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File: V-Rising-image-740x366.png (327 KB, 740x366)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
So the Gloomrot update/expansion/"free DLC" just dropped. Servers are shitting themselves hard.
Are there any /vm/ers who still have hopes for this game? I personally only found out about it few weeks ago, so Im still hopeful about the lategame.
Got any server recommendations? Any groups here? Anything you are hyped about?
Play on high rates if you want your sanity intact.
Never play on pvp servers unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are getting into.
I just tried an x1 and even getting 500 stone is a slog compared to what it should be.
> you know what you are getting into.
Mostly getting killed while being unable to fight back.
Resource economy is balanced around no lifers and a lot of mechanics are the way they are because devs assumed you will be playing 24/7 on official servers (don't fucking do it). As much as people shit on Valheim it is much better game in pretty much everything gameplay related, and it certainly doesn't want to suck up all your time.

>Mostly getting killed while being unable to fight back
That too, but it also has all the worst shit from rust and the likes.
I really can't be bothered doing solo play when it's so easy to get killed and griefed. Making even low level resources like copper hotspots was a terrible idea and you can't even make a hidden base.
need that /vm/ server anyday now
I mainly play it in PvE with a few friends.Wanting to play a public server is suffering, especially PvP.

I could start a server maybe.
I'm currently playing on a 1.25x rate pvp server that has disabled raiding. I'm still at the start, and am a noob to the game, but I'm really enjoying it. The pvp is rough, but I like the high stakes, plus most of the people in there are willing to hear out your pleas for life. And if not, Im already getting quite proficient at running away in wolf form. Thank god for the jumps!
I'd love a /vm/ server, but I'd prefer pvp be at least possible. For friendly duels or whatnot. Complete pve doesn't attract me at all.
I could see a pvp server working, as long as it's pretty much just a few people who know each other, even just as faceless text on an imageboard. At least then if one person decides to shit up the place, everyone else can bully them into submission, hopefully.
i just wish they'd better optimize it
that part was allright when you could find resources in many different places
when you need to kill a particular dark souls boss to progress that someone is griefing it really makes this games open world pvp 0/10, literally nothing to be done except not actually play the multiplayer game with other people like at weird times of the day because you don't have a job lmao
>playing the victim
Just grief yourself if you think it's so easy.
update flopped
This new update is great. Adding levels to castles is such a massive upgrade.
i havent gotten there yet, but im hyped. i found a nice spot with a smaller higher plateau and a bigger area thats a level lower. just hope im not shooting myself in the leg making the castle on such a relatively small area.
That's the good part about levels desu, you can build somewhere somewhat smaller and still form fit a great castle.
It feels like it too 20 minutes just to farm a sawmill so I don't think it's worth it solo.
In any of these survival games the most valuable resource is always people. You bring enough people with you in a game like this and you will crush, gain supremacy, and then you end up just being the bored police of the server.
played on a duo pvp server on release, no lifed it solo got all the relics or w/e they called. Ended up making friends with 80% ppl since i was server "king", and we gang fucked the other 20%. we did friendly duels but the game isn't built for it, got boring fast. the game needs better "endgame" gameplay loop like capturing points. idk what they were thinking.
they really ought to find a way to implement PVP in this game that's just not enabling it on the whole map, like if the pve is actually gonna be somewhat difficult fighting other players as well will always be too much. like a wilderness zone with resources like in runescape or something.
there used to be servers where you had all skills and weapons unlocked. great way to practice or scrim with people. hope they'll pop up again, haven't found them in this patch yet.
Are there any roleplay enjoyers here, btw?
Here and present. Haven't been able to find any since the game first came out though. Then again, I haven't really been looking
>Valheim is better at almost everything gameplay related
Are you nuts?
>Combat Variety
V Rising gives you interesting weapons and abilities from early on, Valheim has like 2 viable weapon types and they're all tied to your godawful stamina bar that takes forever to charge no matter how big it is.
>Escaping Trash Mobs
Not hard to escape a fight you don't want in V Rising, everyone has dashes and is quite fast in Wolf Form. In Valheim those fucking goblins will aggo from across the continent and throw rocks at you to interrupt/stun you, and follow you all the way home if you run. And if you take too long to kill them more will aggro. This also applies to dangerous wandering enemies like VR's bosses and Valheim's trolls. If a troll sees you in early Valheim you might as well start planning now you're going to recover your corpse because there's no hope of escape and running will only lead it to your house.
V Rising bosses have actual variety, Valheim bosses are just laying into a damage sponge and sometimes dealing with adds
A big part of both games, but V Rising is much faster and gives you speedy options early (transformation, waypoints, cave shortcuts, and horses). Valheim is slow as fuck and loves to throw slowing effects at you for every little thing
Both games have good biomes but V Rising's are slightly better simply because they're human-designed rather than auto-generated. There are clear travel paths, strategic points, etc. rather than nodes being scattered randomly
Good in both games but easier in V Rising because it doesn't drain stamina and fully refunds deconstruction
Doesn't drain your fucking stamina in V Rising, way faster to get what you need. And you won't randomly lose half your life to a glitchy tree
Everything has a use in VR and old resources can be recycled. Valheim floods you with useless drops and trophies.

