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File: cityofheroes_logo.jpg (43 KB, 432x610)
43 KB
City of Heroes is back from the dead! You will want the Sweet Tea launcher from http://files.thunderspygaming.net/sweet-tea/ to start. (Now if you're concerned about unknown software, you can submit this to any malware registry and it will come back clean. Security certificate is paid for but taking time.Also the game will NOT finish loading if you have an instance of CoH already running. ) And while that's getting set up you can watch a video that makes ALL gamers look good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECMnAaa83Jk...
In the meantime, I'm your OP and you can call me Shill. (You will anyway so why not own it?) I play mostly on the Thunderspy server and know the most about it. (Don't worry, there are plenty of choices in the next post.) But we are also alerting other servers about this thread in the hopes that they can give themselves fair representation as well.
And finally for those that don't know the game already, City of Heroes is an MMO about Superheroes/ Supervillains you create set in a modern city.
File: cohmmunity.jpg (32 KB, 509x610)
32 KB
Next up is choosing a private server. Note that Sweet Tea comes pre loaded with many of these but you will want the sites for account creation instructions.
All of the servers on this list get along with, and help each other.
Thunderspy https://www.thunderspygaming.net/
Rebirth https://play.cityofheroesrebirth.com/
We Have Cake https://wehavecake.net/
Sanctuary http://sanctuary.host/index.php ***
Unity https://cityofheroesunity.com/portal/public/
Also check out the new community website COHmmunity.com

Sanctuary server is still down at the time of this post, but it will return as Ascension!
File: over 9000.png (46 KB, 1215x233)
46 KB
Then there's these guys just to offer a full selection. Directly descended from the folks that kept the game hidden with lies, deceit, and gas-lighting for 6 years. And it will come as no surprise they don't get along with or help other servers.
Homecoming https://forums.homecomingservers.com/
Ask them about "the talks" for a laugh. Pic is from November 2019.
File: Gnomeland.jpg (124 KB, 1220x610)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Thunderspy has MM pet customization.
Ok it's a it's a rather heavy Thunderspy update tonight! First up are patch notes which are now listed on our new forums! Patch notes at https://thunderspygaming.boards.net/thread/32/patch-notes-march-28th

Kinetic Melee (All Archetypes)

Reduced Power Siphon duration by 30 seconds.
Decreased recharge time by 30 seconds.
Increased damage buff from scale 3 to scale 5.
Made doubly sure it can't stack this time.

>>This is just a follow up on rebalancing Kinetic Melee, as it was performing beyond expectations. One-shotting oranges and reds with stacked Power Siphon is not a good look, especially with the new mini-crit on Concentrated Strike. It's still a stronger and less micro-intensive version of Follow Up, so that goal is still there.

Assault Rifle (All Archetypes)

Increased Buckshot recharge by 4 and Endurance cost by 2.
Swapped Full Auto and Napalm's places on the level up tree (Full Auto now unlocks at 18, Napalm at 32).
Decreased Full Auto's damage from scale 0.162 to 0.14
Decreased Full Auto's recharge time from 60 to 50 seconds.
Reduced Full Auto's accuracy bonus from 1.35 to 1.2
Added two more checks for bonus fire damage to Full Auto.
Turned Full Auto correctly back into a targeted cone.
Sniper Rifle now correctly benefits from Lucky Bullet (fucking redirects...)
Napalm back-loaded damage indirectly buffed (redundant AT damage modifiers, ugh) for defenders, slightly nerfed for Blasters - from scale 0.1 and 0.5 to 0.8 for both. Corruptor damage reduced from 0.067 to 0.05 to compensate for Scourge.
Increased Napalm's recharge time from 20 seconds to 90.

>>Assault Rifle still needs some tuning to get the numbers right and not be totally gamebreaking. With Napalm functioning more like a Capstone Nuke than Full Auto ever has, it makes sense to make it official and swap their places. You'll still melt spawns, they just might get to fight back now. A little.

Indominable Will is now correctly a toggle.

>>It never should've been an auto power. That was a really bad idea.

Savage Melee (Stalkers)

Fixed a bug where the correct kind of Blood Frenzy wouldn't build.


Squashed a few pstrings and bugs.

Hot Fix:

Removed bruising from Super Strength Brutes
Fixed savage melee stalker tokens. Again.

Regeneration (Stalkers)

Fixed a bug where Fast Healing wasn't accepting Recovery enhancements.

Beast Mastery (Masterminds)
Added a 12 second -range debuff to the Howler Wolf attacks.

>>Beast Mastery underperforms as a melee-only Mastermind pet set, as its ability to flexibly adapt to situations and exploit Pack Mentality depends on controlling the crowd. This should fix the problem without changing the overall feel of the powerset.

Martial Arts (Tankers and Stalkers)

Fixed a bug where the Auto Recharge of Focus Chi wasn't applying.

Dual Blades (Stalkers)

Fixed a bug where Follow Up was highlighting even though it wasn't a ComboBlade consumer.

Willpower (Stalkers)

Fixed a bug where Fast Healing wasn't accepting Recovery enhancements.
File: first_start.png (1.09 MB, 1870x1202)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
And Thunderspy player Joe whipped up these useful guides today as well!
File: gear_up_guide_v01.png (3.12 MB, 2538x2196)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG
On the topic of Master Minds (MMs) I may as well mention some of the other changes done to the class before slipping back to general stuff like the costume creator improvements.

Pets are now equal level to the MM within Supremacy range (60') Also the upgrade powers were changed across all sets. Upgrade powers are now 30' auto AOEs that pulse every 5 seconds at 0 end cost.
File: cp1.png (625 KB, 1087x610)
625 KB
625 KB PNG
Now onto the topic of the costume creator. In City of Heroes, how you look has no impact on how your character performs. Even at launch in 2004 you could make millions of possible combinations. Of course this was added to over the several years the game was live! They even added new categories not present at launch like back details (capes, wings, backpacks, etc) and auras. All great stuff! Every server will have these I believe.

At Thunderspy, we have gone a bit farther. We have upped the costume color selection from 160(?) to about 64,000 for a start. We also have asymmetrical gloves and each character can have up to five (5) auras. 1 on each hand, 1 on the chest, and 2 general.

If you're new to the game, on any server, a fun tip is to hit the "random" button several times when making a character.
File: small.png (103 KB, 357x172)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Still on the costume creator, we move to sliders. The CC has a LOT of different sliders for head and body dimensions in the base game. But for now I'll focus on the height slider. Base game let's your character be between 4' and 8' tall.

On Thunderspy it's between 6" and 12'.
File: 926 tall.png (258 KB, 345x426)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
File: 926 flat.png (85 KB, 249x433)
85 KB
Thunderspy has also enhanced the sliders on female chests. So you can go full on "Flat is justice!" if you want.
File: 926 huge.png (518 KB, 499x597)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
OR you can go in the other direction if you like. :)
(Cont. from last thread.)

Suddenly Mary bolted into an upright sitting position, her eyes still closed. Frank pulled his hand back instictively at the motion. Mary's mouth opened into an "O" shape and something came out..

When they had time to talk about it later Frank and Sally would agree they hadn't heard anything exactly, and what they had seen was hard to pin down. But it appeared there was a.. distortion.. that radiated from Mary's mouth in a very short pulse. It was like they could only detect the distortion by the effects it had on the air as it passed in a ripple.

The distortion had passed through Frank and Sally and kept going.

Frank nearly lost his balance due to his own reactive motion but caught himself. Sally said "Frank, what the hell was that?", the concern still in her voice. "I don't know darlin, but nothing to be done for it now." Frank replied

Mary had slumped to the side again looking no more responsive than before. Frank approached again and put his fingers against her neck to check her pulse. Frank was no doctor, but the pulse felt strong and steady to him. "Seems most likely she's just passed out. I think she'll be safe with us at the cabin til she wakes up. Let's get her in the truck where it's warmer. She can sit btween us on the way there."

"Ok you handle that. I'm betting she'll want some snacks after whatever she's been through and some extra food is a decent idea too." Sally replied as she made her way into the store. 5 minutes of quick shopping later she came out with a couple of bags to find Frank standing by the side of the truck reading a letter.

He looked up and said "You've got one too." And sure enough there was an envelope marked "Sally. Please read now."
On Thunderspy, we have also ported parts from enemy groups like The Lost and Freakshow.
Put it all together and you can get stuff like this.
File: 1612817318795.png (210 KB, 611x411)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
what makes coh better than dcuo or champions online?
Well in all honesty, I have not played either of those so it would be difficult for me to say. I know dcuo was made for consoles as well as pc and suffers for the limitation of those controllers. And I'm pretty sure City of Heroes had more live developer attention than Champions has.
File: King o hill.png (564 KB, 793x610)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
>best or most modern gameplay
>worst character customization
>worst power customization
>f2p shit
>middle road in gameplay
>some pretty outlandish customization and powers
>easily most flexible power customization if you want to pay real shekels
>general f2p shit
>worst gameplay
>best outfit customization
>decent power customization and some options other games don't even come close to having (like Masterminds)
>no f2p shit because it's already dead and fueled solely by nostalgia autism
So I'd say COH if you want a game that plays as old as it looks, but lets you get the hero the way you want it and also isn't constantly assaulting you to spend money on it.
File: backup dancers.png (618 KB, 787x611)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
Showing a new player [The True Furnace].
File: tritonia.png (2.2 MB, 1432x848)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
My fully updated main, Commander of the Lemurian Royal Guard, Cmdr. Tritonia

I wanted to make each rank have its own special colors so: Rank 1s are redshirts, the medic is orange and special,
the SpecOps are dark teal, and the Commando is green with Power Armor.
(Roughly) the story of Tritonia.
>Gets arm cut off in war with crab people
>Washes up near-dead on the shore of north America
>Some group finds her with a stump for an arm and barely able to stand
>fixes up with Crey tech
>goes back to Lemuria, tells about surface.
>takes a few soldiers to surface in case of attacked.
>Swim into Paragon because avoiding the rogue isles, fuck the coral assholes
>End up in Talos, get ass kicked, told to go to galaxy
>First day there, Meteors land, kill almost everyone, escape safely.
>Request reinforcements from home, but will take a while

Fast forward to 50
>Become incarnate, am badass
>Become face of Lemuria, Have badass team
>get gear upgrade from vanguard
>Now fights Supervillains (and heroes in warbug once in a while) on the regular.
>Am Awesome

Also, The One Book of Rularuu in pic.
Thunderspy server owner Dr Brain chats with Stryker Gaming on Twitch.
File: dfb crew.png (844 KB, 852x554)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
File: Easter in Praetoria.jpg (210 KB, 955x540)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Easter in Praetoria on Thunderspy.
another thread where jimmy talks to himself
And Powers :)
Oh I'm not SP Jimmy. But if you want to talk to him you can drop him a line at CoHmmunity.com
Word on the static is that a Resistance cell in Imperial city is planning something big soon... to an outsider the jargon sounds like nonsense however it is possible to make out a date and time.

