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File: TF2Stim.png (201 KB, 640x640)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Please Play Our Game Edition
Last thread was starting to lose its momentum.

>Post loadouts, titan/pilot themes and stats
>Join the tfg network, announce stacks in the thread
>Beginners "Go Fast" guide:

If someone has that public "music to fast to" Youtube playlist, be a darling and throw that in here too since I lost the link.
reposting from /v/

how the fuck do i fix my mouse locking up for a second or so every few minutes
it only happens in titanfall 2 and i'm not running an amd motherboard that had issues with usb ports either
First thoughts would be a driver issue, but if its only happening with Titanfall then there might be something in the config files you can change. Sure it might not be something like RGB/Macro software fucking it up?
thats a phase shift pilot lmao who made this
How does it feel playing a game that died 4 years and is solely populated by people who only got the game because of e-celeb? Even the use of the [tfg] tag is silly, considering that everyone that made it was it was has since moved on as well.
I dont even know what eceleb you are reffering to. I picked the game up a few weeks ago because I found out there was a robomommy in the game
File: viper.png (318 KB, 544x400)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
game fun
File: EPG.png (1.77 MB, 2048x1564)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Worst case scenario; new players are regeneration food for my Softball.
Best case scenario; I make more fast friends in the AU region
you better not be part of that faggot 4 stack that just spams the softball
fuck i hate those cunts so much
Nope. I just alternate between EPG, Kraber and Softball. Haven't partied up in ages.
>died years ago
>/tfg/ moved on
Nope, they even recently made a discord server. And who cares about it anyway? Game's so good
Nah Idk if I can give it away. Besides, you're not missing out on anything (I guess)
>be over gen 20
>still can't slide hop properly
I know, I'm a fucking shame. I watched every tutorial I could get my hands on, yet I can't manage to do it in a way it makes me go faster. I just want to go F A S T bois
Why is a-wall so shit bros....
File: 20210219205320_1.jpg (141 KB, 1920x1080)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Wake me up when TF1 servers will be fixed or somebody make a master server and unlock all game modes in TFO.
Shame. None of my friends play tf2 or they play on console
If you're so desperate to find people, just join the TFG network. It started all from there anyway
>get the gamepass for 1 buck to ply SoT with my friends
>months later, Titanfall 2 is added to the list
>try to install it twice
>EA Desktop either fucks up the installation process or crushes completely, forcing me to reinstall everything again
Is the multiplayer really that good? Becuse I'm really tempted to get the game in some other way just to play the campaign, if you catch my drift.
Also, why did EA develop two different platforms if none of them work properly?
File: 1614915034165.jpg (72 KB, 611x479)
72 KB
Yep. Doesn't matter that you can get a match within a minute if that match is nothing like what you'd play pre-2018
>they recently made a discord server
I'll let you pick the reason why that's laughable
A) Because discords are inherently shite, and the fact that it needs to exist to facilitate grouping further points out that things are dead. Protip: if the game were alive and so was the group, you wouldn't only ever see 2 people online max and need to send out a ping in a discord server to get a stack
B) Because not only was the original discord the worst part of the old general, but there's also the fact that the doors were closed on it after things had died down and the threads were no longer being made, so it being a thing now further hammers in the point that it's being kept alive by new cancer

The players that made [tfg] and Titanfall 2 what it was are long gone, and you queers are just running around in its corpse playing pretend
Multiplayer is great but it's riddled with a shitty unfun to play against meta, balance is all over the place.
SMGs are hitscan, are perfectly accurate and have various positive gimmicks but none of the downsides that other weapons posses.
Titans themselves are fine, Tone's a bit too easy to get frags with and Monarch is just outright broken due to having too many positives (hitscan primary weapon, a heal on hit) with no of the negatives other titans have.
File: lolahahhaexd.jpg (153 KB, 1376x790)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
post ur time spent stats I wanna know the average time spent in air is cause I like priding myself on the dumb movement tech in this game
>Influx of new players
>A literal full lobby of Stim/SMG
>Can't even use Grapple and EPG properly because of how tilted I'm getting
I don't like being annoyed, but the sooner these guys learn that they aren't good because of the balancing, the better.
>enemy team full of new players
>they mostly use hitscan weapons
>but they lack spatial awareness
>but they are walk in straight predictable paths, making them especially easy epg targets
>but they are not ejecting when doomed and I'm right next to them in my titan
It almost felt bad to kill them but I want those killing sprees for the Northstar Paintjob
The map pool kind of fucked me because of all the open maps, but oh boy. The moment War Games loaded up I felt a little better.
Played my first match in this game last night and managed to get 10 kills and third place on my team. I suck ass and was confused the whole time but it seems like despite there being huge numbers of options for perks and weapons, you can do okay with the default stuff?
Cloak is great because it gives you extra survivability vs titans and people who overly rely on enemies being highlighted. A little useless without the Stealth Jets kit.
R201 is okay because it outguns the CAR in close quarters but has terrible recoil and spread.
Frags are great, you get 2 of them and you can cook them perfectly. You even hear a beep when they're about to go off so you know when to let go.
Death HUD and Wallhang are awful. Wallhang and hover can be used in some gimmicks, but generally aren't worth it.
Thanks! I've only used the R201 so far and it's been fine, but I'm gonna try other weapons as they unlock. Someone kept mercking me with an energy gun called like the E1 or something, so I'd like to get my hands on that.

