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Drop discords here for a ready or not alpha bravo squad team. Be ready to talk the talk and walk the walk echo charlie foxtrot.
why do you need the discord
this game has fucking voice chat but nooooooooooooooooo you HAVE to use discord like the disgusting freak you are
kill yourself
Sorry i just thought it's more anonymous.
This game is pretty based, I'd give you my discord, but I don't want my DMs flooded with gore and gay black porn for the next year.
Is teamspeak better?
fine then i'll set up a skype group fag
still need to have steam to join each other in a private lobby. wish there was a dedicated server browser like in old-alpha but this seems to be the best we got.
yes i wish there was a another way to join like gtfo lobby code i don't wanna add people but wanna play with randoms from discord for example
>Spend 40 dollars on early access game
>Don't get updates because devs are greedy and want you to buy supporter pack to get regulary updates.
What a dickhead developers.
We can use Origin Voice chat instead
Can you troll your team like Swat 4 did? Pepper spray gun and tazing your friends will never not be fun.
The enemy ai have aimbot now
your ai teammates are retarded
the loadout ui is dogshit
and the game runs badly now
fpbp and based
discord is freaking trash
>Really want to play with some fellow autists who want to talk the talk and walk the walk echo charlie foxtrot.
>Never want to post my steam user ID or discord.
Someone should just make a quick little steam or discord group - not like you need to actually use the discord, I like the ingame VOIP system, with the differences between local and radio being pretty immersive.
File: 1654908808106.jpg (235 KB, 750x747)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
I don't know if the option doesn't exist or I'm just retarded and can't figure it out so sorry in advance
Is there a way to execute commands through your squadmates view? For example you and blue are stacked up on a door, red is stacked up on a door somewhere, in SWAT 4 there was a way to have them bang/clear/what have you through their expanded view. You press PGUP or something then execute the command, this doesn't seem to work in RoN? Also I seem to remember SWAT 4 having a system where you could tell a squad a command to execute given a certain callsign. Like tell Red to breach and clear a door after you execute callsign bravo. That might have been rainbow six tho. Either way this would be cool stuff to get added to the game instead of more unfinished levels and weapon reskins.
why the fuck does this game run so badly. FUCK
I've just been playing with randoms, because I fucking hate knowing people for long periods of time, and I had to bump graphics to low AAAAAAAAGH

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