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File: file.png (1.62 MB, 918x723)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
remember when vindictus had a hard mode for every mission in the game
It felt more smooth on my old PC
Now it stutters and lags.

Wouldnt have thought that I pick this game up again after 2013, but the story is interesting enough.
they've fixed a lot of the old korean mmo garbage from the last time I played nearly a decade ago, and yeah it does stutter now but seems to run smooth enough during actual missions
Over 150 hours now ....feels weird.
8-9 years ago, picked it up again, now age 35.
Does Vindictus have private servers yet?
I mean server tools so I can host offline for myself or friends on LAN.
Still playing :^)
Has there been any MMO that has such great OST and story like Vindictus aka Mabinogi Heroes?

Ib4 FF, which is over the top cringe.
C9 has a great OST, better even. The story however is meh.
Damn, have totally forgot that one.

I only played it for a few hours though, decided to stick with Vindictus back then because the fighting system felt better.
They do, you'll want to check Ragezone section. You're only going to get the 1.69 version (2016)
legitimately the only track in the game I remember is the music in the inn in colhen
and the victory music because the setting never actually lowers the damn volume on it
>1.69 version (2016)
Is that bad? My belief is that the game was basically abandoned, of not downright downgraded (according to the OP)
no but i'm so glad I dont play mabinogi anymore.


Damn man, the story and the characters are so great, they feel so real. Just not over the top or too flat.
File: 1617627218688.jpg (558 KB, 1200x872)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
Man, i remember being hyped since the fucking trailer of the white tyrant came out and even the full public fishing boats when the level cap was 46.
I kept coming back every few updates because every boss and its bgm was cool as shit, despite the revolting nexon p2w.
Now i haven't played it in a couple years, maybe i'll hop on a private server before they all shut down.

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