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File: 9 foot She-Giant.jpg (430 KB, 2560x1440)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
Conan Exiles: Age of the Amazons

Real? Myth? We're going to find out over the next four days.

First teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCcnhEAArw0
Start at 12:19. Actual teaser at 13:49.
>tl;dr She doesn't think it will be "amazons" because that teaser showed dinosaurs, so she thinks the devs are deliberately misleading.
>her teaser is just a screenshot
I'll post it next.

Subsequent teasers to come:
>wak4863: May 18th at 17:00 CEST
>JordeeKai: May 19th at 23:00 CEST
>sema_: May 20th at 18:00 CEST
with the actual devstream reveal on
>May 22 at 5:00pm CEST / 11:00am EDT

Here's to hoping it comes with nice system overhauls like AoS did.
File: Capture.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
>her teaser is just a screenshot
Here it is.
This game is a buggy pile of shit. If the next age isn't "Age of Bug Fixes" it should be a hard pass for most people.
File: Capture.png (1.93 MB, 1529x954)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
My thoughts
>teaser is a treasure bag in the pirate bay
>has a painted Mask of the Witch Queen
>unknown writing on the goblet that no doubt makes this obvious if you know what it is
>camera facing the unused NE corner of the map
Possibilities: treasure hunting, sailing (with the NE biome island-based for it), expansion of the Lemurian faction from their single camp to an actual faction (possibly taking over the old city?), rise of the Witch Queen's daughter, overhaul for underwater that allows enemies to follow/fight and you have some incentive to swim/makes it easier considering the sailing. and lastly, my most specific thought tying all this together, the Black Hand discovers the Amazon Isles in the NE corner led by the Witch Queen's descendant/rival/exile which is rich in booty (and booty) so the pirates are raiding them with actual ships (and also heavily features Lemurian ruins as the Amazon Isles were the north half of their empire).

I can't wait to get BTFO by tomorrow's teaser.
File: FwbrxKYXoCg97mL.jpg (922 KB, 2777x1562)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Oh wait, wak's is already up too.

teaser at 2:56, which is also pic related.
>treasure chest with gold coins
>jungle biome with unknown wall (looks too brown/bricked to be standard Lemurian ruins right?)
>gold cat statue with emerald eyes
>gecko painted in the wall
This one doubles down on the "treasure" theme and jungle.
File: FwWiKkMXoA0qIeO.jpg (554 KB, 4096x2304)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
Better shot from the CE twitter. Devs attached two quotes with these screenshots
>first teaser: No amount of blood spilled will ever dull the luster of gold.
>second teaser: Build strong. Hide it deep. They will not relent.
Sounds like we might be getting a Purge overhaul (thank goodness), or maybe something like Siptah were you can manually summon a new type of purge based on the loot you collect at your base.

Lastly, that's a bone tucked into the fire of the first teaser. The normal campfire doesn't have that, right?
File: 1678002951411971.jpg (121 KB, 474x874)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Here's the thing. The game is definitely a buggy piece of shit. Every patch has a collection of bug fixes and every patch introduces twice as many new bugs as what it fixed. I've left bug reports and seen them get ignored. The current dev cycle seems to be a race of rushing out new content with a policy of leaving old, broken stuff alone until they decide to rework it with an overhaul as a new chapter's selling point.

Despite acknowledging all this, despite knowing this game only taps like 60% of its potential, CE is still somehow in my top 5 games of all time, and I still find it easy to get excited over new stuff so long as it's a free content update, bazaar can get fucked.
Anybody referring to the 'age of amazon' image that Dennis had on his monitor during the 5th anniversary video is either stupid or too lazy to actually think of anything else other than going off on super obvious red herrings. Especially now that funcom is actually putting up teaser images on their twitter in the run up to the stream where they'll announce it on monday.
honestly compared to other games its not that buggy

Main bug that needs fixing is disappearing corpses.
File: 1677459323209932.png (467 KB, 690x431)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Cat statues are a Derketo thing, could be something there
>>gecko painted in the wall
Also that looks more like a jade statuette than a painting to me, you can see the stand goes behind it
Haven't played in over a year. What did Age of Sorcery introduce? Have the mods evolved? And why the fuck is the game 90gbs? I'm half-tempted to download a re-pack as opposed to my legitimately purchased copy because of that file size.
File: 1673083036060444.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1079)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
Teaser 3 is two images
File: 1656868234083732.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
I'm still screwing around myself but we have a new dungeon, golems that can gather resources but they can't be healed, magic that I never use except for collecting resources and a battlepass. New attributes are a lot better and now you can have setups where you aren't entirely dependent on thralls. I only play singleplayer with limited mods so as far as pvp/mods go I'm not sure how they're doing. The game is 90gbs because that's how all games are now don't ask questions buy the 20tb harddrive pay for the 6000mbps internet what are you poor? That was sarcasm by the way, I hate how everything is bloated too. What really kicks me in the balls about conan exiles though is that it has had this nasty habit of downloading the entire game after an update occasionally which isn't a problem as far as speed goes but it's needlessly taking life off my ssd.
Did JordeeKai not post a vid? lel, her last video was 4 months ago.

Anyways, quote with it
>There will be nowhere to hide. For when all else is consumed, the serpent will ascend and swallow the sun.
I'm getting some Mek vibes from it, and that armor looks like it has a serpent (but maybe not, it has like a beak and horns?). Could be related to whichever princess Mek had captured to sacrifice in Ch3. She also had the rich gold clothes (bejeweled set) similiar to the first two teasers.

If the war map is the exiled lands, then the black camp is at/near the lemurian capital and derketo shrine, while the red is opposing it near the black hand camp. The far red looks like it could be Mek's spire, but it also seems too far west, like around the west savanna. Also, the NE corner is blank. If it's not the exiled lands, it could be something straight out of REH's hyboria and telling us which factions are involved.

For the top screenshot
>army with trebs lined up
Man I hope that's NPC. Imagine purges that start building/bringing siege weapons.
In the game right now they have a lot of very noob friendly features, like a very easy to farm blood tool set, alchemical base and other mats farm. All you have to do is bounty hunt sorcerers or trade in blood crystals and get rich. You can also get all your tier 4 thralls this way.
Golems are another extremely noob friendly and powerful addition.
One decent golem can easily tank a couple of dungeons and a few world bosses for you and the parts consistently drop, so you continually make them. Also a tip if you do the latest dungeon bring a golem not a thrall.
They just make all the dungeons a lot easier i've found.
Thanks fren. I think I uninstalled because of how much space it used and how little I played. It was nice to kill the men and steal the women depending on her complexion. Solo, the combat was ass and a total slog. Your thralls did all the work and if they died, it put you further back than anything else. Bosses had too much health and a lack of fast travel made exploring a chore. I remember my biggest gripe was the inventory and how cluttered it was. Have the adjusted that any?
I forgot to add my views on the sorcery. Sorcery seems to be used as a way to implement requested features and a sort of cheat menu to the game. Like rerolling follower stats, cosmetically looking normal when corrupted, slow fall (handy in some situations) and at least one op build is sorcery dependent.
Oh, so golems might be the catalyst for my bosses problem.
If it wasn't for that fucking 90gb, I'd just install it to fuck around.
i'm starting to think its an Age of conquest and a faction is going to invade the Exile lands from the east looking for plunder.
oh yeah returning your corpse to you when you die, an extremely handy spell for fast traveling around the map.
>oh hey Mecha-moses whats up?
>"may demons shit in your inards you bastard!"
>not much
When the Dune game comes out i'll have both scifi and fantasy bases covered
>Did JordeeKai not post a vid?
No idea, I only popped into her twitch stream to see what the teaser was, I had no idea who she was before today
As for the war map, the bird motif in the upper right (north of the jungle if the map is indeed the Exiled Lands) could be a clue about who exactly is invading

Honestly if the gameplay in Dune Awakening is anything like Conan Exiles, I'll easily sink 500 hours into it. I'm up to 885 in Conan
>And why the fuck is the game 90gbs?
Man, that's actually the recent optimized size. All the unpacked assets of CE are actually 220GB. They had it compressed down to 120GB just before AoS, and when AoS released they compressed it even further and managed to drop it down to 90GB. With steam's updated downloading, it's about a 40 to 60GB download which will unpack into the 90GB game. I'm not sure if a re-pack will actually change the final download size or if it'll just reduce the download size like steam does and still unpack to the same. Let me know if you do get the re-pack though. I'm curious about the size difference.
>the bird motif in the upper right could be a clue about who exactly is invading
The hieroglyphics below the bird strike me as Stygian (which is Hyboria-Egypt iirc), which goes with the Set armor of the other pic as well as Mek himself who was a sorcerer of Stygia's Black Ring.
>Have the adjusted that any?
Not him, but I can answer some. 3.0 was directly about redressing a lot of those complaints. All thralls had their hp and damage cut in half. All pets had their hp cut in half but kept their damage. This made pets a viable alternative to thralls and also reduced the impact of your follower hard carrying you. Meanwhile, the attribute revamp heavily buffed the player. You now get 1 attribute point per level up, and the cost doesn't increase anymore. Since attributes cap at 20, you can max 3 stats now at lvl 60 (or split them up further). For example, 20 str, 20 vit, and 20 expertise (your encumbrance) so that you have max damage, max hp, and still can carry all your shit without a thought. Vitality was also massively boosted as you now get over 800 hp from 20 vit even without other buffs, so you are much tankier even before considering the vit perks. Players are stronger, and it is much easier to be stronger. Also, if you did like relying on followers, they added a new attribute, authority, which is just for buffing your follower. 20 ath increases follower damage by +80%, which almost makes up for the damage nerf, with perks for increasing their healing or keeping aggro. The max perk also gives your follower +20 all stats (super strong) OR lets you take 2 follower at the same time (but you lose +follower damage buffs from ath and gear). Speaking of, there's now gear that buffs follower damage too. Going 20 str (or agi), 20 vit, and 20 ath makes you a powerhouse now, and corrupted perks can let you do some pretty wild stuff if you get it just right. Combat feels pretty good, including against bosses.

>fast travel
The game always had the map system to teleport between the 10 obelisks, but 3.0 also added a portal system with sorcery. You can now build portal stones and teleport through them to any portal stone your clan has made. You make your own fast travel map now.

