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File: capsule_616x353.jpg (80 KB, 616x353)
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Say how much you hate it and talk about the problems the game has and no, mordhau is not better and no, both playerbases are mentally ill and two steps away from becoming trannies.
why would i anonymously rant about something i hate when i could instead just not let it be a part of my life at all?
This thread is for those who do let it upset them as you are clearly not clinically retarded
File: my pc B).jpg (275 KB, 2048x1536)
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I dislike it a little bit, specifically because chivalry 2 community constantly feels insecure about mordhau existing at all so they shit on it wherever they go. Every single comment section under chiv is filled with agnostics comparing the two games and it's just so tiresome.
>shit customization
>total style death
>nothing has weight
>every voice actor is shit
>incredibly restrictive
>railroad into a story
I've never played a more frustrating game.

I know just git gud but seriously that game is bullshit.
what do you mean get good? All you have to do to be on the top half of the scoreboard is hold down right mouse button while mashing left click with a mace
Game is good, I love hater tears
First time I played this game I was a bit drunk and it felt so amazing. Just screaming along with my character and swinging my sword
I started playing Chiv late in its lifespan and loved being a jav shitter screaming FAAAAAAGATHA
Mordhau had so much potential and they fucked it up really bad.
I didn't Chiv 2 because EGS is gay
thanks 4 reading my blog
>bow nerfed
>fists nerfed
>vanguard and knight op as fuck
>maa demoted to random other character
>voice actors are fucking awful

chivalry 2 is better for casual play
mordhau is better for competitive play
hated it after playing two hours on launch and went back to playing mordhau, but now I hate mordhau too so we're stuck in the mobius cinis waiting room
Lag and servers are the death of this game
My connesion is great, only in this shitty game I have problem.
>competitive play
Losers irl
yeah unlike you mister 2cool4skool anime image board poster
that about sums it up, yeah.
i main mordhau but its exhausting for various reasons. both games could do better tbqh.
admortem and contingent as well. fingers crossed one of these games does the slasher genre justice.
Mordhau sucks, and is better than chiv2.
Hated it so much I decided to play for honor. For honor helped me to understand that it could always be worse.
Fuck chivalry and ubisoft especially.
I tried playing it but it didn't have any of the comedy of chivalry 1 and none of the maps are particularly good

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