Hover got me a few kills in my most recent match but it's good to know wallhang is largely useless. I'll try out cloak and stuff too, there seem to be a lot of different viable options, I guess.
The biggest gripe of wallhang and hover is that they just kill your momentum, and the slot they occupy can be used for Titan Hunter or Stealth jets, which both of are vastly superior.
All of Kit 1 choices are fine imo, Phase Embark pretty much exists to be used with that warp titanfall without shield kit.
Most of the weapons in this game have gimmicks to them, Rifles (besides flatline) and SMGs, Spitfire, EVA8 and DMR are just regular boring cawadoody weapons.
Give the Grenadier category a shot, although SMR and Softball can be kinda hard to use.
As of the Pilot abilities
Cloak and Phase Shift are generally suited for extending your own survivability; Cloak does necessitate usage of the Stealth Jets kit otherwise people in titans will see you easly, while Phase Shift kinda leaves a trail while you're phased so people still can track your movements.
Grapple and Stim are purely for movement; Grapple can open a whole new world of movement to you while Stim can be crippling since it teaches bad habits doesn't force you to learn how to build up speed naturally, it also gives you a HP regen boost.
Pulse Blade and Holo-Pilot are both (in my opinion) CQB abilities; Pulse Blade allows you to locate enemies and Holo just lets you bait out people around corners or doorways. Pulse Blade is a one hit kill on enemy Pilots.
A-Wall is bad, it has a purpose but generally is used for camping. It's too slow and if someone sees your wall, they'll just wall-jump and kill you from above.
>Someone kept mercking me with an energy gun called like the E1 or something
Assuming its the EPG grenadier weapon you're talking about, its a slowish projectile that 1-shots with considerable splash to finish off those near a surface. Learning to lead with projectile weapons like the grenadier section, snipers and wingman elite will take time, but it feels great.

As mentioned in >>278543 the softball and SMR can be kind of weird to use. Learning the Softball projectile myself. And its more or less a direct-hit needed to ensure a kill. The Cold War (last grenadier weapon) can more or less be treated as a bombing run for when you're wallrunning on in the air. As hitting players on the ground or near a surface will usually kill them due to the splash.

As much as I despise those running SMGs and Stim. It's probably the best way you're going to get kills early on. And if you plan on using the alternator, tap-firing is much more accurate than just full-autoing like the other ARs/SMGs. Watch the video linked in the OP for an idea on how speed works in the game, as sooner or later you'll start to need it.
Thanks dude! I appreciate all the advice, will definitely be heeding it in my future matches.
Here's my personal take on the titans
Scorch: he's THE CQC melee specialist, his flame shield is EXTREMLY damaging. His main gun is very slow and hits hard, good for range while you try to clear the distance. I think that Tempered Plating kit is a newbie trap, it looks amazing on paper, but use the Thermal Shield one, you're able to literally take a full 5 bars of health with a full charge. His shield also allows him to cheese pilots who dare to take his battery - just stand near a wall, look up and hold the shield. Don't be afraid to get burned on your own fire.

Legion: he's all about the gun, he does insane damage but his gun has very shit effective range. Most of the time you'll be sitting in a long range mode of his gun annoying enemy titans with chip damage and deleting pilots outright. His powershot on cqb is a greatly damaging shotgun blast that is also great for deleting pilots, the long range version actually has splash damage so you can delete pilots who in their hubris think can hide around a corner. All in all, Legion is pretty shit. He feels like he exists soley to delete infantry and pilots, most of the time you'll be locked in various animations. The shield kit is awful, others are fine.

Ion: possibly the most balanced titan in the entire game. Abilities and altfire of gun share an energy resource. Try not to splurge all your energy trying to laser shot a pilot or shitting out traps. The vortex shield really lets you pull off some bullshit and kill braindead pilots. Alt-fire of the gun is very damaging point blank. I personally try to keep everyone mid-range. All kits are fine for Ion, depends how you wanna play.
Tone: possibly the most hated titan in the entire game. The gun kills pilots in one hit and has a massive projectile. Her deployable shield makes fighting Tones VERY annoying. If you see a Tone that deploys their shield, just leave. Don't waste your time and hp bars. Very easy to play due the tracking rockets and massive projectile, which you need to do any damage to enemy titans. The shield kit is useless because it doubles the HP but not time it's active. Also be mindful of Ronins, they can delete your shield.