>inventory clutter
That's unchanged.
a good tip to unclutter your inv is to make a dump box and dump everything in it then pick out the things you need.
Ah, I want to double down on
>All pets had their hp cut in half but kept their damage.
because it sounds innocuous but it was actually the wildest change to 3.0. Pet damage is weird. Unlike thralls, which scale off their weapon, pets scale off a flat value, and their damage is massively boosted by strength (between +8% and +10% per STR, as opposed to a thrall which is +0.4% to +0.8% per STR). Prior to 3.0, pets were "okay" but simply worse than thralls. In 3.0, their damage stayed the same. Then Authority can buff their damage by +80%. And the 20 ath perk for +20 all stats includes +20 str, which is +200% damage for that pet. That's +280% pet damage compared to before 3.0. Also, pet armor scales off grit, sometimes +40 armor per grit, which just the +20 grit alone means 800 armor even before leveling up. This can go even crazier with +follower damage gear, rerolling pet perks for more STR, and corrupted authority perks.

For the first two chapters pets were insane. A built greater sabretooth cat could pounce for like 1,000 damage, killing anything short of a boss in one hit. It could solo a boss like Red Mother in 60 seconds with you just standing there doing nothing. The devs finally had to scale them down a bit in a quick pet rework, buffing the weaker pets like gorillas while nerfing the strongest by something like -40% damage. Even so, that just means a fully invested sabretooth cat pounces for 600 damage now, and you can actually play around with other pet types you like without feeling like you're missing out. And that's assuming you want to go full authority. Even without ath, pets are still in a good spot as an alternative to thralls. Don't even get me started on War Party, the perk for 2 followers.
are different types of cats better than others? not just by stats but by animations? are the cheetahs better than tigers?
>not just by stats but by animations?
The opposite of this. Their animations will be the same, but their stats vary. I don't recall if there is a difference between tiger/lion/jag/panther in the current patch (since damage isn't tied to the enemy version anymore), but sabretooth has the unique benefit of a 1.1x damage mult compared to the others 1.0x. They get +10% damage by default. Also, being larger gives them larger hitboxes. They hit more consistently than smaller cats.
I thought Stygian as well, but the motif on the table struck me as Argossean, what with the waves
File: IMG_2475.jpg (141 KB, 1841x1227)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Um elu, gestug suna inim-sud!
Si nun. Si ezera
Halambaru Ni Dur!

Kusum! Bala!
Tumu si!
Iä Nyarlathotep! Iä Iä
even before this battlepass thing came the devs never bothered to fix any bugs at all, they never gave a fuck about it. The game has plenty of bugs that are years and years old
They're not even little annoying benign bugs that you can just roll your eyes and laugh at. They're vicious, huge, progress destroying ones. I put all of my shit in a vault and logged for the night, t4 thralls, tons of mats, and so on. Turns out when I logged out the planet must have hit a time warp causing time to accelerate because according to my logs the vault decayed basically a minute after I logged (right next to it). I've seen this happen positively before where time accelerates and you instantly complete some sort of processing or crafting queue, but I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even that mad. I laughed, logged, and uninstalled. The game is years old at this point. That would be like playing an MMO and suddenly all your character's equipment just deletes itself.
File: 20230518200136_1.jpg (790 KB, 2560x1440)
790 KB
790 KB JPG
fellas I got some stupid issue with this game.
I have a RTX 3080 but when I play this game singleplayer or coop the GPU usage goes up to the high 90s and my memory temperature practically hits the boiling point.
this game was supposed to run on Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 (1GB)
who'se retardation is at fault here Funcoms or mine and is there something I can do to fix it?
File: 1669578881241681.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1080)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB PNG
Teaser 4:
>The rise and fall of forge hammers pierce the air with the clarion call of war.
Graphics cards are designed to run at 100% unless you cap them either in game or some other method.
Also cinematic setting is a meme and will probably tax a 3080.
As the other anon said, games try to max out your cards to get as high fps as possible. A game that runs at 100% for 60fps on a GTX 560 will run at 100% for 400fps on a GTX 3080. You can cap your framerate in game to something reasonable like 60fps or 144fps to ease the load on your card. If you Rclick on your desktop, you should have an option for NBIDIA Control Panel where you can cap your fps for everything at the same time instead of needing to limit them individually.
>A new Age is upon us! Still reeling from the strife and chaos wrought by Sorcery, the Exiled Lands now face a new adversary looming over the horizon.

No amount of blood spilled will ever dull the luster of gold.

Build strong. Hide it deep. They will not relent.

There will be nowhere to hide. For when all else is consumed, the serpent will ascend and swallow the sun.

The rise and fall of forge hammers pierce the air with the clarion call of war.
So obviously the painting station is new, but what is that ground on the left? There are stairs coming up to it, so it might not be terrain ground, but at the same time it looks muddy and clumpy like something we've never seen. NE corner land?
this must be a mp thing because the game plays like a dream in sp compared to Bethesda games
new build sets
new raiding npc factions
npcs can summon gods to wipe you out
File: 1447187951393.jpg (101 KB, 612x456)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>npcs can summon gods to wipe you out
How now? how now?! brown cow!
>was thinking CE reminded me of mortal kombat
>mortal kombat looking Khitans hanging about
>new MK1 trailer has a big eclipse
>CE also has an eclipse
what a coincidence
when does the age end? is there a date? i need to know
Chapters last around 90 days. Since Ch3 started Mar 14th, the next chapter (AoX Ch1) should be around Jun 14th. This is the first time we've gone to a new age though with the new regular system, so it could be subject to change. We'll probably know for sure in tomorrow's dev stream.
Finally got it installed. Steam won't launch it, keeps failing the cloud sync despite having it turned off, so I have to launch it directly.
Anyway, what's the good settings for solo? I remember dropping the thrall/mount timer down and more exp/resources, but anything else?
thrall mount timer to 0.1, besides that i dunno. Thats all i play with.
You don't need boosted resources in SP. There's plenty by default. Your rate increased by 8x versus stone just by progressing normally. The only settings I recommend are
>Thrall Crafting Time: 0.1
>[Pets & Hunger]
>Animal Pen Crafting Time: 0.1

I also tend to prefer
>Land Claim Radius: 0.25
File: 1514877647192.jpg (8 KB, 184x184)
8 KB
Let's talk some numbers. I like followers, but I feel there's a misunderstanding about how War Party is as an alternative to Well-Trained. At first look it just seems strictly worse due to the penalties, but then I learned that all damage buffs in CE are ADDITIVE. This is huge, but I haven't yet looked at how huge. This post is exploring that.

We'll start with the humble RHTS, where the impact is smallest.
>1.18x mult
>+0.825% dam per Str
I'll use +30 STR from growth for all comparisons here and assume a 100 damage weapon for simplicity. Now the numbers

Well-Trained, basic loadout
>fed: +0.10 mult
>50 STR=+41.25%
>20 AUTH=+80% dam
>Skelos Cult Master=+50%
>thrall armor=+31%
>tt. 1.28x, +202.25% = 387 damage
War Party, basic loadout
>fed: +0.10 mult
>30 STR=+24.75%
>thrall armor=+31%
>tt 1.28x, +55.75% dam = 199 damage x 2, ie 398 damage collective output

War Party already has slightly higher dps, and this is unbuffed. Buffed:

>pork: +0.25 mult
>Potion1: +15% dam
>Potion2: +12% dam
>tt. 1.43x, +229.25% = 471 dam
>pork: +0.25 mult
>Potion1: +15% dam
>tt. 1.43x, +70.75% = 244 x 2, ie 488 dam

For thralls, war party does better collective dps than well-trained, and this is with the nerf removing player stats. If they had kept player stats affecting war party:
>WP unbuffed: 408 x 2 = 817 collective damage
>WP buffed: 447 x 2 = 894 collective damage
Compared to 387/471. Crazy. I don't blame the devs for this nerf at all, because just look at that.

This is comparing thralls, where %/STR is low. Pets I think are going to go ham. Yeah, I'm ignoring the extra STR food buff because I never use those. Sorry lads. We know it'll just do more of the same of buffing WP more than WT due to x2.
Fuck, small mistake. "WP Unbuffed" when keeping player stats is actually 366 x 2 = 731. I accidentally kept the cooked pork rinds there giving the bigger mult. Obvious a single member of WP will do less than WT in that situation due to missing 20 STR.

Now onto the pets.
so i should run two tigers
File: 1660116547370.jpg (914 KB, 2560x1440)
914 KB
914 KB JPG
For pets, we'll look at the Greater Bear, because it's a fucking bear.
>1.0x mult
>+8% dam per str
>base 2 Str
Again, assuming +30 str from growth and 100 base damage.

Well-Trained, basic
>fed: +0.10 mult
>52 STR = 416%
>20 AUTH = +80%
>PC Skelos = +50%
>tt. 1.1x, +546% = 711 damage
fawking joocy brah, look at that STRENGTH

War Party, basic
>fed: +0.10 mult
>32 STR = +256%
>tt. 1.1x, +256% = 392 x 2 = 784
Huh. I was expecting more from overlap, but I forgot just how insane the +20 STR is from WT. WP still ecks above in raw damage, but the vit loss and grit loss is also pretty huge. This isn't the blowout I thought it'd be. No reason to throw in the potions because further +% is pretty insignificant in both cases. WP stays around +10% high overall dps. Also, it's worth pointing out that taking off Skelos only brings WT down to 655 damage. Wearing it is only +8% more damage overall due to additive gains, so you're open to more builds.

Other Pets!

>WT GRocknose: 528 dam
>WP GRocknose: 275 x 2 = 550 dam
>WT GSabretooth: 996 dam
>WP GSabretooth: 600 x 2 = 1200 dam
>WT Locust Queen: 869 dam
>WP Locust Queen: 506 x 2 = 1012 dam

Final thoughts: keep in mind I don't know the real base damage for any of the pets. This assumes it's 100 for all of them which isn't the case, some definitely have higher base than others. These numbers only server to compare WT and WP for the same pet. Also, while WT gives that huge bonus to vit and grit to pets, WP does have the unique benefit of doubling the hp regen since two pets are healing at the same time. WP survivability has always been impressive since it splits attention and damage taken yet doubles the healing. Lastly, two followers attacking at the same time brings a much needed consistency to your followers dealing damage. We've all seen our resident retard taking his sweet time before attacking in the wrong direction for no reason. WP steadies that out a bit by having two attacking.

Last up: Corrupted Auth.
File: 1323978983594.gif (1.96 MB, 303x228)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Frenzy: When you deal damage in combat your followers enter a Frenzied state. Frenzied followers deal 3% increased damage for each corrupted Authority attribute.

As this is a follower buff and not a player buff, Frenzy is not negated by War Party. I assume Frenzy is another damage % buff and does not directly change the damage mult itself (that would be insane). Before I even start, I know that being another % buff that War Party receives twice is already going to make WP even better than WT. WP should always be a no brainer with corrupted authority.

I'll only be looking at 20 auth, 19 corrupted auth. The Frenzy buff is +57%. I'll also only look at basic loadout. No potions/feast buffs/pork rinds/etc. Also, rounded for convenience.

