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Are there any other multiplayer games similar to Warcraft III's custom lobbies? I've been wanting to find other games that also have ORPGs like Warcraft III.
only dota2
How is Dota2 custom map scene?
Pretty good

You'll never get the warcraft 3 custom game scene again. That innocence is gone. Now if something like that presents itself. Its filled with bots, scams, large barriers of entry, super tight IP/DMCA controls, etc. Plus people who are even good at this shiet don't want to make free content for some AAA gaming developer. Why waste the time providing free work to a game developer.
>custom wc3 maps
That's feels
Starcraft 2 but it doesn't feel the same, I think it's the better graphics that ruins it.
SC2 customs was ruined by the way they setup the lobbies, on top of being heavily restrictive on what you can actually upload and play, which is why customs in wc3 reforged is pozzed and you need to play on a pirate battlenet just to experience your old custom games
The thing is though, you cannot name a single scenario where you nonsense of
>SC2 customs was ruined by the way they setup the lobbies, on top of being heavily restrictive on what you can actually upload and play,
There is a reason your entire post jumped to three separate spergscuses as to why you shouldn't play it but none of them were coherent enough nor backed up by any shred of evidence.

But anyways, some of the customs are alright. I'd say the biggest problem is the way the "most popular" are displayed up front. I've played plenty of mods that weren't most popular because randoms host gems they find.

This is a discussion forum, not a place for theories after a huff from the crack pipe.
kinda shit.
The most popular maps are just chinkoid tower defense with fully realized cash shop + paid season pass, choinkoid cultivation RPG maps with the same kind of cash shops or third worlders grifting on something Valve officially released before (like changing 10v10 DotA to 12v12 DotA and adding pay2win)
File: 1592172039332.png (2.22 MB, 1061x1574)
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blizzard took this from you. literally stole it from you after 20 years.

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