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File: image0.gif (2.46 MB, 324x366)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
dumbass medieval fantasy fightan game

pirate is never getting nerfed
neither is raider
just flip it lol
>she can soft feint to GB at any time
if only
This game blows!
I got enough money for a new guy, Kyoshin or Jormundir?

Jorm seems like they have more fun potential but I currently main Black Prior so I think I'd gel with Kyoshin more
I'd advise Kyoshin.
Jorm seems fun on the surface but the second I started playing them I absolutely hated it. Your main strategy is going to be stamina bullying with the same move until you get your nut slam and then repeat the process.
There's really nothing else going on with them.
File: 1651128669384.jpg (19 KB, 640x343)
19 KB
if you play kyoshin you automatically lose both foreskin and testicle priveleges
spend your steel on cosmetics for your favorite dude instead
Don't you have a /vg/ thread
My dick don't work.
no active enough to not get slided
vm is better
>breach matches take like 25 minutes
>can end up being this drawn out painful slog of attrition and scrambling for each available objective and buff
>so people pick the absolutely most meta shit they can
I just loaded into a breach match and the enemy team was 3 JJs and a pirate
this mode can never be saved
>I just loaded into a breach match

First mistake.
>hitokiri can feint the kick that you HAVE to dodge into a guardbreak on reaction to your dodging the kick startup
that is fucking horseshit
I have now started 13 breach matches and closed my game within 3 minutes of the match starting
Ive been trying to play breach for an hour and a half
I joined as attacker and the ram was at 40% health and the first gate wasn't even down to its last bar of health yet
You are so close to learning the lesson.
XDD another meme emote! You guys like 2 year old memes right?
Pirate nerf??
File: Knightunicorn.jpg (47 KB, 390x447)
47 KB
Which of the knights would do this holy white unicorn themed look the best?
Lawbringer is the best looking knight so the answer is always LB
lawbringer can already become unicorn themed
Got any screenshots? I'll need to redownload the game once I'm back home since I'm in the mood for some FH but I'm still at work.
Anybody else think this buccaneer character is shit?
The gun seems like too much of a jump into the future for the setting of the game. And it's silly that the gun is self-loading and automatic. The other weapons don't breach the suspension of disbelief to this degree.
Bro we've had literal magic for like three years now my immersion's already as broken as it's going to be. Pirate's not any worse than Hitorkiri's soul-stealing or Shaolin's instant transmission. If I could undo all of them I would but at this point I'm past caring.
Don't have the game installed lmoa
We have literal dragons now my dude it's over
Yeah, but, the gun is tacky from a theme perspective.
File: 200.jpg (54 KB, 514x768)
54 KB
Ok, the emote gets undodgeable properties
use the grab doofus
Undodgeables are supposed to counter dodge attacks as well
The theme went out the window once they started adding those all those shitty premium shitty particle effects and silly executions. Only a matter of time until we get a musket dude with bayonet
Those shitty premium shitty particle effects and silly executions are things that I can overlook because they're side things. A hero with a semi-automatic is a bit too much for my taste. It kinda fucks with the theme.
Who is the most braindead character in the game?
>1vs1 braindead just autopilot the same mixups on repeat
>4vs4 braindead literally just press heavy attack over and over and topscore in dominion everytime
>do OF heavy > kick > grab soft feint
>spend 60% of my stamina doing this
>a kensei that initially dodged the heavy still doesnt get grabbed and hits me
i want to play more shaman but she's genuinely insufferable in any non-1vs1 gamemode
>finally do all the setup required to pounce and bite someone
>teammate without fail smashes me out of it so they can hit a single light and give the enemy revenge
File: nuxia.jpg (1008 KB, 1337x1337)
1008 KB
1008 KB JPG
She, Nuxia and Glad all have the same problem: their big damage payoff is interruptable by literally everything. Nuxia's got it the worst because she doesn't have anything else (at least Glad has bashes and Shaman has unblockables). Being Nuxia in a team fight is just pain, you basically drop caltrops and that's the extent of your usefulness. Every trap is going to be interrupted by either a team mate or an enemy so you just go around raw heavying.

Shugoki suffers a little bit too on account of the hug but that's such a small part of his kit now it hardly matters.
for glad and shaman at least they are an absolutely headache in 1v1s
and since they're assassins they can get in and get out really quickly
they have a lot of roamer / jungler potential
also having stealth on shaman will allow you to get in sneaky opening damage pretty often if you're just roaming from objective to objective

I think 4v4 and 1v4 potential trumps all so they're still not going to compete with the likes of Raider and JJ and Piss Rat
File: crazy-snow-leopard.gif (1.85 MB, 506x640)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
I keep screaming but Ubisoft won't answer
God damn I want to kill the idiots that let mm be this bad. Got matched up with niggers and chinks from across the globe with bad internet so when I fought them, constantly teleport around, and it favored them when I light parried so it just me eating a full combo every god damn time. And my teammates are always rep 100 or below when all the enemy team are rep 200 at least. I want to kill the fat bastard that balances this game. Pirate, JJ, Kyoshit, Shitnobi and Shito are in every single game. Pls for the love of god buff every other characters so I don;t have to face these unblockables spamming fucks.
extremely relatable post
>kyoshin can punish any non-unblockable attack with 3 full seconds of stunlock
>all of hitokiris attacks have nearly identical animation startups so you basically just have to guess if this next ones gonna be a light, a heavy, a charged heavy, or the actual unblockable
>also hitokiri gets a billion hyperarmor on every move
>JJ literally cant be punished for fucking up at any time and can only be killed with overwhelming aggression that forces him to actually defend
>Raider has infinite stamina and the most absurd attack chain of any character in the game
I hate it so much
why does kyoshin get literally everything in """his""" kit?
>finally having a good breach match
>about to win
>game crashes
thank you ubi
I understand
>Im rep 75
>havent seen an opponent lower than rep 300 in 7 hours
Idk if it's just because I have been playing this (on and off, mostly off) since release but does anyone else notice more and more bugs lately? Like environment glitches and the like
>opponents at my current mmr recognize that I go for crushing counters as highlander
>they start baiting out free light parries by juggling heavies
I'm just not allowed to crushing counter any basic heavies from neutral I guess
Rep 75 is fucking massive
nuh uh
why does pirate have hyperarmor on her unblockable forward dodge heavy?
>Get 2 reps per week by accident playing 4v4
>5 year old game
>player is good enough that they can consistently parry lights
>they still just play raider, pirate, and JJ
you're good enough to make any character work and yet you're playing the character designed for disabled children
fucking why
File: BeauviolettePirate01.png (631 KB, 1350x690)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
not entirely. In a way the gun is kind of silly because it normally does only 5 damage, the first tier feat version does 12 damage, and the longbow all samurai heroes, highlander, warmonger, zhanhu, and I think a few others get deal fifty damage. (my theory is that she's just firing 'blanks' and burning people on the powder blasts) But there's also game balance (whatever's left to consider with her at least) to keep in mind. Lawbringer and Warmonger's armor were the types of armor expressly invented to resist gunfire even and existed in time periods well after firearms came onto the scene even in europe (like the late 1200s)