>1.28x, +259% = 460 dam
>1.28x, +113% = 272 x 2 = 545 dam

WT Zerker
>1.3x, +244% = 447 dam
WP Zerker
>1.3x, +106% = 268 x 2 = 536 dam

WT GSabre
>1.1x, 787% = 976 dam
WP GSabre
>1.1x, 457% = 613 x 2 = 1225 dam

WT GBear
>1.1x, 603% = 773 dam
WP GBear
>1.1x, 313% = 454 x 2 = 909 dam

WT GRocknose
>1.1x, 437% = 591 dam
WP GRocknose
>1.1x, 207% = 338 x 2 = 675 dam

WT Queen
>1.1x, 747% = 932 dam
WP Queen
>1.1x, 417% = 569 x 2 = 1137 dam

I made a mistake in this post. Sabretooth's damage advantage doesn't come from their damage mult. That's 1.0x like the other pets. It probably comes from the base damage, which I blindly called 100 for the comparisons. I had done those numbers with a 1.1x baseline, 1.2x fed mult, but it should have been 1.0x and 1.1x respectively, so the final numbers should have been
>WT GSabretooth: 913 dam
>WP GSabretooth: 550 x 2 = 1100 dam
It doesn't change the difference between the two at all, of course, but still should be said for posterity.
File: 1443206048067.jpg (308 KB, 600x486)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Honestly, I think the best conclusion is that you "can" run two tigers. The final damage difference between the two is 5% to 20% depending, always in War Party's favor. That's honestly not a big deal even in the most extreme case. That just means you are free to pick the perk that sounds cooler or is more fun to play with without feeling like you're gimping yourself. If you're going full meta though, running all the buffs, etc. then the answer is War Party.
i switched my build to WP with two tigers and fenzy, it is pretty fun they do great damage
Thanks for the guide anon
yeah i noticed two cats more consistently hit the target, when ones scratching its nose or swiping air the other is landing, so its better dps
Dev steam and new age reveal starts in 20 minutes.
File: Capture.png (1.42 MB, 1320x733)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
damn these guys are boring
File: Capture.png (1.28 MB, 1322x739)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
>combat revamp - focusing on character combat and ai
>purge revamp
>first chapter is mostly just foundation for the future chapters
>"create" and collect treasure
>clans, clan symbols
>chapter 1 mostly around collecting treasure, filling out a treasure room. Collecting money, bringing it back, have a tally for how much you have.
>Ch2 Purge revamp: enemies will make a forward base outside yours and send waves to attack you. Purge difficulty based on treasure tally.
>leans into Relic Hunters being people seeking out treasure to steal
>Ch3 PVE sieges: "now that you've been attacked by these factions, it's your turn to raid them." The player can better imitate Conan who is often known as a thief.
>treasury gives a real value to gold coins and treasure
File: Capture.png (2.22 MB, 1331x737)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
>showcasing clan emblem on banners and pained onto shield
>example of a clan treasure room
>has a chest, accountant that you place down
>some treasure like coins and bars go into chest
>other treasures like statues, relics are placed down
>talking to accountant shows you a breakdown of your treasure tally
>relics are literally picked up with both hands, can't attack, your slow and vulnerable, have to be careful when trying to bring it home
File: Untitled.png (2.6 MB, 1285x1452)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
>stretchgoal if they have the time is to let thralls carry the relics for you
>relics appear in various camps around the world
File: Capture.png (2.1 MB, 1329x734)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
>at least one new decorative piece to throw unconverted thralls into for base aesthetics: the snu-snu shackles
File: Capture.png (2.12 MB, 1327x728)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
>painting station from teaser 4 is for designing clan emblem
>clan emblem also appears on horse barding
>purge is being changed into an opt-in system like Siptah's convergence traps, won't just happen to you at unfortunate timings
>treasure in treasury can be "spent" and will be used in some ways
>potential plan in for ch3 for temporary "alliances" between persons or clans which temporarily disables friendly fire between them
what does the right guy on the screen do? he seems like a HR guy, I don't think he should've be on this teaser
File: Capture.png (1.12 MB, 1324x740)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Combat changes
>working on ai in general
>want to make combat more engaging, especially wants singleplayer solo play to feel better
>removed stun limit for npcs; instead their chance to counter attack will be when you run out of stamina
>revamp to items found in chests, to make them more worth looting
>can find unique weapons in chests, which will be like a craftable weapon but slightly better - but you can't repair them
>focus of the update is making equipment feel more temporary, repairing lowers max durability, legendaries cannot be repaired
>all weapons will eventually become unusable with enough repairs, but they're being "very generous" on how many that will take
>pic related
>although stamina costs raised, stamina regen is faster. Starts regenerating 0.1s after use instead of 3s
>heavy attacks do +5% to +25% more damage to account for stamina cost. Will take grit or +stamina to complete full heavy attack combos for some weapons, 100 isn't necessarily enough anymore
>working on a way for attacks to turn as your swinging so you can track moving targets, instead of committing only where you started the attack; makes slower weapons feel better and less clunky
>worked on targeting large enemies like elephants so you don't target some weird center point and often miss. They have multiple target points now, like locking to the closest leg
>sorcerers will need to invest in grit and stamina gear if you still want to be a physical fighter; corruption pays its toll far more obviously with the new stamina system
>reworked camps and aggro ranges so that you don't get aggro'd by whole villages/camps at once a la New Asgarth, instead usually just pulls of a few

Side note, but I'm super stoked about hp nerf for enemies. Combat should be quicker and more dangerous. The intro cinematic sets a tone yet the game makes things so spongy in comparison. Also super bummed about the durability decay. I always hate stuff like that in games, no matter how generous.
He's labeled as "Community," I believe just a community manager.
>public beta releases tomorrow, May 23rd
>AoW releases June 22nd

>double jump now uses stamina
>new emotes that utilize the weapon your holding

>adjustments to camera during camera lock
>spells like Detect Resources will be toggle instead of timer
>thrall decay timer fix to prevent legions of floating thralls after buildings decay
>updates to lighting, have a small area around you that you can generally always see, won't be stranded in pitch black anymore even if things are still black further beyond
>khitan caravans gone, but "you may still find a khitan straggler around"
>Mek's spire "a bit of a mess" but Kurak's dungeon still present, "have to go there to see what happened with the ritual"
>new mount coming
>new drop equipment on death options in server settings, ie keep hotbar but drop backpack
File: Grocery Shopping.webm (3.57 MB, 960x540)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB WEBM
Game good. Forgot how fun it was even in the beginning. Also they did kinda fix the cluttered UI that I complained about by moving all those building parts into the UI of a new item called Construction Hammer. Bit confusing keybinding but im sure i"ll get used to it. Speaking of, why the hell is this the only game that gives so much depth to changing keybinds? theres practically total freedom in what you want, even letting you hold or add multiple button presses to a single action. its fucking fantastic
It took me a bit to get used to the construction hammer, but once you get the hang of it it is so much more easier.
So it seems iron ore doesn't respawn. Considering how much I need, do I actually have to travel that far away from my home to get the basics up and running? I got all the ore I could find near that Darfari camp north of the fat tree at the river, and I only got approximately 50 iron bars. I need like 200 just to get a wheel of pain and a blacksmiths table.
Iron respawns. In fact, everything respawns. The respawn timer is something like 20-30 minutes. The entire world also instantly respawns everything every time you reboot it if you're in SP (log out to menu and join back). The only time a resource or enemy could be blocked from spawning is if you built something too close to it. There's a radius around anything you put down which "claims" that land as yours and blocks things from spawning within it. I personally feel the land claim radius is too wide in default, so I usually reduce it to 0.5x or 0.25x, as mentioned in >>932885.

If you haven't built anything near that node, then it's just a matter of waiting. You could use the time to find other clusters of iron. Noob river is actually a noob trap because of how little iron it has around it. It exists, but only in painfully limited quantities.
>land claim radius
Ah, that explains it. Kinda. I maxxed it out for 7 Days to Die because the zombies can be annoying at times so I did the same for this game too. But it's odd because the humans, crocodile, the fatty short thing, and those hunchbacks all respawn right along with trees, rocks, and fiber that are right next to me. But the iron two minutes from my house doesn't?
Land claim radius isn't that wide. It's more like a distance of 5 to 10 seconds of sprinting. "two minutes" is well outside the scope of it. It also affects plant fiber, trees, rocks, etc. so if you see those spawning you know the land claim isn't going that far. Still, could you have built something like a campfire, bed, or chest near the iron? Also, try testing if it respawns with a server reboot (go to main menu and back). If it's blocked by land claim, it won't respawn. If it does respawn, you were just checking too early for it to respawn.
We're good! I don't remember that time limit, but oh well. My plan was to capture a thrall and slaughter the Dafari camp then head north, but resources are sparse near the "noob river", so... I guess I'll be moving sooner than I expected.
yeah it turns out it was the uncapped framerate thing.
changing that fixed everything even my marriage.
tasty chocolate
File: 1662576051136930.webm (840 KB, 608x1080)
840 KB
File: Spoiler Image (1.76 MB, 640x800)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB WEBM
Don't tempt me. I have an entire folder of webms, gifs, and pics I procured from my time in bleached.

Do resources spawn back in if you go far enough away? I went maybe four blocks above the river and came back to the iron nodes available again.
the golden stygian raider armor was a teaser the entire time
the treasure room system could potentially be very addictive, like dungeon keeper
I'm tempted to tempt you, but this isn't the place lol
>Do resources spawn back in if you go far enough away?
Some nodes can in singleplayer. The game's spawning is a bit janky, and some spawns (both enemies or resources) will always spawn upon loading, regardless of settings. Other spawns won't do so and instead just follow the normal rules, so it can get a bit confusing. I can say though that the spawns that the spawns always follow the same behavior, so if you find one that always respawns upon loading then it always will. One of the Exile Camp's T4 spawns is like that, very easy to exploit.
File: 1501894169463.jpg (35 KB, 480x538)
35 KB
You're right.
AoW Ch1's Beta's patch notes are up.
>Recipes for Potion of Natural Learning and the Bestial Memory has been moved off of Midnight Alchemist and are now part of the Firebowl Cauldron knowledge. The Raw Ash ingredient for both these potions has been removed as a requirement for crafting them.
>Yellow Lotus Potion no longer resets attributes or knowledge, and instead provides a Stamina buff.
>Pet and Thrall conversion time has been significantly reduced.
>Greater Hyena pets no longer stop attacking after the second round of aggression.
>Interacting with Wight Horse will now mount it instead of opening its inventory.
Very nice.
the game needs more skimpy outfits
File: Capture.jpg (399 KB, 1906x1069)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Man, the new combat is brutal. I assume it's because I'm still a 0 stat scrub with a stone 2H weapon, but heavy attacks do like 4 damage to 71 hp shalebacks, yet takes 1/3 of my stamina meter. Light attacks are the way to go for now, but finishing with the H4 to slap a bleed on was much better now that they only have 71 hp (down from 167 hp). Bleed might actually be viable again. I want bones for claws to try out.

