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Discuss content, updates, stories, tales of griefing, etc.
If you play as a fat pirate you are a massive faggot
I’ll start
>reach level 5 merchant emissary, solo slooping
>start new lost voyage by daggertooth
>next clue is over by kraken’s fall but can’t for the life of me find anything on the shore or see any seabirds
>go back and forth for about 15 minutes and notice a sloop quickly approaching
>have very low supplies due to taking out a skelly sloop and no kegs, would rather be petty about not losing my flag and sail to devil’s roar
>sloop clearly following, as I sail I notice my next finally shows up but no time to pick it up unless I want to battle
>fuck around some volcanoes, manage to sail past morrow’s peak and lower my flag
>sail up to flintlock, other guy slowly closing in
>harpoon turn too sharply on some rocks and hit shore
>other guy was too hesitant and expected me to go around other side of the island
>manage to get back in water, guy decides to close in
>think I’m fucked until fog rolls in
>pretty much 180 and go east then south, other guy lost me in the fog
>spend next half hour sailing all the way down the roar, then west, then out towards southern ancient isles
>have to go all the way to sanctuary outpost because most of the server is clustered in the east
I’d do devils roar voyages more often but almost every time I do them, almost all of the fucking server is there or right on the edge, can’t even sell shit at morrows peak without outpost tucking faggots
I have a skinnier pirate but it turned out to be female; I thought it was a dude until the sound effects were heard. A mustache helped but now I look like a gangly FTM
True. You're also a huge faggot if you've ever worn a cuc-- sorry, tuck suit.
>solo sloop chilling on the sea before bed
>hunting shipwrecks
>flying reaper's emissary
>level 4 merchant has been at wanderer's refuge for 2 hours
>finally get curious and start to sail over there
>as soon as i am in cannon range they book it and get into a defensive
>finally say frick this crap and scuttle on the way to sanctuary outpost
>barrel hide for another 20 minutes watching them from shore
>they role up, check barrels on the dock, no where else
>notice mega keg in the crow's nest
>pop it with my eor
>do a fancy jig on the dock as they panic
>log out before they can even do anything to me
I honestly love solo slooping so much.
Pretty sure you're all faggots by default if you play a LGBTQP+ approved game.
Whenever I see a ship with a rainbow flag I always stop what I’m doing and make it my goal to make their life a living hell
Half the pirates that wear that flag are xbox sissies who are room temperature IQ, the other half want to be funny and make fun of gays, but lately i've been equipping that flag whenever i'm looking for a fight. Equipping the fundraiser sails helps too, especially on a sloop looking for galleons to sink.
I switch to the fag flag whenever salty sweats call me a fag for killing them. I like to think they get extra mad about being buttfucked if they think I'm actually gay.
don't forget to get naked whenever you board their ship too. makes em seethe hard
I love pirates and shit but i hear there are a lot of squeakers on this game,
Im not really the type to turn on a game to be an ass so i would rather not have to interact with them since the only entertainment they provide is watching them get mad
>It's another Reaper Emissary runs from a fight episode
It's a better game with friends at certain times. 2AM EST usually has the best characters, but the strongest pirates play a few hours earlier.
As a solo-sloop chad, battles are done on my terms not yours.
that's the thing, they were a brig being chased by a single pirate
how close does it feel to playing one piece?
Solo sloop needs a buff.
There are a lot of whiners, if you see the community on plebbit it’s full of posts complaining about “toxic” players. If you don’t want to listen to other people talking I’m pretty sure you can disable mic communications. Otherwise there are some bro tier people you run into and get in antics with.
how often do you run into whiny ass people as opposed to chill people
Everyone I've met with mics has been chill
Everyone who exclusively types is a massive tard.
No exceptions
so i dont have to hear squeakers on the mic?
im surprised ppl just dont yell at u on mic
you can't really hear them unless they're close to you or using a bullhorn
It's exceptionally fun to sail by an occupied outpost and yell racial slurs
Faggots from reddit think everything is toxic. That word has no meaning.
Crews are lively as hell, one aussie i keep running into always has a red afro and has the best pirate voice anyone could ask for. you usually also see the better pirate names like FungusMcBeard or some shit like that.
You can also hear squeakers if they're on your crew, but if you spawn with one you should always immediately DC anyways. Not before setting the ship on fire and raising anchor and sailing away.
File: asdf3245.png (537 KB, 591x825)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
Post your pirate
Tonight's time with randies sucked, I decided to take a break from the game for a while and uninstalled. I'm a newfag and don't know how to greentext so I'll just type my two stories:

1. Log into a Brig, get in a crew getting ready for a vault. Help them find the key and map fragments and we set sail for the island the vault is on. I notice a mermaid that clearly isn't ours nearby and warn them. See a ton of treasure on the beach. They spot two ships coming our way and the captain says "escape", so we do. He then goes "turn around and attack, it's only a sloop lol". You know how the rest of this story goes... Fast forward to us getting absolutely demolished, losing all of the treasure we grabbed along the way, and our captain disconnects.

2. Log in to another Brig, get in a crew with a semi-squeaker and a guy that leaves, I guess he saw the writing on the wall. We actually find a really helpful Sloop shortly after and form an alliance, we're going to do Merchant Guild stuff while they do Soul stuff, but we'll keep by each other. Shortly after leaving the outpost we get jumped by a Mega. We kill it just in time to have TWO skelly ships pop out right next to us. To add to the frustration, a Asian guy of some sort (sounded like Vietnamese but unsure due to the following) joins our crew LOUDLY slurping what has to be the biggest fucking bowl of soup, chattering loudly, and there's a fan blowing into his mic. I immediately mute him and focus on the skelly ships. The squeaker fails multiple times to board the ships while Asian Persuasion poorly shoots at them with our cannons. Eventually I get tired of repairing and jump in the water to catch the ships. Of course they activate nitrous and jet away from me. Just as I'm nearing one finally, our squeaker captain boards, gets REK'D, and immediately disconnects. Slurpy McGee firces us to run out of cannonballs, and our alliance guys are too busy fighting their skelly ship to help me, so I say fuck it, dip out, and uninstall
Meet some super pros with heaps of loot on their sloop. They are so strong that they dodge all our blunderbuss shots and wreck us effortlessly. They capture and drive our sloop now, leaving theirs at shore of some random island. Sneak out and swim to their ship. Drive it and start dump their loot into the sea. Manage to get to outpost and start selling, all this while they are bussy goofing around on our ship, showing their dog, playing songs and spawnkilling my mate that stayed. Sell some stuff and they finally teleport back on their ship, they kill me and turn back to grab "breadcrumbs" i dumped into sea. Meanwhile my mate already grabs some of thier loot from the sea and we manage to sell it too.
Nothing lgbt in this game, only optional rainbow flag. Nature of this game is antilgbt due to free pvp and no police to stop "the bad guys" and protect the weak. Kill anyone anywhere and nobody will try to stop you.
Anyone want to group up tonight? Reply to me and give me your gamertag or discord or whatever or I'll reply with mine. Please have a mic.
File: image_2021-05-27_211600.png (2.1 MB, 1920x1080)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
sans pirate
>for noobs how easy is it to get into this game?
What does sans mean? Basic?
Kinda shitty if you solo, really shitty if you group with randoms. If you already bought the game and installed and shit, you can join me. I'm about to pick up a gold vault key and go crack a vault open.
File: 1604410749574.png (427 KB, 767x564)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
>solo sloop
>skelly sloop drops two drunk chests and skeleton chest
>find crying chest outside vault
>get tribute chest from vault
>sink another skelly sloop for another skeleton chest and crate of dust