That being said, what I do wish was that each time the Pirate fired the pistol, she dropped it and pulled out another, this opens up armor sets where she's practically wearing enough pistols to count as an armor, also maybe have the pistols become particle effects to litter the battlefield with guns. Okay that second part is a joke. But drawing a new gun could even make for part of the balancing act as she would need even like 500ms to ready a fresh pistol from her hammerspace coat.

Don't get me wrong, I think there's a lot of things wrong with her or that at least could be done better. But possessing a handgun is really a non-issue.
File: file.png (2.66 MB, 1233x1800)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB PNG
>drawing new guns every time
lawbringer would be A-tier if he had hyperarmor during some part of his primary combo
his moveset is fine
either hyperarmor on the openers or hyperarmor on the unblockable finisher
do any 1 of the following to pirates forward dodge heavy
>remove unblockable trait
>remove hyperarmor
>remove the ability to soft feint to a guardbreak
remove just one of these and it becomes something resembling a fair move
As someone who plays pirate, I'd say remove the top two, remove dodge cancel from side dodge and forward dodge heavies, and maybe give her a light-heavy-light and heavy-light-heavy combo because I'm fucking sick of all these two-hit combos in modern heroes.
Because the less bandwidth they have to dedicate to retarded useless character gimmicks, the more they're able to focus on things like parrying lights. That's why top-tiers stay top-tier.
is this game p2w? i'm bored, have a ton of disposable cash, and want to whale up a game
Game is not really pay 2 win. You eventually get better weapon skins that can affect your stats, but they really don't affect the combat much.

Wasn't like how it was on launch.
I mean
you can spend real money to unlock Jiang Jun right away with the Marching Fire thing
but all characters can be unlocked by just playing the game
Jiang Jun is objectively the best character in the game in every regard so I guess if you buy him with real money you'd be paying to win
you could probably stomp people hard before you even finish learning the basics because JJ is so incredibly forgiving with absolutely zero conventional punish windows

actually yeah
it's pay to win
File: CROSSPLAY YAAAAS.png (394 KB, 1496x711)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
amogus fug
FH is play to lose. You will gain nothing from playing this game but misery
Thats like asking me take the stairs up to the 10th floor just because i can use my legs, instead of taking the elevator.
you are in a wheelchair and have to take the elevator lmao
>I play raider because I'm a good player
Greater results, dickhead. This isn't rocket science, dickhead. You should've known this, dickhead.

File: zingus-cat.gif (907 KB, 362x640)
907 KB
907 KB GIF
installing cheats will also yield even greater results
I highly recommend a togggle-able auto parry
playing JJ with with cheats would probably be FUCKING AWESOME and would get absolutely BASED results that are GREATER
>join breach match
>emote in spawn until everyone on my team leaves
good, nobody should play breach ever
Bannable offense actually
How do they define what is and isn't a bannable offence?
Is the practice of being an honorfag a bannable offence?
Is spamming a bannable offence?
Extreme honorfagging can be considered griefing yes
I would love to be banned
it would fantastic
Just spam nigger in chat then
PS4 players can't see text chat so theres nobody to report me
theres like 1 PC player for every 20 console players
Pretty sure they can see it, just not respond
Not him but yeah chat is entirely disabled for consolechads.
Pretty sure they said in the crossplay reveal that they could read chat but they could just have fucked it up like always
File: Untitled.png (19 KB, 971x161)
19 KB
I like Warden's Shoulder Bash. There, I said it.
light light bash light light bash light light bash
>opponent finally starts to dodge soon enough
>start holding the bash
>continue to light light bash
Ill bet you LOVE the bash
The bash is fine. It was cancer back when you could feint it after you started moving and initiate it from a backdodge. Warden's problem is the rest of his moveset. Dude can't even light after a heavy to confirm for team mates, and his feats are mostly trash. Solid 1v1 hero, underwhelming otherwise.
He's for sure a solid 1v1 hero but honestly the most bland
gib highlander more stamina
or make his stuff cost less
83 stamina for a single mixup is insane
do anon's play one hero forever or just a few favorites? i see tons of players that have under 100 total reps with rep 50-70 on a hero.
i generally rep a hero to 8-10, crack a few crates, min/max gear perks, fashion them best i can, move on to a new hero. then play my favorites when i get sick of grinding. highest hero rep is 21 (warmonger) I cant imagine playing a single hero to rep70. thats 7 heros you could have gotten proficient with instead
I religiously, exclusively, and autisticly play big sword man
I am a hair short of rep 70
the only other characters I have any reps on are lawbringer and gryphon (I thought he might be some cool fusion of lawbringer and highlander)
I want to be an unstoppable bastard with the claymore