Only one fight in, but I already kind of like the new stamina system. It goes away fast, but it also regens super fast. The tempo feels much faster. You essentially can only get in one combo and then retreat to regen and avoid the counter, and you're back 100% before their attacks finish. It's a good flow.
in the battlepass
for female characters
File: 1662320403513916.jpg (42 KB, 750x750)
42 KB
Any way to stop items from going straight to my hotbar? I don't need raw meat next to my good meaet. Also what about using mouse wheel to scroll through the hotbar too? Mods are fine.
sorry the technology is not there yet
Did they increase the rarity of horses? I've got 5 babies already when last time I played I never found one and actually doubted the existence of them. Also, how far in the game would you say it takes to get fast travel? The world is large and it takes a long time to get from one spot to another and that makes setting a proper base paramount to my autism and has me hesitant to make too much progress.
horses are everywhere the real rarity is getting any colour besides the brown one. Pretty happy i got a sandy coloured one

Fast travel, well thats the Obelisks dotted around the map but its one way.
If you go down the sorcery path you can recall your corpse which lets you do the suicide trick to move lots of resources quickly.
The actual teleport portals are at the end of the sorcery path. So its a bit of a grind but not very hard.
Easiest thing to do is build small outposts, so you are never far from a home.
oh yeah you need to learn the map room and build one to use obelisks (i don't know if you already know this stuff)
>Did they increase the rarity of horses? I've got 5 babies already when last time I played I never found one and actually doubted the existence of them.
No, they're pretty much always present, but they only have a few spots where you can find them. Sounds like you stumbled across one of the spawn areas.
>Also, how far in the game would you say it takes to get fast travel?
Not very. It just depends on how well you know the game. You can start setting it up as soon as you learn the alchemist bench, but knowing how to unlock it and what to farm for it takes some figuring out. I'm not sure if you want "spoilers" or not on that. If you do... You learn the Map Room from the Archivist at the Unnamed City. Just dodge the skellies and get to him. For the demon blood, you need to farm the Undead Hyenas situated around the Sinkhole and use a Pick on their bodies. They give really large amounts in addition to nice xp. The Age of Sorcery update also included a second fast travel system, as the final upgrade to sorcery. This one has a lot of advantages over the first since where you can go is unlimited, but unlocking sorcery that far takes killing some high lvl enemies, and the resources for the portals can seem extreme if you're a new player (but is really easy once you figure it out).
>rarity is getting any colour besides the brown one
I got a white one, 2 multi-coloured, and only one brown. So lucky me, I guess. I picked up 8 of them, but only brought home 4 since I almost got ripped to shreds by a white cat who didn't want to leave me or my thrall alone.

So fast travel is 100% out of my reach for a very long time. Epic. So I guess I'm moving as soon as I get a horse made and it helps lessen the time to go from one place to the next. Thinking about a nice little spot pretty much center of the map - H6. It's got plenty of wood, rocks, and fiber with a few camps for thralls close by. Only found a few spots of iron, but it's better than my current residence.
pretty lucky, mine must have bugged i got 3 browns in a row
>a white cat
was that the 3 skull tiger, that things scary
>100% out of my reach for a very long time
The first type is possible from lvl 15.
>Thinking about a nice little spot pretty much center of the map - H6.
That's the Sinkhole, and it's genuinely a fantastic spot.
>Only found a few spots of iron
Look around. There's loads around there. Literally loads, the highest density of iron in the game (several hundred nodes) is a location really close to there.
i always build in the small valley just below the tower of the bat
It's full of iron.
Ripperoni pizza to my girl Hyborian Exile I. Even with medium armor and an iron weapon, you still did considerably worse than I; A naked cannibal with a club. But don't fret, you tasted delicious.

Yeah, the snow leopard cat east and a bit north. I got turned around and thought I was heading south, but I was going north instead.

>Fantastic spot.
Oh, sweet, if we're talking about the same spot then I choose good. I figured it would be best to get a centralized location than one with abundant resources.
What a lovely view
>demons are useless cause they have a decay timer before they go rogue.
They should let us keep them for longer by feeding them thralls, sacrificial blood etc
I heard it extends whenever they kill stuff. Not sure if player kills count, but the idea is they must be sated by constant bloodshed or else they turn on you.
if it can extend it to an hour thats great but i don't think it has a timer
>The demonic entities summoned through the Abyssal Call or Abyssal Mount rituals will last for ten minutes. Remaining time can be replenished by killing enemies at a rate of +1 second for every 2.67 health they had up to the ten-minute timer cap.
>The entities will also gain a level after every kill that had at least 75 health.
Looks like the rate will always be at most 10 minutes from the last kill, but you can keep them going indefinitely.
Isn't this just used for ERP?
If you are a single, middle-age woman maybe.
Spent so long on my shitty house that I didn't realize I'm so close to the iron deposits that they don't respawn. I'm gonna drop the radius claim though and hopefully some of them closer spawn in.
So I was wondering, should I put a single door in the middle or keep the two doors on each end? I got an upstairs just for my bed and little decorations like wardrobes for clothes and sentimental items, but I don't have much room. I think if swap the doors I get more room for upstairs, but I don't know if it will look better or not.
>should I put a single door in the middle or keep the two doors on each end?
My rule of thumb is always have two doors to everything. Your followers love to body block you at the doors whenever you go indoors, so having another door gives you an easy way out every time.
Yeah, now it just looks weird. Gonna have to redo the whole house I think if I want to have more room up top.

That's solid advice. I was dealing with that annoyance when I first started.
File: Capture.jpg (180 KB, 1905x1075)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
The forums are in an uproar about the upcoming update, but man, honestly it feels great. "Reduced enemy hp but increased their damage" is an amazing change. Red Mother only has like 8k hp now. My two goliaths here both have 1500 armor and heal 12hp/s. We killed her in 40 seconds (timed), but she took them both down to 60% hp in that time. In live, the fight would be ~120 seconds and they'd end it still at 90% hp or so. Most people don't know this, but greater rocknoses are meatgrinders for large bosses. It's quick, it's dirty, it's dangerous, and it actually feels fun without any sense of slog.
File: Capture.jpg (158 KB, 1909x1065)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
My build for that fight. Equipment is just admin panel-spawned epic aquil infantry, with admin spawned epic 1h axe, 2h axe, and 2h mace (was testing between them, but the fight ended so fast I barely had a chance).
File: Capture.jpg (328 KB, 1911x1077)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
New thrall-breaking times. SP never needs to manually reduce the time anymore. Looks like
>T1: 15m
>T2: 30m
>T3: 1h
>T4: 2h
>Pets: 30m
T4 could be 1h30m. It doesn't quite look like half the progress of the T3; seems a bit more than half.
that's a change I didn't like
Care to explain why? Default timings were miserable in singleplayer. You could harvest and buy over 50 T4s from the pirate slave traders in the time it took a single one to break on your wheel. It felt bad, was the source of many complaints for players, and made SP feel like an afterthought to MP. I personally think it's a good QOL change.
for singleplayer yeah must be nice but there was no reason to change for multiplayer servers. The game pratically dead anyways so it's more like whatever
I'm okay with this house. Hard to keep track of everything right now, but I'm getting there. Also I lost another thrall. Why are they so weak? Their health and damage is near useless, they're barely above a pack mule. And because of this, I remember how much I dislike the thrall system. Is there a trick or something that it's not just spam combo twice, back away, repeat for 30 minutes until the enemy hopefully flops due to concussion as opposed to death?

And it also requires 550 bricks to upgrade the bone altar, so I'm guess I'm gonna be nude for much longer than I thought. 1000 rocks is only 50 bricks.
>but there was no reason to change for multiplayer servers
True enough. I will say though, it's a tiny difference compared to SP.
>MP: get thrall tomorrow -> get thrall today
>SP: get thrall next week -> get thrall today
Considering that khitan slave traders and pirate slave traders are already instant, there wasn't any real reason to make thralls take >24 hours real-time anymore. They only had those times in the first place because copying Ark.
File: Capture.png (9 KB, 909x121)
9 KB
>You could harvest and buy over 50 T4s from the pirate slave traders in the time it took a single one to break on your wheel
I know this number is just a spitball estimate, but I was a bit curious what one could expect in a 26h period of playing.

Timing my old gold route (perimeter of obsidian, x4 goldnose), it took 10m 40s and netted 722 goldstone. That makes 240 bars or 1200 coins, which nets you 1.2 worker thralls or 0.6 fighting thralls at the pirates for a single loop. Considering a 30m respawn time (which is indifferent to the circuit time), this can be repeated 51 times in a 26h period (one less than 52 because of the original 10m circuit). That means buying a total of 61 T4 worker thralls or 31 fighting thralls in the time it takes a default wheel to cook a T4 (plus hundreds of T1-3).

But I haven't run my old gold route in literal years, and especially not since AoS. My current gold farming is just one portal between three goldnoses. This takes 3m (2m 54s timed) for an average of 200 goldstone (admin spawned 60 goldnose and divided total by 20, which averaged 199), which is 67 bars or 335 coins, and scores 0.335 workers or 0.1675 fighting thralls. In a 26 hour spawn, can be done the same 51 times for a total of 17 workers or 8.5 fighting thralls. Although the total is less, that gives 27 minutes of free time between each circuit (as opposed to 19m), and takes a total work time of 2h33m instead of 9h21m.