>mass of other higher end shit
>level 5 gold hoarder emissary
>double gold weekend
Easy gold.
File: blackbeard hug.gif (2.62 MB, 540x304)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB GIF
There's a few way to play this game, but as it is with most games you just need to be patient with a lot of them.
>I'm playing solo sloop, what's the best way to play?
Start off with Gold Hoarders or Order of Souls. You'll want to get some practice in with facing skeletons and solving riddles. If you are attacked by a ship, sail into the edge of the world so your ship and its contents (treasure included) will despawn instead of being taken by more experienced pirates. Don't fight, you will lose.
>I'm playing with a group, what ship do you recommend?
I recommend for newer players who have a group of friends to start out in a brigantine instead of a galleon, since galleons are harder to control and leave no room for mistakes. Once you get more experience do I suggest a galleon, you'll need to start doing callouts for steering the ship, angling sails, etc.
>I want to play with randoms, what do you suggest?
Getting on microphone and choosing the brigantine or sloop. noobs flock to the galleon because they think more players = stronger ship but that just means you'll have to focus on repairing all the holes more often on both decks.
>What about the floating skulls in the sky? What do I do about those?
World events are something new players tend to magnetize towards or completely avoid. Skeleton forts are good, sure, but you'd need a decent crew for that or else you're gonna get swamped by a flock of boneheads with hooks and flintlocks. Plus, anyone can see a skull fort at any time and snag the loot when you finish up. Instead, look for sunken ships, mermaid statues, skeleton ships, megalodons and krakens instead since those are easier to manage.
The purpose of solo sloops is to be easy cannon fodder for the people who actually play the game.
File: sansPNG.png (83 KB, 255x145)
83 KB
its an undertale reference
>more players = stronger ship
why not just sail in a fleet?
so im gathering that steering ships is supposed to be like steering an actual ship?
are the stronger characters stronger because of experience and general skill or because of levels?
File: inkeavjjewf41.jpg (157 KB, 960x960)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Because random players don't know what an alliance is, and fleet servers are fucking stupid.
>are the stronger characters stronger because of experience and general skill or because of levels?
General skill, not level. There's no stats, just flat damage numbers.
>so im gathering that steering ships is supposed to be like steering an actual ship?
yeah, basically the ship you currently possess is the amount of times it takes to rotate the wheel for a full turn.
sloop = 1 rotation
brig = 2 rotations
galleon = 3 rotations
and that's also why having 2 people on top deck at all times is a generally good way of navigating a ship, you can usually just have one person on wheel / back sail while the other deckhand is on the other 2 sails and harpoons in case you need a harpoon turn. while it's not a bad strategy to have at least one boarder, you can also snipe people on-deck with cannonballs if you're close enough. the strongest galleon crews tend to coordinate the best.
>random players don't know what an alliance is
ur saying they will betray you?
what is wrong with fleets? it sounds so cool
so if the ship handling is supposed to b realistic, does this mean smaller ships can move faster and obv they are easier to handle