if they ever add a zweihander character I will probably also get him to rep 70 (unless it's female only for some reason)
hopefully a zweihander mercenary character would get a primitive Holy Roman Empire style mini-canon / blunderbuss
so I could better roleplay as the blacked swordsman
That's problematic language; you mean Body Type 2.
why can't I see body type 2's breasts on raider when I can see type 1's pecs?
why the discrimination
It's only a matter of time before I get banned for AFKing in spawn
but these people have to learn
you can't just beat me in dominion and expect to get away with it
now take your deserved loss like a champ, bitch
Wow! Wow! Wow!
that's right
say wow
say good fight
I won't leave spawn
and yes I will use stealth to run to the enemy spawn just as the last of you goes down for the last time
and I will wait in the enemy spawn till the timer runs out
you should't have ganked me with 3 cents last match
Raider is busted as fuck and you start the game with him unlocked
Is there a new hero soon do you think? Not sure how often they release them. It's been a few months since Pirate came out.
The joke has been made before, but it's strange how Pirate is:
>Good at everything
>Body type-locked
>Has *that* hair style
>Is a POC
>Has the most anachronistic weapon
She fits all the tropes of a "woke" Mary Sue character, with some donut steel thrown in there.
and the devs think it's 100% fine
not even one teeny tiny balance patch
>I'm good enough at wavedashing to keep up with 7 m/s characters but there's no moves in offensive form with rollcatch so I can't punish them for continuing to run
maybe I could quickly switch to DF and celtic curse but I'd probably still fail to connect a hit
there will probably be a new one by the end of summer or something
it'll be another character in Pirate's dumbass donut faction
>try out pirate in training arena
>level 3 bot
>you can feint to GB in reaction to seeing them startup a parry
this isnt a read game
this is a game where a handful of characters are just objectively better in every single way
there is no "read"
I feel sick
File: Varangian Guard.jpg (814 KB, 2261x1412)
814 KB
814 KB JPG
Post cosmetics
File: file.png (1.73 MB, 1451x1067)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
File: CHILDS PLAY.png (776 KB, 1316x1080)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
met some dude today who was Rep 70 on warlord
The War Boar
had a big silver helmet that covered his face and big ornamental horns that looked like huge tusks
and he had the Battle Swine illustrious effect
we lost, but he only died once and was the last to go down
File: taking cover.png (1.83 MB, 1609x1275)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Juggernaut + Tough As Nails + Regenerate + Bastion + Vengeful Barrier + Bulk Up
an immovable object
>at this point LB and BP are the only knights lacking a 'Helmet mask modeled after a face' look.

It angers.
File: Luciana001.png (678 KB, 1038x1016)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
Forgot to post my fashion.
pirate is overpowered
File: Ornamental_katar.jpg (918 KB, 625x800)
918 KB
918 KB JPG
What other world warriors would you like to see from the Outlander faction? There's plenty of opportunity for other cultures to get in now

I'd like to see a middle eastern dude with Katars
Scooby Doo would be pretty neat.
man I dont know what all they changed but this season it feels like you get no fuckin renown for anything other than just farming soldiers in mid
and since B gives +2 now it's also the best thing to do for winning
They removed class specific renown, if you missed that
wasnt the only class with abnormal renown gains vanguards though?
Highlander doesn't need a bunch of cancer shit slapped onto him to be viable
just some tweaks in areas of concern
>slow as shit, slowest in the game
just raise him to 6 or 6.5
right now everyone can safely run away from him
he can't chase anyone
and moving from spawn or between objectives is a painfully slow
>no stamina
either lower his OF costs or make so that he has super high stamina regen in OF
also remove the fucking cost of exiting OF
>can't antigank for shit
add hyperarmor to his crushing counters
that alone would be a huge improvement

and give him an undodgeable somewhere, preferably in offensive form so you can actually use OF moves on characters like orochi
File: biden voter.png (97 KB, 250x607)
97 KB
not okay
anyone have experience with an xbox elite controller or any other controller with paddles?
was wondering if I'd have an easier time parrying if I wasn't using an analogue button for input
I use an Elite Series 2 and the hair triggers are nice. Also I've got GB on the left paddle so I don't have to take my thumb off the right analog stick to GB. It's a solid improvement, although I dunno if it's worth triple the price of a normal controller.
The BP execution is so fucking bad holy shit. I wouldn't even render this if I animated that just for myself and they release that for 7k steel. This game is beyond done
How do you decide what Aramusha unblockable to use after getting his full guard block thing? They both seem very similar
I use a switch controller on PC and the digital triggers are fantastic for this game
The light one does more damage than the heavy one, while the heavy one is better for when you're being ganked because of the wide swing angle it has in favour of doing less damage.
The kick meanwhile does no damage but does a huge chunk of stamina damage and if you hit the enemy into a wall with it you get a free side heavy.
A basic way to always remember what to use is:
1. Is there other enemies beside them? Yes = Heavy
2. If not, are they close to a wall/ledge or low on stamina? Yes = Kick
3. If no to both of the above, Light.
which for honor character has the fattest cunt?
I have never seen a console player play any character besides JJ, Kyoshin, Pirate, Orochi, and Raider
it has not happened
Because all console players are faggots. I say this as a console player.
File: you are the gay.png (462 KB, 947x942)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
>hito can feint their neutral bash into a guardbreak IN REACTION to an opponent dodging the bash
>hurrrrr I can dodge out of my recoveries so you cant punish me for button mashing like a retard
>hurrr actually no I didnt bash um actually it was a guardbreak uuuuuh durrrr
The best designed character for cancelling out of recoveries that I've played so far has to be Aramusha.
I can cancel my recoveries into an all block which sounds pretty busted at face value, but it only lasts for a tiny moment, I can't cancel out of it and if I predict wrongly I can be guardbroken and eat a heavy.
For all other characters it feels like they absolutely fucked the risk/reward of their recovery cancels where there's zero reason NOT to do them.
>guardbroken and eat a heavy
haha what if your opponent couldnt confirm a heavy on GB haha
File: brawls.png (156 KB, 566x385)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
I am guilty of shitting the bed in front o a teammate in a brawl
I was bad and he saw me
always remember to tell your loved ones goodmorning and goodnight sirs
btw thanks reading my blog btw
ty anon
Does having a bigger dick translate to having more skill in the game?
It's an inverse relationship, that's why I'm so good.
File: 1445132786034.png (64 KB, 507x540)
64 KB
>Pope still has FH in his bio
Didn't know the Pope was a gamer.
dorito pope?
Why are there only newfags here
Who is this pope guy?
A söyböy stereotype guy who was part of the weekly Warrior's Den stream when the game still had promise
anyone with a brain quit after that shitstain of a CCU
it's basically only newfags discussing the game now
The CCU was a good thing. You boomers, with your shit reaction times, were dragging the game down with you. Adapt and shut up or fuck off.
Keep telling yourself that while you fight the same people over and over and over again in your dead game with cringe meme emotes kek
I'll poo in your urethra, you fucking spacker. Just shut the fuck up, man, you're fucking trash.
Must have hit a spot there
This game was a garbage fire on release and the three things that made it playable were:

>Dedicated servers
>Gear system rework
>Core combat update

Before those three things fights were decided by:

>Who had host
>Who had a full set of ++Revenge Gain Gear
>Who was willing to stand still and stare at the opponent longer before getting bored and throwing an attack, because all offense was reactable and punishable

Horrible gameplay that it took them far too long to correct. Now I might even be tempted to call For Honor good.
Now fights are decided by:

