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File: 1623821601111.jpg (275 KB, 1200x630)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
I'm thinking of downloading the game, do you recommend it?
It's good enough but the writing is utter shit.
If you're a tranny or a tranny lover then you'll love it
You're fucked without at least the PoF(&HoT) expansion.

>a tranny
Haven't found one yet.
The game is 10 year old woke, so basically nazi nowadays.
The coalburner norn dies right in the first expansion, LOL!
File: FSBhmxpVsAA4TPl.jpg (117 KB, 1080x1080)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
This is spot on. You don't really notice the "woke" shit too much. But like most games now a days they have to mention something woke related at some point so they get a pat on the back. I'd personally not play it for the story imo. Maybe after the recent expansion it will get better, but a large portion of the story is pretty meh and feels too disney.

Gameplay wise its pretty good. It's laid the gorundwork and inspired many games today. It was one of the first games with a "transmog" system (wardrobe I think they call it in this game). They have the best mount system in the genre. Really great open world designs for a MMO (most players spend like 90% of their time in the open world). Class designs are a hit or miss. Some are fun, some not so much. It probably has one of the best PvP framework designs in the themepark MMO genre. It's very heavily reliant on your skill with the class instead of things like gear. The combat is very fast paced, so some like that some don't. It's mainly horizontal progression.

It's f2p, download it and give it a try. If you can't stand the F2P version of the game, you wont stand the purchased version.
File: your body.jpg (56 KB, 1099x1025)
56 KB
it IS hilarious tho
wokistas really having some rough weeks recently
I love the gameplay but I can't bring myself to play anymore cuz my friend got a first offense permaban the reasoning being insane overkill for the acts committed and I worry I might end up in the same boat even if I disabled chat and keep to myself.
>the reasoning being insane overkill for the acts committed
story plox

Want to know what exactly triggered the tranny mods.
Also HOW the fuck can this piece of shit ancient game afford fucking mods?
File: image.png (68 KB, 435x181)
68 KB
mild paraphrasing cause i was asleep at the time of the events and heard the story second hand the next morning before anyone knew he was banned for it
he had lost a close arena match (under 50 points iirc) cause of a guardian with an owo-tier name on his team refusing to leave spawn after dying early and proceeding to just type in team chat how they should stop trying and let then enemy team win so it can be over faster
this isnt out of the ordinary sadly but after said match ended he had the pleasure of seeing the same guardian bitch about "nothing but garbage teammates wasting time tonight -.-" in the pvp lobby chat afterward to which he engaged by calling out the guardian for giving up early and costing the match by refusing to leave spawn
the conversation took the predictable turn of the guardian blaming bad matchmaking/teammates for a lower rank, refusing to duel cause they didnt need to prove anything/wanting to was a sign of insecurity, as well as the classic "i paid for the game ill play how i want" and eventually spiraling into "im gonna showcase how toxic the pvp community is on the forums!!!"
the only screenshot was of the very end of it that was posted in our group chat, green person in /say was my friend (buzzed and using the wrong chat channel while standing next to the guardian in the pvp lobby) and "ftw" was some rando serving as the peanut gallery
the next evening when we were gonna play he couldnt connect to the login servers because of some weird "error account block" pop up which was pretty self explanatory and an email in the spam folder confirmed what had happened
the ban appeal sent soon after was denied because "threats of real life harm are absolutely unacceptable, you never know what somebody else on the other side of the screen is going through" and the ban remains in place with appeals now locked
context of pvp lobby dueling banter was ignored and our small guild died largely cause of the bad taste it left in everyones mouths
File: zanned.jpg (158 KB, 1227x600)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
and here is the support ticket screenie, had to scroll a bit to dig it up
pretty sure the entire thing was a ctrl+v job by the game master
the wildest thing of all is that ive dropped nigger and faggot in public chat channels a fair few times and at worse i got a 1 week chat mute though that was like 3 years ago, now im scared that if a salt lord reports me for killing them too much in wvw or something the automated system will crawl my chat logs public or otherwise for nono words or phrases and ill have to kiss my account goodbye. a good part of this is I like to list items on the trade shop for funny numbers made out of gold/silver/copper ie 1 gold 48 silver 8 copper or 13 gold 52 silver (was doing this one a lot with the legendary crafting material you can buy to resell with maxed arborstone mastery), which is probably more incriminating then saying somebody had a faggy transmog in my guilds chat channel over a year ago
>i will cut your liver out
Not gona lie, that was supremely retarded.
Even saying clearly over the top shit like this is stupid nowadays, because the fucking trannies literally wait for this.