Of course, this is chump work. The real deal is bloodstone turnins for the ancient obolus slaves, which are guaranteed T4 and have more variety. A single bloodstone golem drops an average of (from killing/harvesting/turning in 100 golems) 47 bloodstone, which returns avg 27 ob (and 64 gold coins for pirates, plus oodles of shit (pic related)). Killing just 2 golems gives you a T4 fighter or worker instantly (plus 0.05 or 0.1 pirate T4). The RNG of golem spawns makes it hard to estimate time though, even if you have portals at all known spawns.
Unrelated, but looking at the numbers I'm realizing my old gold route isn't really less efficient than my new one admittedly, that was just a single circuit which isn't a good estimate, while the goldnose one is an average of 20 runs. Also, both were footslogged without AGI 15 or a horse.. As given, 640 seconds for 722 goldstone is 1.13 goldstone per second, while 174 seconds for 202 goldstone is 1.16 goldstone per second. That's only +3% gain per second. Doing the full loop gives more to last me longer. I'll keep that in mind.
>Why are they so weak?
Thrall strength depends heavily on type, faction, and tier. Heavy armor is also a huge life multiplier for survivability. Each thrall has a hidden damage multiplier that nerfs or buffs their total damage after all +damage% buffs are factored in. This mult is a huge influence. For example, comparing Exile-faction Fighters to Norderheimer-faction Fighters
>E1: 0.35x
>E2: 0.418x
>E3: 0.48x
>E4: 0.65x
>N1: 0.525x
>N2: 0.627x
>N3: 0.72x
>N4: 0.98x
So with the same weapon, armor, and stats, a T4 nordeimer is doing double the damage a T3 exile is. Cimmerian, volcano, and RHTS are even better (mult is above 1, so damage is buffed even higher) Dancers and Bearers have the worse mults in the game. A T4 Bearer of ANY faction has a 0.235x mult. That means a 100 damage weapon only does 23 damage in their hands. If you buff them to +100% extra damage, that's still only 46 damage. Comparing dancers,
>Darfari T4: 0.6x
>Nordheim T4: 0.7x
>Volcano/Cimmerian T4: 0.8x
A darfari-faction T4 fighter, the Cannibal Brute with 0.704x, is actually a tiny bit better than even a nordheimer T4 dancer. All archers are similar to fighters in mults.

So really try to target T3 and T4 of the best faction you can raid, and use fighters for fighting. It makes a huge difference.

>Is there a trick or something [to KO thralls easier]
Yes. The KO damage is called concussive damage. Each point you have in Authority raises your concussive damage by +6%, up to +120% concussive damage at 20 auth. You KO stuff twice as fast. Armor with Authority-targeted stats gives +5% concussive per piece, so another +25% for a full set. And these concussive damage buffs are based on your truncheon. Better trunch gives better KO. A basic trunch does 20 base concussion damage on a heavy attack. Iron does 30. Steel does 40. Blunt weapon fittings add +20, +40, and +60 respectively. So 0 auth reg trunch does 20, but iron trunch + iron blunt fitting + 20 auth = 110 concussion. Huge difference.
I hate that this game feels like its all about the thralls. They are tankier, hit harder, have more hp, have infinite stam, and have no durability on weapons.
Its my #1 complaint because it doesn't feel like conan, it feels like pokemon, and thrall trainers are the highlight of the story.
Once again they are nerfing the players and doing nothing to the thralls.
>they are nerfing the players
It is the opposite in this case. If stamina cost doubled but npc hp was halved, it would take a player the same amount of time to kill stuff. But that isn't what happened. NPC's lost more than half hp. It's around -60%. And stamina recovery didn't stay the same, it was heavily boosted by removing the regen delay. Lastly, player damage didn't stay the same. Heavy attack damage was boosted to make up for the stamina cost, and each heavy attacks always slaps a debuff now. You the player do way more % damage to every enemy in the game now, and also way more % hp/s. In the beta, fighting an Unnamed City boss like flame weeb is actually faster and easier solo now (meaning without a thrall) than it is in live. Another positive change by the hp nerf is that debuffs like bleed and poison are actually more impactful to use (1 / 0.6 = +67% more impactful), rather than being a mechanic that only matters against players.

Meanwhile, enemy damage shot up. Your followers are now more fragile in comparison to live. Sure, if you go all-in on followers fights are also faster that way, but it comes with higher risk now since they can die easier. In example, I went auth 15 with a max Sabretooth and abyssal flesh food against Red Mother, and the Sabretooth died with the boss still at 25% hp even with me contributing (hence fighting flame weeb solo after). Pets aren't the auto-solution to everything combat anymore. You need a full auth build and the best follower foods to protect them if you want to reliably go that route.

I personally like followers. I admit that I'm biased as I make this post. But still, actually playing this patch and testing various powers and weapons, with followers and without, my conclusion is that player power has gone up. Fights are faster, even if they are also more dangerous. I think it's a positive change at every level and style of play - so far, as I have yet to try full corruption melee build.
it feels Conan to me because Conan has companions.
unironically they should balance this game around sp pve.
Add a hp multiplier for mp pve and ignore the pvpers whining.
File: 1684215321789646.png (2.34 MB, 1826x878)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
File: 1665821561875135.jpg (27 KB, 720x833)
27 KB
Do we know what's in the pass yet?
File: Capture.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1080)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
Andy tried to show us everything one by one, but he was interrupted on like the 3rd page of 10.
>new clan emblems as filler to replace a lot of the wall sprays
>new emotes that incorporate your equipped weapon
>new horse barding with clan emblem on it
>another turanian armor
>boar pet skin
>a kind of sweet looking wall mural painting thing I want to see more of
But we haven't seen the whole thing or the so-called "capstone" piece yet.
File: Capture.png (1.85 MB, 1913x977)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Oh, and a big tent. I'm curious about that one too. I used to ignore tents, but when I played online with some friends, one of them was determined to always bring the mats for a tent to handle sandstorms. It was pretty much useless, but we all got into the habit of plopping down a tent and a campfire to rest when out exploring together. It was comfy, and now I'm interested in tents.
>It was pretty much useless,
Sometimes I wish these survival games put more effort on the survival part.
It gives shelter, but how often are you actually caught out in a sandstorm?
they need to bring back armour having an actual cold and heat protection.

they should add blizzards to the north
You can always count on the forums/reddit to have the worst opinions. Being able to actually kill bosses without having to hide behind my thrall and stack poison like a cuck is an objective improvement to the old system.
i like how one youtuber had the courtesy to warn about spoilers for the next age.
Then a bunch of others just put the spoilers in their youtube thumbnail...
Spoil the gist if you want. I just do my pass stuff and uninstall again.
Nice I always set up my servers with 1.5x damage all around. Does the combat actually feel better and less janky in the beta? My gripe with Conan is even when played locally there always seemed to be phantom hits.
that's their example emblem? disgusting
I hope they finally fix the combat sounds bug in online play. Offline there are shield block and weapon deflection sounds when 2 swings cross. Online there are none.
If Funcom can get the purge and raiding NPC bases right then I'll be both overjoyed and extremely surprised.
>less janky
I don't think they touched hitboxes, animations, or AI yet. The change is just the pacing and tempo of a fight. I do think it feels better, but it's still Conan Exiles.
Conan destroys Mek's spire, saves the princess and beheads him. Mek is now a talking head (tis but a flesh wound)
Does anything actually say it was Conan? The damage around the spire looks like the spell backfired or an army launched firebombs. The latter was actually my sole impression of it, that Stygia had attacked (from the new camp just below the spire) and retook their princess -- until I saw them in the tavern. She says she wants to accompany Conan, and she's physically with him, so it seems to imply Conan was involved in her rescue. But I don't recall anything outright stating what happened that day.
File: Capture.png (3.23 MB, 1907x1068)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
So I thought I'd try medium armor, 5 vit... This is a screen I'm becoming uncomfortably familiar with. You get one shot by Red Mother. One shot by zerkers. The damage buff is pretty brutal. You need either high vit or heavy armor to comfortably handle hits - and a combination of both still makes you very tanky, which I think makes a nice range of how much you want to invest into survivability. It also makes other defensive options like shields and GRT20's Steel Thewed appealing. The latter especially works with the stamina changes, making grit a desireable combat stat.

The current build isn't all bad though. Other bosses like Commander or bat boss still need 7-10 hits to kill me as such. With 20 vit, I'm sure I'd be totally comfortable even against heavy hitters. The choice to be squishy makes you, as expected, squishy. Now I gotta try light armor, high vit, and then some corruption builds.
I don't know, Yog, this whole religion thing isn't so cool. Like you're not giving me much here. The armor is nice, except the helmet, but having to harvest a resource that only has 50 minutes before it spoils, so I HAVE to cook it to be given food. The meat's nice, a small buff and it lasts some time, but food is never an issue. In fact it is so abundant, they should just remove the whole hunger system entirely. Also I can only carry 20 at a time which is limiting compared to every other food I have seen. It doesn't spoil once it's cooked, but again, there's so much food already that it's negligible.
The spear is only light attacks and has you get close to the enemy with very narrow attacks except the 2-hit combo. If you throw it, there's a chance it will go missing, meaning you don't have a weapon anymore, so you need two in if you want to use the heavy attack. But then I only get 1 heavy attack? Why even bother with it at all? To repair the armor, weapons, and the cleaver requires bones and/or unblemished meat. Meaning I still need to hack a corpse with a different tool to use your stuff and if the cleaver breaks, then it's over. I cannot store the resources for long, so if I need to repair it, I have to make that journey before I can go on the journey that I wanted to originally. Also, I don't fucking want human flesh, there's already enough food! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I haven't made it past T2, but looking in the knowledge menu, I get a one-handed club that's the same as Darfari weapons, so it's not even unique. The T4 weapon is the tenderizer, which is also one-handed. I don't know how good it is and I don't particularly care, because then I'd have to use a shield and I'd rather die than block an attack like some kind of virgin.

Anyway, I'm thinking about changing my religion over to Zath.
>get scorpion queen poison
>this applies to daggers
>can't apply it to dagon daggers
This is why you don't balance a game around pvpers whining
i go Derketo and Zath purely for the outfits
Seriously? Those sorcerers skulls are ridiculous. Brought in 15 and left with all this, 2 stacks of tar and other odds and ends. But 4k steel bars? I was actually considering upping the harvest rate because of how much iron and hide/tar you need, but this solves that problem. Which I would imagine inadvertently creates another problem.

