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File: Bitcoin.jpg (83 KB, 960x619)
83 KB
>Spend hours trying to find a bitcoin trading site that will just let me send btc to my wallet immediately so I can buy a 4chan pass
>takes more than two hours and I wasted $25 on a site that wouldn't let me send it to my wallet and didn't tell me until after I had bought the btc
>finally get the btc needed to buy a pass
>go to buy the pass
>find out you can just pay using Coinbase
I am a fucking moron. Any other anons had similar experience buying a pass?
I just used Coinbase. Made things much simpler.
I went through that big game site because I didn't know this and couldn't be bothered to sign up and wait or send dox to unknown localbtc traders. Would have done that if I had known. The site worked and I trust stripe enough so I guess it's good
Probably, since 4chan used a different cryptocurrency provider in the beginning before they switched to Coinbase.
easy there pal
>there are people on 4chan who don't use crypto
Still kinda surprises me
File: 1571500789615.png (188 KB, 600x418)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>Go to coinbase
>Register an account
>Link your debit card/credit card/bank account
>Verify your account
>Load $25 dollars of BTC on your coinbase account
>Purchase pass
You can't be this stupid anon.
Literally just use a coin ATM OP they are basically everywhere now. I literally bought mine with cash at a local gas station.
>we cannot verify your identity please try again
fuck meme coins and fuck coinbase
File: shutupandtakemymoney.jpg (70 KB, 400x229)
70 KB
I was just about to make this dang thread.
I haven't gone through the hassle yet like OP, but why do I (we) have to go through this crypto-nonsense?
Because no payment processor will do business with 4chan
Paypal and other payment site seem to think everyone here is some kind of raging alt right sleeper agent because of boards like /pol/ and they don't want to support any kind of site that potentially hosts that kind of content.

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