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Will they ever update the fucking website? I understand why they might decide to forbid video files with sound on most boards, but why the fuck can't you automatically strip the audio? Why the fuck does it have to be a webm? It's such a pain in the ass to post any sort of video here at all because I need to reformat it on some sketchy website.
install ffmpeg
Just use Chance.
Follow ur dreams
Bruh I shouldn't have to install some program just to post on 4chan
I like that cat

>It's such a pain in the ass to post any sort of video here at all
I agree, it's total garbage, but you either learn to adapt or you go frequent an alternate site. I think the hassle of posting a video is relatively not so bad compared to having to use some terrible altchan or... fucking twitter or discord, fuck that
>you either learn to adapt or you go frequent an alternate site
Well that's what happened, I spend significantly more time on the sharty now, I still use 4chan for more serious discussion, but like, why the frig would I want to post on a board like /bant/ or /s4s/ when there's no video and if a janny has a temper tantrum because I was too random for the random board I get banned from the entire website? It sucks, they really should use board-specific bans way more often considering most offenses are silly stuff
you're retarded
something something gatekeeping

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