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File: 18500001532_1.png (539 KB, 850x503)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Last thread hit bump limit >>157400

New boss soon™, custom ammunition (slugs etc) also confirmed for next patch.
>Romero with slugs
Jesus, you really waited for a while to try again with this dated joke, huh?
My time has come, and you WILL like my shitty joke.

Wish people would post more shitty screenshots and webms honestly, feels like I'm the only one posting my shitty screenshots and webms.
File: HuntVideoTimelineEP20.png (725 KB, 1752x933)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
Ill make some when I finish editing this mega compilation episode
I need fweends to play this with:3
Why are you still editing footage from like 2 years back? I like your videos but the last one had stuff from like the first early access patch. Or am I mistaking you with the other anon who makes videos?
well for me, I had like 1.5tb of footage already recorded but I hadnt edited it cause I had gone through 4 surgeries, totaled my car, herniated my esophagus, and also broke my tailbone so I couldnt stay in one spot for a very long time and edit. I'm doing better now but half my body is still partially numb constantly but I'm not in a great deal of pain anymore, so Im just going through all of it now chronologically.
This isn't reddit or your personal blog. Just post your shitty hunt videos. sorry to hear about all the shit, but it sound like you're a clumsy retard
if you're talking about me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooCi8seZcuo I just never got around to actually editing my massive pile of clips and when I eventually did I just threw all of the good ones into one long video
Is there anything more satisfying than hitting a headshot with the perfect amount of lead on it? Even better is the fact that this guy had an avtomat and didn't get to fire a single shot.
do people REALLY still play this game even after all the assfucking crytek jews do to you?
talk about stockholm syndrome
Most of the changes recently have been pretty good though and returned back some of the old gameplay. Care to give some examples instead of vague statements?
File: URINE JELLO.jpg (71 KB, 640x640)
71 KB
>tfw everyone you know who plays is either disinterested, can't go one match without ragequitting, or is such a toxic overbearing sweaty tryhard that you'd rather not play than deal with their constant backseat gaming and complaining
>Play with a good buddy of mine
>He has this retard that he keeps letting join
>Literally playing Hunt 24/7, as soon as we start he's already messaging my friend to play
>Every fucking time he dies:
>"He's fucking cheating man, here's his name report him"
>"His k/d is 0.01 higher than mine, what the fuck crytek stupid fucking broken game"
>And to top it off he's non-stop back seat gaming whenever he's spectating us, "told you so, should've done this" if we lose

He's fucking prestige 80 something now and has a k/d of like 1.2. I told my buddy to ghost this faggot but apparently he's a friend of an IRL friend or some shit and he's just too nice.
jeez. I have a 1.2 and I dont even play meta and have spent most of my time playing with randoms and doing the weapon/monster book and do dumb shit to complete them and have crappy weapons.
File: HS-BlindSamurai.webm (2.73 MB, 800x450)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB WEBM
There's been literally none. The only content that costs money is cosmetics.

You sound like you don't play the game.
File: hm.gif (279 KB, 240x266)
279 KB
279 KB GIF
You should start being an asshole back to him, then he'll refuse to play with you and your problem will be solved. If your friend won't do something, you may as well, seeing as you don't know and obviously hate this fuck.

>letting people talk while they're dead

How does anyone let this happen. Dead people speak when they're spoken to.
Bulletgrubber aesthetic tier

File: Soon.png (17 KB, 458x149)
17 KB
Well fuck, they "soon" during the last fucking dev stream, which was 2 months ago.
>Waited 2 minutes to get them
>It worked
did they add sway back
did they make the graphics better
>There's been literally none
development team change
console graphics downgrade
flatshit UI
nigger females
the disgrace that is the hunter equip menu
the absolute current state of hunt 1.0.jpg
The paid steam review thing
graphics downgrade #2
trashy reworks
the whole "community communication" dumpsterfire
graphics downgrade #3
add several server downages inbetween

Yeah no assfucking at all.
Go ahead and nitpick at merely one or two of the points above if it makes you feel better (or you are paid to) or just type "well ur a poopyhead", i wont judge your coping mechanism.

Funny video not related to post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNlFjVC-7rI
You can try and convince me that the game is shit all you want but I've liked most of the changes they've done except fucking up the ui and I've never not enjoyed the game

"nigger females" lmao are you sure you ever even liked the game
enough that I don't include them as a con in my autistic rant about a video game being bad
File: snadit.png (74 KB, 250x226)
74 KB
That's pretty disgusting, anon.
File: 1598854071472.gif (616 KB, 244x156)
616 KB
616 KB GIF
Trust a smoothbrain race autist to focus on sperg shit like HURR FEMOIDS IN MY VIDYA NOOO instead of shredding domes.

Sounds like you're shit at the game and salty as fuck.
Trust a smoothbrain mutt autist to focus on sperg shit like HURR MY VIDYA NOOO instead of shredding joggers.

Sounds like you're 46% black and salty as fuck.
File: populationLousiana.png (1.29 MB, 1189x1587)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
I like how you never see the rancor skin anymore. Shit eas ugly af
I wanna like the game but it just seems unfun if you're new
Favourite skin?
Polar Star for me.
low lvl weapons

>S tier
Romero 77

>A Tier
Vetterli 71 Karabiner

Romero 77 is the strongest shotgun 1 tap in the game
Karabiner is the fastest firing rifle in the game
lvling it up to the bayonet gives you cqb stab + a really great rifle
File: HungryBoy.png (2.36 MB, 3840x2160)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
Winfield is S tier too right now. Obviously the short magazine variant is objectively inferior (the accuracy boost is negligible), it's still a solid choice at lvl 1, especially if you tend to aim for headshots more than body shots.