(Live event Wednesday April 7th 8pm EST)|
Only on Thunderspy! Followed by Cathedral of Pain Trial.
Pic from a new secret area on Thunderspy. Our devs are learning to make maps.
Why am I running backwards or sideways when I push forwards?
Probably related to slides.
How does one unlock paid content on Rebirth? Either I'm blind and missing something incredibly obvious or it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere
Just click on the shopping cart button and the restriction will go away. May take a sec but it will. Just an issue with the old code.
Works fine on cox but not Rebirth. Weird. Ah well thanks anyway
Almost 3 hours of hitting random and saving a few as possible minions and I still can't pick a look/type.
You get Paragon Reward tokens weekly for logging in at least once a week. Spend them in the Paragoj Market. Click the buggies once you do and I think it unlocks.
File: Shopping on Rebirth.png (640 KB, 2048x1263)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
Just got this for ya. Check your Paragon rewards in menu, 4th from bottom.
Some costume parts are locked behind content. Like the witch hat is unlocked by the Katie Hannon TF, Roman costume parts behind the Imperious Task Force. Vanguard parts can be bought with their merits. Some stuff will be locked behind astral and empyrean merits from Incarnate content and such. What costumes were giving you issues?
I never realized the roman parts were locked behind the ITF, because I did it really into my account and have had it since then
pretty sure that was in the game files. I remember when were able to just run our characters around zones, there was a Gdoc thing on the old Titan forums with a list of all maps you could use a command to enter and that was one of them.

Today, I will remind them:
Ok I checked with our devs and it seems you are correct. It was an old mission map in the files. Our devs DID connect it to Pocket D, but apparently I was mistaken about them making it. My apologies and thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Ahh right, thought that was just for boosts and whatnot. Was looking at the basic capes and also some skillsets were locked, seems like the cape thing is a bug though. Cheers anons
Well for Rebirth, I could see them locking capes behind the cape missions at level 20 because that's how it was on live. And sticking close to what live was is a major theme of theirs.
Random themed CC in Pocket D on Thunderspy! RIGHT NAO!!
city of heroes sucks, and your private servers are dead with no players.
Oh dear. Someone wants us to stop liking what they don't like...

Sucks to be them!
fuck off discord trannies
The letter was written in harsh strokes. As if speed was a far more importanat consideration than anything. "Dear Sally. I know how weird this is and I'm sorry. Sorry for this and so many other things. But I also know that after a while we will be the BEST of friends! So I may as well start making it up to you now. I put 2 other important things in the bag. A card with more money than you can think to use and 6 bags of your favorite snack. Dill pickle sunflower seeds. (Yes I know you haven't tried them yet, but you will LOVE them!)

There are so many things I wish I could have done differently. So many things you aren't ready to hear about yet. So many choices I had to make on my own. It wasn't right! But so help me I'd do it again to save so many. In time we will understand it all. LOL!

Oh by the way, the wifi signal at Frank's cabin isn't very good. You might check the store for a way to boost it or something.

Love Mary."

"Sally. Are you ok?" Frank said after she had finished reading.

"She says I love dill pickle sunflower seeds, but she knows I haven't had any yet. Is this ever going to stop being weird?" Sally asked.

"I have no idea" Frank replied. "You get a loaded card too?"


"Tell ya what." Frank said "I'm not sure which way to go with any of this yet. But she gave us an easy test. Try a sunflower seed. If she was right about that, might be worth giving her some trust."
You are aware that the tranny wasn't the one who posted this.
The one Book of Rularuu. In the files of every server, but you can only get it, and it's SG-wide buff, on Thunderspy!
The gameplay is clunky and kind of ass but honestly the pure enjoyment I get out of character creator is enough for me to play it with some bros
PvP event coming up in BB on Thunderspy!
it's nothing to apologize for, to be honest I was unsure myself. I wanted to say the one I saw used normal ice but... well, there we are. Cool they linked it up. have they thought about putting check points on it like the pocket D ski slopes?

ironically enough, for an undead game it's got more active players (admittedly, this is going by all combined servers) than some 'living' MMOs. Looking at you, Secret World Legends. (God, I loved the writing and atmosphere but that combat... such shit)
Don't know if they have any further plans for it, but could be an excellent test bed.
where the builds at?
On Thunderspy, we have a section of our discord for discussing builds. But no one has been able to keep a version of mids up to date for the server.
So another feature on Thunderspy is you never outlevel contacts. Say you're in Skyway, a 10-20 zone, when you hit level 21. On any other server your contacts suddenly stop talking to you. Even if you're in the middle of a story arc. But on thunderspy, they will talk to you even if you come back at level 50.
My favorite thing I did was level to 50 and do like level 20 arcs.
Another change on Thunderspy is anchor toggles like Radiation Infection or Darkest Night can be put on allies too.
Patch time! Notes follow.

Hard Life rebalance with overall buff
All targetless melee cones should require targets now
Supergroup member limit reduced to 150 until 200+ member crash can be fixed

Hard life changes

The majority of the hard life powers were set to use the ranged damage modifier than adjusted to imitate the melee modifier values which resulted in several powers being strangely balanced, here's my attempt to fix them.
All powers changed from using the ranged modifier to the Melee modifer
Set all ranged powers except for cryo shell to have a 40ft range (half of standard ranged attacks)
Taunt effect removed from many AoE powers
Set target caps to 10
Slug: fixed to not do AoE damage, used numbers equivalent to the AR version which results in higher damage, recharge, and end costs.
Sucker Punch: No longer freely granted with Slug, Increased damage, end cost, and recharge, increased stun magnitude to 3 and chance to 30%
Birdshot: Renamed to Cryo Shell. changed from a cone attack to a targeted AoE taunt with a slow and stacking minor immobilize (mag 1.5, three stacks needed to get bosses).
Buckshot: Now has numbers approximately equivalent to the AR power of the same name, with a shorter range and wider cone.
Dragons Breath: Now has numbers approximately equivalent to the AR's flamethrower, with a shorter range and wider cone. removed resistance debuff.
Its a Hard Life: unchanged
Frag 12: Primary target damage slightly decreased, secondary target reduced to actually be half of primary, recharge and endurance cost reduced, AoE area reduced.
Snakeshot: Renamed to Venom Shell. increased recharge and end cost, increased damage and changed to be a long duration stacking DoT.
Point Blank: Increased damage slightly, increased end cost, reduced recharge.
Flechette: unchanged, likely to be removed.

New Power order

0 Slug
2 Sucker punch
4 Buckshot
10 Cryo Shell
16 Hard life
20 Venom Shell
27 Frag 12
35 Point Blank
38 Dragons Breath

Fix to Fiery Assault

Fixed Combustion doing excessive damage
reduced consume's recharge from 180 to 120

All melee range cones should require a target now.
(cont again.)

Supergroup member liimit returned to 150 until the 200+ member crash can be fixed.

Ok, this one is on me. For the 2nd (!) time my SG, The Base Raiders, went over 200 members and server stability was affected. Thought we had it licked, which is how we got a repeat. So I booted a bunch of chars that had not logged on in some time and made an auxiliary SG to house lesser played chars.
Gonna make a suggestion to Senpai for testing on this.
Also on Thunderspy, almost everyone* gets to pick from the first 2 choices in their secondary at creation.

* Stalkers and Tankers do not. Stalkers need Hide and Tankers need Bruising.
Also on Thunderspy, most Stike/Task Forces only require 3 players to start.
File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 600x337)
22 KB
Yep, this shit again
File: 1399863409153.gif (1016 KB, 636x477)
1016 KB
1016 KB GIF
Yes. Yes indeed! It's that time when a poster that doesn't like a thread pops in and posts that they don't like it and expects...... something?

At any rate, I'm heading to Thunderspy to play some City of Heroes.
Oh and word on the grapevine is Stalkers may be getting some love soon!
CO reeks of wow clone design decisions.
You will spam the dungeon finder to max level because nobody does anything else. Also furries everywhere, blegh.
I played it at launch, then maybe 10 years later and it never sticks with me.
Has anyone added improved models to the game yet? Boobs need higher poly count!
That's kind of a tall order since you'd need to rig up a new model, make sure it can scale with sliders properly, costume pieces fitted to it, etc. etc.
Oh no, I love the game, I just am saying before it starts the chaos up again
is ThunderSpy where all the anons hang out?
Tspy is the most free server. Free to the point where we scared someone off by saying the Nword once. so yes
some annons go to HC, but they are cucks. and its full of redditors.
OP here. This may be a more loaded question than you realize as one of the earliest and most persistent of the slurs HC used against us was to call us "the 4chan server". So please bear with me as I answer this a few ways.

Thunderspy has the folks that are comfortable calling themselves anons. The memes and conventions you like from 4chan will be recognized there and responded to appropriately. Politically we have more diversity than you can shake a stick at, but no one really cares. Everyone who's on the server is there to play a game they enjoy and political discussions rarely actually happen. (Discord is where the political discussions happen and they have their own containment boards so you never need to see it if you don't want to.) If you treat it as a bunch of adults relaxing and just saying what they want in the moment, it's all good.

Statistically HC plainly will have more anons and you can find plenty there if you are willing to say you are an anon 1st. Even groups such as the Pride global channel will have several folks that have actually been to 4chan despite their mods being among the worst SJWs I've ever actually encountered. (That channel, their fb group, and their discord are all dead as a result of folks lying in wait to REEEE at the 1st sign of independent thoughts.) So mathematically HC is quite plainly "the 4chan server." :)

Now for some curious private server lore. There was an authoritarian, PC, pronouns in the bio server online at one point in the early days. No I'm serious. To get an account, you had to list your pronouns! It was Pleiades aka the reddit server. And it lasted about 2 weeks before the person providing the funding pulled out. Folks that ran the server suggested they all transfer to HC at that point. True story.
Oh I was on for that. Dude never read or asked the server rules (available at thunderspygaming.net for everyone!) and kept insisting we were in the wrong. Dude hung around for like an HOUR after seeing the N-word mentioned by 2 players. At 1st he pulled a "Karen wants to speak to the manager" attitude as folks calmly and politely explained where he actually was. And I will say in defense of the dude that he was mostly pretty civil during the whole thing. Certainly in the game, less on the discord. But the dude was just DENSE. Could not understand things were different from what he assumed. He also kept insisting we were in the wrong morally, but could not seem to come up with ANY kind of moral argument. His arguments were all appeals to authority in a place we kept explaining didn't have that kind of authority existing. He said we were all trumpers at one point and about 8 folks responded that they personally were X, where X managed to be wildly different form any other X.

