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What's an active-ish MMO that makes it easy to play/group with other players? I dont have friends
Sadly, I think the best bet is Discord.

Other than that, I would say find a local game store that hosts some sort of weekly card game event. A good idea with a low entry cost are sealed/draft events, like with Keyforge or Magic the Gathering.
i have friends they’re just not MMO addicted like i am.
WoW probably. Anything with a groupfinder. Random players don't care about you. They are not your friends. They won't teach you anything so you better be up to date on meta builds or face the consequences. Most will report and leave if you didn't watch ten guides beforehand.
Unironically this. I've only had good experiences with other people in that game.
I'd tell you but I don't want frogposters in my MMO.
Black Desert, OSRS, Path of Exile if you don't have friends and are too autistic to make any organically.
FF14, WoW other normieshit if you don't have friends but are not an autist.
unironically WoW classic on an RP server, people will stop and talk to you, team up with you to take down elites, trade with you, etc. you just gotta talk in character..
9 years in osrs and i made 1 friend the entire time, the problem is probably me

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