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File: 1649801444555.jpg (279 KB, 1024x1024)
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279 KB JPG
Does anyone here play DayZ?

Standalone is actually really good now.
File: dayz.png (605 KB, 436x722)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Been playing since October '21. Game is polished as fuck right now. Only thing missing is proper base building, current mechanics are an assfuck. Like a true autist I enjoy playing nomad lifestyle.
>get a ghillie suit from heli wreck
>brought myself a barrel to somewhere near northwest map border
>put two more crates near it
>build an oven to cook my food (+40 slot storage)
>fish in a nearby creek
>hunt for deer, occasionally wolves
>loot cycle nearby military compound
>shit is comfy as fuck
I love this game.
good to know. just installed it.
Just forgot to add one thing. Cars are still fucked, and by fucked I mean its totally playable, but there is always a good chance that one right stone can send you to the outer space in matter of seconds. So be careful.
There's lots of fun community servers now too. Some have custom enemies like dinosaurs and STALKER enemies. There's also missions in some of them but they're nothing spectacular.
yeah i play on a fairly-vanilla modded server because the vanilla game does a good job of making you not play the game
>play modded
>night time is only 20min long
>perfect amount of time to find somewhere safe to shack up
>start a fire and cook some food
>gives me just enough time to go afk for a piss/drink/smoke in RL
>get back to PC just as the sun's rising

compared to
>night time is 2 hours long
>it gets dark
>cant use any light sources, that's how you get shot
>no reason to sit afk somewhere safe, night's so long that you'll burn thru your entire backpack full of food/water sitting in the dark
>server dies for 2 hours as everyone logs off to play something else

fuck base building tho
Rustzoomers need to fuck off back to their shitty game
i report and get base building servers taken down
File: chernarus_sunrise.png (2.03 MB, 1600x900)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
I've seen tonns of videos from Dinosaur island. Shit is 100% fun and horror, dont know about Stalker thing though.
>cant use any light sources, that's how you get shot
Nigga, ever heard of NVG?
>server dies for 2 hours as everyone logs off to play something else
are you EU or NA? Coz on EU that doesnt happen at all.
fyi, there are some servers where night is same time period as vanilla, but its darker than the negro ass and you basically have to use proper light source or nvg, otherwise you are practically blind and useless like a headless chicken.
On the other note, Imma continue my blogpost: >>590447
Gathered some logs (picrel) and made two more crates where I put some loot I dont plan on using any time soon but its too good to throw away. So I buried it nearby my little shelter. Went on a fishing trip, main goal was to get a cooking pot so later I can boil food, didnt find one so tomorrow I'll just loot nearest settlements for one. Comfy as always.
Dino island server is fun as hell. There's also this cool server called Outbrake that just adds a bunch of custom monsters like dinos, bloodsuckers, werewolves, tigers, etc. I like the Deer Isle one, it has some AI missions and fun stuff like that.

STALKER enemies are pretty fun. It's mostly just bloodsuckers but some friends and I played the black zone of pripyat server and there's these massive monsters. It's cool. However there is some very autistic roleplaying going on in that server.

The one thing I find annoying with modded servers is that they almost always have traders.
File: rify.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
I never really tried anything besides official servers throughout my ~500 hours of gameplay. If you want to have fun and not cream yourself over precious loot, then I guess dino island, or stalker, or any other larp-y server is for you.
But my image of an ideal modded server is something like this:
>modified loot table
let NVGs spawn in tier 4 military areas, refresh loot a bit faster, make zombies drop more shit more often, including military ones
>more survivalist shit
As a nomad type player, I appreciate 1.17 for adding few craftable items, especially a craftable cooking tripod. But still, I'd add a mod that would revamp vanilla crafting a little, add more shit u could craft or gather somehow, make it useful ingame.
>better storage units
Lots of mods that do just that, anybody would love to have more ways to store shit. Be it players like me or loot hoarders.
>better base building
I dont mind bases, as long as it stays relatively realistic. For example let people adapt a prebuilt house into a makeover base - board windows, put codelocks on doors, such shit. Combine that with better storage units, would make for a cool little base that isnt fucking autistic unlike vanilla walls are.
Dayz is a game I always tend to get back to. It's the perfect survival game imo.
>building are literally the same with no unique monuments
>towns are the same
>go through all of these same towns and cities and find food
The environment around the map is unique. You can drop me somewhere random on the map and I'll be able to pinpoint where I am.

