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What do we think of DMZ mode in MW2?
File: 1662508280034420.jpg (45 KB, 449x478)
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it's poopoo peepee
>Playing cockadooky
I like it.
I really fucking hate that chemist cunt. I just want the M13B, but my friends don't play games so I have to go in solo and I just can't fucking get it done. And as soon as I found out about the running him over trick, they update the game so any vehicle gets DDOSed immediately in the radiation zone. Why are they making this as annoying as possible?

Well I know why, but I refuse to buy a fucking gun for a game.
It’s okay but the ai are ridiculous bullet sponges, there are regular enemies that don’t go down to 2 shotgun blasts in the face and they spawn in groups of 10
Is this hentai?
Its decent. The most major issue is the ai's aim and dmg. I don't maind them being harder than campaign ai but there have been some moments where ai have just shot from insane ranges and 2 shotting people but its not that bad. Im having fun
File: 20221127222303_1.jpg (777 KB, 2560x1440)
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Its fun as hell. I also don't have anyone to play with so I go on solo missions where I will find a tower that I can climb with a nearby exfil site. I would just camp on the tower and snipe people trying to exfil with their loot and goodies. You know that moment when people's hope dies, I feed on that. Sometimes I'd just get a reinforced vehicle and run people over or raid the train for the goodies (self revives, 3 plate vests and sick weapons).
Wait is this some sort of tarkov in COD?
Dogshit. It's laggy as fuck and boring, all you do is run around and do the same missions over and over. Player engagements are rare, and it just seems like another mode meant for boomers just like 3rd person trios.

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