so if you are soloing and you are a strong player. how will you fare?
>so if the ship handling is supposed to b realistic, does this mean smaller ships can move faster and obv they are easier to handle
Ships move faster than each other depending on wind
>Sloop - fastest against the wind
>Brig - fastest perpendicular to the wind
>Galleon - fastest with the wind
Sloops are the easiest to handle and can more quickly turn, but they are outgunned and more crippled if the mast goes down.
> so if you are soloing and you are a strong player. how will you fare?
A competent solo slooper can be deadly, especially if they can maneuver really well. You have to constantly monitor every status component of your ship though. Steering, sails, cannons, repairs, and bailing all have to be managed
File: 1618967966679.jpg (306 KB, 3178x1800)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
A friendly remind that sweatlords who server hop just to find level 5 reapers are cunts who would get rekt by a non-marked player pvp
I was playing solo last night and even though I didn't sink the brig of 3 people I managed to chase them away from an ashen winds event and solo the entire thing myself uncontested. I beat the ever living fuck out of them and chased them a good while. They even jumped ship to 2v1 me, but I beat both of them. Just couldn't catch up to them to take advantage of them being down two.
File: 1545789968248.jpg (60 KB, 604x460)
60 KB
Just got SoT during the sale, should I spend my gold on unlocking emissaries first?
hows the game nowadays? I played it like a year ago on gamepass and I remember it being really fun at first then incredibly boring, wondering if I should get it for $20 on steam
Get it on steam there's SO much to do now, especially with all the tall tales and optional quests.
File: mvj9crjhsrv51 (1).jpg (77 KB, 640x640)
77 KB
Where do you find the grenades and special cannon balls? Keep getting mogged by them
Barrels, check around the outpost you spawn at and any island you go to
blunderbombs, they're lava-colored glass bottles that you can toss, same with firebombs
>special cannonballs
luck be with you for finding them, friend
>can get attacked at outposts
that's rather annoying. selling my shit and all the resources i gathered get wasted cause some guys blow up my sloop while i'm not on it. stole some of the loot they were trying to sell at least since the 1 guy was shit :^)
anybody who has a mic want to play? put your steam and Ill add you
this isnt a good place to find a crew
no one here actually plays by themself
Any tips for sloop vs brig combat? If both crews know what are they doing i dont see how sloop can win.
Is this more PvE or PvP game? How much content does it have?
in history smaller ships used their mobility to their advantage
its a PvP game
the content is in interaction with other players
if you play it like a PvE coop thing youll get bored and itterate some retarded ign reviewer opinion about puddles and depth
>sailing around for 20 minutes
>no random events
>get too close to another player
>they agro and start a fight
>skelly sloop joins the fight
>skelly galleon joins the fight
>megalodon joins the fight
can you not pile up on us that hard
I love when that shit happens right after you have your ship loaded up with loot from the super awesome good treasure fort you had to fight off several other crews for, right when you finished, so you have very little cannonballs or boards left over and you get sunked after one of your crew mates decides it's not worth playing anymore and ragequit uninstalls.
fuck this was one of my earlier runs
>gathering map pieces
>reaper always on the tail
>lose him in the storm
>get the key and loot the vault while feeling paranoid
>just as we leave island fight happens
>win but feeling shaky
>skelly appears
>sail right into gunpowder and sink with all the loot
stupid barrels spawning right on course every time
sloop vs brig is fun because if you're like me on a sloop you can easily out-maneuver the brig by simply going to an island with a bunch of rocks (shipwreck bay being my kino choice of pass) and doing a bunch of well-placed harpoon turns in order to lead the brig around the island before getting a bunch of good shots on them with curse balls and chain shots
File: Template.png (10 KB, 411x340)
10 KB
you mean like this?
i tried this but window for shots is pretty small and i miss most of the time, really need to practice more
sure i can escape easily but what the fun in that?
File: image_2021-05-31_190023.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
Normal for a voyage to give me 8 locations in one go? Never seen it before.
Yup, happens to me a lot. Can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you're feeling.
Find the cannons that work for you. Some absolutely suck for shooting.
File: 1602399889417-v.png (49 KB, 300x333)
49 KB
where do I find a qt pirate gf?
>making it to the Tier 4 in emissary rankings with only 20k to spare and 2 hours left
wew, close one
>sink my first other boat
>he calls me a faggot
i like it, reminds me of my cod days