In short, (TO LATE) the guy was born and raised in a hugbox and couldn't understand that anything else could exist. Everyone on the server, to their credit, was polite and civil to him, but he was never going to understand something that far out from his experience.
Given it's i24 code base, Thunderspy does side switching the way it was done on live with tip missions leading to morality missions. The cooldown on tip missions was reduced to 4 hours from 20 however.
It was fucking hilarious
I just hung around doing hollows shit on my 50 while watching him scream that we were racist
Also searches are restricted to the side you are currently on. SGs also have a red/blue divide and their bases are built using prestige.
Sally eyed the bag of seeds with suspicion. It was resealable, so she ripped off the top as the packaging suggested and then broke the seal.. It smelled.. GOOD. With a good deal more confidence, she put one in her mouth.

"OMG!" Sally declared. "This. Is. AWESOME!" "How have I not had these before?"

Frank said "Well I'd call that an accurate prediction then. Ok let's get going then."

"Wait." Sally said. "She said I should look in the store for a way to improve your wifi at the cabin. I don't know wifi from what, but I can spend a minute looking while I eat some more seeds."

"Ok Darlin. I'll be in the truck while you do that." Frank said. As he climbed into the driver's seat next to the unconcious Mary and settled in. "Man, what happened to you girl? I know our families were close growing up. And it's a shame your family isn't around anymore.. But I hope we can have a chance to catch up when you wake up from this. So get better soon ok?"

Frank woke up when sally closed the door on her side. "Oh hey," He said "find anything?"

"Yeah actually." She said " I cross-checked the stuff in the store with improving wifi reception and a tutorial came up. Looks easy enough, so I downloaded it to replay while we're up there. I may not have to give up the E! network this weekend!"
When checking out Control powersets on Thunderspy, be sure to notice the order has been reworked. Pets are available MUCH earlier now!
Is DrBrain untrustworthy? I cant put my finger on him as a server owner
Well.... I don't think I'd trust him to let you finger him. (Strange request. But it's 4chan. What are ya gonna do?)

At this point, approaching 2 years since the server launched, Why don't we look at the track record and judge on that? Would that be a reasonable way to measure how trustworthy a server owner is?

My understanding is Brain manages the server bills and paperwork related to keeping the server open. I feel comfortable saying those are the absolute key functions of being server owner. Has he done that? Yes. (No one is blaming Brain for the ransomware attack someone paid to have done to us. Heck he responded by improving our security and now we laugh at the electronic warfare directed against us.)

He's also dealt with far more BS than I personally know about. I *DO* know Cipher reported him to the IRS and one of the upshots of that was the charity drive we have video of in the OP.

Brain is otherwise fairly hands-off. He plays I'm sure. And if a dispute arises the devs can't resolve, he is the one to make the call.

He also is otherwise a fully formed human being with thoughts and opinions of his own. Some you may agree with, some you may not. He lets us all play and post and have fun anyway.

I think the worst thing *I* have ever said about him is suggesting that always being late to the server meeting should be listed in "known issues". But I don't say a lot of bad things about anyone on the server.
He's a bit of a retard and likes to post cringe /pol/ shit sometimes, but i don't think he's a grifter or untrustworthy.
File: HC pop screenshot.jpg (475 KB, 2778x1263)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Today, 4/16, DOES mark the 2 year anniversary of the private SCORE (Secret Cabal of Reverse Engineers) invite only server being outed successfully to the public. Stroyer posted video and commentary that was beyond reproach and taken seriously. Before that, someone trying to leak it's existence was rapidly unpersoned through lies, denial, and gaslighting. Soon after, a very reluctant Leo released the code into the wild which meant the game could never truly be kept from us again. Oh Leo didn't WANT to do it, but once angry anons got into the mix his corrupted conspirators on reddit could no longer hold the line.

Now there are a LOT of folks who don't care about all the dodgy BS Leo and SCORE did because they can play now so it's all good. (There's even a reddit thread full of these folks presently.)

But for me? I care. Leo and co RUINED folks reps to keep their lie. They put the game at actual risk of being truly lost forever. And they fragmented one of the best communities I've ever seen. They still censor folks for arbitrary reasons and then lie about it after. Their feet haven't been held to the fire near enough in my humble opinion, because they are still doing their shit.

Also pic related proves they are letting their server die.At one point a pop of over 7,000 was boasted. Now it's under 1,000. They won't improve it, because Leo still has to have *personal* approval of every single change so it takes far longer than it needs to. They won't advertise over some BS about how they are "in talks" to be a totes legit server. This line has been used by Tony V of Paragon chat and is over 7 years old at this point. Left to their devices the game will die due to their scorched earth attitude.

The smaller servers are therefore the future. Any of the servers from post #2 will welcome new players gladly. Check them out before HC just fades away.
Hes a fine boy, bit cringeworthy and he posts conspiracy bullshit a lot, but hes not bad. as >>289754 said, he takes care of the server well. Hell we had a false flag against us by "NCsoft" (was likely HC) not that long ago, and he called NC up and they said it wasn't them, and he discussed a lot of things about it with them. so id trust him
>Now it's under 1,000
Ok I looked at the hero numbers while my family was screaming around me. Total pop was 1,359. My mistake and I own it.
Im not from tspy so what is usually said about the tspy owner is that hes a nazi and also very toxic person to be around or talk too. Hes also said to be never around or never engaging with people at all.

Its why I ask if hes a trustworthy owner.
Oh hes a conspiracy nut, but he's less nazi then some of our other insane retards hanging around. But he isn't really around
This is some top tier bullshit. Brain is in chat every day and in voice often enough. Hes not a nazi. He posts conspiracy memes as. Joke dumbass
Oh I wasn't touching on that, and I admit it was a joke. I am just not great at talking.
HC also needing over 4K a month to run a server for sub 10K people on a game that supported far more on ancient server hardware weaker than consumer grade computers from 10 years ago is also suspicious and stupid. You can get business ISP rates and some used good quality server hardware and cut that down to almost nothing- Or just use a couple of beefy normal computers.

Add to the fact that with the COOF and all of the "Team" online surely having nothing better to do than work on the game... Fuck and or all has been done, tweaked or changed for the most part in over a year.
As has been said, he engages on a fairly regular basis. Does he take time off sometimes? Yeah. I think that's part of being the fully formed human I mentioned. But he's always been approachable to me, and I'm essentially just another player.

Fun story from the last /vm/ thread. Brain wanted me to post something for him for.. reasons, and I had to edit him. Not really the thing I wanted to do to the owner of a free speech server, but it was to avoid violating board rules however unintentionally and keep the thread going. A goal we both agreed on, so he let me do the edit.

And as for someone calling ANYone a nazi? That's a statement designed to control YOU. To make you react a certain way. If you want to be controlled or if you want to do further looking into a matter is a call only you can make. But you're here on 4chan and that tends to skew towards finding out for yourself. You, or anyone essentially, can join the discord and lurk for a bit. You can even have a public conversation with him while seeing how much shit we talk about him to his face. You are welcome in our discord and on our server. :)
Liking this so far, seems to play like a less passive mastermind at low levels, though it does feel like you're playing second fiddle sometimes
I am in the discord but I am not saying who I am. I never post there but I observe often enough and brain seems to me as someone that isnt a normal server owner and different from what I am use too. Is he respected from your perspective? I cant tell how the management structure works with him and tspy is my meaning. Do the devs listen to him and respect him or do they just run the server and hes just there to look pretty?
> Different from what I am used to.
Ok I can work with this! The private servers are indeed different from what we had at live! They were always going to be. The thing to remember here is that "different" is just a measure of relativity in this case. And the "different" in and of itself, is neither good nor bad.
Brain has done what he said he would do, which is handle getting the server bills paid and keeping the server available on a general basis. So when someone says they will do something, and then actually does it, yeah he has my respect. It's a rarer quality in people than I would like really.
On the daily basis, the "Head of Trust and Safety" is the go to manager. And that's Normal Guy. Unless he feels it needs to be kicked up to Brain, he will generally be the final word.
Yes the Devs listen to Brain and respect him. They also engage with the players and field a lot of questions on their own. Between Normal Guy and the rest of the Dev team and staff, Brain doesn't HAVE to run the daily minor things that come up. He is free to live his daily life and play after he puts his daughter down.

Look, the main thing here is SOMEONE had to be the server owner once the game was back for the public. Brain has kept Thunderspy open for coming up on 2 years. And I'm sad to say that a LOT of private servers have not been able to do that. He has stood tall against all the crap HC has thrown at him and is still fighting to give us the options to play away from them. He and staff help other private servers with technical issues regularly. Without Brain, you might well be paying Cipher for a chance to be arbitrarily censored. But as long as there are free options, HC can't do that.
Dude how do I uninstall Homecoming?
So essentially you are saying that DrBrain is a rare breed of private server owner then. I come from WoW private servers fyi, in my experience most of the owners either do not directly talk to players and you are forced to have to go through staff or GMs with almost godlike complexs or the Owners are all about making money and profiting off of players with donation gear and mounts. Ive seen maybe 1 or 2 server owners that genuinely keep things free and upfront with players. Though, with DrBrain I want to assume he wants to destroy competition with how he acts towards other servers.

Is this the kind of owner youd say DrBrain is?
Brain is not hostile, but stays really hands off, he just takes care of the backside of the server. He talks in VC a ton, and doesn't make money off the server. He accepts donations but he takes care of most of the funding himself, and doesn't really Moderate.

