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File: tattoo.jpg (45 KB, 741x885)
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Do you do poetry and are vip contributee?
>Post it faggot
I'll start with some Gems of mine:

- A poem for the London Underground, 2022.
>It puts the bread knife in the McDonald's cup, to shake things all up.
>It puts the bread knife in the McDonald's cup, to shake things all up.
>I say Doctor, can you relieve my belly ache.
>I say Doctor, from the pills they make me take.

- The women in my life.
>She has my eyes.
>She has my nose.
>She has my heart, for a little while.
- The Knelling Bells.
>Get in the box.
>Get in the box, box, box.
Nobody is better than me at putting out fires, folks. I- You know, when you’re fighting an oil fire, you don’t use water. You don’t use water. Obama was a oil fighting disaster. You need a YUGE, BIGLY explosion. Sucks away all the oxygen, folks.

You- Your mind's been locked away on a golf course too long, Jack.

The lying democrats, folks. I asked them, are you willing to do what it takes to win? I call them low energy losers, folks. Sad!
the republican hell scape means all sorts of things like not being able to close your bank account in a seperate state/region, so the common factor is "lying humans" not just "lying [political/social/economic lable].
>Your post wasn't a fucking poem you nagger.

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