Respectable. I went with Yog because the idea of roleplaying a cannibal was interesting at first.
Yog sounds cool, Lovecraftian god worshipped by really primitive people. Very cool indeed.
I went Set first because i'm playing a Stygian.
Discovered my lvl 20 tiger with WT can take on the Red Mother, game changer. Really didn't think it would but then i realised cats don't get knocked down. It either is finishes at half hp or 3/4 hp depending on my dps.
Also tried a Rocknose pet and its already able to take on one skulls and world bosses before lvl 10
>but then i realised cats don't get knocked down
That's true for all pets (and all creature NPCs you fight). It's a huge difference that made pets attractive even when they did significantly less damage than thralls.
File: conana00.png (455 KB, 412x501)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
>>focus of the update is making equipment feel more temporary, repairing lowers max durability, legendaries cannot be repaired
Shit if true, not playing BOTW2.0
do you think people end up not wanting to leave the Exile lands?
File: skullloot.png (130 KB, 350x421)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Huh? This is what I get for 15 skulls.
You're right, sorry. I forgot that it was those tokens you get and I got enough from 15 skulls to get them steel bars and stuff.
There is actual precedence for this from The Scarlet Citadel (though it's a story that takes place when Conan is king of Aquilonia). He beheads the sorceror that had kept him captive and a demon swoops down to fly off with Tsotha-Lanti's head, who is cursing out Conan all the while.
Does a /vm/ server exist?
god, I hope so. add tot and devious desires and I'll be sucking cock all day
I have a modded OCE server, but I'll probably nix a bunch of the mods when the new update rolls out. I was trying out Exile Armory on Ch.3 and it's overpowered as all shit
does anyone roleplay? where's the places to do it?
God, I hate capturing thralls. Spent 20 minutes clearing out Skulkers End for my Cannibal Brute gf and I do more damage to her health than her concussion meter or whatever it's called. Found a level 2 blacksmith which I desperately needed, and a wandering enemy aggros on them and kills them. A named npc, who I could just barely bring down ended up taking so many hits, my truncheon broke. Have to babysit my follower so they dont' accidentally kill them, have to hope nothing draws their attention, have to avoid hitting them while trying to clear out the camp all so I can TRY to capture them. It's just too much.
go get szeth's truncheon from the wine cellar
>clearing out Skulkers End
Remember that there's only 1 possible spawn there for Cannibal Brute, the spot just in front of Dregs. You'd have better luck at Summoning Place finding them, but it's a bigger hassle clearing to get to them.
>I do more damage to her health than her concussion meter
Respec to authority and use a blunt weapon fitting. The fitting practically doubles your concussion, and auth doubles that again. Makes thrall KOs really easy even with lower tool qualities.
>my thrall
That's always a tough one, especially against exile and darfari thralls. Even if you hand your thrall a truncheon, exiles and darfari have such little hp that a thrall tends to kill them before they ko them with low truncheons. It's best to have your thrall set to passive and use hotkeys to order them around (I use F1 for attack, F2 for move, F3 for stop, F4 for return). That way you can send them against other targets while making sure only you are dealing with your target, since a player can buff concussion so much easier than thralls can.
Also, if you have the DLCs, Turanian Scout armor is super easy to make and gives +concussive damage. If you don't, then Hyrkanian buffs it, but that's higher level (although still an amazing armor to target regardless. I always shoot for it as my first heavy set).
I forgot all about the supplies you can buy, I had no idea they gave so much steel, iron, tar and seeds, wish I had known that back when I was using steel tools.
There's a mod called "better thralls" that has an option to where you can force all followers to use a concussion based weapon when you wield one as long as they have on in their inventory. Not sure if it's up to date though as with the 3.0 update I haven't felt the need to use it. There's also that improved javelin mod that makes javelins much better and adds a few new blunted javelins, star metal being the best from what I can tell. I always go authority so I never found it much of an issue but with all the changes they've made I don't even know if the first truncheon unupgraded is even usable without authority now. If you don't care about auth it might be best to wait until you unlock the iron trunch and give it a blunted fitting before taking another crack at it.
I tried an roleplay server briefly, until I found out they weren't roleplaying in the Hyborian setting and lost interest

>Not sure if it's up to date though
It works just fine, I run it on my server
>1 possible spawn
Yeah, it's pretty easy to spot one and if you clear them out and slowly approach, she will run to you leaving those dudes passive. If she isn't, I just move over a chunk and see if she's there. Only had to do it once this time.
>Respec to authority and use a blunt weapon fitting.
I shouldn't have to respect. And blunt weapon fittings are unlocked at level 26. I was going after a higher tier thrall than I should have been, being only level 19, and that's all on me, I get that. I clearly don't deserve such a high reward. But I still have to deal with those problems against common npc's. The fiber banding breaks easily, needing leather and plant fiber in your inventory to repair the truncheon after one npc depending on their level, only being able to carry one of them. You can juggle them, pull one so far, drop them, then go back for the other, but why? I can't throw one over my shoulder? I can't toss them on my horse? My slave can't carry one? All this piled on, man, it sucks. I'm fuming.
I don't know if thralls are literally required, but they do help immensely, especially solo. I can't but think a lot of this needs to be ironed out. Probably more important things to focus on. I don't know, I'm just venting. I just spent an hour IRL dealing with this and it didn't feel like it was my fault or my fuck ups. My level 2 blacksmith getting chomped on by a crocodile because I couldn't hit him without killing him while I was trying to kill his boyfriend really slapped my schlong.
Thanks for reading my blog.

Been meaning to get some mods, like one where I can increase my height. That is crucial. Is it Steam Workshop only or is there somewhere else for them?
Yeah, theyre fantastic, really helped with the solo grind. It's neat to have different ways to achieve the same goal in vidya gaems.
I found Nicolas Cage's Conan channel
Since the game came out on epic games store there could be another way to get mods but I wouldn't know. As far as I'm aware all mods are workshop only. As far as your thrall woes go it's changed a bit over the years. Used to be concussion damage was str based and one of the early perks increased concussion damage further but the blunted javelin, for a time, was the best way to knock out thralls. Now things are considerably easier as authority contributes much more than strength did and you can also brew potions that further increase your concussion damage. This came at the cost of somewhat nerfing the early game concussion damage if you don't put any points into authority and use no fittings but you'll soon find that after you get over that hump it becomes much easier. Also, you'd be replacing that level 2 blacksmith very quickly so it wasn't a considerable loss, long term. If you're playing singleplayer what I do is build a wheel of pain at large camps, that way you never have far to go. Again, if you're playing singleplayer thralls and/or pets are a must, though much less so than they used to be before the perk revamp, especially if you have the purge enabled.
File: Capture.png (3.38 MB, 1910x1063)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
>Now I gotta try light armor, high vit
Feels great. I went 20 str, 20 vit, 20 exp. My ""follower"" is a crappy regular shaleback, just present so I don't feel lonely. Player power is definitely up in AoW Ch1. I didn't time the fight, but Red Mother went down pretty fast - however much time it takes for this much corruption, which can be compared to >>935500. Each of her hits did between 30% (paw) to 40% (tail) of my max hp, which was plenty of wiggle room to get hit and heal up.

Side note: the new targeting spots are great on giant targets like Red Mother, but the jankiness of their models turning around making you swing at nothing still remains. The change is a positive but not a solution.
Gotta make money honey! AGE OF WAR HYPE!!!!
I agree they could be a lot better about bug fixes, but this is really disingenuous. Since Tencent took over there have been large bug fix patches.
Most server's are a mix of homebrew, dnd and certain settings like the Witcher, or Tyranny. >>939024 This anon missed out on the golden age of conan roleplay before a lot of people switched to fantasy lore, though I know that the bonded ones & tempting fate do hyboria lore. Like every roleplay server on this dumb game has a discord rather than a website, if you don't mind that then search servers via battlemetrics and look up an invite from there. Most servers have a public invite be it on some advertisement place, steam workshop, etc.
main bug i'd like fixed is disappearing bodies, it's somehow connected to the way the game occludes things?
Roleplay in this game just means erp degenerates
most roleplay communities have erp degenerates anyway, be it neverwinter nights, wow, ff14, gta. people are just generally horny when it comes to this sort of stuff
yeah but that's all it is in this game
I'll give you that since the majority of big servers like chains, aloria, etc. even other places like ashborn or oblivion only really have conflict pvp that often spirals back into smut. the only 'good' place might be tyranny though they have applications and whitelists which are autism.
did i miss it or did funcom really not announce any pvp changes in the age of WAR season?
>announce any pvp changes
For pvp specifically, they announced a plan for temporary "alliances" between clans or solo players, which disables friendly fire between them temporarily. They said that's planned for ch3. Otherwise, I think the main focus of this patch, the construction and gathering of a clan's treasury, is something sets up a juicy target for pvp. Depends on how useful they make treasure in ch2 and 3. The other focus, the combat changes, directly affects pvp play as well. Like with every patch, pvp players have been melting down over the stamina changes specifical
I like the combat changes. The problem is raiding is fucking awful in this game and hasn't had any real balance passes or attention paid to it in years.
you are being over generous with this label
i see erp and sexo mods mentioned
are there any that let you play as a girl(male)?
kys, but yes plenty
File: 1670907525365023.gif (288 KB, 357x400)
288 KB
288 KB GIF
kill yourself faggot
they need to make agility better
Not sure if anyone cares, but I was doing a quick Live -> AoW hp comparison for several bosses for a bug report. I'm hoping the anamolies present will be fixed, but here's what you can expect if they aren't.

- Legendary - Giant Crocodile: 12,160 -> 5,629 (-54%)
- Dregs - Abysmal Remnant: 2,348 -> 4,890 (+108%)
- Witch Queen - Witch Queen: 4,500 -> 2,250 (-50%)
- Barrow King - The King Beneath: 4,213 -> 1,109 (-74%)
- Sinkhole - Undead Dragon: 14,582 -> 8,265 (-43%)
- Black Keep - The Kinscourge: 7,219 -> 14,560 (+102%)
- Well - The Degenerate: 1,287 -> 3,740 (+191%)
- Unnamed - Guardian of the Flame: 14,867 -> 4,940 (-67%)
- Unnamed - Red Mother: 18,717 -> 8,265 (-56%)
- Warmaker's - Arena Champion: 5,250 -> 2,625 (-50%)
- Warmaker's - Champion of the Warmaker: 17,000 -> 24,500 (+44%)

Most regular enemies had their hp reduced by between -40% and -60%.
Katana, bow, and claws are already quite good in live, and in AoW both bleed and poison are now twice as effective with the hp nerf. What specifically are you hoping for?
more variety of weapons like str
too slow and too stamina draining for heavy
lack of options really, no star metal ones, obsidian ones etc
Would like some more claws, sais etc
Kinda the watching paint dry option for fighting bosses, too weak, could at least be able to apply poison/debuffs to arrows.

Generally i feel too many weapons are classified as str.
Short swords have hardly any options besides star metal.
A lot of str single-handed swords at least cosmetically look like finesse short swords.
More agility legendaries

Str combos feel better like the axe heavy combo is amazing.
Corruption for agility would be great

I like Javelins but you can't upgrade them and they are kinda weak for bosses but fun for weak enemies. Give them the ability to be upgraded but that Javelin loses the ability to be thrown.

