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Should i get a Nintendo switch?
You're a fully developed adult. You should be able to solve this yourself.
This is going to sound like PcMasTeRrAce but hear me out :
The Yuzu emulator on PC works nice. I wanted a switch to play ssmbu, botw and mario odyssey, and I did on PC. No need for a switch keep your money for a decent 500-600$ PC.
here is your switch king :
Does everyone on this board live in Brazil? $300 is not a lot of money at all. Especially since the system itself is so easy to mod, so that's the entire lifetime price including all games.
I had one and its not worth it, you'll regret it after a couple months. if you REALLY wanted to play the games just get yuzu. There are ways you can play online with yuzu as well that are better than nintendos online service anyways. Its a complete waste of money.
That's less likely than you think.
I would. You can always resell it later.
you mean $500
Trust me, you'll regret having spent the $300 no matter how cheap it is.
For multiplayer games exclusively? Fuck no, it's antiquated beyond shit;
* Friend code bullshit that's barely been improved since the DS era,
* Doesn't come with Ethernet to USB adapter so almost everyone has wireless lag from the get go,
* In-game voice chat requires a separate app on your phone/tablet,
And Nintendo has the audacity to charge you for it.

Single player gaming though? Absolutely.

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