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How do you deal with social anxiety in online games?
By playing single player games and discussing them on forums.
Just remember that nothing anybody says actually means anything, it's just a game. Have fun. If you want a chill MMO where literally nobody cares if you're trash, play GW2 (just don't play PvP. WvW is all good though, but PvP is cancer).
I just didn't play multiplayer games for the last 10 years.
also alcohol until my friends think I am unbearable.
i just dont talk back
How do u pretend to b afk if u were just moving?
Ya social situations are stressful to me
Part of the reason i been ducking my irl friends i dont fit in with them or anyone i dont belong there and in any friend group i join im just the guy who is there
If i went missing nobody would miss me
I also sit there overthinking future social interactions and that stresses me harder
I really only interact with people when money or food or other basic needs are involved
But at the very least, i can make sure im in shape, taking care of myself and beautiful
just pretend they aren't there until they go away
>he is more persistent
If it's 1v1 just go in thinking the other guy's a massive fucking noob faggot and get ready to talk shit. If they weren't, gg and repeat.
Otherwise just fuck around and bantz and stop caring about the numbers going up they put in every game now to trick your lizard brain, you'll automatically do better than you would if you were getting anxious.
Do you guys actually get anxious from bants in multiplayer text chat? I can understand it somewhat if a game has voice chat, but typing to other players is so far removed from talking to an actual person that I find it hard to believe anyone really cares about this.
If its a one off thing i dont mind because i wont see that person again
Nothing to overthink
But if its someone i speak to regularly, i will have a rough time not overanalyzing and overthinking everything beforehand and after
>was what i said too weird?
>i bet they are talking shit about me in a groupchat somewhere
>i bet they left and met up again without me
>why did they even invite me
>should i message this guy? No i bet he is mad at me over me being a little late last time or something else minor
>does he really mean that when he says that its ok? Did he really accept my apology?
>is he being nice but actually hates me but just wont tell me?
Sidenote: why do people do this
If you dont like someone dont hang out with them
I wish i could just ask people where i stand with them but then i look insecure
I hate social interaction so much
I hate the games people play
I hate that feeling i get when i feel even slightly pushed away
I was trying to be more social about 2 years ago before covid but i dont know i dont think im cut out for all of that
I dont understand people that well
Its funny because i felt so much lonlier when i was trying to force myself to be a social butterfly
I dont want friends or even a girlfriend/boyfriend anymore and once i think about it i dont even know why we as humans fiend so hard for this kind of attention
I really dont want to bother anymore, part of the reason i liked the covid year so much is that i had an excuse not to talk to anyone
Meant to reply to
I grew out of puberty, that's how. Maybe see a doctor and get some testosterone shots or something. Or alternatively you could just stop fucking obsessing about it and grow some balls.
File: 1606636775213.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
No but I do get anxious and stressed around NPCs and spergs that can't contain their shit.
I only banter or get to know people if they are obviously intelligent enough to not spew social media rhetoric everywhere and they live and let live. It's a quality I miss in people.
I avoid voice chat simply because it's harder to be polite or ignore it. At least with text chat I can not respond and ignore it.
I'm slightly autistic and introverted but people seem to like me a lot and I attract people like a social butterfly because I like to make people laugh and i'm laid back, but I don't want anything to do with most people because they cannot be relaxed or chill. So i'm careful about what I say and generally don't talk to most people.

>the debbie downer spergs that try to use you as a therapist and paragraph dump you
>the competitive retards with no sportsmanship that can't just hold an L or W without sperging out
>the /pol/fags that give you all the shite of the day and try to turn everything into some facebook tier cat fight over world events

I like games with local VOIP, more talk goes towards the game and less time for the attention seeking fags above.
live laugh love zoomer
How are you even alive? kill yourself.
What does that even mean? I see that on every basic white chicks wall
>social anxiety
>in an online game

You zoomers are fucking pathetic and I wish you would all just mass suicide already.

inb4 ok boomer
File: doctor.jpg (329 KB, 596x595)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
I don't get it either. This must be a meme among zoomers like cutting or anorexia in the 90s. Shit is fucking retarded, and you talked yourself into a sheep mentality to get recognition from faceless spectres who won't give a shit anyway.
Silence boomer
sounds like you need some adderall or something. I don't advocate for pharmajew poison often, but I can say 100% confidently that getting on vyvanse (a version of adderall that lasts longer) helped "slow down" social interactions and made them more manageable. imo amphetamines should be OTC, used them responsibly for years and take breaks without any problems
bump for my autistic bros

And if that doesn't work just log off

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