da choppa and successfully extract yourself from the battlezone without dying.
It's kind of a mix of roguelite and open world PVP.
>Choose your starting gear
>Spawn into a persistent map
>Spend as long as you like gathering loot
>Then exit the map at one of the exit locations
>If successful, the stuff you looted is now gear you can select for next time
>If you die, you lose everything including the gear you brought with you
>Also, the map is shared with other players
>Players can kill each other and steal their loot/gear
It's a very cutthroat genre that takes a certain type of person to enjoy. You have to be okay with looting for 30 minutes and finding god-tier weapons, only to lose it all in 5 seconds because some faggot was camping the extraction point.
There are many various takes on the genre but if Marathon is a "tactical" shooter my guess is that gameplay will be tense, slow, methodical, and lethal. So a lot of sneaking around hiding in bushes and camping corners.
Also they seem to be implying that there are difficult secrets to unlock. So for example, say in three different games you manage to loot and recover three Alien Key Fragments. You could then use the pieces to craft an Alien Key, add it to your loadout, deploy to the Crashed Alien Ship map, and use it to open the ship's vault for even crazier loot. BUT you risk having someone kill you and steal the Alien Key for themselves, so you'd better bring your best weapons and some friends along.
I think there's potential for interesting high risk high reward stuff, but I find these kinds of games stressful and frustrating so I tend to avoid them.
Thanks for the insight.

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