>Are either of you playing Raider or Pirate?
>Who's spent more time sucking Raider and Pirate's cocks for free wins?
>Who can mash their easy bake mix-ups harder.
So you're just mad at Raider and Pirate. That's fine, they're two of the strongest characters, but don't pretend that pre-CCU gameplay was anything but trash that needed to go. It's the worst kind of retarded rose-tinted glasses. The game is in a far, far better place now.
>game with huge skill ceiling and no way to get there without losing a bunch

name a more iconic duo
CCU maybe improved console, on PC against people with good hardware, which are the only people left playing, you are still not allowed to do much without getting le parried or otherwise countered unless you stick to ugly meta heroes
It improved duels a lot in my experience but of course you get the occasional parrylord on ADHD meds
Team modes were always shit imo and the unblockable spamming everywhere just made it even worse, factually impossible now to win an outnumbered situation unless the gankers are either going easy on someone or are completely Brain-AFK. What action oriented combat should have over other combat is that the odds are not solely dictated by numbers but mostly by player skill. But if outnumbered means losing regardless of your skill being equal or higher than theirs, you might as well play MMO PvP at this point.
Wasn't saying pre-CCU wasn't trash, just that the game still sucks ass when there are characters in the cast, some you unlock on download that invalidate half the others.
Or how we went from everything being reactable to almost everything being unreactable and just having to make a blind prediction of what mix someone will go for.
File: file.png (307 KB, 294x736)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
>load into breach
>see this
>close in task manager
no thank you
Anyone who plays hito is a faggot.
Hito is easy to fight, though. What the hell are you talking about right now?
really like this jif
just wanted you to know
No, you don't. Just shut the fuck up, bitch.
he forces me to make a read every time he does literally anything and forces me to have great reaction time
>uh oh you dodged my kick slightly too early so now I get to feint the kick into a guardbreak, punishing your early reaction to the kick bash
>uh did you just start up a parry of my unblockable charged heavy? well Im sorry to inform you that you are now guardbroken
>chargeable hyperarmor legsweep
hito is bastard that doesn't have a lot of crazy mixups but the amount of freedom and time he has to make a decision is frustrating to fight against
too much hyperarmor
access to unblockables is too easy
too much bashing

Hito is basically highlander's offensive and defensive forms mushed together with less nuance
File: cat mauls a hot dog.webm (2.6 MB, 720x404)
2.6 MB
have another
>have two pirates on my team
>feel the overwhelming urge to afk in spawn as punishment for playing pirate
I think Jiang Jun's design is really fuckin cool, but holy shit I can't play him without feeling like a rotten sweatyfag
File: Guan Yu.jpg (109 KB, 1000x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I like Jiang Jun, though I'd preferred if they didn't make him an old fat cunt.
Something akin to pic related would've been more preferable.
Hito is the most obnoxious 4vs4 character in the game
Wow, dude, surely you wouldn't be such a faggot?
People play competitive PvP games to win, not for roleplaying. I don't play pirate, but I'm not going to be holding my dick just because I might offend faggots.
People play FH for dress up
The competitive scene is like 0.1%
File: gryphon moveset.png (2.28 MB, 3107x1991)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
>make a character that combines the movesets of several characters
>two of the large donors are stance characters
and somehow the final product is a significantly more boring lawbringer with a dodge heavy
low skill floor
and honestly a low skill ceiling as well, not a lot to get creative with at a high level of play
>no unblockable finishers
>can't feint anything with the bash except maybe just throwing out regular forward dodges to scare the opponent and then bashing
>kick is easily dodged by people with brains so it's basically just you throwing out undodgeable light finishers and every now and then trying to throw in a kick
just basic and boring as sin moveset considering the background / design of the character

could have done some sort of "gryphon stance" that's borrows elements of Sifu Stance and Offensive Form
>backstep into gryphon stance, counts as a dodge
>can be used to dodge out of all heavy attack STARTUPS only and no other moves (no dodging out of any recoveries)
>while in gryphon stance your stamina regenerates 50% faster and stamina recovery starts immediately upon entering
>from gryphon stance you can either perform a highlander formorian kick (basically the kick finisher he has now) or a lawbringer longarm
>do some animation magic where one of those two can be soft feinted into the other

I dunno
probably a shit idea
but gryphon is boring and that's unacceptable when his gimmick is borrowing elements of other mechanically interesting characters
Then how come most outfits look shit?
Most seem to not understand the key of making an outfit with good aesthetics is basing the overall design on the uncontrollable aspects of the visuals, so the entire outfit emits synergy.
File: cry.webm (2.73 MB, 720x968)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB WEBM
bro what the fuck even is arcade mode
why is it 30 dollars
what does it have to do with chinese people
>most seem to not understand
bro it's like they dont even see it as fashion
they dress their characters like you'd dress an F1 car or NASCAR car
>jet black skin color
>bright radioactive yellow on every available surface
>bright turquoise decals in every available slot
>pink flower or something as the ornament
>axe has more gold on it than a rich Indian housewife
sometimes people have some good sense though when the options are incredibly obvious
>convict armor (regular)
>gold material
>the premium cosmetic lion ornaments
>Ilma's gift weapon skin
for a nice coheisve golden lion aesthetic
It's an easy way to do the "play 12 matches as X" orders because each individual round in Arcade counts as a full match. So doing three of the lowest-level arcade quests (4 rounds per) lets you knock out one of those orders in like ten minutes instead of doing 12 duels (36 rounds) or playing like two hours of Dominion.