I said similar shit concerning all ass-burglers and got banned from another social media.
They literally bait you hoping for their magic (((hate speech))) win.
Thank god it'll all be over soon.
I got to lvl 15 or someshit but its always the same retarded quests, i HATE storylines/questing in mmos, do i have to fill those hearts up and skip the cutscenes all the way to max??
i've tried to get into it 3 times, but the awful questing, map and the modern gay writing (but set in a fantasy world) are so off putting
Good luck finding an mmo that doesn't do this.
Yeah, you won't.

GW2 is original woke, that means you still have mostly white people as heroes. In the core game at least.
Check out Lost Ark (((Amazon Games))) version to get your BM/WF fix.
runescape is better
Any PvE map you go theres at least 4/5 spot with 20+ bot.
WvW is full of cheater with runspeed and teleport.
The forum is moderated by someone with mental issues that do things like 7 days ban for bad formatting text.
You cant talk about cheat/bot/afk farm in the forum or you get a ban (also post deleted).
Basically the forum rules (also reddit) are on fascist level.
File: 10582752-3x2-940x627.png (1.37 MB, 940x627)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
> i will cut your liver out
> pvp zone

ban for real life threat
Certainly woke with dudes using illusions to be the little girl and male dragons suddenly identifying as they/them.

At the same time, you get to beat up Commie mole people.

So fucking weird.
fuck no its so thoroughly trannified, the gameplay is not even 1% as good as gw1 the only reason to play this is for the ERP
What,s the most fun class to be a solo chad fighting world bosses alone like a true king?
Mesmer is extreme bullshit and very rewarding if you become autismal
>Any PvE map you go theres at least 4/5 spot with 20+ bot.

>WvW is full of cheater with runspeed and teleport.
highly unlikely, probably bullshit too

>The forum is moderated by someone with mental issues that do things like 7 days ban for bad formatting text.
that sounds like actual bullshit

>Basically the forum rules (also reddit) are on fascist level.
that's all social media now
Are you a tranny? Do you like trannies? Are you just a run of the mill faggot? Do you think women can make good video games? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you will love it.

The new expansion pack genuinely sparked renewed interest in the game for me. I got an ad for it on Youtube and was just instantly drawn in. The whole time I was looking at it like "Is that Guild Wars 2? Theres no way." The real question though is if the x-pac is shit or not. Anyone played it?
>male dragons suddenly identifying as they/them
I miss the days when no one gave a shit that lizards changing gender was a major plot point of Jurassic Park.
I still can't figure out what keeps people attracted to this game.
>I miss the days when no one gave a shit that lizards changing gender was a major plot point of Jurassic Park.
yeah bro that's all it is. totally not the literal trannies working at anet forcing their abominable worldview on their game
It's not like putting something abominable in the game could make the plot any worse.
You got perma-banned by a faggot called sparkle heart. You have a sad life
File: gw2 topkek.jpg (391 KB, 1764x719)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
> PVE maps
look pic

> Forum
look pic

> WvW Speed Hax
Theres something called hacklib_gw2, if you know c++ just modify the sampleapp.cpp to show the speed of the ppl around

> WvW Teleport Hax
Willbenders that teleport away 4 time in a row then back again with no reuse
Thiefs that teleport 90 km away or 9001 times
Necros that jump down from a warclaw and teleport away w/o wurms also necros that use spectral walk to teleport away but that skill teleport back not forward
ppl with any class that magically spawn in the middle of a camp
ppl that capture towers cuz "our permahide sniper was inside and ported us" but the wall was open 4h before
This game's art style is such shit. Whenever I try to play it my eyes hurt.
back to wow with ya
>You have a sad life
Wrong, the tranny has because of his faggot meds.
The actually sad thing is these freaks are now everywhere making life horrible for the rest of us too.
its absolute shit. the maps are hallow and copy pasted from previous maps, kaineng reminds me more of pof than anything asian based. the forced wokeness is atrocious and caused me to not be able to play the story. then the casuals bitching about the final map meta being too hard because they think everyone deserves a trophy but wont play their part.
Yeah one of my guildies also had a bs ban back in the day. He named his character "Donald Trumped" and it was considered hatespeech and they forced him to namechange the character. The kid was asian and not even close to racist. I used to love the game so much, played it so hardcore between release and 2015. Everything was about WvW for me and our server or guild vs the world. But WvW and the meta gets so stale after awhile, and when the guilds and community became more about pve/braindead it just really sucked the life out of things, not to mention the hypercharged politics tearing people apart.
not me that got banned also most support names like that are just random generated
File: forum mods.png (366 KB, 1286x582)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
I actually fully believe this because something similar happened to a major content creator if I recalled WoodenPotatoes, there was 2 hackers on his PvP team and he reported them and called them out but he knew that anet wouldn't do shit about them but didn't want them to ruin the PvP tournament so he started yelling slurs in chat to get anet's attention which hilariously worked, sadly they just came banned him and un-partnered him and moved on. I think later the PvP hackers got banned after the whole circus around it happened.