So I think he's the different breed your talking about... probably
Cont from previous one that I fucked up on slightly

Brain also is very friendly to the other servers, the only one that he dislikes is the one that hates us as well, Homocumming
Im sort of understanding. Hypothetically speaking, how would Brain react to someone wanting an interview about his community and it’s controversial views he seems to share?
File: frog based department_1.png (259 KB, 600x1080)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
>what is usually said about the tspy owner is that hes a nazi and also very toxic person to be around or talk too.
Sounds like he's fucking based.
DM him yourself on discord if you want a story, hes easy to talk to and open to conversate.
File: EzBOJxMWEA4ZLoK.jpg (65 KB, 765x858)
65 KB
>DCUO best gameplay
>CoH worst gameplay

An easy way to tell if someone is retarded. DCUO is boring pay to win slop with button masher shit.
File: 1618313163761.jpg (431 KB, 1019x1019)
431 KB
431 KB JPG

This is gay ops from a Urinalist who wants to make an article about the "evil nazi server"

We're the N word server. New content you nigger.
File: EzAu46qWgAM6oJ6.jpg (213 KB, 1158x1158)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I heard from your mother you still shit the bed when someone says the nigger word to you at night.
Bro, you're just giving them more fuel, i can hear the story now, "I tried reaching out for comments, and they called me a n-word"
File: EyQF2tyXEAQ0K8j.jpg (31 KB, 317x427)
31 KB
They were never going to make a puff piece for Thunderspy you idiot. They were looking for clickbait. If no one said anything they'd just make stuff up.
True, but if they were going to make one (which they might) they need only good shit
File: 1596480527200.png (674 KB, 474x662)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
rate my design
brain is gay and sucks pp
I’d gladly take button mashing over the yawn fest that is COH. Too bad DCUO is F2P garbage.
Ok OP again home from work and able to post freely. Gonna answer the interview question 1st as it's already been done. And I also learned today that SP Jimmy has another interview with him scheduled as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LHdifYbw24

>Rare breed
Ok I would like to admit up front that the City of Heroes servers are the only private servers I've been involved with and I can't claim to know anything of WoW private servers. I'm going to hazard a guess that the server owners are a reflection of the community and City of Heroes, when live, was said to have among the best communities ever. Whereas Wow.. ummm, I'm just gonna say they didn't have quite that reputation. :)

The thing is, Dr. Brain isn't unique for those traits among City of Heroes server owners. We are a COMMUNITY of servers and we welcome other servers to the community as well! There is one (1) server that ACTIVELY chooses not to get along with any others. When Senpai, who is a Dev for at LEAST 2 servers that I'm aware of at the same time, made the Sweet Tea launcher, he included manifests for several private servers as a baseline feature. We've had admins from other servers in our monthly voice chat meetings. The list could go on I'm sure. You may want to re-check the first three posts in this thread. The different servers may have some differing visions of how to enjoy the game, but it's all good! It means everyone brings something different to the table and the players benefit.

Now you've also helped ME realize something about Brain that had been a minor puzzle to me. But that's for the next post.
So recently there was a bit of drama with a prominent SG leader and Brain. Brain in particular had a harsher reaction than *I* expected to our players being referred to as "customers". But your comments about some WoW private server leaders shed new light on this. It's likely he learned of that stuff when researching how to do a private server.
In fact, to show you how far we are from that, our devs have announced the intentions to get away from a lot of the stuff that surfaced during the game's F2P era. The rewards will still be in there, but more selectable than the loot box super packs we have now.
So DrBrain does not get upset at the toxicity his community can have with people in game and in his community discord but he gets generally upset when people call his community customers or imply he is selling city of heroes content to people? Interesting.

Would you say that DrBrain is fair and helpful to the community? Does he love City of Heroes?
Okay, 1st stop fishing for comments making us seem like we don't like him.
2nd, he is fair as fuck and he definitely loves city of heroes. He first had the server made because of Thunderspy (the player) got banned from HC, and asked for a free server.

3rd: He does not get upset at the toxcisity, because the server is meant to be a FREE server, devoid of most rules and all censorship, we have a very diverse cast of people here at thunderspy, with yikes (a commie), Ban (a troon), sangre (an Argentinian), Queue (a fag), and Paladin (a certified Chaplain). When we can get along with them, that says a lot about our supposed "toxicity" that people like to throw our way. We do not ban any words, and will not generic you for any copyrighted characters (unlike HC).
OP again. And before we continue I should explain something. Maybe a few things. Now I've been doing these threads for the last 8 months or so, and you are definitely the 1st person to focus on Brain this much. I mean yeah he's a personality, but we have so MANY folks with notable personalities. Heck even me to an extent I suppose. But you've spent over a day focusing on Brain. This is unusual, to employ my gift for understatement. As you can see, folks are starting to have defensive reactions despite Brain himself not being really concerned. In short you are starting to seem unduly fixated on one (1) member of our community.

And asking about toxicity on 4chan of all places? I have no idea how to respond to this honestly.

I AM concerned that you might be having difficulty forming the question you really want answered. I would be sympathetic to that but you also need to meet us halfway as well. I need you to be able to deduce from the evidence already given what answers might be logically. You say you're on our discord? Then check out the Announcements and Shitpost Announcements sections as Brain posts there fairly regularly. Also check out the Archive section as it details a lot of the factors that have affected our server's growth.

And finally next post I'll give ya the quote that Brain gave me for last thread. Context is we had just started advertising on parts of 4chan and reddit and folks wanted to know if he paid for it out of pocket.
Ya I paid out of pocket because after years of trying to build within the community while HC and SCORE fucked the growth of the community into the ground with legal threats against youtubers and streamers and banning entire communities while also sneaking into positions of power over every single place to gatekeep what servers are allowed to be discussed and not(Cake, Unity and ourselves are permabanned from the largest FB groups from posting anything related to our servers. We have had streamers write open letters against HC for legal harassment and youtubers who had to contact HCs actual paid lawyer to get them to stop). It just meant we had to accept that in order to grow more players for our community that wants more population, I must spend money to do so. Thats whats become of the entirety of the CoH community.

You wanna host a server? Go for it. Expect to be fucked with your first year by HC/SCORE. You want some type of representation or shout out? Sadly, youll have to do advertising
[8:32 PM]
I love my community and I love CoH. To this day we still practice the same rules I believed we should have for people to have fun and be happy. We still help every server outside of ours and outside community members daily with issues regarding CoH and with content. It hasn’t stopped us.

Ill keep advertising and building the server for the dedicated players who are here because they deserve it. Its there game. Fuck HC and fuck SCORE and fuck Leandro.
Ok today I'll mention a nice QoL improvement to the game for escort/hostage missions. Our Devs at Thunderspy have increased the perception range and travel speed of escorts and hostages.
Can this thread go like, 24 hours without any gay server drama/shilling? It honestly just makes you all look like faggots and turns me off from wanting to play the game entirely.
It's just some pathetic leftoid getting mad because someone said nigger on the internet. Pay it no mind.
Thats normal any more, its less then WoW servers at least
>"Maybe if we just take the knee to leftoids they'll leave us alone"
When has this EVER worked, you retarded cuck?
Well the stated purpose of the thread is to advertise the free private City of Heroes servers so I'm not sure what you expect. But coming in here to scream "Stop liking what I don't like." makes me think you might be happiest on your own personal server.

Which is entirely something that can be done these days!

Just think. You could develop your own powersets and other improvements at will! What fun! I can think of only one group of folks that wouldn't want you to be happy like that. :)
Like the improvements Thunderspy has made to Master Minds! All pets are now equal level to the player within Supremacy range of 60'. And the upgrade powers are now 0 end PBAOE pulses that fire off every 5 seconds!
File: 1589812005717.gif (3.91 MB, 270x263)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB GIF
>Discussing the politics surrounding GMs is somehow the same as wanting to talk about the game
File: 1607284398858.jpg (50 KB, 780x439)
50 KB
Oh I wasn't saying that, just don't puke retarded shit at them they can use. Be kind and use manors when speaking to those beneath you.
Rebirth has an important update coming on Sunday!
>So DrBrain does not get upset at the toxicity his community can have with people in game

So i was fuckin right. Miss me with your gay ops. Go and write your article and please talk about how the ugandan basket weaving forum called you a kike sniffing coalburner.
Take your meds.
you are aware >>291736 isn't schizo, just stating a fact
If they have nothing they can use, they will make up stuff they can use. Has 2016 taught you nothing?

>Be kind
This has never worked with leftoids. It will never work. They seek your submission or your demise.

Stop being a cuck.
File: 1613962123765.png (1.6 MB, 828x1005)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Based. SJWs are never satisfied.
File: VJ-Game.png (341 KB, 550x352)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Ok everyone simmer down please. OP here to explain this balancing act I have chosen to undertake. As I've said, this is an advertising effort at it's core. And because of that, yeah I have to treat folks that might NOT be trolls as if they are friendly until proven otherwise. This doesn't mean I'm being more stupid than I need to however. With regard to the person obsessed with another, if an article were to appear with the intent to deliberately defame, mischaracterize, or misrepresent what was written, then they would rapidly discover that screenshots were taken and saved against just such a possibility. And that our ability to spread that info is better than they may suspect. I hope they are not that foolish however. I'd rather think they just got over-focused while setting up silly limits like not talking to Brain directly.

But in the meantime, I'm excited for Rebirth's upcoming patch! This represents a BIG step for them and I told erpmario that I would help advertise them too. :) Their patch happens on 4/29!
I fight a battle of respect and maturity, I lost it against twitter... god I hate those godless cucks. But I believe you should respect others beliefs. Say they take this to reddit, now I know yall don't like it but hear me out, and then they claim that everyone on Tspy (or rebirth, or whatever) are rude as fuck. Now if a majority of people acted with a sense of maturity you can present evidence that they are lieing sacks of shit.

Now I know most people won't participate in it, but its the least I can do.
Which means this ain't a thread to discuss the game...
So there is no sane place left in this site to talk about video games.
> /v/ became a land of shills and console whores
> /vg/ is just waifufag brothel
> /vp/ is a degenerate shithole
> all three sideboards are just cesspools of political and personal drama.
I remember the time when this site was a mess but at least people were aware of what it was meant for.
>I'm responsible for the whole site now.
Yes this seems like a reasonable conclusion from someone that implies they want to talk about the game and doesn't actually talk about the game.
Something cool about the game that old scool players from live may find interesting. Trainers let you change your costumes now. If you want to make changes to body type, height, or other scales then you will need a more specialized tailor in a shop or Pocket D/RWZ.
Stop projecting I haven't said that, but it is pretty clear that this isn't a thread to discuss the game.

>and doesn't actually talk about the game
Wrong, I tried doing it 3 times already.

