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I don't know how these things normally come about, but since I have payfag powers,figured I'd try posting here
Can we please get a new board for stable diffusion/AI art?
there are consistent threads for it in:

/h/ and /g/ are probably the most active, so people post a lot of off-topic content in those threads, like there's often a lot of /e/ content in the /h/ thread, and varrying levels of lewd content in the /g/ thread, they all have meta conversations as newfags come to figure out how to use the tools. I think it would be great to have a board for this, it would save board space on the other boards and let the conversations be focused. Meta discussions can go in their on threads instead of using up bump limits in threads that are mostly for sharing art.
If you want to be really awesome you can add a special field for sharing prompt data along with posted images in a way that doesn't take up normal post space...
Niji Journey better

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