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File: 1593077582713.jpg (81 KB, 762x360)
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Any open world survival multiplayer games worth a damn these days?
With some progression like bosses and shit.

>survival multiplayer
>worth a shit

Is there any game in this genre that isn't
a) broken
b) early access shit
c) laggy
d) janky movement and shooting
e) borderline unplayable?

from what ive played, rust and conan exiles are the biggest most polished survival games. conan has some pve content that ive never tried that gives you endgame equipment. rust is mostly griefing and pvp at endgame
Haven and hearth but its too hardcore for you
Only one that comes to mind is don't starve together
It literally currently has a lunatic enacting 1984 style policies with the influence they've accrued and whose stated purpose is to depopulate the game by making everyone miserable. It's too hardcore for everyone.
>open world
How can people stomach this garbage is beyond my understanding.
shit devs with no money go for this genre because the players are responsible for the content. It's cheap to just make a map, a crafting system, and some enemies and call it a day.

Amazon tried to make a MP survival game with a big budget and competent devs, but they caved to carebears and now they're just making a half-baked MMO with once-good combat in the process of getting ruined with every update.
Tarkov for sure.
Fuck i remember seeing that awhile ago and thinking it looked cool.
The preview version from a couple months ago was still fun to duel in, but changes they made in the current alpha somehow managed to both slow the combat down AND make it less tactical.

I mean usually you're trying to find a compromise on fast paced vs strategic but they managed to lose both.
just saw that on the forums lol, being a scavenger is the way to go
>open world
Empyrion: Galactic Survival is in this genre, but it straight up offends your points a, b, c, d and e.

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