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What's a good online game where I can basically be an NPC? I just want a chill multiplayer game where I can just grind for XP, help people out, and just have a relaxing game to play while listening to podcasts or music.
when I don't feel like playing the game I just pick a musician in holdfast and just watch people shooting each other. I'm technically helping.
You mean like a Walmart greeter?
Sort of.
I just want to be able to unwind and play something while helping people out too. I've been playing a little ESO and just running around collecting crafting materials and helping people out who are busy questing.
Play foxhole. You can spend the whole war in the back lines away form combat just loading resources into trucks and driving them up to warehouses at the front lines.
That sounds near perfect lol. I'll check it out.
Yeah, Logi can be very chill in Foxhole. Just be aware that enemy troops will sometime go 'partisan' and ambush you on your route.
I wish I could recommend Chronicles of Elyria, which was an upcoming MMO where you literally replaced an NPC and inherited their skills, family, and assets.

Too bad it was a scam.

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