You can hunt for food. Or fish for it. Or find fruit. You don't have to search every house for a can of beans. This is the trap noobs fall in. They join a highly populated server then cry about not finding food around the coast.
whats the goal of the game? survive as long as possible? when shot, respawn and go at it all over?
Pretty much. It's a survival game. You explore the map surviving and gearing up.
File: overview.png (2.06 MB, 1600x900)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
You're not bound to towns only. The map is 240km square or some shit. Explore outside and find yourself in an adventure. Military bases for pvp, permanent gas zones for high tier loot, woods and mountains for base hunting or general exploration. I swear, in 500 hours of this game each time is so unique. Though I wish it was kind of more spontaneous, dynamic sort of. But thats just me.
Coast is always empty as shit. As expected, the game is supposed to be hardcore. At least for noobs.
Yes. You survive as much as you can, playing a certain role or combining few of them. Some of these roles are
you pvp other players.
>base builder
your main goal is to go out, find a neat place and gather some resources and build some shitty ass base. Coz bases in this game fucking sucks
Lots of that shit on youtube, you may harras freshspawns or troll the fuck out of people by trapping them around the map
autistic way of living. you avoid others, hunt and fish, live remote and dont have much stuff around. Occasionally going out to a town to refill on water and tools.
DayZ broke it's all time player count again today!
Codelocks? On a wooden door? On a place with wooden boarded windows? Or do you intend to weld it, on a metal door at some military base?

Base building is only good, if base destroying is also avaible. E.g. ok you can board windows, but than I can break wooden doors and windows with my fireaxe, and throw molotovs at them, which burns them to crisp.

What would be interesting, is fully destructable environment, trees and foliage not respawning, no additional loot, just what spawns at server start, more weapon durability, and you could eat the other players instead. So groups would build bases in concrete buildings, board it up, make wooden structures on them, while accumulate all the gear, while new players would scavenge for food, hunt, fish, beat each other with sticks, and cannibalise each other. Wars would be fought over the limited resources, where most accumulated resources of the losing side, and their base would be burned. Eventually the server would turn barren and desolate, most buildings destroyed, most trees cut, should be even ways to wreck metal structures, whole new set of challanges. Snipers could cover ground more easily, but there would barely be any ammo, game would go full medieval, roaming melee groups, with torches, sieging bases.
are there any cracked servers? im totally broke rn and am neet
>Codelocks? On a wooden door? On a place with wooden boarded windows? Or do you intend to weld it, on a metal door at some military base?
Anything should be possible, imo. Thats just a random idea that popped in my head. But yes, I believe bases should be like that. That would 100% add up to immersiveness.
>Base building is only good, if base destroying is also avaible.
Agreed. Rn base building is pain in the ass whilst raiding is pretty easy. You spend some time walling off ur loot just for it to be accesed by destroying one of the walls with 5 hand grenades. Or somebody boosting over. Seems unbalanced to me.
They should totally add that
>What would be interesting, is fully destructable environment
Imagine you could fuck up a whole building and it will have 2-3 RL day persistence. Only if devs were reading this board..
>Eventually the server would turn barren and desolate, most buildings destroyed, most trees cut, should be even ways to wreck metal structures, whole new set of challanges. Snipers could cover ground more easily, but there would barely be any ammo, game would go full medieval, roaming melee groups, with torches, sieging bases.
I bet if you find a person with right skills, they could turn that into a popular mod for the game. Sounds epic as shit second time Im reading through it. Imagine you spawn, there is no food, no loot to find around besides basic supplies like some worn clothes and little to no tools. You group with strangers or kill them for meat, then go deep inside the map to scavenge at least some gun, use it to the max to survive further.
File: file.png (2.3 MB, 1600x900)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
I can't believe that this game went over 50k. Holy fuck.
I dunno but probably are some out there. Google it
I tried getting into DayZ but I simply can't. Or maybe I'm playing it wrong. Every server I join that's supposed to be populated, I get into a game with literally no one around, no items to pick up, and maybe a few zombies. I'll run around until I see some zombies and I end up dying. It's boring.
The map is huge. You spawn on the coast and your goal is to move inland towards military bases where others players are.