Other than that, it's completely worthless. Not worth $30, if I could go back in time and unbuy Marching Fire I would.
File: file.png (1.73 MB, 1387x1064)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
watch this drip
does it ever go on sale?
this steam sales history website is broken and says it's been 10 dollars since feb but it's definitely still the full 30
oh correction
since feb of last year
File: iui.jpg (1.26 MB, 3290x2054)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>so the entire outfit emits synergy
you nailed it. compare & contrast is also important
File: Landsknecht.png (2.39 MB, 2081x2085)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
consider for a moment
the humble landsknecht
>at least one feat involving a holy roman era firearm
>big poofy hats with huge feathers
the top heavy finisher after gryphon kick should be an unblockable that you can external to another target
File: niggers.png (205 KB, 328x886)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>join this team
>they are destroying the enemy team as you'd expect
it is a sweet pleasure to be able to force a three stack of discord pirates to quit a breach match they were previously guaranteed to win
How would you force them to quit?
File: point is captured.jpg (127 KB, 1809x1036)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
by shaking my sweet ass in spawn
by fortnite dancing all by my lonesome
you can MAYBE win breach with a single bot
you cannot win breach with only 3 heroes active on the field
even though they were all in discord in a three stack and playing the single best character in the game they knew it would be hopeless
so they quit
they told me that they were going to report me to ubisoft
I hope they do
so you're a little bitch who wasted everyone's time because randoms play a hero you don't like. pathetic
I'm pretty sure you can win with only three.
They shouldn't be playing breach and shouldn't be sweating so hard in this game of all things.
They're the retards for doing that.
"Sweating" can be for fun, too. There's times when "sweating" is more fun because you're playing the game straightforwardly and simply by not trying to avoid offending the other person.
You're approaching the game as organically as possible, no LARPing.
>straightforwardly and simply
I refuse to believe you're trying to convince me that a discord call of three people all agreeing to play the strongest character in the game right now are playing it "straightforwardly and simply".
File: Mamluk.jpg (117 KB, 1120x840)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
A Mamluk with alternate Rajput armor sets
File: shocked otter.webm (1.27 MB, 1280x720)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB WEBM
playing pirate is pathetic
inshallah they will get whats coming to them whether by my hand or someone elses
going on youtube or reddit and searching "For Honor ***NEW!!!**** S+++ tier Heroes for EPIC pub stomp" is not being straightforward
being straightforward is launching the game, picking the character you think looks the coolest, and then trying to win or be cool in your gamemode of choice
>b- b- b- but I do think pirate looks cool! the coolest!
yeah ok
breach is the wannabe esports mode and pirate is for people who think "competitive" is the future for games like For Honor and TF2
you know
>noooo stop playing like that i dont like it
>you cant play that hero its cheating
god freeze was right. fh is just full of petulant children
I'm not saying you shouldn't play like a certain way because it's "cheating".
I'm saying you shouldn't because when you do it makes you look like a massive faggot.
The fact you're even defending someone gathering two other people who are willing to not only unlock/buy the character, get on a discord call with them, and then agree to all play said character who happens to be seen widely as the best character in the entire game shows how much of a massive faggot you are.
Personally I think Aramusha is one of the coolest designed heroes.
I just really dig the big hat and dual swords.
I don't care I have no openner besides light spam or ring the bell or that my mix entirely lives or dies depending on if the enemy can block/parry.
you are bad
you play the easiest heroes because you are bad
you dont like getting called out for it
>god it's just like this YouTuber said, FH is full of pissbabies and incels and shittty fuck you fuck you aaaaaaah FUCK YOU INCEL
lol yeah ok jej
This conversation is giving me flashbacks to every Tribes thread where half of the posts were people bitching about anyone who dared use hitscan weapons. The main purpose of generals has always been Anons crying about whatever killed them.
File: if only you knew.png (318 KB, 544x400)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
hitscan nigger detected
you will never be fast
you will never be stylish
>tfw want to do a medic order
>but you're the least competent person on your team so you're the one who needs constant revival.
Literally just play solo dominion or breach vs ai to grind orders.
I can get all the 24 kills, 20 caps, 5 revives, kill 5 enemies without dying, etc. In one or two games.
I am only matched against lvl3 bots now but they are still dumb as bricks and can be cheesed.
I've found any level of bot on any character can easily be killed as Aramusha by just doing side heavy left and right over and over.
They're genuinely dumb as bricks.
The goal of For Honor is to kill enemy heroes, either as the primary goal or to stop them from interfering with the objective. So they are playing For Honor straightforwardly and simply.
I play heroes for the fashion, which Pirate is bland looking. Nothing about that hero is well designed, except for the theme that played during her debut.
I'm mostly referring to spamming. I think spamming isn't a bad thing, but some do. I believe the quickest and easiest way to win is better.
How sorry is the state of the game right now? I saw that they added crossplay, must be hell for console players to have to deal with the rep 700 absolute sperglords we have on PC
Better than it's ever been, which is to say still incredibly janky. I'm PC so I can't speak from the POV of a console player but for me all crossplay means is that I get lobbies way faster and play against way less stacks. Pre-crossplay there was a certain time of night that if I'd queue up I'd get nothing but four stacks. I dunno what that was but it was painful, and for whatever reason now that phenomena no longer happens.
>they dont even see it as fashion they dress their characters like you'd dress an F1 car or NASCAR car
That's an accurate way of putting it.
That's one of the better Highlanders I've seen.
The low-tier weapons typically have the best fashion, due to not being tacky.
>compare & contrast is also important
Yeah, putting in some differing colours can make an outfit.
For example, the new Valkyrie armour looks good with a blue cape (don't remember the name of the colour scheme, because some blues don't look right) despite the outfit emitting tone of a dark red.
>The goal of For Honor is to kill enemy heroes
Correct, that is the goal of the game
>they are playing For Honor straightforwardly and simply
Absolutely wrong.
While they are achieving the goal, they are doing it in the most convoluted way they possibly could.
The actually way you'd achieve the goal "straightforwardly and simply", is by picking a hero, find an enemy hero, and press buttons until they die.
The only stuff you could add as a baseline is even knowing your character's moveset.
What they are doing is instead finding the best character to kill enemy heroes and optimizing chances of being placed with bad teammates by grouping with three people they know, who have also agreed to play said best character at killing enemy heroes.
This process is not "straightforward and simple", this is optimizing any fun out of the goal by figuring out the best way available for them to reach the goal as quickly and easily as possible with the most moving parts they can.
File: file.png (1.24 MB, 1081x604)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG





