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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: 1645343101780.jpg (222 KB, 1920x1080)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>Rules are in the motd
>Up 24/7 on a dedicated box on the US east coast
>Random crits & bullet spread are enabled
>Well over 100 maps to choose from

>Noteworthy plugins: weapon reverts. Not all weapons are reverted - read the motd to see which ones are - and all reverts are optional
>Custom weapons. 10~12 exist at the time of posting: at least 1 for every class!
>A plugin I've made just for my server that grants far more options (entertaining ones at that!) than just "ignore, warn, kick, or ban" rule breakers
>Map nominating, voting to immediately change to the next map, and team scramble voting
>Resizable sprays & spray multiple times
>Saysounds. It's installed but not customized yet as of the time of posting

>Plugin settings, map availability, and some other things may change per popular demand, so long as it doesn't contradict the main goal of this server: comfy fun
>To join the server, open your console and enter: connect woof.tf2.host
File: 1643330863800.jpg (407 KB, 2048x1569)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
It's time for some TF2! Now's the time to hop on!
the pocket purrer is so cute that i don't want to use it because i don't want to bring a cat into a place where people are getting gibbed and set on fire :(
Comfy and cutepilled
Not bad
>Small update: finished generating navigation meshes for bots on every map
>Enabled year-round Halloween mode

Ty fren
I really like the pda1 you should give engie a replacement for pda2 that does an increase of 100 base metal to 300 In exchange for no destruction of buildings
Also could you add a wrench for engie that replaces his sentry with a teleporter entrance thats linked to his exit allowing an engie to double the output of teleportations
And maybe some items to allow for better play as battle medic like a medigun replacement that increases medics survivability
Also navs generate faster if your in spectator
File: 1632633174495.png (540 KB, 595x595)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
Ty for the feedback
>[could you make] a replacement for pda2 that does an increase of 100 base metal to 300
Interesting idea, I'll probably create something based on this
>In exchange for no destruction of buildings
I'll see if I can get that effect to work but no promises
>a wrench for engie that replaces his sentry
I've wanted to give engi a lot of things that would replace his sentry, but unfortunately that's not possible afaik. The best I can do (that I know of) is replace his sentries with minisentries like the gunslinger does & nerf their damage and range to 0, which is kind of awkward
>a [2nd] teleporter entrance thats linked to his exit allowing an engie to double the output of teleportations
Neat idea but I don't think that's possible
>And maybe some items to allow for better play as battle medic
Funny you mention that, I've created 2 items for the medic, 1 of them is the most recent item I've made, and both are primary weapons
>navs generate faster if your in spectator
That's good to know for future reference
Check this page out for a list of what's possible for me to do in terms of creating new weapons/items
I was going off that it is possible to link multiple teleporter entrances in hammer

But why not see how the cozy camper would do for medic as a medigun replacement? it would pair well with the slagger
Mediguns are balanced with 'not gaining further benefits from an item in the secondary slot' in mind. If I end up making a medic item that increases his HP regen, I'd slap that on a primary item. I also want the medic to always have the option of switching to his secondary to heal teammates
I would play but, I only have tf2 classic installed these days.
How's that work? You can't play TF2 servers without uninstalling that mod first?
Looks cool.
I am busy right now, but I'll make an effort to join later in the week when I get some free time.
(Two exams)
>random crits are disabled
Cringe and bluepilled, pass
File: 1654284240823.png (277 KB, 860x645)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>Random crits & bullet spread are enabled
Thanks for the bump, faggot
So question.
What are the 10-12 custom weapons on your server?
I can't join now, but I am curious.
Here you go https://pastebin.com/zXfSXZc8
Thats pretty cool, Sniper's bane sounds like a more OP of the old Darwin's Danger Shield.

I have been digging around for some plugins for one of my own planned servers. And I saw these two plugins that change the Demoman's bottle to have a random chance to inflict bleeding and healing when drinking.
Neat, I may well end up adding those
Update: https://pastebin.com/DVdSkunT
File: 1656853133503.png (63 KB, 510x233)
63 KB
Rules: picrel. Only breaking either of the 1st 2 rules can get you permabanned from the server

Ty, gl with your exams
But i
Dont like
Healing teammates
>That's good to know for future reference.
Yeah, it is like 20x faster.
Unironically going from minutes to usually not more than 10 seconds.

