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File: 9d6ltt59h2i41.jpg (66 KB, 567x527)
66 KB
>What is World of Tanks

It is an arcade tank game that plays like a mix of FPS and chess, developed by Wargaming. It is easy to play but hard to master, and no battle will be the same.

>Official site

https://worldoftanks.eu [EU]
https://worldoftanks.com [NA]
https://worldoftanks.asia [ASIA]


1: Armor penetration:
2: Concealment:
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgEE7L7jXvI
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZVWmHQVuVI
3: Vehicle spotting:
4: Damage blocking:
5: Introduction of Nations and Tank class:
6: Crew guide for beginner:
7: Game settings guide:


1: Strategy planning tool, ideal for planning clan tactics:
2: Tanks statistics and 3D armor models:
3: Tanks and players' performance statistics:
4: Tanks' rating and recommended equipments:
5: Unofficial game news sources, leaks:
https://thedailybounce.net [EN]
https://wotexpress.info [RU]
6: Official game mods portal approved by WG:
7: Monitoring service for game servers, used for checking whether servers are down:


>How alive is the game ?
The game still has a considerable playerbase, that peaked during Xmas with over 1 million players.

>Is the game P2W ?
You can rest assured that if you are good, you can beat other shitters reliably. Shitters can spend millions and still get owned by good player.

>How to gitgud ?
Master the game mechanics and watch a lot of streamers and youtubers to learn maps.
For new players: QuickyBaby.
For good/unicums: Dakillzor, Kajzoo, Iyouxin, Skill4ltu.
Prev thread
>watch a lot of streamers and youtubers to learn maps.
Please do not do this. Just have the high enough IQ to figure shit out on you own. Stop letting ecelebshitters walk all over the integrity of online game communities.
The only reason why you should watch any WoT streamer, is to hopefully acquire their address so that you can put an end their wrongful influence for good.
You, being a weak-minded normie that can't help but worship someone is not my fault. I simply took their knowledge to benefit me and nothing else
Sorry I hurt your feelings, goyim.
These streamers just need to go.
You go and make an extensive maps guide then niggers, it's just a matter of time before WG change the map and make them outdated. Streamer and YouTube has always been the main way to learn the game since its creation.
...And how did the streams learn the game?
By not being a retard you mongrel, do you seriously ask me how to learn from watching.
But the smarter has always been to learn from others' mistake retard. Do you like getting fucked in ass by unicum to know you did dumb shit or watch other player and spare yourself from having to experience that yourself
Your fragile egos deserve to be put in the same ditch as the ecelebs.
About what?
Your ignorance
What am I ignoring?
Answer up, goy.
Where my ignorance at?
File: 1.webm (3.41 MB, 1920x1080)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB WEBM
>most accurate german gun
I'm seriously thinking about stop playing tier 8.
Every game over half of your team is full of sub 48%WR in premium tanks who's worse than bot and literal new players who jump straight to tier 8 without knowing how to play the game.
It's really a shame because tier 8 has a lot of fun and unique tanks.
Find a plat, Deal dmg at least equal to 1.5 times of your tank hp. If you can't then go back to tier 6.
Look, I'm not a unicum but I'm also not a total noob either. I can hold my own weight but I'm not good enough to carry every game.
And you have to admit, tier 8 is just fucked.
Then learn more, as i said before, high tier is full of tryhards, you are expected to not only carry your own weight but the shitters that randomly got put in your team each battle which is why i also recommend platoon with people that's better or at least equal to your level, because with some coordination you can easily turn the tide of the battle. Do you know why there are people with 70+% wr? They plat with their unicum clan mates and play the best tank. If you can't handle the heat then just go play the middle tier, there is shame in doing that and it give more room for you to learn. Master the game mechs and learn strategic map positions well.
Official Discord if you want to find platoon for EU/NA
>Stop letting ecelebshitters walk all over the integrity of online game communities.
What does this have to do with learning how to play a map? You are mentally ill, nigger.
Some people are just too embarrassed and petty to emulate the success of others.
But you're right, it's a bit schizoid.

And to be fair, the world of tanks ccs each have some sort of personality disorder too.
this is typical 47% behavior
get good retard nigger
this is a skill based game and a better player would have hit that shot
you have no excuse
Played T1 Heavy a bit, I enjoy it.
Occasionally I have friends who are noobs and frequently want me to play a lower tier.
I'd be happy to play this as my Tier V Heavy, but I want to use the crew for the M6 and the rest of the tree progressing.