File: file.png (137 KB, 191x522)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
funny sphinx hammer
Where did you see a highlander buff?
hold on I need to go back and get a time stamp

basically HL is getting a dodge attack in testing grounds
I dont have any finer details than that off the top of my head
oh also part of the upcoming event is a version of dominion where theres no minions and instead just 3 regular capture points
damn cant send timestamp links for livestreams
basically the testing grounds discussion starts roughly 50 minutes into the stream
File: file.png (297 KB, 1060x585)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
File: file.png (239 KB, 1065x587)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
This isn't enough
That's pretty much all they said. They're just using his Celtic Curse animation as a dodge attack now (he's keeping Celtic Curse too). Similar to when they reused Shugoki's headbutt as a dodge attack.
very true
Why are they giving everyone a dodge attack?
Is this some sort of meta joke by Ubisoft since they're *dodging* their responsibilities and *attacking* fans with their shit treatment.
>something something read based game something something skill issue
I think they should just bite the bullet and make dodge attacks standard. The guys who don't already have them need them. Not having a dodge attack fighting somebody like BP is a pain in the ass. It's just old design. Just like how they've been whittling down the number of people who don't get a heavy on a GB and standardizing that punish, upcoming reworks should add dodge attacks to those that don't have them.
>raider skin is basically raider but with the undead curse from dark souls
p cool
I'd rather have an anglo saxon raider but Ill take it
I'm a kensei main, but I've spent so much fucking steel on crates for Raider because I just want the Horkos chest and the Chimera arms for the look I want for him. Why does the game taunt me by giving me every other piece but those two?
>spending steel on anything except a hero you want and outfits for effects or ornaments
shame on you
also get some antlers on your helmet fool
damn fool
if you had some antlers you'd never get hit ever again or suffer a wound
appreciate it
but whats the BEST highlander youve seen?
Just popping by to ask does anyone have the image of Centurion about to fist a twink wearing a toga while shouting INCREDIBILIS?
File: 25.png (47 KB, 130x131)
47 KB
I'd like to point out since nobody else has said it
>Jiang Jun received a change
>it was a buff
>bloodlust nerfed because of pirate
>attack/defense bonus down to 20% from 50%
shit. i mean it was probably too strong but was one of the main reasons i love valk
Now that crossplay is a thing Ubi needs to make two changes:

>No more starting matches with bots.
That was understandable when it might add another few minutes to the queue on PC but it is absolutely unacceptable now that we've got like triple the playerbase. Only start games with 8 players in them. I am shocked that starting a game with up to three (!) bots is still a thing.

>Allow players to join games in progress at any point.
Currently, after about 90 seconds or so (I forget the exact time) games become unjoinable, which essentially guarantees a loss. This is particularly painful in Breach, when you can be stuck with a bot in a doomed game for 20+ minutes. Now, with a significantly larger playerbase, Ubi needs to allow people to fill at any point and award them with something like triple steel/gear/XP afterwards to take the sting out of it. I'd be happy to join a game that's a minute from losing if I got three games' worth of rewards out of it. Awarding extra steel or whatever costs Ubi literally nothing and is an easy way to buy some player satisfaction.

Fix the fucking leaving penalty so that if I close For Honor from the task manager it actually detects that and gives me a penalty. Also, double the time. Or maybe apply a debuff to your account where you get less rewards from matches for the next day or so. Or both. Make it actually sting.
>Fix the fucking leaving penalty
As someone who has to vpn to another country to get matches in anything thats not dominion. I hate the leave penalty. Every now and then I will fail to load a match and the game automatically gives me the leave penalty when i've done nothing wrong. For the longest time I couldn't even grind ranked duels for ornaments. Because of a failed load, or loading in only to get kicked and smacked with the penalty. There are also times when pulling the plug is the best option. Like a team of bots in breach as you mentioned. A ridicules' 4stack vs you and noobs. You suffer for 20+ minutes with no upside.
Opinions on Warmonger? Is she just a powercrept Warden or does she do her own thing, I can buy a new hero, dunno whether to get Warmonger, Gryphon, Pirate or Kyoshin. I like characters that are fun but i dont want my victories to feel unearned so i dont think i'll get pirate.
Warmonger feels like a more fluid Warden.
she is literally just warden but with a better moveset and punishes
also some of the most busted and anti-fun feats in the game
up there with oath breaker
I mostly played in team games and release Warmonger was enough for me to finally uninstall and be free.
Bought Warmonger because there atleast seemed to be some difference unlike Gryphon who literally has the same animations as Lawbringer/JJ, I feel dirty just thinking about buying Pirate and i don't really like Kyoshin's design.
File: GUTS_FLEX.gif (32 KB, 117x129)
32 KB
I will shill my favorite bottom tier
maximum fun having while climbing the skill curve
get Highlander
>crushing counters in all directions (a well timed light attack that blocks an incoming light or heavy and deliveres an unblockable light that deals extra damage)
>flow between two forms, defensive and offensive
>have enhanced 400ms lights, unblockable heavies, a bash, and a grab while in offensive form
>tons of hyperarmor in defensive form
>cancelling out of dodge recoveries by guard switching in offensive form "wave dash"
he's got an antiquated moveset from a time when this game was about reaction and not reading so youll have to get gud to do gud
but oh man
getting gud enough to be a nearly unhittable wavedashing hulk is so fun
you will get absolutely booty pounded while learning though
and you're basically fucked if you get ganked since your entire offensive moveset becomes unusable for the most part

be the big sword man
warlord games always funny when they use their t4 revive after the game ends and start killing the enemy team. perhaps he had that perk too and lived beyond the loss without dying.
ive run into these guys before, massive faggots. why block their usernames on 4chan who care?
are you really this bitter about videogames? do you have nothing else going on in your life you pathetic uberfag
File: helmets.png (3.26 MB, 1456x2168)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
which one lads?
more helmet and hair or more beard?
yes I am this bitter
yes I have other things going on
I thought it was funny to give all my Kangz Egypt inspired weapons when available
Antlers are pretty cringe. I like the hydra or gryphon or whatever that is on the cape, but the underlying pattern is way too busy. You should swap the chest (to change the cape) or drop the emblem.
File: Crusaders.jpg (1.77 MB, 7314x1366)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
I thought they were adding two more heroes to the pirate faction this year, when do we get to hear about the next one?
we're getting the next one in late july
it's going to be an egyptian hero with a big weird crescent moon axe / fan thing
very weird looking weapon
File: Kangz.jpg (1.13 MB, 4966x1434)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Source your ass or was there an actual leak?
A Kang would be hilarious because I think I would have to make them white
File: file.png (2.54 MB, 2383x1779)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
That shadow looks like shitnobi doing the arms crossed animation, but it could be cool if true
it's literally the shadow of the new at the end of the Y6 S2 reveal trailer
why tf would it be shinobi and not the new hero
malding at the warriors den 23 damage (with shield basher feat) 500ms conq bash that chains into infinite unblockable heavy chain.
ubi saw that players don't like neutral bashes and unblockable spam and and decided conq should have both, while reworking shaolin in the most homogenized and uninspiring way possible.
everybody must have everything
everything must powercreep
everybody gets a dodge attack
and an infinite chain
and recovery cancels
and a neutral bash
and feintable unblockables