I could go on but hit char limit. Did you even play both games?
stunlock can suck my cock, I'll never buy anything from them
I don't really like either game. Conan had better decoration and pvp.
File: vrising.png (46 KB, 620x118)
46 KB
is this worth picking up for $18 leafbux? seems interesting, great setting but I don't like buying early access titles. Is it worth it for solo play? or do you need co op to enjoy it
Did you like every other early access survival pvp game you played? Because it's roughly the same.
>do you need co op to enjoy it
For pvp, yeah.
Gotta say I'm really enjoying the game right now. Every bossfight is intense, I have to reset repeatedly before I finally get into the rhytm. The fact that I'm playing on a merciless PvP makes it that much more intense. Funnily enough, I've only came across a KOSer twice, the rest of my player interaction have been very comfy, even my neighbour came to say hello when I set up at a new place.
I'm not sure how long will this last or how drastically this all changes after I get to the endgame, but oh boy, I'm enjoying the gameplay a shitton. Even the castle building... I'm having more fun than I had with Sims back in the day. And I'm not even a woman.

great comparison
its like valheim mixed with terraria mixed with rust. and quite polished for what it is, honestly

im surprised its not more popular, not even enough for a single 4chan server to be made for it. it has the same flaws that the other games have, but since it pulls from all of them and improves in areas it feels quite enjoyable. for example, if you liked the base making/destruction part of rust but didnt like the fact all your hard work would be destroyed in a offline raid by a zerg of some chinks while you were at work, well this game has sieges only happen at specific time frames. if you liked the boss rush and progression of terraria its similar here but a lot more forgiving if your friend(s) are offline. the build variety is also a million times more accessible, rather than playing most of the game as melee only to realize youre stuck with yoyos and you hate their playstyle - you can swap weapons and skill builds at any time.

I find it weird it seems to have such a bad rep, all of my friends refuse to even consider playing it, even though they'll do 4th and 5th reruns of terraria and valheim that go poorly.
>Sieges that only happen at specific time frames
Tell me more about how this works. I'm in a PVP server with a group of 9-10 friends and we currently have an agreement not to attack bases specifically because we're split between day job workers and night job workers.
its just a server setting. so it can be tweaked to whatever time you like and for however long you like, I think official servers have it set to either every day with a 2 hour window during primetime at night, or only on weekends during a similar window. a little server message pops up saying "Sieging is now enabled" when the time comes. this means that you don't get offline raided at 5am and lose all your progress, and if you speed out ahead of all your friends and progress way faster than them, you can just log on during raid time for the guaranteed action while waiting for them to catch up. Its a really good system imo compared to something like Rust, although its been years since I played that so many they've changed something

Having said all that, in your case it might be better to stay as is with no base attacking, since you're purely a friend group and while sieging is fun in the sense of its adrenaline pumping action for both the attacker and defender, its also the thing that will make certain friends quit when they lose their stuff and feelings get hurt
So when is it coming out of early access? From what I know, there’s still one missing biome on the map.
Do additional ignite effects stack or replace each other?
Also does any know if spell dots can crit?
Does this have a 4chan server?
I don't think so. For whatever reason neo /v/ doesn't like the game.