Alternatively you can try modded servers. They have chat and normally have central traders and stuff where people gather.
Almost 60k now!
What is new in dayz now that's popping off? Last time I just played deer isle and got annoyed at the lack of meaningful pvp
Deerisle feels way too large. It's a neat map for PVE because there's a lot of secret area like there's MASSIVE underground bunkers/labs, secret islands, etc. There's normally custom enemies in these areas which is fun.

Check out this video for one of the secret bunkers, just skip around to see areas. Mind you this video is 2 years old and it has been updated since. I spent nearly 2 hours in there and it seemingly goes down forever.

There's better smaller maps for PVP, like Namalsk. It's set in winter and it's very hard to survive but the map is small so you're constantly encountering players.
Is it kino like the ARMA 2 DayZ before all the retarded updates that made it unfun?
im thinking of buying this game but I dont want to deal with the ball ache of PvPing especially as a solo player and dying by a group of geared group of players after spending 3 hours finding a makarov but I know that theres PvE servers so heres a couple question.
are these PvE servers very active especially past midnight american time?
are there base building mods like in Epoch?
are there bandit AIs like from the missions on the Epoch mod?
are there actually anything interesting to do in those PvE servers and I heard some PvE servers have dedicated PvP zones, that sounds interesting kind of like the wilderness in Runescape
If you really want PvE just play Anomaly, its free and you can literally mod it as you want or play it in a difficulty you want (ironmode with fixed or dynamic amount of lives, campfire only saves, any custom start)

the only appeal of DayZ is PvP with friends, the PvE is incredibly underwhelming
Stalker: Anomaly if you don't know what I mean
PvE servers (modded) are always active. And yes some have dedicated PvP zones like wildy. One server some pals and I played on was called The Purge, it was PvE with PvP zones and every weekend or every couple of weekends the server would turn full PvP and you were allowed to raid bases. It was pretty fun.

They do have base building. Some have missions but it’s nothing very complex. A lot of PvE servers have custom enemies which makes things more interesting. I put 400 hours in game so far and most of that was on various PvE servers (granted I was playing with a friend).

Dino Island is awesome. Meeting your first velociraptor is spoopy.

Black Zone of Pripyat is neat. STALKER rp essentially on Pripyat map with STALKER enemies and radiated zones and factions.

Outbrake was alright. Had a slew of custom enemies and missions.

There is tons of PvE servers. It’s nowhere near as hardcore as vanilla but it’s a comfy game mode.
is it like a whole standalone kind of thing? or should I play Call of Pripyat first before I play it? ive heard how great it is, people comparing it with Tarkov
its standalone and has a story mode but I never played it in story mode, some addons can make it feel like tarkov animation wise, stalker anomaly has the maps from the three main stalker games together in a huge map and you can select to be part of a faction at the start and where you want to start too

btw I was wrong about DayZ because I know a lot of people enjoy DayZ with friends in PvE, so there is that chance if you want to go that route, in hubs there are lots of people talking on mics so you can also try to get a party that way but I guess unless its a pure PvE server getting a party with randoms would be as hard as doing it in Tarkov, I stopped playing before they added custom AI in DayZ so I don't know how good the PvE is these days
I'm the complete opposite. I try to flee from the servers with basebuilding because they rat the resources from the rest of the world, making the item respawns scarce, turning the game into a worse RUST.