read based game btw if you cant keep up it means you're bad btw skill issue
Who here is actually looking forward for Egyptian JJ
not at all
it's gonna some new brand of broken shitty faggot cancer
the devs dont even think pirate is OP
>that pathetic excuse for a nerf
new hero will launch at the upper end of S tier and remain in S tier for at least a full year even if they get """nerfed""" once or twice
>so heres our new egypt hero
>so they have a side dodge heavy with hyperarmor and an extended dodge property
>you can cancel out of this dodge attack at any point in the animation by entering another dodge attack (can be any direction including a forward dodge attack)
>unblockable heavy opener that can be soft feinted to guardbreak
>unblockable heavy finisher that can be soft feinted to guardbreak
>an infinite alternating light chain
>4 completely broken as fuck feats that overshadow all other feats available so much it makes you question why even bother giving a choice of feats in the first place when they clearly just want to make overwatch characters
it's gonna suck
File: DUNMAGHLAS.png (227 KB, 1024x1258)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Slavic armor when?
I didn't even know Slavs had armor. I thought they just wore burlap sacks.
Anima armor is kino
new conq is literally 2x more cancer than raider or shigoki
>conq can execute off of bash
I don't think this is a good idea
I play Peacekeeper so it's like a ryona game. Even if I get executed it's just hot. Literally cannot lose.
File: Screenshot_51.png (746 KB, 874x1079)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
New Shaolin. Fresh out of dominion...what do you think?
anoying as fuck
>that new faster sweep
>if you dodge too soon it hits you
>if you dodge too late it hits you
>he can feint it and GB
>even if you dodge it correctly it doesnt actually have a recovery so you cant GB him or even land some bashes because he will light immediately after you dodge the sweep
he is nasty and definitely high A tier and maybe S but I cant say for sure yet

new conq is fucking stupid and turbo cancer
literally as bad as prenerf rework shinobi
absolutely S tier
a monster
I know it's a dead horse at this point but what a waste pirate is
>could have gotten a blackbeard pirate with a big bushy beard
>stabbing with peg leg is part of the moveset
>tons of different long coats and beards and hats for cosmetics
but noooo we had to get muh epic girlboss genderfluid chinese pirate
what a letdown
and from Ubisoft, the company that produced AC Black Flag
File: eye.png (184 KB, 407x317)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
he can repeatedly sweep to confirm a heavy which leads into a sweep which confirms a heavy which leads into a sweep which confirms a heavy which leads into a sweep which confirms a heavy
I meant the outfit. I am aware him and conq are cancer but the shaolin had 9 reps in him before his rework anyhow
They probably started designing the character as a wu lin first, hence they needed to make them chinese, and then came up with outlanders later. I assume this because of that screenshot where people spotted a pistol execution and the wu lin icon showing five heroes.
This is why enjoy fighting against female raiders, black ones in particular.
>next event is slavic mythology related
>que witcher music
>the new outlander is geralt
>or a horseless winged hussar, who knows
You have a black woman fetish?
Don't you?
I am an avid viewer of interracial lesbian pornography. Don't understand why, since it's oddly specific, though that doesn't matter.
Pass but to each their own, it's maledom for me.
File: yeezits.png (2.47 MB, 3000x3000)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
we got a belligerent wolf illustrious outfit
where is the belligerent cat
This new update is quite good. Which is surprising, due to Ubisoft's bad track record of bad updates and releasing overpowered heroes that it's probably a business model.
the gamemode is a gem and is frankly way more fun than regular dom
the character changes are just another part of an established trend
>all heroes must be able to pubstomp by button mashing
I fear for what they're gonna do to Nuxia and Highlander
File: ten thousand keks.jpg (48 KB, 398x376)
48 KB
Very based pic.
So what's the deal with new conqueror now?
Bash is just as much of a crutch however now he can kill you in 7 instead of 25
Gryphon has some early Kievan Rus armor
Because he's using a bardiche and vikings founded the Kievan Rus
File: here is your burger.png (360 KB, 629x526)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
extremely spammable bash that can be used like shugoki's headbutt as a sort of dodge bash
heres the important part
the power creep part
an actual genuine infinite unblockable chain heavy
you can just throw unblockable heavies forever until you run out of stamina
unblockable heavies and bashes that can be feinted