I'm going to stick to this thread until it dies, but after that I'm getting out of this shithole. I'm going to play the game and have fun while you bitches cooperatively keep sucking the GM's cock.

the costume change macro works on thunderspy?
>Statistically HC plainly will have more anons and you can find plenty there if you are willing to say you are an anon 1st. Even groups such as the Pride global channel will have several folks that have actually been to 4chan despite their mods being among the worst SJWs I've ever actually encountered. (That channel, their fb group, and their discord are all dead as a result of folks lying in wait to REEEE at the 1st sign of independent thoughts.) So mathematically HC is quite plainly "the 4chan server." :)
Can confirm. I've been playing on homecoming the entire time even though Leo is a huge faggot. met plenty of gamer word posting friends in my time
I've seen others use costume change emotes while gathering for Cathedral of Pain Trial. No idea if they used a macro or not.
I've used a costume change macro on Thunderspy before.
File: Psycho Bison.gif (3.32 MB, 512x384)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB GIF

Your sense of ethics are a liability if your opponent isn't playing by the same game. You are talking about petty, vindictive, controlling sociopaths who do whatever they need to to WIN.
Take note from Uncle Ted here;
>22. If our society had no social problems at all, the leftists would have to INVENT problems in order to provide themselves with an excuse for making a fuss.
You do not see that trying to appeal to hyper-offended social tyrants is a losing proposition. If you have not noticed this yet, there's no helping you. You are permanently cucked.
>take it from the words of a terrorist
>He's WRONG because media said HE BAD >:(
Good goy.
>psycho kills people to bring attention to his ravings
You don't need the media to tell you that's a bad thing. Or I guess since you're a rightard you actually do need some daddy figure to approve all of your thoughts.
So since he is a raving lunatic, it shouldn't be difficult to argue against his ideas as written, right?
Continued from

Sally woke up suddenly. Frank was still asleep from the look of it. A quick glance at her phone said it was 3:07 AM. Sally knew that something had woken her up, but the woods around the cabin had enough unfamiliar sounds that it wasn't so surprising. She got up and wandered into the kitchen area for some more seeds before going back to bed.

"Hello Sally." said a remote sounding voice in the room.

Sally was startled and turned to face the voice. Mary was standing in the middle of the cabin!

"Mary?! You're up! How are ya feeling?" Sally said as she rapidly recovered from being surprised.

The remote voice said "I will return to coma in 6 minutes and eightteen seconds" Then Mary's voice changed to what sounded like an actual human "But until then I'm fine. " she said with a giggle. "I'm sorry I woke ya. It's like, I know what I can DO, but I still have to practice when I can to get there. Let's sit down for a few while we can huh?"

Sally said "I should get Frank.."

"He won't wake up in time, sorry. Now c'mon and sit. You want some answers and I want to talk to an actual person while I can." Mary said smiling.

"..Ok" Sally said as she sat down at the table. "What's with the blue hair anyway? Frank said you didn't have that the last time he saw you."

"It's a side-effect of holding in that energy for so long. Normally folks don't even have a choice to hold onto it and it dissapates as fast as it comes. But I had to hold onto it at any cost. Hair may be blue, but it's GOOD hair! Ain't a stylist around can't do good work with it." Mary smiled as she talked. "I got REAL lucky there."

"Why did you HAVE to hold onto it dear? And what was it you had to practice?" Sally asked.

"I can influence and control some of the motion near me. But it takes practice. And of course I can only practice when I'm not in a coma." Mary said. "Speaking of, I should go lie down now."
Continued again..

Sally got up to saying "Let me help you." As they moved towards Mary's bed and eased her down.

"Thanks" mary said in a half-yawn. "I'm glad I got to share with you guys." And then her eyes closed.
OI, I'm a rightard, and he was insane. also >>293653, you're stupid... he was a murderer.

Oh I am well aware, I just like keeping my code of ethics, its dumb.
>he was a murderer.
But was he wrong? Articulate why.

If you can't, or are unwilling to, then you're just as bad as that other NPC, because you're letting media labels dictate whose ideas are right or wrong without thought to the merits of the ideas themselves. Plenty of vets have killed people overseas; are their political opinions invalid because they've taken a life?

Your "code of ethics" is a loser's mentality where you box yourself into a set of ideas that result in inevitable defeat for no reason other than so you can try to achieve the smug satisfaction of living by "rules," no matter whether your opponents abide by them or not. It's the equivalent of a 12 year old crying that bunny hopping isn't fair when playing an old shooter game.

You aren't virtuous, you are just a loser. The purpose of playing by rules is to ensure a healthy competition, but if they aren't agreed upon by all participants, then you're just being a chump.
its enjoyable to beat someone when you restrict yourself vs someone whos unrestricted, like CS people going pistols only. I have a few times as well.

Also, no, The Unabomber was a retarded primitivist who used high explosives in an attempt to return to monkey. Dumbass piece of shit had some good bombs though
>>take it from the words of a terrorist
>still zero arguments
>literally proves my point "haha yeah I basically never win, but it makes me feel good on the blue moon occasion when i do :D"
>"woah haha we gotta watch ourselves guys seems like the lefties control everything now weird wonder how that happened haha oh well at least I have muh ethics"
You can lead an NPC to arguments, but you cant make them think.
File: 1426818166989.jpg (173 KB, 600x528)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
File: 1430019735904.jpg (25 KB, 300x300)
25 KB
File: 1466806566041.jpg (312 KB, 880x916)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
File: 1496445706661.jpg (33 KB, 429x450)
33 KB
File: hqdefault_1.jpg (35 KB, 480x360)
35 KB
By your origins combined..
File: Ghost armor.png (306 KB, 510x610)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Bro, he was a eco Terrorist, that is it. Although I agree with him on some things, he was still a monster.
File: wojak NPC brainlet_1.jpg (18 KB, 399x437)
18 KB
Why are you acting as if that's relevant?
File: Flying eyeball.png (803 KB, 1085x610)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
File: 926 short.png (236 KB, 299x520)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
File: trainmeh.png (454 KB, 482x570)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Height sliders on Thunderspy.
Dude you are a fucking weirdo
Why doesn't Thunderspy share content with other servers?
I have no one complain about any other server but HC/Score and Thunderspy as being assholes. As someone who started playing on Tspy when the leaks started, to be honest, I agree. The community has been on a downward spiral since Brain cucked.
Try again please.
Can't really, backend code's changed so much it would be near impossible to port anything without fucking with the other server's code. Plus its up to the specific dev that worked on it to share it.

At the same time, HC (the one I assume you want to have our stuff sorry, its just a normal assumption) hates us and thinks that we fuck up everything that we mess with.
had a friend that played this like a mad man.
never understand it when companies shut down these mmos, i mean how expensive could it be to just have a server running for those few players that are still around?
thanks god for piracy.
The reason NC shut it down was because they hated Wester heroes, and it was doing better then guild wars...
guild wars is still shit.

No, its just that people like to say that anyone that is right wing is a nazi. He doesn't advocate for the mass killing of Jews, That is Courier's job.
We share backend stuff with the servers that want us to of course to help keep them up and running effectively. Which is worth a mention even if anon was asking about more visible stuff. HC simply doesn't respond when we offer them help and that's a simple truth.

And as>>294900
mentioned HC's code is a mess. Leo and SCORE altered it severely during their secret server years with only Leo's goals in mind. Whereas the first thing Ourodevs undertook to do was make the game more compatible with programming as it exists now. This is why our costs are SO much lower than HC as a practical result. And Senpai is working on reducing costs further by making the game take fewer resources. But this also has the effect of making it hard to transition asset changes from i24 code to i25 code.

So Thunderspy has these changes in part because the code we use is much more friendly to our devs. And speaking of our devs, Brain gives them the right to decide where their code is used. Many of them specify Thunderspy-only. And yeah, part of that is going to be because of the bad blood that still goes on between HC and Thunderspy.

But let me also offer you a bit of hope. From a strictly technical perspective there is no reason HC can't do what Thunderspy does. They will have to figure out how to accomplish it within the codebase they have, but technically it's entirely possible. HC is choosing to have other priorities. If, for example, enough HC players ask for MM pet customization, they might choose it as a priority. They also might not. It's been over a year since we got our 1st version with no indication HC wants to do it.
Whats wrong with being a nazi you white hating shitskin?
Hey guys. May I ask that we move the /pol/ stuff elsewhere? Meant as a polite and respectful request from OP.
File: Wishyouwerehere.jpg (411 KB, 700x400)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
NCSoft shut it down while it was still making a PROFIT. Eventually moving the aging engine into the future would have eroded the profit, but it hadn't happened yet. Those servers that have modernized the code pay less than those that haven't.
>Spend entire thread seriously dealing with the accusation of having the wrong political ideology
>”What’s wrong with having that political ideology?”
>’WOAH haha getting a little too /pol/ in here man, can you take your political discussion elsewhere so I can get back to convincing this guy that I don’t have this political ideology?’
This is why you will lose.
Your gaslighting is irrelevant. All that matters is you've been warned. As a nice bonus you've acknowledged it. I get to leave it to the mods now. :) They know how to deal with off-topic violations here.

You see I'd much rather spend time on Rebirth's big update on Sunday than on.. (you). It's unfortunately rare I get to focus on a server that isn't Thunderspy and I want to enjoy it.
What gaslighting? That is literally what has occurred in this thread. Follow the comment chain.

You're just a cuck.
From erpmario, a Rebirth admin, when asked if Rebirth was exactly like live?

Yes and no. We are not exactly like live was for a couple reasons. Firstly, we are based on Ourodev's v2i2 codebase, which has some minor changes from the basic i24 files. And second, we've made some Rebirth-specific changes over the years. Day Job badges only require 5 days of offline time to earn rather than 15, second generation ATOs are available for purchase at Merit Vendors, Wind Control and Psionic Melee powersets are available, Kheldian powers are customizable, and we support glove asymmetry. However, our first official large content update will feature the Guardian AT as the centerpiece (with of course several other neat goodies). It is aptly named Rebirth Issue 1: Guardians Rising.
We've got an exciting weekend coming up on ALL the small servers found in the second post of this thread! Go and check them all out!
Right now on Thunderspy in Recluses Victory we are haveing a PvP event with a SPECIAL guest!
Still have the upcoming patch on Rebirth today!
Fascism bad, now can we talk about CoH again?
Natsoc good
Sure we can talk about it. Whats your favorite power combo? I was playing on Homecoming for a while and fell in love with a Ice Armor/Electric Melee tanker. Knockdowns and debuffs for days, tons of health, and sticky as hell. It was pretty fun

What's the differences between Homecoming and Thunderspy, anyway? Aside from cultural things. Homecoming are cucks, they forced me to rename an Assault Rifle/Poison Corruptor named Right Wing Extremist. I loved that character.
How does gameplay CoH? I don't see how you can make a good mmo from this frankenstein mess of talents aka "powers". Seems like at its core its just one big RP sim.
t. admittedly, clueless
I have forgotten all about this after I dipped out of /v/ and /vg/ - all I remember is something about a Leo and someone making JoJo Stands into a power? Can someone get me up to speed?
CoH gameplay is frankly pretty meh. The fun part of it is the customization and character creation.
Haven't played a lot of other games to give you a worthwhile comparison, but I've always enjoyed CoH gameplay.