I guess that's fine in a PvE-ONLY community server, which there are quite a few. But the base aspect is quite after-thought and goofy.
File: rify.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
Anyone know any good lightly modded pve servers?
File: sunset.png (1.82 MB, 1600x900)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Noobs Only server. It has traders but all pve servers will have that.
bought this game recently, what is preferable? to play on vanilla official servers, vanilla community servers, or modded community servers?
i hear it often said that modded community servers are the best but as a beginner i cant tell at all if the mods on a server are shit or not.
what do i look for to determine if a server is good or bad?
>vanilla official servers
Hardcore shit, because there are no mods to ease the grind, no rules and cheaters don't get manually banned.
>vanilla community servers
Something in the middle. Its same as official but has active admins and some rules. Like no bugging through windows or such. So thats kind of vanilla experience with protection against cheaters and more stability. Also has a community you could network with.
>modded community servers
Second option plus u get some gay ass mods to mess with the game, never tried such server in 500+ hours. I dunno so couldnt tell.
If you want to hear my advice and not doing your own decision, I'd say you should try playing for a bit on official vanilla servers. That would give you purest dayz experience. Then try community vanilla together with community modded. And see what plays out better for you.
>i cant tell at all if the mods on a server are shit or not.
Thats true, most modded servers have OP shit like pkms that shoot ./.62 at 900 rpm. Or op armor that wouldnt let you die from aformentioned gun. Also traders which is casual as shit imo.
Try playing vanilla, and from there make your own mind on the subject.
File: forest.jpg (193 KB, 1280x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
>tfw first character to live for longer than 2 weeks gets sniped and ganked by single shot and dont even know where it came from.
It's a pretty chill experience, the community is still a bunch of paranoids asswipes though.
File: nvg.jpg (171 KB, 1280x720)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I felt that anon. I fucking hate dying randomly, but sometimes that is how the game is. Remember the times you killed somebody without them having a chance to fight you off.
what were you doing the moment you got sniped?
The hardest part is finding a server to play on, all the good ones are full and have massive queues or buried in a sea of servers filled with an excessive amount of mods, I reinstalled recently, have joined 3 different servers, the game size is now 4 times bigger than it was when I downloaded it.
File: 1633703145932m.jpg (45 KB, 1024x625)
45 KB
Tbh, I was in a high pop near coast city looking for easy marks
Do you guys also like to stalk people? I once followed a guy around and shot the guy he was talking to, and then helped him "escape".
Lol that's literally an old Daniel video.

you had it coming then
File: 20220430131745_1.jpg (457 KB, 1920x1080)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
>walk in circles
>find random gear drops
>kos anyone you meet
wow what a game!
this is fucking amazing haahah
playing dayz during a thunderstorm irl right now
File: 20220507201818_1.jpg (242 KB, 1920x1080)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
lol i freshspawned, ran around a bit, checked out a nearby town, and i spotted this guy walking around with a turned on head torch. i stalked him for like 20 minutes while starving, waiting for a good opportunity to try and sneak up on him and kill him because its funny. but my hunger got so bad that i decided to just rush him and hope for luck. i got one or two hits in and he shot me 3 times but he wasnt eager to finish me off, he said "hey why you gotta attack people". then i kneeled down and killed myself with my sickle in front of him. he just stands there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, watching me with his head torch. pretty funny.
File: 1627484035353.png (339 KB, 761x563)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
I just want a vanilla server without 2 hours nights bros. plz
People still play this? I bought it like a decade ago or whenever it came out and it was total shit. The arma mod was great though.
I played this one time back in 2015. Should i give it a try again?
dont all the official servers have 2 hour days and 1 hour nights? thats how it is on the server that i play on.
The game is not polished at all, vehicles are still glitchy as fuck and they still haven't even added bikes yet. The only way they can make vehicles work in the game is only allowing 3 vehicles at a time to be on the server. thats why they're so expensive at the trader. If you wanna know why the game is shit just look up dayz devs on google images, 2 onions wojaks and a nigger fucker
>thats why they're so expensive at the trader
Been playing on and off since the days of the Mod. Usually after a new patch drops I put in some more time.
I prefer more vanilla or mostly-vanilla servers although the time sink to gear up is balanced by a personal kmd hack that shows loot and player locations. Mainly play on community servers so have to be careful to not be obvious. Never was into the server nuke, bullet TP, or other griefing hacks . Just something to take the grind off. Never been server or GB'd
>are there base building mods
Rust is that way
File: fin fucking dies in lava.jpg (162 KB, 1991x1265)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Im more of a Project Zomboid man myself
totally different games
I just started recently. Trying the sunnyvale pvp server #15. Anyone have a better suggestion for a more survival based pvp server?
I like vanilla so I went with this server:

