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New pass user here, what are the do/don'ts I need to learn about 4chan pass? Also, what are its features?
>what are the do/don'ts I need to learn about 4chan pass?
Mainly, don't forget to log out after using it. You probably don't want to get the "in use by another IP" warning, especially if you use more than one device.
>Also, what are its features?
Less cooldown between posts, avoiding captcha, posting here, showing a badge/flare if you type since4pass in the Options field and it can be useful if you want to do some stuff with VPNs apparently.
Thanks. I previously used a VPN which was blocked on 4chan, can I use my pass on that VPN to access 4chan?
Also, do pass users get banned for normal stuff? Do you lose your pass? Not that I would shitpost, but I got banned from /lit/ before posting about topics some cunt moderator didn't like.
probably, yes.
You don't lose your pass, but you can get banned for normal stuff the same way as a normal user would. In fact, some people have raised the concern that passes actually act as some kind of a "ban-tracker".
Be careful with the extension 4Chan X
It has a bug with the Pass and its kinda hard to fix
What part?
Some script failed and I dunno how to fix it
works perfectly for me
Use data when shitposting.

In these past 2years I've been banned more times than the previous 8 years
Blocks are no longer based on ip, they’re based on your pass. You can post with your vpn if you’re logged into your pass, which I do (posting with my vpn without my pass is blocked due to abuse). Let’s say you get banned though, while using your pass. You’ll still be banned on any other ip, you can’t use your vpn to ban evade
Does pass remove advertisements too?

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