so after finally trying reaper i see 4 kinds of reactions
>coward crews who see the flag on the map and bail hard
>rational crews who sell everything and try to take you on with nothing to lose
>vigilant crews minding their business who will fight if threatened
>pvp sweats who serverhop to chase reapers all day
all in all it can be both super hard or relaxing experience when whole server avoids or hunts you
File: ship.png (160 KB, 501x518)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
So, this is the path i take on shipwreck bay when i'm chased by a brig, it's why i solo sloop in the ancient isles every time. Takes practice to figure out but once you get it you can get the timing and angle down perfectly at full speed with tailwind as well.
>Step 1: come from the opening at the south west rocks, half turn towards north and get on the right harpoon immediately, pull until your side almost knocks the arch then release, the wheel will keep you steady before you knock into it
>Step 2: look where the brig is turning, choose a side to turn out depending on how you want to approach (if they follow you in i guarantee they're crashing into the arch or one of the smaller rocks) then harpoon turn and fix the wheel when you detach.
All the ARG marketing with the runes has got to lead to a large content update soon right?
This year was supposed to be the biggest year for content updates and it’s been pretty bad so far; they’ll probably add a bunch next season if I’m coping right.
The new cracked skull fort is pretty fucking good. Everyone on the server stops what they're doing to at least go check it out. Reaperfags that get there first usually get their shit pushed in as well, which is fucking hilarious. Other than that, it's been pretty lame, yeah
yeah some decent looking stuff coming out, much needed emergent threats
File: 1607199602864.png (558 KB, 1074x856)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
>don't wanna commit to a crew
>start solo slooping and decide I'll just putter about and do random events
>hit up a few islands until I'm at 200+ wood and 300+ cannonballs
>head towards a flameheart event and start clearing the first wave
>see a brig in the distance heading my way
>break off the event when they start shooting me from a distance
>start giving them Hell for having the audacity to interrupt me
>goes on for about 5 minutes
>skeleton ship pops up between us when we're abreast of each other
>brigfags bug out while I'm blocked
>decide chasing the niggers isn't worth the effort
>start fighting skeleton ship instead
>get off a single barrage before a galleon that literally spawned from the fucking ether starts trying to light me up
>immediately ditch the skeletons and start fighting the galleon
>stay at a distance the entire time because my sloop is a tiny fucking target and people who aren't me are shit with cannons as well as avoiding any of them trying to jump on my ship
>constantly chain shotting their masts and setting their ship on fire
>at some point a megalodon spawns and starts taking an occasional potshot at them as well before disappearing about 10 minutes in
>after about an hour of sustained fighting they're looking pretty low
>get in close and slam them with a ballast ball
>one of them ignores his obviously sinking ship and fires off a cannonball that directly hits and kills me
>haven't died the entire time and start panicking that I've lost after dominating the entire battle
>come back and my ship is still alive
>look behind me and see their ship going belly up
>repair ship and head over to their grave
>they all mermaid out before I get there and there's nothing but a rowboat left
One of the best times I've ever had in this game.
Had a guy try to convince me and my pal to buy some crypto currency
Anyone had a crew that was excellent at everything and active then just all of a sudden stop at a stand-still right when some other ship attacks you, so you're stuck doing everything until you get boarded and killed over and over while you watch your dead-eyes crew stand in the corner on the ship of the damned?
so my friends and i recently started playing but we're fucking dogshit when it comes to ship v ship stuff... how do we stop sucking so much?
Ship vs ship training can be done in the Arena. It's all that with only a single chest grab but you can get way more points just with cannonballs. Unfortunately, afaIk it's just sloops and galleons.
I'm gonna assume 3 man galleon would just be a bad time so we should save arena for when one of us wont be playing and sloop it?
File: 1234.png (2 KB, 274x79)
2 KB
What >>335005 is saying is solid advice.
The most important thing for ship combat is call outs and knowing who is doing what. Here's a few tips:
>when you have holes, bailing > patching
>canon shots curve depending on the helm position
>when sailing against the wind, flat sails are better than angled sails
>avoid using the anchor as much as possible
>there is a split second pause when an enemy boards a ship that they cannot defend against an aimed blunderbuss shot at point blank
>use your sound, SoT uses tons of audio queues
>always stay mobile