>295 has pipboy build interface
Then don't. Regardless, the option will always be available to them for the aforementioned balance & team cohesion reasons
File: BigStepyJump.png (1.99 MB, 1852x899)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Big steppy jump is fun.
But probably bullshit
I love it
You perfectly summed up my own thoughts on it lol
As a general jump height reference, I made sure players with the big steppy can stand on a prop outside of either fort on 2fort, then just barely make it onto the protruding center part of the battlements with a crouch-jump
I'll probably have to throw another nerf on it at some point, but for now while the server is consistently very low pop I'm leaving it as is
Ty for the feedback! And be sure to try out the demo's newest F U N weapon, the Cluster Buster
Here's a strawpoll for you all to influence my server to your liking: https://strawpoll.com/polls/mpnbaB2Dwy5
Had fun playing on the server last night, i was too tired to play by the time you joined maybe over the weekend
I'll probably be online even later tonight & over the weekend, but we'll see!
Weapon reverts are fine.
It is YOUR server. So do what you think is best.
If you have an opinion about reverts good or bad,
selective or broad.
Optional or forced.
This is your place to out that to the test.
One recommendation is to, when you get the chance, turn off bots. Personally I'd rather play on an emptier server than one with bots on it.
I actually didnt have an issue with the bots.
Sure, they are not as good as a real human, but its better to fight a few bots than nothing at all.
It also makes the server playable even if only one person is on it.
Only issue I have seen is that some maps dont work with bots and some are missing nav maps.
was low on sleep my bad, have another bump and get a better OP image next time
Wholesome and man enough to admit his mistakespilled
Will do!
I'mma take a break from TF2 to focus on other things for awhile, mostly due to a bunch of new games/big updates dropping all at once recently. It's okay to let this thread die. I intend to let that happen & remake a new one once I'm ready to put more time into TF2 again
kogasatopia wins again
>this obssessed with your server that any server is harmful to Kogasatopia
Mental illness.
Unironically kys
File: 1649235845775.png (702 KB, 1030x1124)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
Who are you talking about?
Some guy who has to inject Kogasatopia into every single discussion about TF2.
Would you happen to know such a guy?
File: 1641787343994.jpg (84 KB, 1024x916)
84 KB
>Server you are trying to connect to is running an older version of the game
File: 1658468039687.png (1001 KB, 1200x1166)
1001 KB
1001 KB PNG
Ty for pointing that out, I updated it for you and any other ppl who wanna play on it while I get my fill of Core Keeper
I just wanted to get on and favorite the server so I can get on when its populated but thanks mate
Np, and one minute, something's fucky with the server now that I've updated and it won't start without crashing. We may have to wait for whichever plugin is broken to push an update before the server will start working again
Still no fix, I'll troubleshoot it some more once I'm interested in TF2 again, the IP/connection method will still be the same as always: connect woof.tf2.host
So Aida.
The fix is kind of weird.
You got to make an update.bat script and configure it to reinstall your TF2 server.
I think it is possible that plugins could cause issues because I think they did for me.
In my case I had to remake my server and then reinstall my plugins after a new instllation.

I am still new to this, and there is probably a better way to do this. But that did work for me.

Be sure to copy and paste over your config files if you made modifications to them to keep them if you try the method I did.
I fixed it by updating both the server & the custom attributes starter pack plugin, you can hop on now if you'd like
I'm gonna sage my own thread so that I can make a new one with updated info in the OP when I get back into TF2. Still playing core keeper atm
Cool. I'll check it out again.
File: spy cfg.jpg (116 KB, 624x699)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>copypasting from bant tf2 thread because it's dead as hell in there, and I don't know what /vm/ tf2 thread actually talks about the game instead of, well whatever they talk about except the game

post configs, and point out what's wrong with mine
I keep whiffing backstabs that look good and getting blood splatters on faces that should be crits
Please let my thread die. I'm saging my own thread so that I can make a new one with updated info in the OP when I get back into TF2. Still playing core keeper atm
Also, your post is better suited for a general purpose TF2 thread. This thread is specifically about my server, not TF2 in general. /vg/ is a good place to ask about that
I'll season your thread if that's what you wish
>/vg/ is a good place to ask about that
lol, lmao even
nobody replies to each other there due to a forced meme format and they don't actually talk about the game
Fair enough, they did seem noticeably more hostile, off topic, & memey than I'm used to /vg/ threads being, more like /v/ than /vg/

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