I genuinely don't understand the point of highlander anymore
offensive form is basically just a meme for wavedashing now
if you want to spam bashes and unblockables just play conq or hito
literally no reason beyond fashion and memes to play highlander after this update
I doubt that was lost in the first place. Just another example of white men taking credit where it doesn't belong.
>the flail uppercut deals heavy hit stun, not something we see too often
>this forces the followup orange heavy to be a true 50:50 where you either have to parry or read the feint to GB
>the feint to GB catches the start up frames of a light if the defender tries to stuff the GB
>the side orange heavies have absurd hitboxes outside of the model
So if you were to land a superior block, then uppercut, then target swap and exterior heavy the same opponent so that the attack cannot be parried, with shield basher in 4s conq is a monster, add to that the Aramusha tier 400ms fullblock startup and the superior block light riposte being the ultimate peel tool, a 360 guaranteed unblockable and that conq has access to an INFINTE ORANGE chain, he's a wee bit stronger than he should be, but better than he was atleast
oh man I really hate fighting Shaolin
Oh that's a good one, saved for shitposting.
File: file.png (492 KB, 474x568)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
I just got a warning on the main menu for "AFK farming"
I'm getting closer boys
soon Ill be banned
and Ill be free
There is no freedom.
File: file.png (1.12 MB, 1475x747)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
dont be so blackpilled
I just need a few more of pic related to report me and then I'm free whether I like it or not
I always assume those are jokes. No chance in hell fags and the like play this game in such large population
Everyone complains about Conqueror but Shaolin is the one that makes me want to stop playing this game.
>a niche dressup game where you can fight bots
It's no wonder there are a few of them. The reason it seems like a lot is because like 90% of trannies basically live on the internet playing videogames and grooming kids on discord.
I really wish they'd stop giving everyone dodge attacks.
before Shaolin was a weak stance hero with some interesting S tier feats
now he's an S tier 50/50 mixup spamming cunt with those same S tier feats
>Futa Connoisseur
>Iron Cross trans flag
These are memers surely
they have a competitive clan tag in their names
I don't know what EGA stands for but that's definitely what it is
likely unironic and they believe For Honor is a competitive game with a future in esports
Very reasonable changes. Conq will still be good but he was seriously nuts.
>didnt remove the ability to perform an unparriable unblockable heavy
otherwise good changes
The problem there was that it was unparryable, unblockable, AND undodgeable (due to heavy hitstun). Removing the heavy hitstun means you can dodge out of it now if he tries to external you with an unblockable heavy after a bash heavy. Unless there's some other thing I'm not aware of.
File: 1654370202184.jpg (275 KB, 1080x1080)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
I shall spam "faggot" and win with Centurion
I would have gotten rid of the fast flow into all guard from bash but this is a decent start
I wish I was still able to play Cent, I couldn't cope after the changes
>NTR Knight
Please play bare bellied shugoki
if I remember right he was playing warden
make of that what you will
Shaolin's rework is kind of disappointing
he was a very cool hero before, but definitely weak and in need of some love
but now he feels brainless
I hope he gets reigned in a bit, but I'm somehow doubtful that he will
I'm retarded, how do you deal with the reworked Shaolin anyway?
just parry it bro
unless your talking about dealing with the sweep and the associated feints
in which case
you arent bad are you?
you're telling me you can't correctly guess the 50/50 coinflip every time?
I dunno bro
sounds like a skill issue to me
Giving him dodge out of qi stance, and being able to chain from his dodge attack was really all he needed. Maybe the faster qi lights too. Everything else is extra shit no one wanted. They should have also tweaked his third feat after Qi stance buffs.
File: pund.png (431 KB, 738x542)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
>They should have also tweaked his third feat after Qi stance buffs.
for real
he's the strongest "healer" in the game right now for that feat alone
I really wish he wasn't so "for honor in 2022"
his feats are so cool
>stealth on a non-assassin character
>teleport to any enemy in lock range
>passively heal yourself and teammates for doing stuff from your stance
>teleport to any teammate from anywhere on the map
thats so fucking cool
but now he's just.... mangled by ubi devs
Thus is the fate of every modern rework. The most nonsensical part was removing his unblockable...for what reason? The fat dev said something about it being irrelevant or something, unbelievable. I wasn't a shaolin main, only dabbled, but I hate how they give heroes gimmick ass moves that their whole kit comes to. First sickle rain for shinobi, gay ass sweep for shaolin. Qi stance WAS the gimmick
Is it worth picking this up during the sale?
I usually play Mordhau but it's dying.
People say it's like a fighting game which sounds cool, I usually play 2D fighters.
it's """like""" a lot of things, but overall I'd say For Honor is very unique as games go
the balance is at all times completely thrown where there are some characters that are objectively the best
but other than that it is a fun game with engaging mechanics and great fashion whether you're a knight, a snowmonkey, a weeb, or a bug man
Should I buy the base game and fuck around before upgrading or just buy the full bundle?
Yeah. It takes an annoyingly long time to buy characters and items and all that, but almost everything is unlockable with in game money so you don't have to spend actual money if you got time and patience.
if you HAVE* time
Words cannot express how much I still hate pirate.
They say love and hate are closely related. Perhaps you're mistaking hate for love?
Let me think about it.

Nah, definitely hate.
definitely just the base game
File: for_fashion2021.jpg (3.35 MB, 4533x2862)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG
Buy the base game. You can unlock all characters with in game currency. If you do the all orders for XP and 'steel' (the in game currency) by fighting solo vs the ai (you can do this for all game modes) you will quickly start to amass steel, and rep up heroes. It will also give you a taste of the game. Before you jump in and get stomped by certain heroes, or players that know what they are doing.
For Honor is like a fighting game, in that you need a special sort of autism. To learn the heroes, movesets, attack properties, punishes, mechanics that the game never explains etc.
Its a pretty cinematic game, animations are great and its very emotive. You can see when people fuck up, fumble an input, panic. It adds a ton of immersion.
Dressing up your fantasy hero is honestly half the reason I play this game. You can get pretty creative, i've spent hundreds of hours just trying to make cool looking shit.
>havok: look at this edgy dude, abyss dragon, fucking edgy kid
>also havok: now I'm going to play my unironically edgy punisher mask all black warden
>also also havok: is called havok
Why are FH youtubers such autists?
they all seem like hyper competitive faggots except for the coomer cardboard box guy
>You can unlock all characters with in game currency. If you do the all orders for XP and 'steel' (the in game currency) by fighting solo vs the ai (you can do this for all game modes) you will quickly start to amass steel,
I bought the game some months ago. Getting steel even if you complete all orders takes fucking ages, I'd suggest anyone with legitimate interest in the game to just buy the complete edition on sale (even though it doesn't even include all heroes).
You get at least 700 steel a day from completing daily orders. There's also those orders that appear every two days and a match is 50 steel. It doesn't take that long.
Though, getting a specific visual you want is ridiculous, especially if it's a old hero that has many visuals. They should give you the option of outright buying a visual with steel. But, Ubisoft likely generate enough revenue from impulse and impatience that adding the option would lower their revenue.
I bought the game.
Pretty neat, having fun mostly although I don't really know what I'm doing.
Not enjoying the mouse controls though, when I get hit I honestly can't tell if I'm just bad or if the mouse moved slightly away and blocked the wrong side.
Is controller recommended or should I just nut up and figure it out with mouse?
Pretty much everyone I know is playing on controller, and those that played on KBM before said they had an easier time after switching to controller. If you have one, I'd give it a try.
Aight thanks anon.
dominion truly is the most fun game mode I love it so much!
she has objectively the strongest feat lineup in the game
she gets a T4 feat as her T1
the strongest actual T4 feat in the game
TWO (2) passives that make her T1 and T4 feats even more ridiculous, one being a vampiric passive and the other a damage boost
she's a better warden with a lower skill floor and higher skill ceiling
I'm reinstalling after not playing since 2018 or so. Gods help me.
You should know god is dead in this game
You are in for some serious shit. Who was the last hero release when you played?
File: 1645865418835.png (124 KB, 5000x2571)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Which character requires the most skill?
Depends on how you define skill.
This game is just a series of making predictions. Before that, it was a staring contest.
where the FUCK is the new hero
>Go to control point with warden against one lawbringer
>Warden tries to act "honorable" in fucking dominion and not gank
>Lawbringers teamates show up and actually play the game
>End up dying and warden gets ledged by lawbringer
teamates are glorified pikemen in this fucking game
Hope you reported the Warden for griefing.
When the FUCK is the reveal
When did they show off pirate again?

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