Some ship tips--
>easy to disable, hard to sink
>fastest ship against the wind
>fastest ship with wind
>easy to control
>only 1 lower deck, but easy to bail
>most firepower
>crew needs to be on point
>sails and anchor are slow to move
>can take a pounding, but a good crew will shoot bottom deck holes rather than middle

I have close to 1,000 hours in this game if the Xbox PC app is accurate, I'd be happy to give any tips or show a new crew the ropes.
File: sea-of-thieves_flag.jpg (14 KB, 474x266)
14 KB
File: 1574806072408.png (225 KB, 800x600)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>tfw run this flag to bait a fight
>>when you have holes, bailing > patching
make sure your water is bailed to a manageable level before attempting to patch the holes

That makes sense. But "bailing" can be understood as jump off your ship, which is quite silly.
Not really, its mostly context in this situation. You bail water with a bucket, and you would abandon a ship if you were to be "bailing" in that sense.
Truthfully there's never a time you abandon your ship
File: 1608011221749.png (144 KB, 500x521)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
I'm going to be honest. It's fairly obvious that a sequel is being made for this game
>b-b-but muh 10 year lifespan
just means that rare will keep the light on
>they could totally can xbox one version to allow more content!
not going to happen
>muh gaas!
Doesn't mean there isn't any chance of a sequel
prove me wrong fags
File: 1521543063460.jpg (91 KB, 1672x943)
91 KB
Why is there no general for sea of thieves in /vg/?
Why is the only thread here?
it would die
do you know how long these threads last?
But wouldn't actually having a general incentivize more talk about the game?
The traffic on /vm/ must be a tiny fraction of that of /vg/, if people saw the game having a general in /vg/ I think it would spark more conversation
I for one have tons of things to say and talk about the game but when I see that there's no threads in two of the most used video game related boards, I just don't bother
>there's never a time you abandon your ship
Yet I always end up with crew that do just that leaving me to bail and repair by myself smfh
no it wouldnt
it would be you and one other person bumping the thread with the "tons of things you want to say and talk about the game" and then when you go to bed it would die
You're free to try making one though.
>Ship vs ship training can be done in the Arena
it's just turned into boarding and spawn camping like adventure mode. I really wish they'd make the pvp less clunky, because it just turns into a shit fest me and other pirates looking like faggots sword spamming or fucking up shots
It's a shame because I fucking love ship v ship combat and a lot of the chaos that goes with it. It's dogshit to be a solo slooper though and get raped by two or three boarders.
That said it's the current best strategy to sink ships and as much as I loathe it, I still practice as much as I can. But if I'm solo slooping in adventure and a ship with 2 or more players shows up, I'm running away like a coward since I do way better maneuvering than handling boarders
As a galleon player I hate sloops that attack and run. I mean it's their best strategy, it's just so annoying. I get that it's what you have to do though. I love the sweaties that try to stick around and fight like they have a chance 2vs4.

Also, the guy steering should be able to hear and see anyone trying to board by a ladder, he can jump down while pulling out a blunderbuss and kill anyone who thinks they can get on by that route. Now the ones that use a cannon to launch themselves to your ship, that's another story, just remember, they usually head straight for the capstan and have to stop to lower it, that's when you shoot them.
File: 1622229263651.jpg (178 KB, 1080x1349)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
i never get why people try making generals here instead of /vg/ aside from big games like Risk of Rain or TF2, and even those are kinda inactive. /vm/ is just a smaller board all together.
File: ce5.jpg (4 KB, 230x79)
4 KB
Twice now over 2 days I had assholes join my crew and set the ship on fire and grief in any way they could. After they left I looked in my recent players list and found that they went to playing Fortnite. I never played it so is there ways to grief in Fortnite? I wanna give the cunts a taste of their own medicine.
There was a thread on /vg/ when the game came out. It kept hitting page 10 because no one could be bothered to keep the thing bumped and there wasn't enough conversation in-thread to keep it alive organically. Which I'm sure the /sotg/ Discord server probably wasn't helping things
man, this game really leave bad aftertaste when you get dunked while heading back to sell after 3 hour long haul
>heading back after voyage with duo brig
>duo sloop out of nowhere aggros on us
>sink them, they are empty save for resourse crates
>forget about them
>head to outpost and start selling
>same sloop comes to us again and catches us with pants down
>sink with half the loot not sold
>spawn thousand miles away
fuck these guys
if only we had 3rd crewmate..
yeah i had 1 time of getting sunk with lots of loot and now i'm full puss mode and basically anytime i go by an outpost i sell
File: WAHAHA.gif (201 KB, 200x200)
201 KB
201 KB GIF
>getting this mad
no matter how you look at it these guys won. props to them.
Now that‘s a tall tale.
>comes back multiple times the thread multiple times to complain about a game
First post for me, tranny. Apart from skins, what new content is there?
>what new content is there?
When was the last time you played? Just look at the update history.
6 months ago, no content
>Shipwreck voyages
>Season trials
>Fort of fortune
>Duke changes
>New building being built
Alright dude, whatever you say
>no new ships
>no new biomes
>no new enemies
>no incentives for PvP
They are rehashing what‘s in the game with their skeleton crew
>>no new ships
Thing they never said they would add, plus can't add due to hardware limitations
>>>no new biomes
See above
>>no new enemies
>hes not an insider
>>no incentives for PvP
Do you even play the game? That's incentive enough.
>plus can't add due to hardware limitations