Server version: 1.17.154754
Required game version: 1.17.0

Map: Chernarusplus
Mission: DayZ
Players: 37/70
How does it compare to SCUM now? I haven't played DayZ since 2016 and I only play SCUM now, I'm afraid if I return I will not enjoy it as much
how much of experiencing DayZ is RPing? i only really want to pretty much PvP and survive in this game. too much of a social autist to hang out with people let alone play pretend
me, i dont have a mic and i cant be arsed to buy one so im almost constantly in shoot on sight mode, that is when im invested in a character. when i freshly respawn im usually friendly and i dont start fights because when i get stabbed in the back or something its no big deal because im not invested in the character yet. of course im always ready to defend myself in case someone attacks me. when im invested in a character and i meet people with shit gear im sometimes friendly to them, sometimes even help them out, sometimes i just mercilessly murder them on a whim. for me there is 0 rp, i just do what i feel like doing, if im friendly with someone and trade items or help them out its simply because i feel like it - i could get a good deal from trading or i could simply help someone out who is in a pickle because its fun, because i received help from strangers in the past (when i was starving for example). its a cool feeling to help someone out or be helped and then go separate ways, both knowing that one day you could get killed by the person you just helped, or you could kill that person one day, and when its done you wont even know it - thats cool. i dont do anything for rp reasons. and i dont think other people do it for rp reasons.
due to the aforementioned fact of me not having a mic im not very eager to converse with people because when i do, its through text chat.
one example from my current character: i spawned just outside of elektro and in a few minutes met another player who just spawned there, he said hello and i did the hand gesture, then we just separately moved on to check the city for gear. as we worked our way through elektro we occasionally saw each other again, again him saying hello and me waving my hand, eventually i found a machete and i saw from a distance that he found a melee weapon too so from that point on i was careful and kept track of where he went. soon after it was night and i saw him holding his glowstick inside a house. i went inside and asked him if he had some food to spare because i couldnt find any. he said he has a chicken but no sharp tool so he asked me if i can skin it. i had a machete and agreed to share the chicken with him. while i skinned it and went to a nearby well to wash my hands, he headed out to kill another chicken he saw. at this point i turned on my glowstick so he could find me in the dark. after a short while he came to the well with another chicken. i skinned it too and we split it. he asked me what city this is, i said its elektro, we said our goodbyes, wished each other luck, and he left. i remained a while longer to cook my share of the chicken and make some preparations and afterwards left elektro too. none of it was rp, we helped each other out out of necessity you could say, because who knows if i had survived without his chicken, or if he had survived without my machete.
who knows if our paths cross again, maybe we will meet again and recognise each other, maybe i will kill him, maybe he will kill me. its just a cool feeling and its something i like a lot about dayz.
File: 20220514204839_1.jpg (533 KB, 1920x1080)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
first time im so well-equipped
>Friend tells me to buy DayZ
>I buy it
>Friend stops playing DayZ the next day, say he doesn't want to play it "for now"
>Know he will never touch the game again
I fucking fell for the meme of "dude buy this game we can play together" and I can't refund since the first session I played was more than 2 hours
just play it alone lad, its a great game
Been playing this since 2013, was a player of the mod the first week it released.