Best way to find out of course is to try it for yourself! Link to launcher in OP and links to cool servers that will be patient and explain stuff to you in post #2. While I like Thunderspy for myself, today Rebirth is getting the good buzz.
Well there is a LOT to cover and today I'd rather hype the Rebirth server. BUT I will give you a decent link and tell you that the archive section on the Thunderspy Discord has even more.

Damn. The link trips a spam filter? Odd because I've posted it here before.
Yeah won't let me post it. Sorry.
Rebirth patch notes. (Looks like they did a LOT so it's gonna be a LIST.)

New Archetype: Guardian

Guardians have good ranged and melee while still maintaining decent support and protection.

As a Guardian, you are skilled at ranged and close combat, allowing you to move into and out of combat with ease. Your abilities offer decent protection, allow you to take blows with stride. Although you are not able to take hits as well as others, your very presence can strengthen your allies and weaken enemies.

Guardian Stats
Survivability ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| 6
Melee Damage ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| 7
Ranged Damage ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| 7
Crowd Control ||||| ||||| 2
Support ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| 6
Pets ||||| ||||| 2

Primary Power Sets: Assault

A Guardian’s primary power sets are Assault. With their release, we're introducing several new Assault power sets. They are:
Gun Fu: You are a master of the Gun Fu fighting style. You seamlessly blend sophisticated martial arts perfectly with your skills as a shootist to strike down foes with either hand or bullet.

Hellfire Assault: Your powers are conjured from the depths of the netherworld and beyond. You wield demonic hellfires that serve as your tools of destruction. You are capable of manifesting infernal powers that act as long extensions of hellfire. These powers can tear down even the toughest foes.

Luminous Assault: Masters of light, energy, and matter. Luminous Assault wielders can manipulate light energy to devastate their opponents. Luminous Assault bombards the foe with great force and power often knocking them down and reducing their defenses.
Mace Assault: You can wield a Nullifier Mace, a high tech Arachnos mace that is as good at blasting enemies as it is at smashing them to pieces.

Radiation Assault: You are able to harness the power of the atom to defeat foes at both close and far ranges. Radiation Assault attacks have a chance to inflict the Contaminated state on a target for a moderate amount of time. Powers that deal greater damage, have a longer recharge time and animation time have a greater chance to inflict Contaminated. Single target attacks hitting Contaminated targets cause a portion of that power's damage to also hit nearby foes. Radiation Assault attacks primarily deal Smashing and Energy damage, with some capable of dealing Toxic damage.
Umbral Assault: Masters of the void, Umbral Assault wielders can manipulate dark energy, gravity and matter to blast and dominate their foes. The gravimetric nature of most Umbral Assault powers often slows the target's attack and movement speed.

Dark Assault: Blind and drain your foes with dark energies. Dark Assault allows you to pummel your foes with heavy-hitting melee attacks as well as several ranged attacks. Many of Dark Assaults' powers reduce their victims' chance to hit.

Earth Assault: With Earth Assault, you can damage foes with the very ground they walk upon. You can conjure stone weapons, hurl boulders, and even cause magma to erupt from the ground.
Electricity Assault: Electrical Assault grants you several electrical ranged and melee powers. Electrical powers can drain foes' Endurance and can often temporarily halt their Endurance recovery. This can be quite effective against higher-level foes and Bosses. Some Electrical Assault powers can even sometimes transfer this Endurance back to you.

Fiery Assault: Fiery Assault allows you to conjure up flaming melee attacks and hurl devastating fiery projectiles. Fiery Assault powers tend to set foes ablaze for added Damage Over Time.

Icy Assault: Ice Assault allows the player to use Cold-based attacks. Conjure up frozen melee weapons or hurl deadly shards of Ice. Icy powers are known for their ability to slow an opponent.
Martial Assault: Your mastery of Martial Assault allows you to deliver crippling blows to your enemies and rain blades upon foes who don't dare approach you. You deliver damage to your enemies via withering kicks and punches in melee range, while your skills with thrown blades cut down aggressors from afar. Your attacks have a tendency to knock opponents down or deal additional damage over time as a secondary effect.

Psionic Assault: Blast your enemies with an array of offensive psionic powers. Your psionic damaging attacks have a chance to grant you Insight into your enemies. While you have Insight, your psionic damage powers cause additional psionic damage over time. Few living beings can resist their effects. Creatures without minds, however, like machines and robots, are much more resistant.

Thorny Assault: Thorns protrude from your body and can deal damage in melee or at range. Thorns are hollow and inject toxin that deals additional Toxic damage and can weaken your enemy's Defense. Very few foes have resistance to Thorn toxins.
Secondary Power Sets: Composition

Guardian secondary power sets are designed for Composition. Composition power sets offer protection for yourself and support for your teammates. They are:

Atmospheric Composition: Atmospheric Composition users can harness the wind, weather, and lightning to wreak havoc on their foes and protect themselves and their allies.

Dark Composition: Dark Composition wielders focus the dark energies of the Netherworld to protect themselves and weaken their foes.
Energy Composition: Energy Composition users can surround themselves with powerful defensive energy auras. Their mastery of energy allows them to manipulate and transfer energy from foes to protect themselves and their allies.

Fiery Composition: Focusing heat and flame lets those armed with Fiery Composition protect themselves and their allies from harm while also weakening their enemies.

Ice Composition: Ice Composition users have mastered chilling themselves and the air around them to protect their allies, protect themselves, and weaken adversaries.
Organic Composition: Organic Composition users can surround themselves in the forces of nature, enabling them to shield their bodies from harm. Their command over the environment allows them to call forth primal energies to hinder their foes and aid themselves and their allies. Some of their powers place a Bloom effect on themselves and their allies. Each stack of Bloom boosts healing effects on the affected targets by 4% for 30 seconds. Bloom can stack up to 5 times.

Pain Focusing: It takes more than a little pain to keep you down! Pain Focusing uses your willpower to master overwhelming pain. With it, you can channel your pain to protect your allies, yourself, and weaken adversaries.
Radiation Composition: Radiation Composition powers emanate from your body, empowering and shielding you from harm. This energy allows you to manipulate atomic particles and waves to protect your allies and weaken your enemies. Your abilities also allow you to heal from your wounds and even absorb damage.

Reconstructive Healing: Reconstructive Healing lets you regenerate more quickly from damage and effects. Your Hit Point Regeneration can become so incredibly fast, that your wounds heal almost instantly. Reconstructive Healing gives you the ability to heal and aid allies as well.
Stone Composition: Stone Composition users can transform themselves into various forms of rock and stone to avoid hard. You are also able to harness the crushing force of earth to weaken your foes and protect your allies. Many of these powers need to be performed while on the ground.

Temporal Reaction: With Temporal Reaction you gaze into the flow of time allowing you to react deftly to avoid danger. Regardless of what comes at you, Temporal Reaction simply allows you to avoid the attack. Wielders of Temporal Reaction are able to manipulate time itself to inflict crippling debuffs while buffing and healing allies.
Ancillary Power Pools

Fire Mastery: You have Mastery over Fire to deal damage in mass and control your foes.

Ice Mastery: You have Mastery over Ice to deal damage in mass and control your foes.

Primal Forces Mastery: You have Mastery over Primal Forces and energy to devastate your foes and increase your power.

Psionic Mastery: You have Mastery over Psionics and the mind to devastate your foes.
Patron Power Pools

Leviathan Mastery: Captain Mako has granted you access to the power of the Leviathan. The Leviathan is an ancient gargantuan entity that slumbers under Sharkhead Isle. Worshiped by the Coralax, the Leviathan has given Captain Mako many abilities and now he has taught you how to harness its power.

Mace Mastery: Black Scorpion has granted you access to the advanced technology of the Executioner's Mace. The signature weapon of the Bane Spider Executioner, it is not a typical clumsy mace. The Executioner's Mace is capable of firing a variety of energy projectiles and grenades. It can even be modified to summon and command some of Black Scorpion's RV technologies.

Mu Mastery: Scirocco has taught you the ancient powers of the Mu. In their eternal struggle against the Oranbega, the Mu have unlocked many mystical powers, including their very signature crimson lightning. Now you possess these secrets.

Soul Mastery: Ghost Widow has granted you access to the power of darkness and souls. She has shown you how to use the souls of your victims to destroy your enemies. This has granted you access to powers and abilities you have never had before.
Inherent Power: Resolve

Guardians are determined to protect their allies in combat. With their Resolve, Guardians strive to defeat foes before they can cause serious harm to them or their allies. When an enemy is defeated they will grant nearby Guardians and their allies one stack of Resolve. Each stack grants 5% absorption and status protection to Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Fear, and Confuse on the affected targets for 15 seconds. Resolve can stack up to 3 times outside of PvP. NOTE: When used in PVP Resolve will not stack from players. The amount of absorption granted for defeating a player is 20%.

Martial Prowess
An Ancillary Power Pool for :scrapper: Scrappers and :stalker: Stalkers themed around the idea of using techniques from history.

Description: Your experience in melee combat and your drive to improve has given you access to new techniques from a wide variety of disciplines. You utilize skills from archers and warriors of the medieval age to ninjitsu techniques of the shinobi.

Universal powers available to both:
Entangling Arrow
- ST immobilize with -fly
- Similar to Entangling Arrow from Trick Arrow
Warriors Mark
- ST Res and Def debuff (20 second duration) that gives Enemy Data in your Combat Attributes
- Similar to Surveillance but with a natural/magic theme
- 45 second recharge time
Gather Chi
- Click Regen and Recovery buff
- Currently valued as twice as effective as Physical Perfection with up to half uptime on SOs.
- 30 second duration with a 120 second base recharge
- requires 2 powers

Scrapper Exclusives
Aimed Shot
- st moderate damage ranged attack from a hand crossbow with high critical chance
- 12 second recharge
- requires 1 power pick
- Moderate range teleport that gives 8 seconds of Intense Stealth and moderate damage boost
- 120 second recharge time
- requires 1 power pick

Stalker Exclusives
Assassins Arrow
- st moderate damage ranged attack using a hand crossbow. Guaranteed critical hit while Hidden.
- 6 second recharge
- requires 1 power pick
War Cry
- PBaoe to hit and damage debuff. Chance of 2 mag terrorize.
- 90 second recharge
- requires 1 power pick

Emblem Pack 1

New Emblems! Emblem Pack 1 is now live. There are 17 new emblems, starting with Star 17 - Star 23
inline with legacy star emblems and another batch found at the bottom of your chest symbol list.