I would be up for maybe hosting it, but I sure as hell wouldn't be up for advertising or moderating it
Turn looting off and you can still have the sieges over the late game relics.
Any idea how to fix the visual stuttering when moving long distances?
>beat all the bosses in my solo pve autism server
>no cool server to hop on and play with all my friends from /vm/
It was a fun game but now its over
These games are always pvp based. Even if you hate raiding, you have nothing to do outside of pvp.
File: 1673136489302001.png (3.42 MB, 1920x1080)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB PNG
Post houses
File: 20230526104814_1.jpg (389 KB, 1920x1080)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
very nice!

when i tried to take a pic of mine I realised I realise I gravely lack any good angles to take it from. Ah well, its not like I was even half way finished with this. Hesitant to start decorating before Ive unlocked all 5 stories, but your pic inspires me to at start putting on some paintings at least!
Any advice on finding actually living servers? I joined a fresh official server and it at best has 10-12 online at a time. Most of them very passive.
/v/ liked it for like 3 weeks after it came out. just like everyone else.
If it's anything like conan then pvp servers have a brutal cycle of getting populated, shitheads come and wipe everyone through no lifing, then everyone moves to a new server. But also there was just a new patch so most servers will die in a few days once people realize the game still has issues.
>update took 1 year to make

What the fuck? At this rate, the game is never making it out of early access.
They said the next major update will most likely be 1.0 release. So I’m guessing another year for them to release the snow area lol.
File: 1681473769789862.png (455 KB, 680x493)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
>OCD dude in clan is obsessed with repairing gear
>tell him there's no benefit of repairing early, it's just a waste of materials
>tell him it's better to give broken gear to servants and make new
>still fucking insists on burning through our shit to repair shit
Bullshit. There is a castle in the middle they haven't touched and other areas on the map missing too. Probably gonna just charge money for it.
Early access scam strikes again, as if the cosmetic packs didn't give it away. Glad I was gifted it, just like valheim.
Best settings for a solo game?
>game gets a big update for free
>on top of already being a good experience and leagues ahead of the average early access title
>all at the cost of 20 eurocuck bucks or your regional equivalent
Damn, they got us good
Cant believe we fell for such an obvious scam
Lol no? There is only one missing biome. The castle in the middle is draculas. They already said in a dev blog that the second major update will be 1.0. It’ll add the snow area plus Dracula.
as a new player who started playing a little while before gloomrot, I find it fascinating how the server populations boomed with the hype and how quickly the go down to the pre-gloomrot numbers.
It's as if people are unable to take the game slow, without rushing to the max lvl, then finding out that the game has no endgame treadmill and then fucking off back to wow/diablo/lol/whatever again. why is this? or am I wrong?
That's normal. They're not rushing, they're getting bored again.
how are they getting bored if not by the lack of mentioned end-game loop?
I'm having tons of fun taking it slow, playing on a merciless no raid server mainly. I super enjoy pimping out my castle. I enjoy the pvp, I enjoy the dojo server. Why am I not getting bored?
Because the game’s not finished?
i wonder what you mean by finished. addition of a few more bioms, new spells, new V bloods, some tweaks here or there? or do you expect the finished game to have some kind of hold-my-hand end-game like wow or d3/4?
It is a rushing issue. I joined a 3 month reset server (before only 1 week) because less time and people still rush to end game and just camp the progression bosses. then they get burned out and quit after a few days. I don't even know I feel like I can never actually play the game beyond 1 week cycle
File: 1684288529832218.png (64 KB, 447x303)
64 KB
3 month resets are way too long for this game. Month tops

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