"Any PvE map" not any, but almost all the ascalon maps and definitely domain of istan, bots make up 50% of the map population there.

"WvW full of cheater" I actually think the WvW cheater problem is over represented, they exist and they are a problem but it's way more common in PvP. I remember for 3 years we had a mesmer portal hacker on our server and it took anet so long to ban him he bought his own commander tag.

"Forum is moderated by someone with mental issues" I don't know about the formatting but it wouldn't surprise me I've seen people get banned for literally everything. Pic related this happened in 2013 on the ascended armor feedback thread... Here's a video that a content creator made less than a month or 2 ago about EoD. https://youtu.be/GxTiwKvp348 you can get warning points without even doing anything wrong like the poor brave soul at 0:52
File: 1584745162928.jpg (17 KB, 554x554)
17 KB
> see bots around and rage report them
> they still there after a month
> post on forum get a ban

So a month ago i made an engi to spam turrets while afk...
My lil engi is still there spamming turrets.
it boosts active player count. I'm not even joking, there was talk about this years ago and someone from anet basically said this but phrased it different ofcourse. They said something like they coult be having the game open on the side while watching a movie or so and thats ok.
no, this garbage sucks.
classes are unbalanced, unplayable without expansions, not to mention the devs promised that gw2 would never have expansions.
has less active players than tera before the shutdown.
WvW dead, last time i checked PvP was almost dead as well
fractals on life support, they nerfed fractals mystic coin farm recently making them even worse
dungeons are dead
pve so easy you can play with eyes shut
the main ""story"" is so bad you can't even call that garbage a story, one of the main characters in the story is one of the devs self-inserted character (marjory delaqua), completely ruined everything the first game builded
PvE is almost unplayable without mounts, mounts are exclusive to expansions, forcing you to buy expansions to be relevant in the game (and yet some people are still trying to advertise this game as F2P)
PoF elite specs nerfed just so you can buy their new shitty expansion, "End of Faggots"
economy of the game is shit, materials are cheaper than ever. it feels like tyria is located in brazil considering how shitty the economy is
the community of the game is reddit incarnated, always using passive aggression to attack you, extremely sensitive and will report you for anything, the community pretends to be all smile and friendly but are the first to crucify you if you fuck up a raid or fractal. the community of this game is exactly like warframe, passive-aggressive effeminate homos
the game uses megaservers that can cause lag if you dont live close to their servers
took them years to implement directx11 support, even after dx11 support the game still runs like shit, has a shit optimization and a shit engine
the game is moderated and developed by woke trannies that will ban you for everything
File: gw2 players.png (81 KB, 1365x767)
81 KB
and to complement my post even further:
gw2 player base has been decreasing for years now. before they announced HoT the game had millions of players daily, now they can't even make half a million during a weekend, even WoW classic has more players
the game uses megaservers to give you the illusion the game is still alive, but in reality the game is dead anyone who says otherwise is a delusional anet fanboy the only reason the game hasn't closed doors is because the servers are cheap to maintain
there's probably more i could add on to the list, but for the time i think this is enough
the only positive thing i can say about the game is that it has a good and huge open world map, if you like exploring things you may like the open world, unfortunatly most modern mmo's are pure garbage

