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Multi-culturalism is an inevitable outcome for any sufficiently advanced and stratified(large) civilization, regardless of technological sophistication.

If diversity which must be represented grows, the necessity to appeal to the masses, which is always the first criteria for any leader, or popular persona, such as an artist, musician, or actor, requires that the individual which will be most competitive in their appeal overall by necessity lack any appeal that specifically makes them less preferable to any sub-group- all talents, interest, preferences or predilections not necessary for the political process become not only redundant but, if competition ensues, eventually a liability which evolutionary pressure prunes- if the civilization is advanced enough to surrogate even general reasoning, even that will be pruned. They will also develop emergent survival tactics to make them more appealing in a PC culture, such as leftism and trooning.

Such leaders, knowing their own shortcomings, retain extensive teams of people underneath them of a similar nature to help them hone their image and control disruptive information in the media, and work hard to cover up their incompetence, and so the people never realize that the ideocracy has begun, but instead, genuinely believe the outcome is the most intelligent and best scenario.

As any civilization becomes more industrialized(either through division of labor, or through machines, which are a form of division of labor), the survival
pressure on the individual also will more and more shift to artificial selection for social criteria, just as it did for the leader. Autism, trooning, leftism, extreme personality disorders, and more- pushing the children to become troons- all are products of the intense selection pressure for social adaptiveness.

At this point, it is already too late. The same reset that happened to Rome is now beginning in earnest in the west.
Important considerations to realize here:
Christianity is an absolute pathway towards the collapse of any civilization.
In no way does any part of it condemn any of the faults or shortcomings discussed here.
On the contrary, it whole-heartedly encourages total acceptance by the people, and total submission.
It advocates for an end to genders, for total equality, and for feminism.

The only reason that it as a poison has taken thousands of years to really take effect is because people are naturally
irrational, hard-headed and self-absorbed- they interpret it as they wish, and get into these really complex circle jerks about
what it all really means while ignoring the obvious message(the poison) and using it to support their own designs.
> is now beginning in earnest

"barbarian waves" start up to a century before collapse, and intensify through collapse.
Rampant trooning, child prostitution, total degeneracy -> "parents turning their children into troons"
is end of days crap and is within 1 generation of total civilizational collapse.

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