Something isn't right when i'm rping as an agility character and i keep getting drawn to str
File: [DI3S_IRAE] Defy.png (2.12 MB, 2560x1440)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
>too slow and too stamina draining for heavy
For heavy, sure, but they have the fastest light attack in the game (with total stagger), and you can slip in the fast heavy attacks (H2, H4) with L1, L3 to skip the slow windup ones.
>lack of options really, no star metal ones
That's fair. It pisses me off too, same with obsidian missing axes. Claws do have a star metal version, the Jhebbal god claws, which also has the cool perk of infinite durability, but that takes more work than typical star metal-tier stuff, and it's bugged in MP where it vanishes instead of just breaking like in SP.. Also, I think that one of the BP rewards was a plain star metal version finally. BP2 iirc. But why is that the only option?
>Kinda the watching paint dry option for fighting bosses

Alright, I do see where you're coming from. I personally always end up gravitating to agility, so it's hard to get another perspective. Agility perks and Skelos Cult Master armor are too good to give up, especially since I like running pets and authority, and ESPECIALLY when running corruption (AGI15 perk basically cancels the stamina loss). I use bow for the safe, paint-drying option in AOE boss fights like Red Mother. The 100% AP katana for super heavy armor enemies and also endless stagger chains, and the god claws for stacking bleeds and general rip and tear. I've never felt uncomfortable with it, but yeah, the other options could be drastically improved.
Alright, I'm only letting you guys know because this is a secret club. Don't tell Funcom. In Age of War, zerkers are the new strongest thrall, and the second strongest thralls are actually Exiles. Finally, my Conanfu Tessa the Blade is going to be the Guts-like monster her namesake implies. As long as you can stomach their super low hp, their damage is actually insane, only a tiny inch behind zerkers.
lmao funcom is so incompetent
I can kind of see how it happened. They buffed npc's damage by raising their damage mults. However, they also nerfed the damage of low weapons (while raising the damage of high weapons). So for exiles, with their low weapons, needed a steeper buff to have a meaningful damage increase. But thralls are just their original npc with 0.40x hit to their multiplier. So while a 3.0x or 4.0x damage mult exile with an 8 damage sword is harmless, your exile thrall with a 2.18x damage mult decked in epic armor and 80 damage sword is suddenly an unintentional monster.
Isn't this the game where you can have sex in it or something?
My nephew has been bitching to get him this.
File: [Nash_SYC_ ] Snow Queen.jpg (400 KB, 1920x1080)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
>where you can have sex
There is no sex of any kind in the vanilla game (but sex mods exist). What the game does have is full frontal nudity for both male and females. You can also enslave male and female thralls, which include dancer thralls who, as you'd expect, dance for you in your base. Having naked or skimpy dancers is pretty typical in this game.

For your nephew, it depends on what you think about non-sexual nudity and if you think he should be exposed to tits, bush, and dongs with length sliders.
Spent an hour killing those hyena people for their armour and I was starting to think their skirt didn't exist for players, like the Black Hand's apparel. After I get it, I can't even repair it fully because I don't know the recipe so now I cant reinforce it. Looking for that book to teach me how, which I'm pretty sure exists, but can't seem to find it. Checked the big camps, like the one just south of that savanna like area with the elephants and Rhino's. It's really their fault I'm having to commit genocide. Honestly i'm a bit lost on what to do. Wanting to check out some dungeons, like the sorcerer's cave. Shaleback hollow or something, I think. But I'm worried I'm too weak or my follower is gonna die within one hit like I remember it happening.

So did they change what armour gave which buffs? I remember the Stygian armour set gave an archery bonus, but now it's strength like all the others.
And why is my Cannibal Brute attacking every khitan soldier she sees? I remember when I was farming for her, they started to attack me, which I thought was because I got too close with a weapon and became hostile. But now they're passive toward me, but shes aggressive to them? Oh and anyway to save this wench?
to get the hyena armour go to the black hand pirate camp south of the big rock ship and touch the hyena head on a pole
heavy styg gives an agi bonus, medium gives a str i think.
Its all kinda nonsenical why heavy armour has agi bonuses

For some reason thralls see khitan guards as enemies. You can set behaviour to attack nothing or tell them to wait
>heavy styg
Stygian is medium. Are you telling me there's varieties of each armour set?

I've passed through that came dozens of times and never found it and I think I know exactly where it is too if we're talking about the same place.
Theres a heavy variety under great civilisations armour

Hyena helmet pole, Its in beside some cages up against a western rock face in the camp iirc
>And why is my Cannibal Brute attacking every khitan soldier she sees?
Thralls by default are set to Attack All. This includes neutral enemies like Khitans and Relic Hunters. You can set them to Guard Me (only attacks things you attack and are attacked by) or Attack Nothing (and use thrall commands to order them to attack specific targets).

>Oh and anyway to save this wench?
No, it's story related. You'll see what happens to her in AoW Ch1.

>Are you telling me there's varieties of each armour set?
Each of the DLC sets have a light, medium, and heavy racial armor. The base game caters most to Stygians, for a variety of Conan and plot related reasons. In the Knowledge tab, there are two: medium and heavy. In the world, there are more stygian recipes. I think 6 more, two for each armor class. Not many other non-DLC races have multiple armor classes. Vanir, Cimmerian, and Stygian are the only ones I can recall at the top of my head.
Well, damn, that's a lot more armour sets than I figured. All those DLC's makes me want to pirate the game honestly.

Yep, found it. I looked directly at it and thought it was cute, but never thought about actually walking up to it.
Is it a bad idea to build on an existing plot? This camp here, "N'Batu's Pack", has a lovely little area I'd like to take for myself. I can't get rid of the campsite, but I think I can use it as decoration. The spikes don't do damage any longer and I'm pretty sure that used to be a thing. If I do build here, will it cause any issues? Will enemies spawn for no reason, are items not safe, is there any very specific NPC's that are needed that spawns in this particular area? I know Nbatu does, but he's not important, right?

With a purge looming, I'm trying to find a better spot than where I am now to build walls around us. I don't want my thralls to get swarmed and pelted with arrows within two minutes of the attack.
Are npcs allergic to water or something? I built a base north of sepermeru, in the little oasis with the little island walled off and the relic hunter purge npcs just stood around and stared at my wall on the other side of the water, only one even bothered firing an arrow.
Yeah, from what I've seen there are no enemies that swim.
>want to play with new stamina changes
>coom mods dont work on beta
what am i to do theres a whole 3 weeks until the changes go live
Funny thing is there's a part that connects the little island to ground outside the water that is shallow enough to not have to swim, but the npcs refuse to even get their knees wet
I'm guessing you're playing single player/on your own server? By default you can't build in NPC camps.
Yes, single player. I was able to build directly into the spikes and tents with blocks, but they still remained inside it and still had collision.

AI is weird. Maybe try a bridge for them to get to you?
>Is it a bad idea to build on an existing plot?
I've never tried a mod that let's me do that, so I can't say. I expect it'll block the npcs from spawning like it does animals when you build too close to their spawns. As for that camp in particular, there's nothing important to worry about blocking.
Why deal with that if you don't want to incorporate the camp into your build? There are so many great spots and there's nothing special about that one.
I'm not explaining myself well. I'm happy with the camp, aside from the flag, but anon claimed I could not build in npc camps by default and I was saying that I am able to, so it isn't a problem there.
>so many great spots and there's nothing special about that one.
It's close-ish to a water source, on top of a mesa, centrally located, and has a flat area just beneath it to the side. I had an layout and just wanted to confirm if it was safe. I'm struggling to find a great spot to build a permanent residence to last a purge and be my main base. Any place you'd recommend? Many great spots, but most don't have water sources nearby.
File: Capture.png (1.1 MB, 807x535)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>I'm struggling to find a great spot to build a permanent residence to last a purge and be my main base
>on top of a mesa
Not him, but one insidious thing to really keep in mind about the current Purge (before AoW Ch2 redoes it all from the ground up) is that if it can't find a clear path to your base, it will spawn the enemies INSIDE your base. This has been a mechanic since almost the beginning, as a way of threatening people who make tree house bases or bases on top/hanging from the side of mountains, etc.

Now you may think "I'm okay, there's a clear path to my base right here," but the game doesn't waste hundreds of computation cycles checking all the spots around your base for the good ones. It picks a building piece in your base as its target, then shotguns a few random spots in a radius around your base to spawn from. If none of those spots have a path, it defaults to a "spawn inside" purge.

Putting this together, there's a very high chance it'll try to pick a spawn spot in the river ravine or across it or somewhere else it can't easily path from, and then just default to spawning the purge waves directly inside your base (particularly on top of its target building piece), which usually messes players up who only prepped for on outside attack. A classic example for me was building on the flat ground below a cliff. I had all the room in the world 180 degrees around my base for the purge to approach from, while 180 degrees behind it was unpassable cliff. The result? Half of my purges just spawned directly inside my base.

It's best to build on totally flat ground or at least a spot that everywhere around it can path to you, or else just be ready for purge to just appear already inside your base, right where you don't want it.

>Any place you'd recommend?
Pic rel. The blue square is my favorite base spot. I've been purged there often and never had an inside purge. Green lines are the routes they come from. The other green base is a common spot online.
File: Capture.png (399 KB, 619x443)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Also, it's worth pointing out that noob river cannot be purged. I don't know the exact dimensions of the river biome that mark the boundaries, but as long as you are close to the water it should be safe. You don't have to make that your main base, but it's good practice to have something there to store things you feel you cannot afford to lose in a Purge. Especially once you see your Purge meter at the limit or the Purge timer starts, you can throw all your best crafter thralls, items, etc. there until the purge is over just to be safe. A quick respec to 20 Exp with Beast of Burden makes the trip easy. With AoS, it's even easier now that you can connect a noob river warehouse to your main base with sorcery portals.

You don't have to, of course. It's just a thought if you're genuinely worried about it or were foolish enough to have Purge Difficulty set to 4 or higher.
Not him but thank you for the explanation anon, was wondering why a horde of rocknoses spawned on the roof of me and my friends base when we started playing
>foolish enough to have Purge Difficulty set to 4 or higher
>the games default is set to 6
I accept my fate. Mostly so I can see how wild it gets and if I get rekt and lose everything then it isn't that much to get back to speed.

Did not know that. Fallout 4 does the same thing where it will spawn directly inside. The saving grace is that they would only spawn outside of your build area, unless they couldn't get in. 7 Days to Die had the problem where players would build underwater, underground, in the air, and so on, so the devs made it so the zombies had jackhammers for fists and were all master engineer's to destroy a building in the least amount of blocks.
My base is in H6 still, above the pond reaching from Nbatu's camp and over to the furry camp to the east.. I realize now that they will spawn inside, somewhere, and I really should fix this immediately. I have less than 1/4 of the bar before I cross the first line.
I don't like building in flat open areas because I imagine building a base like in real life. Location is the most important thing, so having cliffs, mountains, river, and all that to impede enemy forces is top priority. There's a wide platform in G8, just west of Bonepicker camp I think might work.
How does the enemy behave against a walled in area? I assume they destroy blocks, but if I make it too good, will it spawn them inside anyway?
>Mostly so I can see how wild it gets
As long as you're okay with it. Some people really get hung up over losing progress like that, especially when they (thought they) did everything possible to prep for it. As for Purge difficulty, it's really like a death lottery. If you face a human purge on difficulty 6, you can end it wishing there were even higher difficulties. If you face a creature purge like rocknoses on difficulty 4, you can see the literal strongest enemy in the game spawn in a lvl 15 area and absolutely smash the living fuck out of everything (he even has a tiny chance to spawn on difficulty 3, that cheeky asshole).

