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Why are they so toxic?

>be me
>play mid
>jungler comes mid takes cs from me
>ask jungler to not do that (about to tp back)
>jungler sits mid takes whole wave from me
>I start taking jungler farm
>jungler flames me
>team flames me

Like why is it that its ok to BM me, but when I do it in retaliation Im the bad guy?
Because your team didn't see the jungler stealing your farm firsthand, so they just assume you're the asshole. It's one of the most obnoxious aspects of human nature.

Honestly, this kinda shit is why I never got into ranked. And only rarely play normal games.
Why are you playing a team game by yourself???
stop playing games online with random lobby, play board games or sports or with friends.
bc its a game marketed to 12 y/os? really not worth playing. after you git gud u realize the amount of inting outweighs the enjoyable/real games.
>Why are they so toxic?
The reason is obvious. They're LoL players.
It's like asking why are fetish convention visitors sexually degenerate or why are supermax prisoners violent.
anyone wanna help get me into league? ive watched tutorials but id rather be initiated by someone and i have no friends :(
Fuck League of Legends, come play Warcraft III Frozen Throne Dota with me. We only flame people who act like retards, we don't flame you for being new or for retaliating against those who fuck with you. We praise that sort of behavior here. If your team mate ever came mid for anything other than a gank or to TP in and help protect you, you yelling at them for stealing XP and farm is exactly what you should do because they're fucking up your game play and giving the enemy mid XP advantage. Suffer no noobs.
Stopped playing that crap years ago, didn't have patience for the 30 mins+ games that you end up losing because some retard would start feeding for no reason and other crap like that. But muting everyone the first thing you start a match is a must... It's full of retards.
It's a 5v5 game. It's not worth getting into unless you have four friends to play it with. You don't want to play the matchmaking gamble of modern multiplayer games. It's a huge waste of time and you will always have more bad games than fun ones.
You sound cool. I'll play dota 1 with you only if the skills are transferable to dota 2 and im not learning too much entirely specific to some ancient boomer game that <500 people play regularly. If it basically only makes sense to play it because you played it when it originally came out then no.
Both sides in matchmaking games theoretically get the same experience so you can rank up fairly basically, you will both get same proportions of leavers etc. It's annoying but you can counter it by caring less about each individual game and focus on having fun and improving your own skills and doing your own part in every game. I generally like the social aspect of these games and they are the best for it. If you wanted a perfect competitive experience then play 1v1 fighters or rts or maybe arena shooters, those can be fun because of how genuinely competitive they are.
One thing that kept me from getting into LoL is the fact fucking draft pick is the primary means, I hate the gay meta around it, and as someone who prefers maining a single playstyle it's shit
I honestly don't get why Blind is seen as bad, I think people can't handle unknowns and want everything determined before the match even begins
I feel like this aspect wasn't as bad in season 2 and 3, which is when I started playing. Most people were alright enough to make friends with in-game or on the official forum. I didn't notice people getting toxic until the esport faggotry began taking off which is when I left.
>I'll play dota 1 with you only if the skills are transferable to dota 2
Not him, but I don't even think they could backport a lot of stuff from dota 2 to dota 1 due to engine limitations. Old dota use to be way more punishing and getting items was a huge deal. Valve added a shitton of mid-tier items and safety nets to dota 2, which is why I stopped playing completely. Slowly slapping together mid-tier items with a bunch of free gold the game gives you just isn't as fun as getting that 1 big dick game changing item as a reward for not fucking up. Also a lot of the heroes they added are basically League champions, i.e. the focus is on how they jump around in fights rather than the grand impact they have on a game as a whole.
Why are league players so fucking stupid
>be me
>play jungle
>tax the mid lane because he’s a mouth breather with fucked timings
>mid laner tps back despite seeing me take a wave of his cs instead of just resetting because he’s a mouth breather
>mid laner is a toxic cunt and starts to farm my jungle instead of just bouncing the wave and taking 16-28 free CS in his lane
>flame retarded mid laner
>team flames retarded mid laner
>retard mid laner STILL thinks e hasn’t done anything wrong
>retard mid laner makes a post on 4chan just to get flamed again for being a fucking retarded cunt

>playing league in 2023
>playing league at all lmao

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