The devs are slowly killing this game, gas zones or whatever you want to call them are an absolute joke
whats so bad about gas zones
I installed the single player mod which you can download from github. You can also fly in the map checking out places to build a potential base etc, or spawn anything you wish.
But besides admin powers you can also play it normally. With normal item spawn and normal zombies. I sometimes check potential cities that I don't know on this single player before approaching in multi.

But man the feeling of being constantly watched is there. I know I play singleplayer and there is no way that anyone can play with me, but you still get the creeps of someone watching you, some rudimentary noise that makes you think someone is closeby. Bloody paranoid game.
vanilla DayZ being so unforgiving with food makes it so if you don't find 1-2 cans and something to open them with within the first 10 minutes of your run, you're not gonna survive this The Random gas zones accentuate that problem, with the fact that now, the place you had hope of maybe finding a tuna can to survive a few miles longer might be entirely inaccessible, through no fault of your own. It's like how vanilla forces you to log off the moment night falls because you're burning calories faster than Tchernobyl, but add the fact you might aswell log out at the edge of the gas to come back in an hour when it'll have passed.

the concept of permanent gas zones is interesting, but oddly applied. Why is pavlovo entirely covered with permanent zones, while Tisy is spared? The general rule is "Better gear=Go Inland", so a mil zone like that, that's close to the coast, and that unless you're fully coated in NBC gear is gonna kill you is questionable at best, and an encouragement toward endgame players gravitating around the coast to hunt bambis at worse?

And the temporary zones are also near death sentence: since as previously mentionned, unless you're in full NBC you're dead if you hang around longer than 3 seconds in a gas zone, this forces a player that's going to loot a temporary gas zone to be ready to bolt it anytime they hear a single suspicious sound, instead of say, having to carry a gasmask+Filter and being relatively fine, which would have been an interesting way to do it.

It also messes a bit with the feel of the game, in my opinion: you're telling me that civilization has entirely crumbled... except for those guys that are still regularly flying sorties to gas a zombie region? What am I doing here?
DayZ is my absolute favorite game of all time. I have 3k hours to date and I can never get tired of it. It's such a versatile game, there are deathmatch servers, pvp servers, pve servers, themed servers, rp servers, etc. Really any experience you want to have you can do it! I personally love RP right now, so fun and loads of great people. (pretty faggy communities though so consider yourself warned.) Servers to avoid are Sunnyvale and Survivalist RP.
If you guys love RP servers you should check out The Veil! Amazing custom mod content, constantly developping lore and amazing RPers. Check it out! https://theveildayz.com
>black zone of pripyat
I hated that server, bunch of faggots crying to admin that I didnt RP being scared when they told me to put my hands up and I instead just dumped a pkp mag into the three of them, they also did some event where the monolith player faction were given godmode for RP reasons, pathetic
File: fetchimage.jpg (43 KB, 500x500)
43 KB
Rp server with traders and factions
18+only no bulshit

search ground zero

Not anymore, stamina kind of killed it for me. Also i like to play lone wolf and got kind of tired people camping the same spots to pick me. Being a wagecuck drasticly decresed my fun in the game.

T. 1200 hrs since alpha
any ausfags able to send me a slightly modded vanilla server? last time i played it was mostly pvp heavy servers that were populated
Time to go back to DayZ haha. Anybody here ever play on DUG?
DayZ is like Arma RP or GTA RP to me. I can play all day and grind so when something finally happens you think it was so cool something happened, or I can watch some dude on youtube that has a bunch of people work towards making something cool happen and I can watch it in an hour.
Life is too short to waste away grinding a walking simulator 99% of the time. But far be it from me to deny your fun if you're into that.
>Standalone is actually really good now.
Most recent video I've seen was littered with the server shutting down mid-helo flight, vehicles randomly going airborne, etc
>See this thread
>redownload game after 7 years
>go from building to building for 2 hours
>Don't find any loot
>About to starve to death
>Decide to just punch zombies until they die to alleviate any boredom
Wow, looks like they really improved the game.
I played for an hour, first time

