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File: Kill_marine.png (227 KB, 604x475)
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SRB2 Battle is a mod of a mod that turns the Doom Legacy engine into an FPS-based melee game (its hard to say desu but its fun asf) It's a very light game that works on almost all PCs. It also has a sizable modding community.

> Download

Setup your controls (easy as hell)

Hop on these IPs through console connect or through multiplayer tab or

Only caveat with the latter it gets criminally no players since people flock often to the former ip but it's honestly arguably the better of the two.

Start beating the shit out of other people.
File: Reptile_Garden_4.jpg (29 KB, 608x480)
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Finally, a place I can truly belong in. Hope to meet people soon!
File: file.png (611 KB, 850x586)
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611 KB PNG
It's finally here............SRB2 Sisters.........we're cumming home..........................
I'm garbage at SRB2 but I would rather play with you guys than rando retarded zoomer kids
Me and some other friends would be interested, shall we arrange a date?
I will gladly play with you, just give me the IP and I'll join whenever I can!
File: 1649613328319.jpg (270 KB, 1156x654)
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270 KB JPG
My friend and I are thinking Saturday. I have another friend who is an OG player from 2.1 (hi Slow pbbrrbbt). That's two of us so far, plus you and OP >>759524. I'm tempted to ask /srb2k/ as I know some others might be curious, but let's just start small for now. I also know some people in /sthg/ would be interested too....but again, one at a time.
I'm also an OG player from 2.1, currently outcasted for saying stupid shit as a kid and doing stupid shit like sperging out over not winning in prior battlemod servers (mainly the now shut down Krabs server due to me saying faggot and cunt in there like an edgy teen which eventually lead to me permabanned as well as the moderators not liking me) but I'm willing to play with players who are sick of their shit and just wants to play for the fun of it.
I can probably only play after 6 p.m. I have an engineering trip that I must miss, but it doesn't harm to invite a few of people if I am unable to hop on.
File: srb20003.png (122 KB, 1280x720)
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122 KB PNG
Warming up in 24/7 Vanilla for anyone who wants to try it out

Starting Greenflower Zone in about 15 minutes
GGs Opti lol
We doing this? Just woke up, i can play in an hour.
Sure, where are you heading?
Hop on
can't connect to the server

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