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I know it's a dead game but ive been getting back into it for the new expansion and its honestly 10x better than it was back at launch. What are your thoughts anons?
>10x better than it was back at launch
explain why
the revision of shit systems, more group content, and quality of life fixes
imagine locking the end game content behind a new paywall
Still Dogshit.
I just bought this while drunk, how is the mostly-solo wageslave experience? I don't mind occasionally joining friends but I can't nolife in a guild because wageslave
>quality of life fixes
It's one or another, retard
also on almost every case qol is always bad for the long run

>revision of shit systems
what are they? that says nothing

looks like a shill thread
Swear one of these threads gets created every week

I have one retarded friend who's been on copium for this game since we played it at launch and keeps me updated. I'm honestly shocked that it took 2 years since launch for amazon to rework its shitty systems and integrate basic quality of life features, and demanding $30 for it. Top kek.
Gotta admit, the game feels good different in the PTR. The event stuff is nice too. Think I'm gonna get back into it.
i want to buy the game but this is also my question im an old drunk who wageslave most of the time and cant be on a guild i want to solo shit, is this game better than monster hunter? i cant decide
>is this game better than monster hunter?
Fuck no, the mob encounters in this game are a joke. The reason this game died besides the egregious technical bugs is because both PvP and PvE is shit, it does nothing well.
I agree with you but some things are great like the sound design and some landscapes
it's a shame really

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