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I dropped the game a while ago, is there something interesting to come back to?
No, seriously it's not worth it.
at least change the op pic
It's been a while since I checked on this game, what's causing all the doom and gloom here?
playerbase dropping, lost interest, nothing really new
Anyone still playing this?
A handful.
i dont really play that much i just keep up with the news and stuff
a few hours of cobalt during weekends
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This game is worth nothing except character arts.
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I'll never play again this game but i am still loves fan arts.
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They waste their characters.
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Cobalt seems to be the popular mode now.
has been for awhile
ok what went wrong with the game? was it the game, players, devs, client, optimization?
https://playeternalreturn.com/posts/news/892 new character thoughts?
idk man
it just does not feel right
who cares
I want the cat
The BR was never good to begin with. The concept sounds cool but there are dozens of holes that they have been trying to band-aid since the beginning. League's combat was never good for 1v1 , fights are 99% of the time super unbalanced because they are designed that way.

Cobalt is conceptually not as interesting and usually made out to be nothing but a throwaway casual mode. But it revolves around team fight ( which League's combat is good at ) and the formula is simple enough to balance and polish
funny i hear about cobalt from high ranked players and how it kills the game cause other queues are not active and how they play that other than ranked
They are just high on copium. And a lot of these high-ranked players were banking on the BR mode to blow up to be Twitch influencers so they have a material incentive to be as delusional as possible. They would dogpile and shoot down any criticisim of the mode aside from "balance harder" and " spend more money on advertising".NN don't even agree with them, putting more emphasis on team modes, and adding catch-up, escape mechanics or making the game easier makes these people seethe because "muh skillz, can't ez slaughter noobs anymore". They are jokes man
I'm just gonna quote a random comment from a reddit post. If you're on any platform aside from the Discord circle-jerk ( which is dead now) you will constantly find people who have problems with those fools

>An overly defensive and accusatory core community being averse to changes that would involve simplification of the game. I'm talking the ones who tend to refuse holding NN accountable for almost anything and give them pats on the back for doing the bare minimum. Who often downplay or sometimes straight up refuse to acknowledge the current state of the game.

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