it's a bad and dead game
>the game is moderated and developed by woke trannies that will ban you for everything
honestly this should be all any normal person needs to hear to keep them far away from this game
File: gw2.jpg (1.51 MB, 3150x2910)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
i know, the amount of tranny bullshit in the game and in the community is off the charts.
if memory doesn't fails me there's even a guild called [LGBT] i would say it's one of the biggest guilds in the game since everywhere i go there's always a member of this trash bin
they even added a tranny npc in the central hub of the game
it always felt like the development of GW2 changed somewhere in the middle as the story became dull and GW1 seemingly does a lot of things right that GW2 does wrong ( I never played GW1, just from what I read in wiki etc ). Not just the story, but also lots of other stuff feels like it didn't end up as it was supposed to be. Now this explains a lot.
Turn off post processing. But you're generally right. Environmental art is great, effects and character art are downright terrible.
someone got an extra heroic key that dont use ?
Maybe also explains why that game suddenly gets so fucking hard.
These fags just go crying to their fag crew and they can faceroll everything easily
Meanwhile I can't even get the shitty story done and now have a fucking egg on my back the whole time.
>These fags just go crying to their fag crew and they can faceroll everything easily
possible, if there's one thing about gw2 pve community i can tell is that they hate any form of challenge or difficulty. when HoT maps were introduced they were the hardest maps in the game, but the community begged for nerfs to make it more playable

if there's any hard pve battle and the community is not whining about it, then it's because they found a way to cheese it or skip it
But it's not because people don't like a challenge, it's because gw2 combat is terrible and it's almost impossible to read the battlefield because there's so much visual clutter.
>tranny culture in GW2
I stopped playing before the last Icebrood saga episode came out. What did I miss? Anyone got a quick rundown?
Please don't do this to yourself.
I played this from day 1 till Icebrood Saga and just couldn't handle all the bullshit anymore.
It's not worth it, if you really want to play an MMO than look for other game.
been playing this for a little while now, its fun but the inventory management sucks so fucking bad to the point where its honestly draining my will to play
the game is constantly throwing a bunch of bullshit clutter at you - there's vendor trash, crafting materials (you can store these in a special material bank so it's not bad at first but eventually you'll run out of space), junk gear (you're supposed to salvage this gear, which requires a salvage kit, which of course takes up another inventory slot), bags that you have to manually open even though they just drop the same fucking trash/mats/gear so why do they even exist, 10 thousand different boosters that i don't know when i'm supposed to use, a bunch of different currency tokens only used for a single vendor, the list goes on and on. i spend more time playing sophie's choice with what i should delete in my inventory than i do playing the actual game
and the frustrating thing is that this is clearly an intentional design decision because they're selling you all the solutions. it costs gems to buy more inventory slots. it costs gems to buy more bank slots, the salvage kits you need for junk gear are limited use but you can buy a permanent one for - you guessed it - gems. if i caved and bought all that shit i'd probably enjoy the game more, but fuck em, i'm not giving in
File: .jpg (31 KB, 500x492)
31 KB
real fucked up image there, anon, yikes
the fuck kinda psychopath makes this kind of collage?

the game's okay. it's stale at endgame and devolves into fashion wars, which got super tedious. but other than that, it is fine.
1) put an engi to spam turret on some map get gold while you play with another acc, watch netflix or whatever
2) buy gems with that gold

lw maps are top cuz also get volatile magic and karma but you need another pof expansion with 2 account, normal maps need only the heoric edition that time to time is free
Holy shit this.
I wouldn't even know what to do without the guild stash my account has, because on launch you could easily make a "private" guild.
You HAVE to level crafting just for making your own bags.
Fucking even guides out there for this shit https://youtu.be/PswfSKO7qTE
Bro you can buy bags at the trading post
I've heard rumors from people who've split off from that [LGBT] guild that the guild is full of trolls and has a reputation for being transphobic. Which is honestly hilarious if true.
it doesnt matter if they make the game run on dx12, vulkan, whatever the fuck, the root the games engine is that its still running on a single thread
no amount of "optimization" will help with their codebase rot because they refuse to let go of the gw1 engine
>Which is honestly hilarious if true
Fuck don't bait me.
I'm literally not talking to anybody because I don't want these fucking fags to spam-ban my account before I got my moneys worth.
>the root the games engine is that its still running on a single thread
Only thing the Dx11 upgrade is good for is that they will actually update their GFX setting options; HOPEFULLY.

It's currently so retarded you actually HAVE to turn of post processing for the game to look good.
Reflections OFF is literally a must, because the fucking tard engine always renders that on the invisible water that's ALWAYS under every map.

Etc ..
that shit is a decade old, frankly a miracle it still works so well wit all the fags mucking about in it.

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