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You have never and will never "make" money.

Fiat money cannot be created or transferred when you trade shares, sell something, or work for a wage. Only banks and the mint make fiat money; everyone else simply transfers it from existing capital. This says nothing about the value of work or exchange, but rather the actual fiat face value in numbers. So all the "rich" people, such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett, never made a single cent; they only ever had money transferred to them from the preexisting money pool. The money pool only has money put into it by the mint or a bank (an approved deposit-taking institution or similar), and the latter, the bank or lever, injects 90% of the money. Shares that are not realized represent a sort of quasi-money where they are swapped with other shares at a notional value, but that is a different question. Money is fiat and is made by fractional reserve banking through loans and deposited into an account. This then makes it a tax on everyone through inflation. Also, the only way to pay off a loan is for someone to take out a loan later on, and that loan money must flow to you to be able to pay off your loan, and so on. It's essentially a pyramid scheme of loans. This is not necessarily bad, as it brings capital and labor together, but when it becomes disconnected from underlying value and fiat has pure capital allocation against underlying value, then you see everything shortages, and things that can capture price inflation, such as houses, go up in price forever over the long term. At some inflection point, the everything shortage may see food stuffs and everything else go up much more quickly, as people sitting in offices sending paper around to each other have limited overall efficiency gains and do not actually grow food. That marginal gain exhausts at some point.
Fiat money cannot be created or when you trade shares only transferred.
Great post!
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which one is yeji
post more world class tummies
Yeah but I'm gonna win the lottery so that don't matter.
page 11
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