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Redpill me on Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning private server. Is it dead? Active? Full of cliques and circlejerking, power hungry mods and p2w donations?

the mods are super fucking faggots, they were permabanning people for corona related names and still do. server is probably alive though.
File: 1516375408964.png (29 KB, 741x568)
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I never played it, but I did play the actual WAR until it shut down so I can offer that perspective if you want, OP.
You're not missing out on anything unless you're a really big warhammer fantasy fan.
The most unique PvE thing it had were the public quests which were quickly copied by various other MMOs and generally implemented in better ways. I've heard that RoR is pretty unfinished on the PvE side so I have no idea how many of those are even implemented.
PvP wasn't really anything too special either now that I think of it.
Ask me some specific questions if you want and I'll see if my old brain can remember an answer. If the game was still alive as is, I probably wouldn't recommend it and there's a good reason it shut down.

I hate GW2 but it's probably the closest analog to it that exists. ESO's cyrodiil pvp reminded me a lot of WAR though, especially the siege parts.
They dont ban people specifically for Coof related names, they ban people with retarded, goofy names that dont belong in a Warhammer world. Just dont name your characters Poopyfart, Shitpickle, race puns like in WoW or random real life references and you're fine. I have 8 Characters and haven't had any issues. It's frankly a good thing that some standards are enforced
Its fine but if you check it out you'll realise the game kinda sucked.
Nah they ban people for small meaningless reasons, i afk'd to get the door and was standing in a castle. Came back and they sent my dude to the "Moon" and could never get him back.

These are not isolated cases, the admins really are retarded, fat basement dwelling losers who have zero idea what they are doing with balance.

Thats another retarded thing about this server, they made the grind for gear even LONGER than the OG server and are doing thier own version of balance which everyone agree's is trash.

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