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File: asassa.jpg (11 KB, 310x163)
11 KB
> 5 couriers
> free wards
> no defined roles any longer
> heroes running at 800 MS 50 minutes into the game
> average GPM around 60% higher than years ago
> dopamine-depleting casino mechanics through neutral items
why did DotA become this retard-tier, reddit-induced amalgam of Turbo and Imba?
>dota gets faster and more items / mechanics to master
>shitty boomer cant keep up
>and wont play on iccup or any wc3 dota because he is still dota 2 baby
many such cases
>>dota gets faster and more items / mechanics to master
> when it hasn't been easier to play dota and be forgiven for retarded mistakes
oh my dear
Most fun patch in a long ass time, enjoy your dying shitty thread
> t. league-playing subhuman
Doesnt actually play the game just lets it live rent free.
>lycan running you down and finishing the game in 15m with his 60% winrate is fun
neck yourself. necrobook 3 needs to be removed from the fucking game.
>I'm one trick pony retard
Try simple games like LeL or MMORPG.
File: angela.jpg (64 KB, 371x676)
64 KB
>Muh league
Every faggot that makes this claim never does their research.
All of these changes make the game even less league with the exception of obs being free.

>personalized gankable courier vs no courier at all.
>Reliance on ms lategame vs everyone having mobility skills and free blink from the get go.
>limited stash of wards that take up a slot and slowly replenish on a map twice the size vs everyone having a personalized ward that is on cooldown.
>Competant Supports being more than wardbot past 15 mins vs no support ever able to carry bad teams.
>Heroes being able to flex lane vs many heroes being completely obsolete.
>earlyGame relies on lane matchups and roam vs 1 pvebot jungler farming buffs
This game is so boring I could never get into it
The cosmetics in dota have gotten way out of hand. There have been a couple times where I've taken a break, come back to watch a pro game and experience difficulty recognising a hero or unit
>im so lame i cant understand a game
> a couple times
>experience difficulty recognising a hero or unit
thats normal. new heros every year. new skins all the time.
if you play dota 2 for more than 2 days, you should easily recognize any hero.
unless you're one of those people who are alt tabbed half the time they're running dota, then yea, go do something more simple to understand, like minesweeper or maybe roblox, i hear all the young kids are having a blast on that game
I played Dota for about a month and enjoyed it, but I just don't have the time to git good at the moment.

Is league or heroes of the storm the most stripped down casual equivalent? Is there anything harder about those games compared to Dota?
No anon, maybe predecessor aka Paragon 2 but is not avaible soo go play Warcraft 1 2 and 3
League is streamlined, but to git gud at it will also require a good amount of memorization. HotS is entry level and remains so, despite the hero variety you'll pick up on everything important very quickly. It's good with friends, but I wouldn't recommend solo queue. It's the moba equivalent of a board game.
Just get wave clear lol
he's just a chinese LoL shill probably.
I played dota 6.84 recently, there is a discord where they have matchmaking and you can get into games at the right times. It was interesting to see how things were then. I agree with your assessment in parts as gold and Regen have proliferated, although in many ways the game has improved in recent years. I do think tp scrolls should be more expensive and nerfed, especially clarities

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