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File: 1464720076353.jpg (233 KB, 800x1207)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Ace of spades
Version 0.54
File: 1605721249181.png (467 KB, 1308x1648)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
i was just about to make a trhead of this blocky men
It's weird. Everyone wants to play Ace of Spades but no one is ever playing Ace of Spades. Maybe this would be better off as a multiplayer weekend kinda game.
I've been doing Sectors Edge lately, fills the void this game left.
the game stills alive
I'd disagree. The game's kinda getting there, as Breakthrough now actually lets you set up fortifications and get some mileage out of them, but it's gonna be a while for players to get that mindset; it also doesn't help that the majority of their Salvage prefabs--such as bridges, platforms, and various small bits of cover--are virtually useless in the mode, so the game desperately needs an option to switch building loadouts. That's also ignoring how you will never see AoS-tier forts and castles due to the pace of the game, and building is mostly just for traversal and cover in Salvage.
Who's playin' right now? Do I install this again?
old school krunker?
will /vm/ be the death of Ace of Spades threads?
The people here are self-sabotaging their efforts to get AoS servers going by insisting on version 0.54.
Nah, 0.75 servers typically get the same results, and when they actually do get people, it's often off-site fags. Besides, it's been more than proven that there are droves of people that prefer 0.54, given the fact that there have been full servers hosted by anons in the relatively recent past. The reality is that people just don't really seem to coalesce despite there being a demand for it, so a official game night could easily be the kick in the pants it needs.
From what I've seen 0.75 servers are generally being hosted by fucking retards. They make it appear on the server list so you get off-site faggots, they don't use the script to block shotgun and/or SMG so those off-site fags can let their faggotry run rampant and they use maps other than classic gen.
No shit people prefer 0.54 is this i the alternative. With a well hosted 0.75 server without those issues there's literally no reason to prefer 0.54 except for nostalgia over the fucky perspective warping and gatekeeping which would just bring me back to >>171384
I guess there's also sprinting but I'll happily argue about that being a game mechanic that only enhances AoS.
Wait you guys don't like the shotgun?
Also is there a server up?
Maybe its because im a noob, but it doesnt feel powerfull. Rifle lets you headshot, smg lets you get easy kills of you dont know how to aim plus it is good at demolishing towers and bridges. The only use i see for a shotgun is to break walls.
Anybody playing right now? I'm trying to play Sector's Edge and it won't load. Can any of you sate my brick-shooting lust?
I think the rifle's just too perfect a weapon. Nothing feels as good as spraying buckshot though.
File: O4JPbx1RX1.png (4 KB, 351x69)
4 KB
chrome literally has NO override for this shit so i have to use another browser. the site in the image redirects to https://www.buildandshoot.com/. is this the trusted install location?
from looking at it on steam does not look like something up my alley.
i want to autistically design death-trap ridden fort and defend against 32 opponents using a clunky fps combat system
I haven't played in years, but when they sold the Ace of Spades name to Jagex, BuildandShoot became the new label for the same old game. I think that's still it.
It says I'm running 0.54, but the server is either full or misconfigured. Can somebody confirm if it's even running?
>disabling smg and shotgun
just git gud? no reason to lose to either using a rifle
The steam version is dead an disabled, the game stills alive in a clone named OpenSpades. You can play the zombie gamemode, where a bunch of Op bots come from the edges of the map to kill you and you have to survive. The only chance of winning is a good team and coordination.
Yes it is.

The game only weights 25 mb, for that size triyng it out doesnt cost much.

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