Ronin: The alleged hit-n'-run titan, great for deleting pilots close by due his extended melee range and fast rof shotgun primary. He has 2+1 dashes by default, he's great for dancing around your opponent while they try to spin around to find you. For me Ronins are more used for suicide bomber tactics. His sword block is great, works in a 360 degree angle somehow. His phase dash is cool but can be lethal for you if you use it willy nilly, as you can tele-frag yourself if you phase into an enemy titan. His last ability is the Arc Wave, it has the unique ability to delete Tone's and Legion's shields on top of doing some damage and stunning the enemy similar to an arc grenade.

Northstar: You'll spend most of your time plinking enemies at range, baiting them to chase you. Once you shoot someone, they'll probably be on a look out for you. Try to just fire those full charge shots, have a small A to B route to patrol that's also your escape and try to take another shot. You should be shitting out tether traps in the path you patrol, making any titan trying to come to you waste more time trying to untangle themselves rather than walk. The cluster missile is great for killing pilots trying to approach you from angles you can't see. The kits are pretty bad, which makes the cluster kit the best, because it covers your shortcoming better- Pilot killing.

Don't use Monarch.
Post your face when happening
File: rickflairbeingweird.gif (3.86 MB, 298x150)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB GIF
Do they also intend to fix Titanfall 1? Not that I play it, just feel bad for those guys.
I believe they’re talking about Titanfall 1.
File: 11298tf2_soldier.jpg (74 KB, 379x360)
74 KB
>died years ago
>had a data center in my city
>turns out it was actually just a few blocks from my apartment
>literally butter smooth ping for most of Titanfall’s lifespan
And then they killed it. Now my closest data center is like two states away Jesus Christ this is awful.
>>If someone has that public "music to fast to" Youtube playlist, be a darling and throw that in here too since I lost the link.
Absolutely based, bookmarked
File: Triple kill to freeze.webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
>Do okay
>Game says 'fuck u'
Also was a treat to play with tfgbros
Why does this game have so much shit to get caught up on?
>go fast
>click head
it's not hard
More like
>Click within 5m of your target
I barely ever see /tfg/ tags in the AU region
I was playing with a guy named Red something, didn't know he was in the network until I saw his name in the network lobby
nina is the only one ive seen, unless that's you
Yes, that is me.
(Yes, I am aware I'm bit of a grenadier shitter)
File: IMG_20190919_065140.jpg (764 KB, 1736x2176)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
>Please Play Our Game Edition
I already do
install latencymon and run it in the background while playing
Any /vmg/-approved clan that you guys have? Would love to play and voice chat with randoms.
>4chan groups
You need to be 18 or older to post here
i would if the refresh rate wasn't capped at 144hz
144hz is fine. No need to let your autism bar you from playing a good game.
Power Cell or Fast Regen?
nope. i can play games released in 1999 that support 240hz+, there's absolutely zero excuse for anything modern to be hard capped.
these are the same guys that did MW2, and that game was hard-capped to 60FPS on PC among a myriad of other issues...
In-game tfg network, should be run by some guy called sniperwaifu with about 2 thousand members. That's as close as we got to an actual clan.

Power Cell is best overall. Ordnance if you spam grenades. Phase Embark really only works with Ion shenanigans, and Fast Regen if you are just a shitter who can't use anything but stim.
rhobiusvoid reporting in, joined the TFG clan
>playing shit with epg
>decide to use car because were losing
>someone calls me out for using a car
Any tf2 discord I can hop and chat about the game and play with bros in?
use Flatline or Alternator, nobody says anything about those
seconding this, I'm in the clan but I much rather prefer some voice chat
File: Pulse blade(NS).webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
I picked it up off a dead dude
Why would you pick up guns off of dead people (unless it's more leveled than yours) when you have infinite reserve ammo?
Not him but you wouldn't belive how many times I've suddenly found myself with a random gun in my hands.
I guess you probably pressed 'E' one too many times while entering a Titan. Sometimes I ejected and found myself with a Spitfire in my hands.
File: be57c.jpg (214 KB, 2560x1440)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>My team is [RDDT] and [FUR]
>Enemy team is a stacc using voice chat
Oh I hate this.
Every RDDT tag I see, I like to annoy them in subtle ways like blatantly stealing kills, getting my titan in the way or throwing smokes.
>do that a couple of times
>"rhobius, stop throwing"
>the person that said that was 3 spots below me in the scoreboard at the end of the match with the most deaths out of anyone

It's like I'm playing Modern Warfare 2's lobbies again.
File: Screenshot (157).png (1.22 MB, 1000x561)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
I had a nice titan party early on,all the lobby was dancing.
we then decided to let the titan decide the fate

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