To be found in the Stars section of your alphabetized symbol list:

- Star 17 (upwards shooting star)
- Star 18 (5 star V)
- Star 19 (interlinked stars)
- Star 20 (triple bubble star)
- Star 20 Rainbow (triple bubble star w baked in rainbow)
- Star 21 (star fan)
- Star 22 (star tunnel)
- Star 23 (twin stars pulling away from each other)

To be found at the bottom of your symbol list:

- Barbell
- Hammer & Wrench
- Moon 2
- Poison Syringe
- Seahorse
- Syringe
- Weightlifter
- Wrecking Ball
Cape Packs 1 & 2

New cape patterns are now available wherever you find listings for basic cape patterns.
45 new patterns in total. All can be found at the bottom of the standard cape pattern list
in your character creator.

Cape Pack 1: To be found at the bottom of your cape patterns list:

- All Seeing
- Arbol
- Astrolabe
- Big Bolt
- Cosmic Contrails
- Crescent
- Dart
- Donkey
- Fleur
- Hive Tech
- Icy Tunic
- Keyhole
- New Star
- Serrated Fern
- Splash

Cape Pack 2 Found below Cape Pack 1 in alphabetic order:

- Art Deco 1
- Art Deco 2
- Button
- Cleave
- Crystalline
- Flame Tongues
- Fur 1
- Fur 2
- Gale Force
- Geode
- Gossamer Strands
- Halftone
- Impossible Dots
- Ink
- Lewitt
- Lily Pad
- Pangolin
- Quizzical
- Rockslide
- Rose Curl
- Sakura
- Sheet Music
- Spider Web 1
- Spider Web 2
- Stingray
- Tradewinds
- Triangles
- Wasp
- Waterfall
Glove Diversification Phase 1:

Glove Diversification debuts on Rebirth PTS! Many glove models that prior had only 1 possible
wrist skin can now be customized to match many base textures and all standard glove patterns.

This change affects the following glove models:

- Tai
- Overguard
- Barbarian Ring (M & H only)
- Small Pointed Glove
- Small Flared Glove
- Small Padded Glove (F)
- Tied
- Wristbands
- Dragon Bracer (F)
- Cloud Bracer (F)
- Plant w/ Leaves
- Spines

Customizable metallic variants have been added to the game:

- Small Pointed Glove
- Small Flared Glove
- Small Padded Glove (F)
- Dragon Bracer (F)
- Cloud Bracer (F)

Static glowing variants of the following have been added:

- Small Pointed Glove
- Small Flared Glove
- Dragon Bracer (F)
- Cloud Bracer (F)

Animated glowing variants of these are also now available:

- Small Pointed Glove
- Small Flared Glove
- Dragon Bracer (F)
2012 Halloween Pack Now Available:

Long enjoyed on other CoH servers, one of Paragon's last contributions to the character library
is now available and fully functioning on live for all characters.

This pack includes:
- Full body mummy skin
- Tombstone and wicker basket backpacks
- Floating orb and skull special heads

Fashion gloves and boots unlocked for female characters.

- Seer gloves and boots unlocked for male and huge characters.

Bugs introduced with asymmetric gloves that caused graphical errors on specific villain mobs
have been resolved.


- Number of base slots for every player character has been increased. Values have been adjusted so that there is a progression of available slots as you level. (Roughly 5 slots every 5 levels.....ish )

-Invention generic, respec, temp power and costume recipes should now once again be tradeable on the Auction House.


- Base rent will no longer be calculated on the items in the base. The exact value that each SG would pay was hard to anticipate and may have hindered some SGs from placing more items that they may have wanted.
- SG base rent now calculated based on plot size. These numbers are still up for discussion and may be subject to change. However rent is currently set to be much less then it was on live.
- Smallest Plot size has no rent.


- UI hard coding issues have been adjusted to allow more characters per account to be created. Due to the nature of the UI code, slots can only be adjusted in multiples of 12.
- Current slots on every account should now be 96. This comes from 12 slots on 8 pages. This number may be subject to adjustment at a future date if there is demand for it.


-Stacking auto powers should no longer cause powers selected next in the attack chain to de-queue. This fix should also work for attacks and interuptibles like long activation toggles and snipes among other powers
Link to original patch notes: https://forum.cityofheroesrebirth.com/index.php/topic,66.0.html
Bro just put it in a fucking image or alter some of the text of the link or some shit. Never go full boomer.
File: kiwithread addy.png (2 KB, 413x32)
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Ty for the advice kind anon.
File: Rebirth rising.png (691 KB, 1025x577)
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691 KB PNG
Oh it plays well. really well actually. but the major thing is looking good.
Natsoc is fascist. anything on the northern part of the authoritarian scale is Fascist.

My favorite power combo is by far merc/traps MM, Stand back and let your mercs and gun turrets melt targets, while you sit back healing them all. God I love customizing my pets
I think that was me who asked In another thread. These come off as mega autistic, but I appreciate having cov back and the things you're doing to rebuild the community.

I remember mercs sucking because everything is bullet resistant, did they fix that?
If my Merc/traps MM is anything to say about it, at least on thunderspy they did.
Namely the serum being AOE and no crash, and all the pet attacks being swapped around.

my merc mm
I'm trying it out with mercs and that new being manipulative power, I forget the name. More explosions than I remember.
Thunderspy. did a rework on Mercs and addressed various things. Serum is no longer a completely trash power and is AOE to boot. They added Medic as it's own power and didn't remove anything so the set has ten powers. With Medic being it's own power (and having no attacks if upgraded), you get 3 soldiers as your T1s. Additionally the Commando, with the 2nd upgrade, can summon 2 more soldiers for 120 seconds every 180 seconds. These are more like Dominator pets than MM pets as far as controlling them goes.

So basically Mercs have more firepower now. you can also throw in an Achilles Heel chance for -res in almost any pet, but I prefer the Soldiers.

And you've probably seen me talking about MM pet upgrades, but on Thunderspy they are 0 end PBAOE powers that pulse every 5 seconds out to 30' on all MM sets.
Oh, too add onto my post here >>298895, I am literally unkillable in PVP without a ton of KB or a teleport. I can heal through the damage, and with temp invul from the pool powers, I take little to no damage
File: Salamader_army.png (1.02 MB, 1085x610)
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1.02 MB PNG
File: wojak NPC_1.jpg (19 KB, 430x441)
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>Natsoc is fascist. anything on the northern part of the authoritarian scale is Fascist.
Is Necromancy shit on Thunderspy?
File: drpavel.jpg (142 KB, 1280x749)
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>never played CoH before
>see the shitstorm about private server back at 2019
>jump on v/vg raid for source code
>jump on 8 for death threats and source code
>bully troons on d*scord
>HC goes online
>have fun for few days playing with character customization
>uninstall and forget all this until i stumbled upon this thread
it was a pleasure fighting for your cause gentlemen, kinda surprised there are still servers for this game
File: sneed.jpg (54 KB, 704x728)
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remember that you can play this game again only because I cited transgenders suicide statistics 24/7 on some discord 2 years ago
NCSoft quietly but officially supports the servers existence. Except for Homecoming, they specifically do not like or want to work with Homecoming.
All of the MMs (with the exception of ninjas, long story) got buffed, and soul extraction got a SIGNIFICANT buff and is arguably still OP even after they dialed it back. Necromancy's in a really good spot right now, yes.
I'd say "silently" is more accurate
DEFINITELY not. Their lack of action against the public servers implies a tacit approval, and we DID hear (albeit like third hand) that they were cool with it until homecoming decided to be cunts, but that's not official by any stretch.
To be more accurate, homecoming (allegedly) being massive cunts to ncsoft and demanding exclusive license to provide a public actually ACTIVELY PREVENTED official approval, ironically enough.
Necromancy is now a speed train once you get Soul Extraction. SE can pull you another short term pet from a corpse within 30 feet on a toggle. The more corpses, the more pets. Just get to the next spawn before they die. CHOO-CHOO!
Yeah if you do something like -1x3 diff, you can have around a dozen extra zombos following your orders. Kicks ass!
Thunderspy got all the basebuilding shit Homecoming does yet? I'd like to make my sweet ass base in a non-shit server
nah, not yet
You sound like the retarded commies who claim that authoritarianism is only right wing
I can’t exactly tell what you sound like because there are too many dicks in your mouth.
File: 69.png (356 KB, 519x534)
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356 KB PNG
Technically? They have the data, and thdy can implement the items, but there's something like 17,000 of them that need to be individually catalogued and organized into some semblance of order to make base building actually viable. There's also the question of base raids (which barely work and only like 2 or 3 SGs at most are capable of even doing) and how those style of bases would work with them (they wont), so it would require a whole redo of the base system, which honestly needs a revamp anyway because the current UI is a pile of hot fucking garbage.
CoX is one of the few MMOs that it's actually fun to play in the sense of "interact with". All of the powers feel very strong, there's a lot of reaction in both models and sound effects. When you do a super punch on someone, it very much feels fun to actually do it. Blasting an enemy with your super laser or whatever feels like it actually does something to both you and the target. It's very reactive for an MMO. In particular, the ragdoll effects on a lot of models, combined with the large number of things like knockback and knockup, make it really fun to just blast enemies. I haven't played in awhile, but I played on Thunderspy about a year ago, and I played when the game was live, and it's really fucking fun when flying through zones to just stop and blast low-level mooks off of a building with some kind of knockback and then keep heading wherever you were going.

They hero we didn't deserve.
The dynamic nature of the movement and combat in COH, combined with the simply insane level of character customization even back when I started (when they figured out "hey we can actually do capes without the engine shitting itself") is what not only pulled me into the game but also kept me out of both WoW and Guild Wars back then, both arguably great games that didnt even come close in those areas.
I don't care about base raiding I just want a cool ass palace to occassionally visit. Anybody currently working on cataloging those models?
The original devs wanted to add personal apartments which would be like HC basebuilding that we want to add for TSpy. I believe there's a barebones coding for it but it's on the to-do list. I don't think there's anyone currently cataloging items but we'd be more than happy to have some help in that regard.
I want to say there are, but not positive. One thing I DO know is...