>Searched 6 commie blocks and found a piece of chocolate
>Sharpened a stick
>Killed 3 zombies (with a hammer, the stick sucks)
>Found a motorcycle helmet and coat
>Ate the chocolate

THAT'S WHAT AN HOUR IS???? I don't have the fucking time for this
I bought this game recently and holy shit man it feels so BARREN. I love zombies and I love RP'ing so I thought this would be the game but IDK what the fuck to do.. I'm literally wandering around for a good 15 to 30 minutes and see a few zombies chase after me.. No loot around whatsoever like nothing to get other than some water and maybe some random shirt

What the hell should i do? I'm not really into the custom servers because it seems like it downloads a ton of data mostly focused on the main servers. What do?
File: Screenshot_386.jpg (432 KB, 990x917)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
just move inland, its that simple.
first of all, along the coast spawn lowest tier items. second of all, all the freshies grab those items since the coast is the starting point.
use a map. pic related - in the blue area you start finding good things here and there, and plenty animals to eat. if youre lucky youll find a lot of good items. in the yellow area theres pretty much an abundance of animals and items. here youll get geared up pretty quickly.
the way i do it when i freshly spawn on the coast is i go to a nearby city and check only a few buildings, if i dont find anything in those few buildings i dont even bother with the coast, at that point i go straight inland.
thanks daddy
Based. Thanks a lot.
File: One gun one bullet.jpg (222 KB, 1920x1080)
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222 KB JPG
I played like 5 characters so far and have literally never made it west enough

I just don't have the food and when i look for food in the trees there is NOTHING

I'll try again but it'll be the SAME SHIT
I am gonna try it, and even if this advice makes the game a 10/10, it is still trash tier design to basically make the starting areas a beginners trap and require people to move inwards to actually succeed.
File: DayZ fag.png (486 KB, 529x612)
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486 KB PNG
Ok so I did it again and I actually got further inland (to a military road outpost) and I did actually get some good loot

I have a rifle with around 13 rounds of ammunition and a baseball bat

Also have an assault vest so that's cool

Overall im doing... just ok

It'd be better if I didn't have to do around 40 minutes of walking in a one hour run though


This would definitely be better with a buddy who knows what hes doing
>This would definitely be better with a buddy
there's no fun in playing alone, the fun comes from talking with a friend while you both suffer the long pointless runs to the next town
walking is a big part of dayz, theres no way around it. if you hate this aspect so much then the game is not for you.
again, use a map online, look for animal spawns there, and most importantly when you are travelling or passing through a town pay attention to animal noises. in towns and cities there are often chickens, and outside there are bigger animals like deer. one deer or a cow will feed you for a long time. or go fishing. crafting an improvised rod and hook is easy.
>it is still trash tier design to basically make the starting areas a beginners trap and require people to move inwards to actually succeed.
the coast isnt a "trap", its just that more often than not, when you spawn, several other players have already spawned nearby and went through nearby buildings. it depends on timing. the more you go inland the more the chance that someone snatched away everything shortly before you arrive decreases drastically.
File: Another.png (663 KB, 629x490)
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Walking sim

only reason im still going is the promise of fun once i reach inland
I actually got great loot going inward but killed myself through sickness by skinning a chicken.
File: 20220430135517_1.jpg (497 KB, 1920x1080)
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497 KB JPG
it was the exact same for me but eventually i figured it out.
>sickness by skinning a chicken
yeah the sicknesses are bad but easily avoidable if you know how
>start game
>doesn't spawn on coast
well which way do i go now
you always spawn on the coast, sometimes just a little bit farther off.
>which way do i go now
north-west. its always north-west.
File: Skärmklipp.png (946 KB, 1155x372)
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946 KB PNG
What are you supposed to do. I only played once in 2015.

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