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File: wp4407868.png (725 KB, 1920x1080)
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what do you guys think of the wilson refresh and how do i kill dfly and bee queen without a pan flute
>6 and a half hours and nobody else arrives
this is just like playing don't starve together desu
this game filters this site
post a thread on /v/ and half the replies are gonna be about how they can't get past winter
>join random server
>host dies on night 3 and leaves
>join random server
>get banned instantly because the host is a third world retard who can't read and doesn't know how to set the server to friends only
>join random server
>survive until late winter without saying a single word
Honestly at this point I feel like I've cheesed out all of the challenge with stuff like cactus, helmet spam and double fire pits for thermal stones. The game almost encourages exploiting stuff like this, and it makes me wish that there was something that encourages the use of the less optimal stuff.
I love the artstyle, design and the characters, but I feel like I've optimized the fun out of it. At least the Weaver tries to fuck with cheesing him but it's still somewhat possible. I wonder how the development of Uncompromising Mode is coming.
I plant two trees close to each other and set them on fire to heat thermal stones. or do the same with two trees I find on my way.
File: beardgod.png (1.49 MB, 1400x2500)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>Wilson refresh
It's shit
>Torch tree
Generic shit tree that any character could have
He is/was a gentleman scientist, not some alchemy dude
>That final perk after FW is just fuel transmute

It feels like Klei is experimenting with skill trees so that later they can add them to the rest of the characters.It also feels like they fucking hate Wilson, 9 years have passed since Strange New Powers patch in DS and this is all we get
Kino game, but the 60 fps cap filters me hard.
wilson rework should've been just portable research stations
dead game
dead thread
dead board
dead website
Two of these are correct
Recently getting back into this after 10 years. It's like a completely different game.
They should have focused more on his transmutation/alchemy rather than some weird unfitting skill tree. Give him the ability to deconstruct simple tools and armors like he's using the deconstruction staff, give him the ability to turn tools golden for half the gold price, give him the ability to transform meat into leafy meat and vice versa, etc. There's way more they could have done, they just didn't really care too much.
you can easily solo bee queen with wendy. otherwise you can cheese the bees' pathing with https://youtu.be/eG4-7R8x36Y

you get that or some /pol/ack autism about tencent

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