>How does the enemy behave against a walled in area?
There's no consensus. Or rather, my personal experience goes against the so-called consensus. It's "said" that totally walling in your base breaks pathing to their target building piece, thus a purge will always default to spawning inside. I have seen otherwise though. My original anti-purge design was a box of foundations around my base with archer thralls standing on top. I never saw one spawn inside from it. What I think can go wrong is building a base too wide-spread, because I've had an unwalled base with nice paths going everywhere (up hills, etc.) and various buildings/temples, and that one had purges spawn directly on top of my animal pen, on my sorcerer tower, and on my gold tower (literally at the edge of my base, open everywhere around it but for the other buildings). So I believe the spawning radius around the target piece is a fixed range, and if your other buildings block spawns within it then that'll bamboozle it. Or maybe widely spaced walls count as separate landclaim and that does indeed block pathing. I'm not sure.

>I assume they destroy blocks
Yep. They move towards the target piece, but any building piece along the way they aggro to and attack. Online, this can be am issue where it's another player's purge but the spawn sees your base first.
Interesting. It's hard to find detailed information about how the purge works. Most of the time people just say "as long as you don't build on top of a mountain the purge will work fine :^)" when first hand experience told me that was a load of nonsense. I'm glad that this confirms my suspicions as I had a similar experience a long time ago where I built what I thought was the perfect base and it indeed worked out well for multiple purges until it didn't and it spawned inside and killed my special dancer thrall. Something else to note is that I've heard it's always wise to have all of your buildings connected by foundations as one so it is all considered the same "building" when a purge targets it. Supposedly it further helps prevent inside spawning. Additionally the purge only targets foundation pieces so if you build everything on pillars nothing will get targeted. What I like to do is to build my main base on pillars and then build a fort a distance away that is meant to be the purge target, that way even if they destroy everything I'm just out some wood and stone for the crummy tier 1 building pieces but I can still capture those purge thralls if need be. I'm still saddened that they had to axe many of the purge features, that was the whole reason I bought the game and while I've certainly got my money's worth by now I hope that the upcoming revamp will do their original pitch justice. With that said I wonder if they'll ever do something about the sandstorm, originally it was supposed to spawn creatures as it spread across the desert and even one of the item descriptions of the sandbeasts has a reference to it: "When the sandstorm comes howling across the Exiled Lands, it is accompanied by the strange screams of the beasts that inhabit it. What they are and why they follow the storms is one of the many mysteries of the Exiled Lands."
>Additionally the purge only targets foundation pieces so if you build everything on pillars nothing will get targeted.
I have an experience proving otherwise.
That base was targeted even with 0 foundations present across it (and my other bases with foundations outside noob river weren't). As remarked, I had built a single foundation to start the structure and deleted that foundation once the first pillar was built, but there were no foundations at the time the purge targeted _something_ at that base. That said, if I had never built that first foundation at all and had started with just a pillar, it would probably not have registered as a base that could be attacked, as you said.
You always start with a pillar and never use a foundation for any reason if you want to be completely sure, there was a reason for that but it's been so long I forgot why it was like that. Let's hope that whatever comes next won't be as convoluted, I still can't get any purge to trigger what so ever in singleplayer.
Yes, the first block you place down is what sets the building's ID, meaning starting with a foundation marks it as a valid foundation building. You should have started with a pillar.
yeah its kinda lame,
I don't see why humans can't just swim like the pc, also crocs and snakes should swim.
Noob river should be hell river
Well, it is noob river. But isn't there a moment in the river where a crocodile jumpscares you? does he have swimming animations?
ive never heard of that lol, i have found a spot on the map with a hidden 3 skull croc obscured by vegitation.
its near this camp>>941468
How Mount and Blade-y is this game? Can I lead parties of thralls to war?
with mods you can bring many with you, but in game you can only have 2 followers max with a perk
Alright cool. Are there any servers oriented around that or will i have to just be a single-player warband?
It has almost nothing similar to mountain blade. Thralls are more like Skyrim's followers. They follow you around, you can gear them up, they level up, they teleport back to you when they get too far away, etc. By default, you can have one follower following you and place as many as you want around your base to guard it (unlimited thralls in SP, but between 50 and 200 in multiplayer depending on your clan size and server settings). One of the attribute perks you can get from leveling up let's you take +1 extra follower, so in total you can have 2 followers + 1 horse. There's a mod (called Better Thralls) that lets you have infinite thralls following you if you want, but the game isn't balanced for that so you'll steamroll things you do.
not sure about that, I play solo exclusively. you can check on steam forums or even leddit for a server like that. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can help you
Just cleared my first dungeon and probably my first proper boss. It was fun, even if my Ritualist ran into the acid pool and killed him in a minute. I barely interacted with the mechanics, but fun nonetheless. Was the woman killed at the entrance Semat? And was the man in heavy armour supposed to be the Darfari with the mud and twigs in his hair? Because it seems backwards to me. It's a woman in darfari outfit and a man in armour with what I assume is a man writing the entries. There is a Darfari male ghost, you see him at the south of the Shattered Bridge and also north beneath the ruins of the same bridge where you learn the Submissive emote. They could have used him, no? Am I wrong, is this an oversight, or what?
I also assume the skeletons you fight are the armoured people you see as ghosts as you progress, but it is odd they just stopped appearing after the first door.

Anyway, is there any mods or such to increase how much exp my thralls receive or a way to lower the exp required? I'd rather use a variety of them and let them level naturally, but at this rate, it really seems as if I should go farm specifically. I been running up and down the river to kill those poison spitting lizards, and I assume there's a better spot for that.
D4 got released and a lot of the barbarian armor is straight up conan. someone start ripping, porting and rigging that stuff right NOW
>Anyway, is there any mods or such to increase how much exp my thralls receive or a way to lower the exp required?
You don't need a mod. Server settings can handle it. Thralls benefit from increasing the "Player XP Kill Multiplier " setting under Progression but ignore "Player XP Rate Multiplier". So for example, if you set the overall rate to 0.5x and make all the individual categories 2.0x, you the player get exactly the same XP as before but your thrall gets double XP from kills. You can also do 0.2x and 5.0x, 0.1x and 10x, 0.33x and 3x, etc. depending on how high you want it.

>I assume there's a better spot for that.
They get the same base xp from kills that you do. That means very little from human kills and decent amount from animals. I personally like doing a loop around the Sinkhole for all those undead hyenas. Enemies are dense, give a ton, and it's easy to jump there and jump out when you have map-rooms established. Also, once you hit max level and start comfortably farming fragment bosses, followers level up easily.
File: Spoiler Image (368 KB, 1920x1080)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
>exploring an area I never went to often
>find a shallow "cave"
>empty but give it one more lookover just to be sure
>turn around and find these guys sticking out of the wall
It's funny how you can still find stuff in some games even after playing it for over 500 hours. That said, did I miss something here? It's weird how the bodies slowly sink out of the ice. Also, fuck the giant rock guys, absolutely scared the shit out of me when I turned around and there they were, you'd think these guys would have loud foot steps or a screen shake or something.
File: Capture.png (2.61 MB, 1522x1054)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
Fuck me, I thought Exiles were broken in AoW Ch1, but turns out that it's the she-giant that bamboozles both exiles and zerkers by +50%. Cannibal Brute is a fucking monster now, holy shit. Pre-nerf zerkers were 2.4x. That was before Authority and +follower damage buffs were introduced.

I need to check all the thralls now. This is wild. I'm debating if I should report this or not on the beta forums.
File: Capture.png (19 KB, 412x708)
19 KB
Well, it's not criminal. There's no reason to report it. Although Exiles are Darfari Cannibals have abnormally high damage, they also have criminally low hp, making them glass cannons. A lvl 20 Exile has less hp than a lvl 0 zerker, and the damage is still less. Darfari has higher damage but the drawback of -40% hp compared to the zerker. Currently, my lvl 20 cannibal has 2,756 hp. A fresh spawned lvl 0 Dalinsia has 2,745 hp.

I don't hate it, and the she-giant deserves at least one patch of love. If we're lucky, it'll never get fixed. Side note: pic only shows Fighters but faction damage is true across all followers, ie Relic Hunter T4 dancers have >1 damage mults now, and Ansina Hidden-Daggers (darfari T4 dancer) is the highest damage dancer with 2.4x (and spawns with 429 hp).

I think the most shocking change, apart from Cannibal Brute's new crowning fame, is that RHTS have lost their place as the best fighting thralls in the game. Also, I don't know if this was always the case, but Zerker does 7.3% more damage than Dalinsia, but Dalinsia gets 7.7% more hp than zerkers. They're pretty evenly matched, and you can pick if you value hp or damage more between them.
That's good news. I'm almost level 50 and I've only used three followers, only one reaching level 20. I avoid most fights because I'm more worried about them dying than myself, it's such a huge set back if one of them goes. Gonna make it at least double and see if it's too much.
>fragment bosses
no clue who that means yet. You mean the bosses that drop those scourge stones? I got one of those from the crocodile in Gallaman's tomb.

>Cannibal Brute is a fucking monster now
Good. Love my cannibal brute gf. Even if she shares dialogue with different factions and the subtitles only ever say "I go to the Great Feast". Though I did pick up a ritualist and I'll be desu, I like her better.

My cannibal brute has over 4k health?
>My cannibal brute has over 4k health?
Those values are from the Age of War Chapter 1 public beta, not the live version of the game. All enemies and thralls have their hp reduced by a huge amount in the next patch (with the exception of the bosses who mysteriously (probably accidentally) had their hp doubled mentioned in >>940059).

>no clue who that means yet
The bosses in Unnamed City. They all drop an item called Fragment of Power that you'll want a LOT of once you hit lvl 60.
i started playing the game when they gifted on steam last august, just before age of sorcery. how the place looked before the update?
lol it was free for one week, i actually forgot i paid money for it
If you do play with multiple follower thralls you should lower their damage to NPCs and increase NPC damage otherwise everything will be trivial. You can put it back to normal levels for purges or not if you really want a challenge.
If only someone knew how to extract
Also the game is not fully released yet
There are a few secrets that slide out of walls like that. One where you ride a block of ice sliding down Icespire Chasm, and when it finally stops a chest slides out of the wall a few feet above your head, or a ghost mining a boulder near the Arena entrance that has a chest inside it if you dig up the rock
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