I don't want to use battle pass recruits on a new crew.
I don't want to level up a 75% crew back to 100%, however I'm happy spending credits..
is there any way to spend credits on a 100% crew?
I will not pay gold for it.
I'd pay like 1M per crew member to go from 75% to 100% instantly but apparently that isn't an option so what am I supposed to do?

Why does this game suck so bad here?
Nothing stopping you from using the crew you prorgress up the line with and placing them back into the T1 without having to retrain. You are complaining about a non-issue because you are unironically retarded.

>I'd pay like 1M per crew member to go from 75% to 100% instantly but apparently that isn't an option so what am I supposed to do?
Do what everyone else does and just grind the 15 percent in like an hour?
>placing them back into the T1 without having to retrain.
Are you some console player or some shit?
That doesn't work, they get nerfed unless you retrain them on PC... even if they're from same tech tree line.
I use the crew for the tier 10 french autoloader in the bourrasque and switch them between them with no issue. The only thing you lose comes in the form of them gaining less experience and levelling slower
Wait for crew rework, for now you can't do much.
With the right equipments and Mm this shit slaps, dunno why WG nerfed T95 and left the Tortoise untouched XD
>in the bourrasque
That's a premium vehicle, the T1 Heavy is a tech tree tank.
You don't get penalized for crew swapping in premium tanks. You do for tree tanks.
You clearly don't even know what I'm talking about if you don't understand the issue.
Where can I read about that? Is there anything planned? I thought they tried something and cancelled it.
The last one got canceled but obviously they are brewing a new one, desu the last iteration was quite good but the compensation for 0 skill crew were bad and the XP ceiling were too high so it got pushed back.
nice one, chud. now your gacha general is done for
>50% crewniggers DELETED
>75% crewniggers DELETED
>100% will be only option now
Holy shit I'm gonna COOOOOM

Thank you.
They've all been good, particularly the early iterations.
The backlash has been largely drummed up by cces who don't want hundreds of hours of guide content to be invalidated.
Retards on reddit will parrot whatever nonsense they can second hand because that's their paradigm.
Yea this also
Scroll down to the skill calc.
I will never not be mad at reddit for getting this canned.
Thankfully wg are just going to boil the frog on it, so we just get it years late with all the flavor stripped out.
Fuck WG way of nerfing tank by popularity, it's retarded, they destroyed all fun tanks and ruined the only thing good about the line.
A tomato like him should not be trifling with clumsy german guns anyway.
His practice should be with the glorious Soviet .5 accuracy cannons which never miss their mark.
How's the 122 on the ISU-152? The derp gun... Well it's a derp that just so happens to have a nice heat round. It's kinda frustrating to use but alpha = king most of the time.
The whole point of playing that kaku of a tank is for the big boom stick. The whole platform itself is shit anyway so you won't make use of its smaller but faster firing gun.
QuackyMonkey once again crying about the BZ OP while showing a video where the enemy team is full of mouth breathers that showing their side and going 1 by 1 for the BZ to farm.
I'm just not enjoying the derp gun and I'm still 40k away from the top gun. I'm just gonna stick to suffering I guess.
Why even bother with that line in 2023 lol, grind the Tortoise if you want to farm everyone with fast firing small gun and insane DPM and decent armor. Bring hardening, turbo and rammer.
I wanted the 704 but I'm seriously reconsidering my choice.
Obj 704 hasn't been meta or fun since forever, if you big boom stick with decent speed and armor grind chinese td tier 9 wz or go the Tortoise route
Is it worf getting into if you've never played before? WT is doodoo poopoo but I need to my tank pvp fix
It's great to play, just wasd and click mouse and tank go boom, but to be a great player and top of the food chain require you to learn a lot of stuffs and have patience. You can start with reading the guide in OP or just head straight to the game first and have a feel, remember to get referral code from other players to get free stuffs, i recommend getting T-34-85M. Also xmas season is near, which is the best time in the year to play WOT thanks to its annual event that give load of good stuffs.
You can ask for referral code in discord, i could get you 1 but I'm from ASIA region so it won't work if you from NA or EU.
Also there is no end-game in this game, just play what you like and try to make friend to plat as it make WOT 10x more fun, if there is any then it's to become an unicum with 60+% win rate and 2400+ wn8. The game is a a lot more strategic than WT because it use a different vision and spotting mechanic.
It /could/ be. WoT used to be very F2P unfriendly. The worst shit is crew skills with 6th Sense being mandatory and the difference between a 50% and 100% crew is ridiculous.
You should play WoT and aim for tanks you want/like the look of. But to me the gameplay loop of WoT eventually tired itself out with how stupid pubs are. Recommend finding a guild to play with. I play casually from time to time so I never had regular platoons to make the game bearable but the game gets solved if you catch on quick.
>Oh I'm a TD on this map better go to what's pretty much the best TD spot
>Oh I'm a light on this map better rush this spot that controls/scouts the whole map
>Oh I'm a heavy better find the safest route to pressure and push
>Oh I better just hold angles instead of pushing like a retard and wait for the game to develop
>The worst shit is crew skills with 6th Sense being mandatory and the difference between a 50% and 100% crew is ridiculous.

