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it has a giant alligator lady with tits, cant be that bad...right?

jokes aside, apparently the quests are well done and the story is actually good, or so I'm told
Quests and music are definitely Runescape’s strong points. Gameplay is still pretty bad but I hear the boss fights are okay. Like everything in the game I expect it to be a terrible grind though. I stopped playing RS3 about the time they introduced p2w gacha shit so can’t really comment on its current state.
its fun if youre a neet and have the time to play an ironman
Yes, you should play rs3
File: Ron.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240)
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Only if you enjoy hands off games that take almost no effort to play... id rather play rs3 then watch cable but most the time id play other things. the fact that its mobile makes it a little more playable. id say its worth a try 6/10
>download game
this really is like the ultimate clicker
Genuinely the only MMO I know to have really fantastic quests.
It's also pretty braindead easy to play for the most part, so you can enjoy it while watching TV or something.
It's definitely not a game that takes all your attention or interest though.
honestly? if you are going to play runescape at all, you should be botting it. otherwise, you will be performing an action 160,000 times just to get a useful cape. no, i am not exaggerating about that number. its right around the exact amount.
thats also just for one variant of the cape.

it was good back in its prime, but the fact that nothing was done to address the extreme grind is really jarring.
>nothing was done to address the extreme grind
XP rates have powercrept literally 10x for some skills.
Xp rates have been power crept to hell in rs3, you can have all skills to 80+ in like 100 hours if you just stick to the grind.
oh. i was commenting more on how it was up til about 2010-2011, and the rates in osrs.
fuck jagex though, i should be allowed to bot shit that is producing almost no money to inject into the economy.

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