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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: 1663479294552939.jpg (826 KB, 2560x1440)
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Anyone still play WoT? I have a question.
Should I get the T26E5 or the AMX M4 49? I know they both got power creep, but which tank is better(or suck less) in the current meta?
File: 1663479310164550.jpg (394 KB, 2560x1440)
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Just came to check if there is WoT thread here.
Patriot imo is better buy, im 1850 wn8 for some credibility for my opinion.
I have Liberte tho, Patriot looks tipical boring USA tank for me and i dont like low dmg guns on heavies
Does either of them still holding its own in the current meta? I already have the Progetto 46 for making money so I care more about fun factor.
From watching videos and searching threads, the patriot is still the best deal. Best tank in general and best money maker compared to the others.

I have fuck loads of bonds just piling up I should probably just nut up and buy it myself
Is the T-103 any good?
I play WOT on and off. It's still good fun as long as you don't take it too seriously.

Patriot>Pz58>>everything else as far bond store tanks go. Guard got buffed some time ago. It might also be ok.
>I play WOT on and off. It's still good fun as long as you don't take it too seriously.

Same here.
The grind for the Emil's top gun is not fun.
What are currently the best tier 8 tech tree TD and HT?
Would it be worth it to get a cheap low-tier premium tank just to train up crews, or will they just suffer from lack of experience anyway?
This is subjective but IMO Progetto 54 and AT15/Charioteer.

I wouldn't bother spending money on low-tier premiums. If you want to spend money get a nice T8 premium or two and farm some credits for crewbooks.
>Progetto 54
Quite a rare tank. What's good about it?
It's crazy to think I posted on /wotg/ for about 6 years straight and then it just died forever in 2018 ish. So many good memories, especially the never ending shitposting war between the NA and EU /vg/ clans. Like tears in the rain.
Great gun, usable armor, low profile, decent mobility. I like heaviums and this tank just works for me.
I like mobile heavy tanks too, is there any other you'd recommend?
The polish tier 8 and up are fun.
It is ABSOLUTE TRASH getting there tho. Every other tier is irredeemable garbage suffering.
The French lights are still really fun. The ELC AMX remains the best tank in the game imo
Damn, I want the Chieftain prototype but I don't want to buy loot boxes.
The best way to grind for that shit without actually shilling out is to participate in clanshit and random challenges. Only proper way to get gold more than once a year.
No, this is a different tank. It's a tier 9 premium.
File: is3_01.jpg (1.76 MB, 2560x1440)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
Is the IS-3 still good? I remember back then it was very strong but I never grind it.
No its pretty garbage now.
I made the mistake of grinding for it this year, the power creep and nerds have made it average at best. I see lots of IS7s tho
Dang, I want T-10 and IS-7.
File: stats.png (23 KB, 1422x153)
23 KB
I haven't played actively since like 2015. Is now a good time to get back in? I can post some more stats if anyone cares
File: lamo.png (52 KB, 1362x546)
52 KB
fucking lmao at that su-26 rating
>Chieftain at tier 10
>Chieftain at tier 9
>Italian chieftain at tier 7 and 8
good shit
File: 1663686693422.png (411 KB, 1458x847)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
It's always worth coming back to try it for a little while.
AMX M4 49, patriot is really bad and 240 damage is really bad for tier 8 HT against all the high alpha and autoloaders.
Credit making doesn't matter when you get outtraded super hard because a lot of HT gameplay is corner/hill trading and patriot have shit gun and shit turret
File: wz-111.png (90 KB, 619x414)
90 KB
Need help, how do I play this tank? I bought it back because I heard it got buffed but it still feel underpowered.
reverse sidescrape and shoot when it's your turn
i just uploaded a video about WOTB


roast me, its my first one
It's still OK but it's not what I'd call a fun tank anymore.

The pikenose used to be God tier, now unless you're fully hull down its easily shot apart. Which, if you can hull down even tier 9s and 10s bounce, but there's plenty tanks like that
Anyone miss the gameplay from the beta/early release?

Now armor is total worthless and alpha dmg is the only important thing. I miss the days where the Panther II or T-54 were beast and could easily rape everything.

The game is best enjoyed in small doses with occasional periods of grinding during some events
Unless I get free premium from event stuff it's almost a worthless time sink, yeah.

Currently riding high on 10 days ffrom The waffentrager event, and I honestly don't know what to grind. Just finished the IS3 on Russians and T26 for the Czechs and have big decision of what path to follow from there. I'm kinda shit so I hear the is7 might be a better target than the obj 277, but also don't know anything about the Czech mediums
File: 1100px-Mines_screen.jpg (175 KB, 1100x688)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Is Mines still cancer? I've blocked it for years now.
Haven't played this in years, so what's a good (read OP) heavy/medium nowadays at tier 5 and 6? I'm poor so F2P only. Also duo with a friend who plays mostly TDs if that matters. I remember the KV-1 was good but I hated the line past that.
File: 90jji2o0c1i21.jpg (1.11 MB, 2560x1440)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Do you have the M10 RFBM? It's pretty good for a tier 5 TD.
File: 1665149736261723.jpg (212 KB, 1600x775)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Something good for once.
What are some good(or fun) tier 8 heaviums other than the Progetto 54?
File: m4a3e8_thunderbolt_vii.png (156 KB, 500x402)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
What's your favorite tier to play? For me, it's got to be tier 6
Lots of fun tanks and with new MM you rarely see tier 8 anymore.
Agreed. Tier 9 is my second favorite. Probably the most balanced of the higher tiers.
>the most balanced of the higher tiers.
Not for long now that WG started making tier 9 premium tanks.

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