Every new player starts the game with a 100% crew in their tank.
Recently they gave all new/long returning players missions to claim a free t6 tank after doing some missions and that comes with a 100% crew, but everything else?
Fuck you nigger enjoy the 75% crew.
Fuck you even harder, unless you pay $$$ for a crew, because you can't even use CREW BOOKs on a crew until you painfully grind them to 100%.
Imagine every new player essentially being PERMA STUNNED by arty in every battle until they suffer through some shit long grind just to get an "okay" crew and still have to grind modules on top of that. It's just a bad experience.

Worst part is light tanks. They require concealment crew to even operate well without getting out spotted by fucking meds but of course you can't even dump crew books into a 75% crew to get around that, you have to suffer through the 75%-100% grind in misery for no good reason. This was even worse before 6th sense became baseline. That meant you needed at least a commander with two skills to just have your necessary perks for a light and that was fucking insane.

Thankfully WoT is headed in a decent direction now that 6th is baseline, and next year everyone will start off with 100% crews. There are also plenty of free premium day handouts, but unfortunately the weekly weekend rentals of t8 prems from WoT Weekly have disappeared and haven't been replaced. At the same time, new players are given some free on-demand (you claim them when you want) rentals so new players can theoretically have a good start if they don't wanna race right into grinding tech tree tanks and pick a decent t6 freebie they enjoy playing and stick with it.

newbies can't even do the full Battle Pass due to tank point caps though...
If you think you're ever going to play World of Tanks, create your account ASAP.
Why? The Well Deserved Reward event gives you increasing rewards based on account age.

Don't even have to install the game you can just create it, remember your acc sign in, and play at a later date and enjoy the neat free stuff. The bonds are nice, and if you wanna spend 10 minutes a year getting the most out of the event you just log in, claim the shit, and log off. They disappear if you don't claim them but the years will still add up over time if you don't sign in so it's well worth creating the account ASAP. For bonus use an invite code for some more freebies, I think there's a signup code for reddit unless it expired. wotreddit or redditforever or one of those. Should be in the sidebar if you care. Sometimes streamers get better invite rewards though so if you really care research that.
Listening to old wot music make me so nostalgic, the mood of the old one is so much different, there is a premonition of imminent clash and danger and make you thrilled for the battle
File: 1695216904444.png (98 KB, 600x800)
98 KB
>mfw no WoT classic rerun
I mean they already did that once, already lost the novelty. The game balance was shit then
British armored cars are fun, but I think they need better wheel turning angle and gun depression buff, at least for tier 6-8.
You're fucking retarded if you think they need buffs.
They need NERFs. Especially FSV Sch A. It's ELC sized, and has god tier camo. DPM is no joke either, but it becomes GREAT considering shell velocity and gun handling.

British wheelies are OP.
You just suck.
Stop trying to circle tanks like you do in a french EBR. Don't focus on the wheels, look at the other stuff. Nevermind the fact that you can't be immobilized.. that's another reason why they're OP.
Yea they need buff, atm that techtree line underpowered af
The match will be over before you manage to do anything with the gun, those wheelies turn like fucking boat and slower than even tracked light tank
>Nevermind the fact that you can't be immobilized
Limping at 10km/h is totally OP
New premium tonk, notice the abysmal dpm lol WG formula for new stuffs lately have been big alpha and really low dpm to slow down the game, but the problem is most maps are corridor for HTs.
File: Staghound.jpg (328 KB, 736x1151)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I think I like Staghound more than the tier 7. Probably because low alpha+no gun depression.
Also, how's Saladin? I've already unlocked it but haven't bought it yet.
What are you gonna do with 250 alpha gun when most meds has 300+. This whole should have been LT instead, then they would actually makes sense
File: FV201_(A45).jpg (292 KB, 1024x576)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
>still in shop
>still no buff
WG have never buff a premium tank below tier 8, if you want decently fast HT with peashooter gun then use the T26E5, it's free
File: 1689951204714846.png (24 KB, 481x327)
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