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anyone here playing war blunder?
Yeah I've been playing since 2016. I fucking hate german players so much it is unreal.
>I fucking hate german

simple as
Yeah, since 2014.

My hate for germans is immeasurable and I hate playing them, the moment i spade my german MiG 21 I'm moving to the french permanently.
I haven't played recently but as a new player I'm impressed with how much effort went into the april fools event.
since 2014 and i want to fucking die
eventhough the cc program is kinda nice
hehe, playing since 2015, i have a good time with my Japanese super props but have started to move towards ground battles, im at 7.7 japan tanks rn.
playing since 2012, it's ok, I wish I could queue to specific maps only, though
I used to play arcade battles a lot, looking into picking it up again now that I have a VR headset.
g*rman hand holding will never end anon

They have the most players so they will always have the most percentage of bad players because of that to bring down their win rates and gajin will always (((adjust))) the BRs to favor them. Perfectly explains shit like US M48 vs German M48 different BR for the same tank or the fact Tigers and Panthers are undertiered. The average german player will do fine in most of their tanks but there are so many retards that drag them down to cause their vehicles to get buffed or allied tanks at the same BRs to get raised.
Shits just a cash grab scam now
Quit after 800 hours. I accomplished nothing and talked to hardly anyone.....

i would play again in a heartbeat
I quit when they added crew skills.

>just grind 50 hours per crew slot or else other players will be able to turn 50% harder for twice as long as you

manage your energy dude
i'm not interested in overcoming mechanical disadvantages that were inserted into the game for the sole purpose of increasing the grind. i don't know why anyone would be.

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