The game is on Xbox One. It's the main reason behind the 6 ship server maximum, 4 player maximum per ship, only one world event at a time, lack of new areas (though that might change) and other things. I would love to see the day they drop support for a 8 year old console but I assume they want the xbox one playerbase to be below a certain threshold before they pull the plug.

Only one intimately familiar with the development process and performance testing can claim this to be so, and even then I would doubt such statements. Moreover, having new ships doesn't mean you need to allow for more ships/players on a server so the idea that having a different kind of a ship will introduce performance issues is unfounded.
>Only one intimately familiar with the development process and performance testing
Or you know, just read/watch what the developers have talked about for fucking years

How does that address the difficulty of introducing a new ship?
Why are you trying to do damage control for an abandoned game?
Anyone up for playing? Don't care what we do or what the crew size is as long as it's not tall tales. If you're new I'll help you out with your shit and teach some shit you don't know. Just reply to me if you're interested and I'll post my discord/gamertag/steam for you to add me. Please have a mic, I don't care what your voice sounds like, I just want to play with peeps.
You have a twisted view of what wins. I'm not mad I just want to troll their game for a while. Is it worth the dl?
You have a ship for 1-2 players, you have a ship for 1-3 players and one for 1-4 players (yes you can gally alone but fuck is it hard) what you want a 5 man ship?6? A gally is slow and clumbsy af and will never win combats without a good crew, I can't imagine having bigger ships and being a better experience.
This is the case, without regular content added people only play after new content comes out, and most of them are sweaties that play it all out in 3 days. For the past month I have struggled to get full crews in my galleon open crew games.
>ashen winds spawns near me
>for first time in ages, no reaperfags on server
>start and finish first ash boss solo without getting interrupted
>literally no other players on my side of the map
Peak comfy, it was nice to not get rushed during an event for once

Could use a 1-man ship, and better solo content too. Mostly I just see "hardware limitation" as a very poor excuse, I assume the devs themselves didn't say that so we can drop it.
Happened with me and my gf the other day. We started up and fort of fortune was going on so we said fuck it let's try it because neither of us had done it before. Did the entire thing without seeing a single ship on the horizon. I think the ashen boss glitched out too because he died while no one was damaging him.
File: hitreg.jpg (42 KB, 657x775)
42 KB
Missed with that first sniper shot but it counted anyway because of this games shitty hitreg. Second shot was good tho.
how do you quickscope?
Didn't imagine someone would check my frames lol.

You aim and shot. That's it!
The aim will always be on the center of your screen, so you don't need to keep aiming.
As soon as you enter in aim mode/iron sight you press to shoot.
Also... when you start to notice that its more about where you feel the enemy is, than where it shows on screen, you'll hit much more and stop complaining all the time about hitreg

add me if you wanna play together
File: Wololo.png (168 KB, 400x400)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
For a game with its entire progression being focused on cosmetics, its retarded you have to delete your character if you want to change your body type or face
File: Ron Paul.jpg (58 KB, 680x564)
58 KB
I rage at diversity flags in games
you can spend $2 in the emporium and buy a character change potion. idk why you can't just pick the parts you want from the get go tho desu
I think he means that you have to throw away how your old character looks if you want a different look because the game wont save your old looks

