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File: 1575855834500.png (64 KB, 370x360)
64 KB
I am 26 years old and I've been playing TF2 since 2008.
I've been playing TF2 for almost as long as I've went through puberty.
I've been playing TF2 for over half of my life.
I've clocked 6320 hours in this game. That's 263 days of TF2. That's more than half a year of my life just spent playing TF2.
I'm past even the point of playing it as background noise. I have really, truly transcendent the game.
It's just nothing to me.
When I play TF2, it's like nothing. It's blank. It's like my mind is in a void. I don't think, consciously or unconsciously. Every action is just pure instinct. Playing TF2 is like tasting air, or seeing darkness, or hearing silence. It's. Just. Not. There.
I tried custom servers. I tried new maps. I tried all the mods. I tried TF2C, I tried C.tf, I tried OF. Still, nothing. There is nothing I can do in TF2 that can activate me anymore. My nerve endings are completely frayed. It's the noises, the images, the colors, the movement, the weapons, the mechanics. It's all been completely oversaturated in my brain.
I wish I could stop, but I have literally nothing else to do with my free time. I'm never in the mood to play anything, I'm never in the mood to watch anything, I'm never in the mood to read anything. And playing TF2 is just my default state now. It's just something that happens in between browsing 4chan and masturbating.
I really, really wish I could stop.
Are you at least as good as b4nny?
How many hours playing each class? What is your least played class?
Play overwatch. You'll like it more, I used to be you
I wouldn't even call myself good anymore, actually. I think I was at my best when I had about 1,000-2,500 hours in the game. It's when I had both the experience and the attention. I cared about getting kills or getting killed, so I actually tried.
Now that it's all mechanical, I just don't bother.
I still regularly reach top 3 frag on casual servers, but there are also a lot of games where I don't. In custom matchmaking or custom servers I'm not much above mediocre.

I dunno, I reset the counter thing several times (on accident, I think, when going through periods of uninstalling/reinstalling the game and formatting my PC and whatnot).
Right now my most played class by far is demoman, and least played is pyro. I also don't play medic much.

I tried Overwatch when it first came out. I played maybe 40-ish hours of that before it lost my attention.
have you fapped to miss pauling?
fap to olivia
File: 1597143927373.jpg (129 KB, 1920x1080)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
You sound like you got some personal issues anon.
Hopefully you'll find the motivation to try out different things or just take a break for a little bit until what currently makes you feel nothing has the opposite effect.

I have had the same issue, back in 2015-2016 I felt like I was in a constant rut, nothing new was happening and I was doing the same thing everyday.
It got to a point where I was annoyed at myself for sticking to the same things day after day while also not having any motivation to try out anything new.
I eventually decided to just stop being an idiot and do something different, literally anything different than just "wake up, eat, play vidya, watch youtube" and slowly over time I started to enjoy my "old" routine now that I had tweaked it and made the changes I needed to do earlier.
Example of what I changed up was just exercising more in general, going out for walks or hitting up the gym/going for a swim sometimes, learning to cook (instead of being a ez ramen noodle level cook).

Change up your routines, get some exercise to improve your mental health, stop being a little bitch and get out of your comfort zone.
Are you asking for advice to enjoy tf2 again and get better at playing it, or are you lamenting the fact that such a dull passtime is taking up so much of your life?
try out mvm anon, it's pretty fun!
File: feelsguy.png (18 KB, 645x773)
18 KB
>wake up, eat, play vidya, watch youtube
fuck me, that's me. i want to stop but i can't
You can’t, or you don’t?
learn how to greentext ffs
Had the same problem with CSGO, back in 2015-2017 it used to be my favorite game, but unfortunatly the game mutated into something I don't like, but I kept playing it hoping to have the same amount of fun I used to have when I first started playing it, I have around 5k hours in cs and I really regret wasting this much time not having fun. Trust me, you're never going to have as much fun as you used to have, the only thing that ended this horrible cycle for me was when I decided to delete it and never touch it again, eventually my brain regulated itself and now I can have fun like I used to, but with different games. Now I look at cs and I just see a shadow of what it used to be, its better to just forget it and move on.
>he can only read posts if they're in greentext format
4chan has fried your brain.
There once was a time when excessive, needless greentexting was a sign of newfaggotry...
File: 1616686623965.png (519 KB, 720x720)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
Jesus fucking christ. This has the same tone as a alchie or drug addict admitting they have a problem.

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