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Would anyone ever participate in a /vm/-league? Like, a monthly ladder/league/whatever where people play 1v1 games, like card games, fightan, whatever, get points and have their names on the top of a leaderboard.

Would that be fun, or would that be a breeding ground for an unhealthy amount of autism?
Sure might be cool. It's going to be tough to pick core games for this though.
Just list the games you play, and we'll see what is the most common. I think 1v1s might be the best for now, just to streamline the whole process of finding a match.

For me, I play:
- Faeria
- Magic
- Minion Masters
- Battle for Wesnoth
- Smash
- Pokemon Showdown
i am interested in playing but that might change depending on how this turns out.
>how would games be decided?
accessibility and cross platform play are possible issues. distance and netcode may also be issues.
>what is your plan for a schedule?
timezones, work schedules, no-show, and waiting are possible issues.

anyhow, i think if this were to happen, we should create 2 teams and have it be a team league. if the game is 1v1, winning would score points for the team. in addition to the card games and fightan mentioned in OP, i suggest strategy (both real-time and turn-based) and shooters. and of course, when you decide on what to do, make a thread on /v/ to recruit more players because /vm/ is dead.
>Would that be fun, or would that be a breeding ground for an unhealthy amount of autism?
It woud be a breeding ground for autism and that would make it fun
Just got into Pokemon Unite. It's pretty fun for a casual MOBA.

Some of the stats are kind of fucked. Venusaur literally has less survivability than fucking Pikachu.
It would be cool but at the same time there are very few 1v1 games with "active" playerbases here, and there's probably even less people that really are willing to play multiple games for it. So yeah, it should probably be something like what >>368459 describes.
Maybe it would be best overall to focus on unpopular games (that are free or pirate friendly) without any active fanbases.
i dont play fighting games but these threads seem to be active and 1v1: >>359937 >>288524 >>339074 >>253236 >>362779
could fill a league for fighting games alone although i dont know how many people would play outside their game. matchmaking would be difficult with different skill levels likely causing one-sided games
This would be fun if we could get this going with a rotating list of games so that it's not just one game that could just be a thread. A monthly competition based around an active thread on the board would be a good/easy place to start, and would drum up activity on some of the slower threads. net positive all around.
Competitions really don't work via 4chan. The anonymity destroys all accountability and there is too many people who zero sense of sportsmanship.
So you are basically left using an external site like discord, turning all your 4chan threads into impenetrable dramafagging that turns away new players.
/vr/ used to have competitions all the time but persistent autism from certain people killed it. Doing everything in their power to sabotage it.
yeah we aren't going to play faeria with you anon. only 2 of those games are good.
yeah cuz veno is a carry not a tank. if you wanna get semantic hes a mage ig.
It does sound like a good idea but it'd be pretty hard to set things up without using an external platform other than /vm/ threads. Also as others said the games would need to be accessible to all (Though I like the team idea where someone that doesn't have access to a particular game can rely on its teammates to play)

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