We could always use more. :)
So that people are discussing the actual game anybody ever thought about revising the old City of Heroes TTRPG? I played like 4 sessions on it, it was fun it just need some revisions to spice it up.
Sounds like work :^|
Well we have a PnP section on the Thunderspy discord, so I want to say it's likely to have been mentioned over the course of almost 2 years. But that's not a section I ever look at so I'm guessing.
Says the guy that literally worships nazis.
Sorry, I still can't understand you.
File: Coh logo.png (53 KB, 211x169)
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They just finished the monthly voice meeting on Thunderspy. Lots of exciting things coming up I can't wait to share when the time is right!
Why even post if you're apparently not allowed to talk about it?
>Not allowed to talk about it.
I'm not sure what would give you that impression. It just makes more sense to talk about an event when you know one is scheduled and generally prep in a likewise fashion. This also has the benefit of giving HC less time to react.

Did you know they tried to DMCA our ads on 4chan and reddit? Folks will see how effective THAT was real soon. :)
File: 1600474836617.jpg (411 KB, 1600x1200)
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411 KB JPG
>I'm not sure what would give you that impression.
The fact that you're not just talking about it instead of talking about how great it'll be when you're able to talk about it.

Anyway whatever, what's the general population of Thunderspy? I thought I heard HC had the largest population but they're pozzed garbage.
HC has above 100
Tspy normally is 20-50 a day, currently in a dip.
File: bw2.png (503 KB, 722x610)
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503 KB PNG
File: hello there.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.57 MB PNG
File: comic.png (1.12 MB, 1432x705)
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1.12 MB PNG
On the Left
>Gravity Belle an Villain Mutant Gravity Controller Ninja Dominator
>She was supposed to be >>290660 villain counterpart but it is going to take while for her to be able to perform multiple type of kicks.

On the right side
>Doctor Brianial is a Rogue Natural Mastermind that decided to maintain his genius inside of a jar for eternity on top of a giant robot body.
I've only played on homecoming and it's been dead. Especially the last few months. Lots of people sitting around doing nothing or solo farming that inflate the server count. Reminds me of ragnarok servers that felt like ghost towns despite the decent numbers. I'm going to jump ship to thunderspy because the lack of new content is pathetic at this point
Any chance you guys are working on a version of mid's hero builder that has thunderspy changes? My favorite thing in the game is drafting up IO builds and with all the changes you've made it's a bit of an obstacle to planning.
This thread is dead dude, if you want to talk about the server or anything about the game instead of just dumping your OCs screenshot you should just join their discord.
Alright who fucking stole my pic
I did because I thought it was nice.
Normally what we recommend is using our QA server to test final builds. On QA you can insta-50 and get what you need to test. Mids COULD happen in theory, but probably won't because, as you said, there are a LOT of changes and Mids isn't terribly easy to work with. But yeah we get this concern a lot and QA is the standard answer.
Thread is not actually dead. I just couldn't put a lot of energy into it for a bit due to personal medical reasons that were kicking my ass. I am coming back as my energy recovers however.
Blueside monster hunt organizing now! Extra xp for event!
Twas fun, got 3 badges
that's a shame. Instant 50 isn't really a helpful alternative for slot planning. Guess I'll have to keep any builds I actually play on homecoming
If Ive interpreted the recent dev chatter right, theyre actually close to wrapping up the balance changes, if only because there's only so much you can do on that end and its mostly done. One of the devs seems to get off on tedium, too, so they might actually update MIDS at some point once it actually makes sense to.
File: Coh Tshirt.jpg (150 KB, 1108x751)
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150 KB JPG
2nd Anniversary of Thunderspy today with a patch! Big one too it looks like!

Thunderspy Anniversary event. I'll be toggling this on or designating someone else to by this evening, as my house was hit by a tornado yesterday and I have no power.

* Client and server now have SSE optimizations for various math operations that didn't have them prior. This is basically using "new" CPU stuff to be faster.
* Implemented the SCoRE power system rewrite. This means we can now remove pseudopets and add some new more interesting powers, such as chains. This also fixed Primalist's ability to heal allies.
* Added support to dynamically remove collision with zone events, so we can make maps that change on the fly in more interesting and exciting ways.
* Added fixes to NPC and Car spawners on various mission maps that weren't supposed to have them (iTrials, Siren's Call map missions, Destroyed Praetoria)

* Brought over Searge's scale fixes from Ouro. This means Window Scale will no longer make it impossible to scroll fully down various windows such as the SG list and Emails.

Cathedral of Pain:
* The Pain Bringer badge is now automatically granted.
* The Penumbra of Rularuu is now granted with the original lockout on receiving multiple.

Shadow Shard TFs:
* Flashback versions now correctly grant merit rewards again

* Sets are once again disabled.
* A CC can now only last a max of 4 seconds, if you lack any resistances.

Pool - Speed:
* Burnout now correctly affects Brute's Titan Weapon.

Fire Armor:
* Fixed duration of Confuse resistance on Temperature Protection
* Proliferated the Confuse protection to Scrapper and Brute
Arachnos Soldier:
* Single Shot
Recharge Time 3->4, remove damage tick that added 0.36 scale damage
* Pummel
Scale is back to 1.0 from 1.4 - It's intended to be a melee alternative to Single Shot
* Heavy Burst
Remove added damage tick that added 0.36 scale total, increase primary scale from 0.156 -> 0.38 (which is 7 ticks at that scale)
* Bayonet
Remove ticking ranged scale damage as it already had ticking damage
* Venom Grenade
Revert End cost 10.856 -> 11.856. Changed Toxic -Res from -4 scale to -2 scale like all the other -Res it does.
* Frag Grenade
Reduced damage based on the increased radius from vanilla (10 -> 20). Smashing 0.5 -> 0.2409, Lethal 0.67 -> 0.4891
* Charge
Endurance cost increased from 8.528 to 13
Remove self heal
Duration reduced to 15 seconds from 30
Reduce ToHit decrease from 0.5 to 0.05
Removed resistance increases entirely
* Toxin Mine
Recharge increased from 60 -> 120. Poison Trap is 90 seconds. There's zero reason a T9, better version should have less recharge.

Arachnos Soldier - Training & Gadgets:
* Wolf Spider Armor
Remove Heal Resistance reduction
* Combat Training: Defensive
Remove -Def resistance that was added
* Combat Training: Offensive
Remove self-damage buffs

Arachnos Soldier - Crab Spider:
* Frenzy
Damage reverted. Lethal 1.744 -> 0.79, Energy 1.736 -> 0.79. It retains the radius increase from 8->12 and the -Res.
* Omega Maneuver
Recharge time increased from 90 -> 120.
File: Tspy Tshirt.jpg (278 KB, 864x748)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Added no redraw options for all staff melee powers

Travel powers should now properly suppress in PvP

Items of power no longer function in PvP, Items of power buffs cut roughly in half.

Tenacity has had its PvP attributes added for 6 seconds out of every 10 seconds it gives 10 points of mez protection and 15 points of knock protection.

Sonic Resonance

* Disruption Aura: knock chance reduced
* Sonic Sooth: +regen reduced
* Sonic Haven: Absorb now only applies half values to the caster
* liquify: -Tohit values reduced (the set can reach the same -tohit values as vanilla by using both liquify and Resonate)

Water blast:

* Dehydrate now heals instead of granting regen in PvP
* The lockout on enhanced water jet has been removed

Storm Summoning:

* Added a PBAoE version of O2 Boost called Oxygenate, it is mutually exclusive with O2 Boost
* Proliferated Typhoon (a Variant of hurricane with weaker debuffs and no repel) to Corruptors, Controllers, and Masterminds

Gadget power pool:

* Nano net: now has similar numbers as devices web grenade
* Wrist Blaster: Damage, recharge, endurance cost increased, damage timing adjusted.
* Blaster Barrage: has numbers similar to radiation blast's Electron Haze, changed animation to something more functional looking
[8:25 AM]
All Dominator Targeted AoEs damage numbers were set to be a bit higher than they should be as an experiment of sorts, they're being adjusted lower to where they should be.

All versions of power boost have been set to non scaling 75% boost
All Dominator Targeted AoEs damage numbers were set to be a bit higher than they should be as an experiment of sorts, they're being adjusted lower to where they should be.

All versions of power boost have been set to non scaling 75% boost

All Domianator Power build up effects have been set to a 50% non scaling boost for 10s, damage buffs remain at 15s (this is due to overwhelming synergy with domination and the control buff that was done ages ago) damage boosts reduced to Aim values

Gravity controls:

* Gravity Field has had its knock chance reduced and damage reduced

Electric control:

* Conductive Aura: PvP end drain reduced

Psychokinetic Assault:

* Swords no longer benefit from damage enhancements, this is partially to rein in their damage but mostly to stop them from benefiting from IO procs

* Psychokinetic pulse: damage reduced
File: 2nd anni.png (2.26 MB, 1920x1024)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
What is the anniversary event? I do not know!

I'll be running Cathedral of pain from Pocket D at 9pm EST tonight with everyone from any side level 15 and up welcomed.
>zeus and boss
Also ice made me fucking lol
File: 2nd anni trial map.png (1.6 MB, 1389x941)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
From Normal Guy on Thunderspy's new anniversary event.

@everyone Greetings, one and all! Two years ago, this community was born from the rekindled ashes of a passion made anew - from the fervent heat of conflict came something unlike anyone had ever seen! Despite any and all setbacks, trials and adversity, we stand here all the more emboldened than ever before. Thanks to the amazing and Dauntless work of @psiLupan / @Queue, for the entire month of May, we will be celebrating our communal Thunderspy 2nd Anniversary. There are many things that await, which will call upon your combined might, and of which will yield many rewards for your arduous efforts:

Experience: During weekends of this month, experience rates will be set from 1.5x to* 2x* rates.

Holiday Trial: Throughout the month, a brand new trial will be available to players Security Level 10 and above for groups of sizes between 4 and 36 - this is a challenge unlike you've ever faced, and we heavily implore you take as many friends with you to battle. We've come for your favorite powersets, and now we've come for your lives. It's time to take the nerf bat to your favorite developers' knees and stop them dead in their tracks.

Badges: Not only will you obtain the Thunderspy 2nd Anniversary badge, but similar achievements will be available for defeating a different develop first among the others during each scenario, one for defeating 1,000 Thunderspy Clones, and one "Master of" badge -- a total of more than one badge!
bubble is cute.
Why is OBH Gustavo Fring?
So there is no way to do Illusion Mirrors like on Homecoming in Thunderspy?
I'll be playing there a lot more if that happens. Hope so
no one cares about your donut steels

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