Alison. It looks so fucking clean. Wish they did more skins that were just really nice display pieces.
yeah winfield is good if you can aim otherwise the other too.
winfield sucks cqb without levering tho
Polar star is so nice its made me start using the nagant precision.

as for me - I love the Louisiana lustrum, the brothers keeper, and my personal favorite is the trial reward skin for the lebel - the auger. shame its so hard to get
i'm actually really good at the game while also hating niggers and women
>hard to get

The challenges are just pure tedium. I did them up to the lebel but couldn't be fucked to do the rest. Nice skin though.
It's unfun if you're new and a lone wolf. You need friends to see it for what it is, and then lone wolf after you're comfy with the mechanics and meta strats.
Maybe the sale will bring some more players, it's been kinda dead on non-EU hours for a while. Or maybe they should just update the fucking game already.
Players sure, but stayers? Too many trending long death/permadeath games these days

>>173946 is pretty spot on. You really need to play it with people to learn it properly I'd say, the learning curve is pretty real. I love soloing but I've been playing the game since it came out in EA years ago. It's definitely not solo friendly if you aren't VERY sure of what you're doing (except quickplay, which is a good mode to play to get fight experience and free hunters/money).
File: hot stuff.jpg (73 KB, 952x676)
73 KB
Rising Sun, flare pistol is always welcome.
File: 1584919207506.gif (927 KB, 1600x1440)
927 KB
927 KB GIF
Big three tips for you if you're turbonew-

Always have something that can actually hit beyond short range that is NOT single-shot. Don't rely on dual-wielding or a single shot gun to handle your medium+ range fights, you will suffer badly.

Heal to full if you can, always. Many weapons in the game are onetaps to the chest if you've taken even light damage so staying topped off is priority #1 if you can break contact for even 2 seconds. Use world medkits over your own meds if at all possible (they heal to full very fast and you deny the enemy heals by using them yourself).

Get into as many fights as possible. You won't get better at it if you avoid people or "wait for the perfect moment".
Arrogantly soloing it as a newbie can lead to some frustration in getting gud. Permadeath can mean it's always high risk in terms of having to wait a new match and buying a new hunter. On the other hand, matching up with a complete stranger can also make and break your experience. But at least you're more likely to see your character through a match than having to cut and run because you're paranoid of trios or enemy lone-wolf strats you're not aware of.
File: 1358218068961.jpg (37 KB, 286x323)
37 KB
My favorite embarrassing newbie moment was bringing a one-hand cross bow and a nagant to one of my first matches and then realizing that it's an ineffective combo. Thankfully my enemy was also new and died from a hive because he hid behind the wrong box.
Besides hand xbow being super short range that doesn't sound all that bad. nagant revolver is a viable midrange gun for sure and the best fanning pistol. hand xbow is basically a romero handcannon close up too, SO deadly.

Glad you pulled through anyway anon. There's plenty of fun to be had with "ineffective" loadouts but definitely best not to handicap yourself while you're learning.
It's mostly bad for me because I focused too much on the sounds (as many players have stated that it is one of Hunt's most important aspects) so I brought a crossbow to take out the zombies and the nagant to do headshots on dogs. What I failed to realize was that the crossbow wasn't ridiculously fast like other shooters, and I've severely underestimated the travel time of arrows in general. Basically I ended up just exploring the map and sometimes scaring lone new players by missing crossbow shots and hitting a piece of metal behind them.

Amazing how a few dozen hours into HUNT can make a map so threateningly comfy though.
File: 1546751915416.jpg (151 KB, 388x443)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Yeah you pretty quickly learn that it's fairly easy to hide if you get any time at all to do it. Map knowledge is so key which is an intimidating prospect when you first start playing. At least us beta players got to focus on Stillwater Bayou before Lawson came out, so we sort of got to learn them one at a time.

And yeah, crossbows have insane drop and low speed, super fun anyway though. Crossbow shotbolt is unbelievably based and I cannot wait for the ammo patch (you'll be able to bring more than one type of ammo). Gonna be using a LOT of crossbow.
Dev stream should be today or tomorrow. I swear if they delay it again.....
Can't wait for that update. Onetapping people with shotbolts and clearing mobs quietly with regular bolts in the same weapon AND being able to actually use crossbow skins? SIgn me the FUCK up
Holy fuck, just this week i started including asia in my matchmaking pool and jesus christ those bugmen play like hyper-aggressive murderbots. CONSTANT gunfire, mad rushes and for some reason the Vetterli is the most common rifle I've seen, like at least 4-6 vetterlis per match.. so weird.

Been a nice change from sleepy OCE servers that are either empty or full of sweats who camp and do nothing.
File: 1594092002533.jpg (76 KB, 640x632)
76 KB
Yeah I am excited by the prospect of shotgun slugs and other ammo but by far the most boner inducing thought is the xbow resurgence we're about to experience.

They should add more non-firearm ranged weapons... Slingshot, compound bow, javelins?
File: eiSQM2B.png (8 KB, 256x128)
8 KB

There was an icon for one that got leaked a while ago, but most of the stuff from that leak got released already, I'm assuming it got canned.
I mean it could happen, powerful slingshots with metal bullets are fucking nasty
Is this game good?
or you could just watch a few videos and learn to play solo. it's not that hard. i did it.
Recommend some videos then, solo seems way more fun
Any guns you guys enjoy for personal reasons rather than their stats?

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