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Admit it this game brought call of duty back on top. Infinity ward are the true kings.
I believe they may have even learned something about rushing games.
Finished game=money
Rushed game=school shootings
Treyarch are just garbage bo4 had 3 years and look what happened.
You're obviously playing this on console because its a mess on PC.
I uninstalled and requested a refund from Blizzard, they denied my request because I'd had the game for over 72 hours even though my play time would have been a few hours.

I deleted all battlenet games and deleted the launcher.
lmao this piece of shit doestn even have dev console when it shipped with it 14 fucking years ago
Too bad cheaters are bringing it down
It's only on top of being the trash fast food of the game industry. The quality is non-existant.
File: 1615099213430.jpg (247 KB, 1079x1055)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
I tried some new COD during a free weekend not too long ago. I no longer enjoyed the death match experience. Guess I'm just an old man now.
Who cares
its so much better than blops cold war its embarrassing, then a 3rd studio was forced to put shitty cold war content into warzone what a shit show

they should just have infinity ward make 1 cod game every 3 years and thats it
Ive never liked a treyarch cod. Can't really put my finger on why, they just all feel so unsatisfying.
>also the worst mp maps to date
>true kings"
Must be nice being a clueless child, thinking that trash is gold.
>great graphics
>great sound design
>great weapon selection
>extremely satisfying gunplay

Too bad it's been ruined by the absolutely abominable "cosmetics" they added throughout the game's lifespan. The absolute shit maps which are all too big for 6v6 also ruins it. Shoot house is literally the only good map in the game.
>some of the best weapon play we will probably ever see in a AAA tier release
>neat little tidbits of detail
>relatively in depth customization that you don’t really see outside of third party/indie games
>weapon variants can actually be obtained by playing and completing challenges and not from getting a lucky dice roll on crates
>even on a base xbox the graphics are undoubtedly great
And yet despite all of that its almost all completely ruined by some of the most pants on head retarded map design I think I have ever seen. Campaign was definitely nothing to write home about either, though I do like the whole thing it had going on with collateral damage.
Seriously. The fuck are the new maps. Shoot house is decent and thats it. They literally just had to port in the top 20-30 maps from MW and BO franchises and they would have had absolute gold as far as cod goes.
Also the face off maps are shit. MW3 were so, so much better. Niche mode I know but holy shit again there are two decent ones and the rest are god awful.
IW themselves stated they wanted to make the maps more “tactical” as well as noob friendly. Personally I don’t know how in the fuck they could be counted as noob friendly since even with a full squad there’s still 20 different lines of sight for someone to blast your ass at, unlike the traditional 3 lane maps of old that are pretty streamlined, and they sure as shit aren’t remotely tactical either. Hell a good bulk of MW’s maps are remakes or ports but with a bunch of retarded shit tacked on, whether its extra rooms or an area that has no reason being open. I don’t know if they were forced to do all that retarded shit by Activision or if they’re just that lazy, but even Ghosts had way better maps since they at least mostly had some sort of flow barring one or two.
3 lane map design has melted your brains
File: IMG_20210330_015005.jpg (875 KB, 1000x995)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
No, the MW2019 maps are objectively shit for 6v6 gameplay. You can commonly go 40-60 seconds without encountering a single enemy, they're a fucking snoozefest. The only way the maps are tolerable is if they're as small as Shoot House or have 10 v 10.

Not to mention the fucking retarded "indoor" sections they force into almost every map that doesn't improve the map in any way (see all the buildings in Cheshire Park or the office in Shoot House).

Anyone who followed the pre-release marketing knows that there was meant to be a 20v20 mode for maps like Aniyah Palace (and I assume Arklov Peak and Grazna Raid) which never made it into the retail game for some bizarre fucking reason. The three maps I just mentioned are disgracefully big for 6v6 gameplay. They're even too big for the 10v10 mode they sometimes appear in.

Pic related is a rough size comparison I did of Arklov Peak and Shoot House by matching up the shipping containers. Arklov is nearly three times the size!
they added 3 new maps MW IS KING BABY
But Cold War is so much fun, although you are right to say that BO4 is dogshit
They are noob friendly precisely because it's impossible to know where the enemy might shoot you from
It's so chaotic that even a clueless noob can get some kills
With TTK on the order of 200ms, if you see someone before they see you you've won, even if your accuracy is bad
MW2019 mogs BOCW
Treyarch were definitely better at Black Ops 1 era, but I think each one got worse (apart from maybe cold war). BO4 was a fucking disgrace, zombies hasn't been great since BO1 either.
Post your preferred loadouts with strengths and weaknesses and which gamemode it's best in (warzone, multiplayer, whatever). I'm going to type mine out after I take a piss and boot up my pc. Just curious what you guys like to run with.
They just need to buff armor plates. I like the fast ttk on smaller objective based matches like domination but when it comes to bigger cold war maps or Warzone fast ttk you just don't have time to react.
It's a decent shooter on its own and could have worked the same without any references to MW. Playing the actual series has way more of a consistent atmosphere and especially the gameplay of is extremely nostalgic and Video-gamey. I liked the reboot's campaign probably as much as the original, but when its in a detached universe feeling alien from the first 3 games, its like IW are using husks of the characters and the slapping the IP name on to make their game sell. It was a great fucking idea clearly, but I wish we got an actual 2008 era arcade feeling shooter instead of motion blur slidey fucked maps and spawns simulator #7
mw19 solidified the death of cod mp
top of fucking what? mainstream shooters are braindead garbage for faggots now.
Speaking of COD, I just finished 'Mile High Club', on veteran.
>I tried some new COD during a free weekend not too long ago
was it Cold War?
>not starter skin
>no playermodel in lobby screen, so it was just a weapon sliding on the ground
>ruined the BO1 guns (at least in visuals and sounds)
>those weapon attachments
>explored the maps alone
>nuketown ruined not by nukes, but by anti-war/60s hippie garbage
>raid and express even being in this game
Uninstalled immediately. Felt like I was robbed
>I no longer enjoyed the death match experience.
>Guess I'm just an old man now.
post every COD you've played
>Ghosts (not my copy)
>IW (not my copy)
>WW2 (i got memed)
>BO4 (i got memed)
>MW 2019
>MW3 (not my copy)
>post every COD you've played
Actually Owning;
Meme marketing betas;
Thought WW2 and bo4's meme betas were "decent", but absolutely despised MW's. Some of the most boring map design ive ever seen

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