if I could swap between my female pirate and my chad I would
oooo, yeah it's fucking stupideither way
>finally came across an ancient skelly and put him down right away
Made this shit week worth it
File: sot american.jpg (245 KB, 1920x1080)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>tfw writing the declaration of independence 1st draft
are they that rare? only saw 3 myself
just a bit more and free bp is mine
I've gotten at least 3000 coins from them, I find doing island voyages with newbs gets them more often but make sure you let them know about them so they don't run away from them.
I've had one of them spawn on the desk at a seaport. They literally pop up anywhere there's land.
Yup, I've had 5 of them spawn on Shipwreck bay, if that helps.
They can even pop up during arena
How do you find people to play with that aren't pants-on-head retarded?
afk slot-fillers, "f*shoids* and other people who simply don't use sails or raise anchor should be shot in the fucking neck
i'm sorry whats?
You mean a rowboat? I can't tell you how many times one of those saved my ass, and got me a ton of stolen treasure.
I find that the people who don't work the sail are the ones who board enemy ships and fuck them up. It's still annoying to have to do all the sailing yourself all the time tho and worse if you'r edoing the repairs and bailing. All the work and none of the fun.
Wait, people join random crews just to fucking fish? disgusting
File: 76543654736.png (1.09 MB, 847x623)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>I have returned
This came out of nowhere really..
It did but damn if I'm not excited for it. Maybe I'll finally get a nice tricorne, too.
So, are they adding a new region to the game or something? I've always wanted a port town in sot.
From what I'm gathering it's 5 tale tales, new enemies, probably a couple of new islands or a new region, new cosmetics, and probably a new faction to grind reputation with their own missions
The tall tales thing didn't occur to me, but that's pretty sweet.
D'you think we'll get a new fish?
File: Davy Jones.png (1.18 MB, 869x1003)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I'm pretty stoked. Davy Jones is the last bit of Piratey Lore we needed in SoT.
im so fucking happy, PoC is the reason a lot of people try this game in the first place
and finally after all these years more enemies other than fucking skellys

I hope we get some costumes for them, specially davey jones
the barnacle boys boarding your ship in the trailer looked fun. about time.
I'm pretty stoked about the very existence of a new type/faction of enemy. I would imagine, or hope, that they won't get limited to just appearing in tall tales. If there is a new region, I would guess they'll be that region's pve enemy. I wonder how that would factor in to OoS missions.
Also they said something about side quests, yeah?
also evil mermaids
>as new enemy types featured in the Tall Tales spill out across the world.
Seems the new enemies will be all over rather than just in the TT or just in the new areas.
File: superlaugh.png (837 KB, 648x671)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
>those pissed merfolk
File: asdf2345sdfg45.png (1009 KB, 1045x873)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
I be formin' a crew: https://discord.gg/eYrUvEEM
So, will we have a bunch of lobbies of relative sociable non-tards when the update drops?
That's always the hope.
Did anybody else think the Pirates of the Carribean/Sea of Thieves crossover is a bit cringe and disappointing?

I also had my hopes up for some stuff that isn´t just tall tales you probably end up playing once.
Just saw the pirates trailer.

I want to play but nofrens
Make some >>341468
File: file.png (409 KB, 602x638)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
>when you finally have supplies but you're about to pass out
the official sot discord is full of crayon eaters but its the only way to find people if youre a loner. one in a hundred is actually good, from there you can be invited to smaller better communities
literally the whole “well you cant prove god doesnt exist” argument

tf would they be doubling down in bed w disney selling this game like hotcakes if they just wanted all the new players to just buy another new game? bat shit stupid logic bro, game pretty much came put in the beta phase. fuck i swear the sot community is retarted af
“GiVe Me PvE sErVeRs” lol sounds like you suck. youre flying reapers, its literally risk vs reward fucking retard
File: chunky lad.png (1.29 MB, 1137x838)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
POV: your'r a good crew mate :)
his face gives big fat bastard vibes

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